Saturday, December 31, 2011

Iowa, It’s Just Plain un-American

Everyone is speculating on Iowa and the results of the upcoming republican caucuses. And while it is true the winner of Iowa is far from guaranteed to win the nomination, a victory translates into campaign dollars and an untold value in free advertising. And a poor result by any candidate will most likely be an end to their campaign.

When founding this nation our founding fathers created a balance between the House of Representatives and the Senate to ensure that the interests of more populous states do not outweigh the interest of more rural states. That is why one house represents each state per weight of their population and one house gives equal weight to each state no matter how small.

And in our primary system it is right to start out with a number of smaller states first, so a single candidate does not bury their opposition with the results from a single large state such as New York. But should the first state always be Iowa? Yes, they don’t determine the candidate but may I suggest perceptions weigh more here than reality. Who in politics can afford to ignore or oppose the interests of Iowa?

I do not believe it is by coincidence that many Insurance companies have headquarters in Iowa. What better way to protect their interests? And this is a problem? A sign of how deep special interests and big government have dominated our lives as, even in Paul Ryan’s plans for reforming medicare and medicaid, health care is all about insurance policies. What happened to the days when insurance was for catastrophic events and people paid out of pocket for their routine medical expenses? How much does the processing of claims add to our medical costs? Is their any candidate that doesn’t suggest all healthcare to be insurance based?

And then there is corn. Ethanol decrease fuel economy so there is no savings in fuel burned, and it produces greenhouse gases in its production and distribution. Its existence is a complete contradiction to its supposed purpose, yet subsidies continue and its use is still mandated. Of course Iowa is the leading corn state but not the only one.

And then there is corn syrup. We drank a lot of soda when we were kids and it all contained cane sugar. Yes, maybe we were more active but I don’t think that explains the obesity issue young people face today. Corn syrup is not a natural product produced through basic processes such as drying, grinding and pressing. It takes days to cook with the help of sulfuric acid to produce. If our diets suffer from anything it is the complicated processing processes that alter our food.

And there is plenty of sugar, they are using it for fuel in Brazil where they have recently discovered massive oil reserves, and that is just offshore. Honestly, oil seems to be just about everywhere in great abundance. But we are not considering importing sugar from Brazil but ethanol. And ethanol is just as bad a fuel in Brazil as it is here.

And all this, ethanol and replacing all sweeteners with corn syrup (read the labels!), drives up the price of corn and alters what crops are produced, not only here but around the world. This makes all our food prices rise with disastrous effects in poorer nations. Food riots are becoming common place and fathom still strikes poorer populations. And of course rising food and energy prices are not part of the inflation equation.

When we look at the checks and balances our founding fathers placed in our system of government is it wrong to say the primary system our parties have created are un-American? When other states tried to schedule their primaries before Iowa, Iowa continued to push theirs up earlier and earlier, determined to keep the first spot. how can you scream special interest, un-American any louder?

Yes smaller and midsized states should dominate early primaries but not the same ones each election cycle.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Second Edition

The second edition of my e-book, my second book, is available for Kindle.

Chuck Hammer and the Invisible Squadron
A Vendetta’s Wage

Had a bit of help from a former editor but this book has not been professionally edited. Most of the first chapter, about 10% of the book, is available through Amazon’s ‘look inside’ feature. I would be very appreciative for any purchases, $0.99. Also if you read the entire book any review would be greatly helpful.

Thank you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul

How old is Ron Paul now? It seems he has been running around making trouble for republicans forever. And we need to make trouble for some republicans, those big government types to whom politics is a profession and government the solution.

But he’s not a republican. He’s not a conservative. He’s a libertarian.

If Ron Paul and his libertarian types were to establish their own nation and all leave,the entire 5% of them, another 5% of this nation would magically become just like them. This libertarian strain, this isolationist vein is ingrained in the spirit of this nation.

I am sure Ron Paul types played important parts in the birth and founding of our nation. And we have always had isolationists who believed we should retreat from the rest of the world. Some might call it xenophobia. Charles Lindbergh was an America First isolationist, standing firm against the United States entering the Second World War.

