Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Why Scooter Libby cannot be Pardoned

To pardon Scooter Libby may free him from any consequences of his conviction but it certainly does not erase it or the precedent set. The idea that lack of proper recollection can be grounds for imprisonment could obstruct testimony of any kind under the Fifth Amendment or cross-examination that may attack ones faculties. Well maybe that is a slight stretch but the trend of our federal government to severely prosecute seemingly minor offenses dealing with cases that lead to no charges such as the Martha Stewart case requires the attention of our higher courts.
More importantly as the danger of activist judges to our judicial system becomes more and more apparent the even greater danger is that our judicial process become a tool to enforce political vendettas. O.J. is the premiere example how personal perception or bias can sway justice. The Duke rape case is a shining example of our judicial system being manipulated for political gain. Though not part of our judicial branch of government the impeachment process rightfully imposed on President Clinton can be seen as the sole reason for continual calls for President Bush’s unfounded impeachment hearings. To give in to such dangerous passions, creating a new operating procedure for our federal government is beyond dangerous. What next, will people be disappearing or dieing at an extremely disproportionate rate among political movements before we open outright political gulags? (Perhaps next was not the appropriate word)
Justice is said to be blind but our media and a political party that cannot separate fantasy from reality have ripped the blindfold away exposing her to political polls and continuous flashes of mind altering video images that distort reality and lack basic attributes of good character or civilized culture.
The reality is individuals and families have suffered willingly and deeply to create this great nation of the United States and the road back to health requires no less. Though Scooter Libby may face apparent personal destruction in the entire process I believe both he and President Bush, men of exceptional character, understand what is required to lead this nation down the right path. And why should President Bush pardon Scooter Libby before the appeals process is complete? To do so would be an admission of guilt. If any presidential candidates of either party had any real balls they would give their support to Mr. Libby in the appeals process.

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