And the Ron Paul types have strong analytical skills. They see associations that maybe we all should be making. They easily understand the relationship of the words of our Constitution and what they were meant to convey, and even more importantly why they were written as they were written. They understand the Constitution’s value.

Some of Ron Paul’s ideas have been considered wacky. His monetary policy was considered lunacy but now many claim he was right all along. They believe his policies on the Federal reserve to be spot on and would eventually turn this country around.

Yet many other associations Ron Paul and those like him make are just plain goofy, period. His isolationist foreign policy is backward and would be detrimental not only to the United States but the entire world. We cannot allow Iran to build a nuclear arsenal. They will use it against Israel and the United states either directly or indirectly. We cannot close our bases around the world and stay secure. And where we should not guarantee foreign aid year after year to nations who then have no ongoing incentive to be our friends, I don’t believe Ron Paul would help any nation. I could go on about the fallacies and dangers of his foreign policies but they are self evident.

And this is the problem with Ron Paul and all isolationists. They are cold calculating and their empathy for others extends only to those in their immediate circle. Look how easily Ron Paul can go on the Tonight Show and nonchalantly accuse other candidates, supposedly in his same party, of being haters.

Ron Paul doesn’t care about the republican party and he doesn’t truly even care about this nation. He is on the verge of doing well in Iowa and possibly other early primaries. The problem is he will not win the nomination and then will take his popularity as a justification to run on a third party ticket, …because he does not truly care about this nation. His third party run would only hurt the republican ticket. I can only hope that a third, or possibly fourth, party run by Donald Trump would draw from the democratic base.

But there is a productive option. Make it a three person ticket. That is, if we can truly get a conservative on the ticket, our candidate needs to not only to choose a vice presidential candidate but to declare that he or she will nominate Ron Paul to run the Federal Reserve. This could keep him from running as a third party candidate.

But more importantly declaring Ron Paul as a potential head of the Federal Reserve turns the focus back to congressional races. The Senate would have to approve his appointment. The makeup of the Senate would become an issue. Congressional races would become an issue.

The numerous presidential debates have taken the focus off congressional races. The tea party has had its greatest victories in the congress. Victories I am sure the big government types do not want to see continue. Ron Johnson from my state of Wisconsin has challenged the power structure of the Senate as a freshman member. Other freshman tea party members are making a stir themselves.

Over the last …six months? I have heard only a few comments on the many quality truly conservative tea party types running for congressional seats. Yes, only a few comments and maybe they were all six months ago.

The presidential debates continue to be used as a tool of the big government types to try to shape the 2012 elections. They would love Ron Paul to run as a third party candidate and that may be why he is supposedly rising in the polls. They would love Mitt Romney to be the republican candidate. And they certainly don’t want any more shake ups in congress with more tea party types winning elections.

Do they want Obama to be reelected? Does Ron Paul want Obama to be reelected? As long as he can get his 5%.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

It has been a very tranquil and quiet Christmas and the season has just begun. I hope all can find productive reflections in these next twelve days. A time of Peace and goodwill fostered through Christ and the Christian traditions and institutions built around the Holy Day. Maybe the traditions are not all perfect, especially in an overly material culture,but that is a reflection on us.

We heard a lot about Black Friday and the supposed renewed confidence in the economy the suggested sales numbers inferred. But like all numbers put out by our government these days, they appear more suggestion than reality. The real numbers always seem to be revised to the negative at a later date. It makes one wonder if even those numbers are accurate, or if this recession isn’t what I have labeled in the past the Obama depression.

But the lack of Christmas shopping traffic jams, the easy task of finding a parking spot at any mall at any time of the day or week, and the ability to walk the malls without bumping into someone every few steps contributed to the tranquility of the season. I am sure the report on the December sales numbers we receive from our government will emphasize extreme expansion of Internet sales.

And soon after this Christmas season ends we will be in the heat of the primaries to nominate a presidential candidate for the republican party. So …what of our economy? Adam Smith correctly identified the pursuit of self interest as essential in creating a free and prosperous economy for all. But in that self interest is an inherent understanding that ones prosperity helps all and others prosperity contributes to the prosperity of oneself.

One might create a metaphor with birthdays. One may look forward to ones birthday, if one has lived a good productive life in relation to others, for the gifts or gratitude one might receive from others through their recognition of their coming into the world. It can be a joyful, maybe humbling day.

But is one’s birthday nearly as enjoyable or humbling as Christmas. A time when we celebrate the birth of Christ and not only receive gifts but give gifts. That, with the spiritual truth and reality of Christ and what he has done for our lives and society, a society built around Christian culture and institutions, we find a deeper meaning and significance in everything.

What I want to say is that man is a spiritual being. That religion is not just superstition as atheistic materialist want to define it. And that the spirit somehow magnified in this most special of times touches the hearts of most everyone. In the same way, the understanding of the relationship between one’s self interest and mutual prosperity in our economic dealings is something productive is open to most.

But the left wants to portray all profit or prosperity, any expression od self interest by others, as greed. Every economic activity in their sorry view is taking, not giving. Only government can save man from his inherent selfish nature. Government must take what’s been taken to be fair.

But it is man’s spiritual pursuits that have brought liberty and freedom. Man’s spiritual pursuits that have produced a free marketplace of ideas as well as material. Freedom, liberty and prosperity are inalienable rights that come from God and cannot be planned or dictated by man. As our founding fathers realized and tried to institutionalize.

It does not require any deep saintly attributes to understand that producing the best product possible for one’s customer, based on one’s self interest to prosper, brings a deep satisfaction to one’s customer and then in turn, by investing one’s own resources in favor of those who strive to produce the best in their own field builds a greater society for the benefit of all. That keeping one’s own employees happy and prosperous does the same, creating more people who can afford and purchase one’s product.

Conservatives understand the spiritual reality and stand against the socialist agenda President Obama is promoting. But great Christian thinkers have proposed socialist ideals themselves. But these ideals are in some way only theoretical. They require that man as a whole achieve a more saintly standard, have a deeper relationship with God and correspondingly with their fellow man than currently exists.

But conservatives do believe in a safety net; that man at times needs to help their fellow man. What they don’t believe in is denying man his spiritual dignity by suggesting one is nothing outside of what the government defines them to be; that they have no rights or duties beyond those given to them by their government.

People are open to socialist ideas. And, if the candidates want to take my advice, where conservatives believe everyone should be paying taxes they are not opposed to reasonable progressive tax rates. In an ideal world we would be living something closer to a socialist system. But that world will develop along with liberty and freedom as man evolves in his relation with God. It cannot be forced, counterfeited or dictated. And …could be accomplished best under a very limited government. There is currently no greater den of inequity than government.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011


I am far from the only one to ask the following questions. I have heard others talk about how the political establishment is working to preserve the big government status quo. But let me share my observations and insights for what they are worth.

Have there ever been so many presidential candidate debates so early in the past? Most of the debates have been only available on cable or satellite requiring most of the population to hear about them through the tinted lenses of the mainstream media. And many of the moderators have been from the same left leaning talking heads.

Considering this, and President Obama’s statement that they will use these debates against his opposition, one must marvel at the resources secured under the big government agenda players. This big government movement is the only truly bipartisan effort in our nation if one excludes conservative republicans. They have massive government resources at their disposal as well as the majority of media resources all working under the guise that government can solve all our problems.

But what all are covering their eyes, ears and mouths to is the revelation, so clearly proclaimed through the Obama presidency, that this is part and parcel of the socialist/communist agenda. A worldview that considers all other views evil and the enemy.

Anyone of clear mind watching president Obama’s interview on “60 Minutes” last night had to conclude the man delusional. But it is not his delusion, it is the socialist delusion akin to parental alienation. Parental alienation that I’ve heard described as the closest thing to true brainwashing that exists. It is all part of the process of accusing, vilifying ones competition, to such a degree of emotional fervor that reason and compassion are no longer required. Right is in the might of the stand against perceived wrongs, no matter how unfounded. It is a self consuming ideology that leads to discontent, hate and ultimately violence.

Most dangerous in all this is that the socialist, or rather communist, cause has been systematized in communist theory and action plans. The leftists of the democrat party are following a plan designed to overthrow our country. Nothing will be spared in their effort to re-elect Obama. It may come down to the point where we must choose between re-electing Obama or face nationwide riots such as those recently experienced in London. What would become of our elections if they were consumed in street violence? Who would declare victory?

I believe the re-election of Obama will be the end to this country as we know it. And after his re-election say goodbye to our Constitution completely. Hello to the Hugo Chavez of the United states. The dry run has already been completed and the world stands by and does nothing in regards to Venezuela. Obama will declare his third term in violation of the Constitution. Though we may have an election will the evil conservatives and republican party have any legal standing to put forth a candidate? All the class warfare and attacks on any opposition are for what ends? Most all communist nations have/had “democratic” in their titles and held elections. But the people had only one choice.

Obama has been played up in the same light as all the great dictators of the socialist cause. He appears to have no personal history, creating an aura of the divine, of being beyond comprehension, our savior. He can do no wrong. He proclaimed himself yesterday as being persistent, working hard for the people throughout his political career, though present seemed to be his vote of choice in Illinois and his United States senate term consisted of campaigning for his current office. A true figurehead that must always be right for the delusion to be maintained.

And all this could come to pass with the help of millions who have no real intent to see a socialist state established. But this has been the M.O. for communist take overs from the beginning. And what happens to all those who suddenly realize they made a mistake and try to step back from the cliff?

When we hear or read some lefty commentator, such as though getting a thrill up their leg, we on the right may often comment that when the communists take over they will be the first to go. But who are the first to go? Is it a small assortment of journalists who were for the cause but then changed their tune? Is it those who were always opposed to the socialist agenda? And what of those in government who after decades of having cause to impeach their political opponents suddenly try to act against the tyranny after it is to late?

Let us look at history. Communist regimes have always been associated with purges. And the death count of a typical purge does not rest in the hundreds, the thousands or even the tens of thousands. They run into the hundreds of thousands and millions, even the tens of millions.

All in opposition face imprisonment or worse. Then their families, and then anyone who knew them, and then anyone who might start protesting or asking questions such as “What happened to this person?” or “Why was this person arrested?” or “Where were those people sent?” The roundup continues until all voices are silenced through fear or other means.

You think this nonsense? What kind of crimes are the democrats getting away with now (or in the past) that the media will not even whimper at? “Fast and Furious” was a grossly incompetent plan to some, but designed to be a brilliant undermining of our Constitution; the second amendment. How about the release of our military secrets to our enemies from the time of Bill Clinton to the present, if not longer? Why wasn’t that drone recovered  by the Iranians not destroyed? How was it even collected in such pristine condition?

Here in Wisconsin we have put a leading republican in prison and they are trying to attack our republican governor for using government offices and resources for political campaigning. Yet there are many documented cases now of democrats doing on a large scale what the republicans have been accused of, namely using government e-mail and offices for campaigning, and no legal action is being pursued even as the republicans supposedly hold power.

Wake up! we are living under a tyranny and the time is now to through off its cruel yoke. Yes cruel! People’s lives are being attacked and destroyed for taking conservative political stands. Their lives are being threatened and nothing is done. We in Wisconsin are seeing this all and no one here will doubt my words.

And with these republican presidential debates it appears we are all being directed to candidates most easily defeated by Obama. There are a few names that could step in now, win the nomination and beat Obama outright. Some have even suggested that Jeb Bush could step in now and win. On the top of that list is Paul Ryan. But hey Paul, we wouldn’t want to disrupt your kids childhood. That could have negative effects on their FUTURES!.

Unfair? Well, I see clearly what the left is working for and how they look to accomplish it,as do many others. It doesn’t mean they will succeed, but why should we take the chance. Our great nation of the United States gives us a wonderful life and why would we want to risk losing it. But more importantly, what would this world be like without the United States?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Cain Atrocity

One of the stated reasons Newt Gingrich is on the rise is that people desire to see him debate Obama. They believe he will rain down an intellectual onslaught of conservative principles and common sense upon the self proclaimed smartest President in the room. But one ever really knows what will come out of Newt’s mouth; what the flavor of the day will be.

I wanted to see Herman Cain debate Obama and was a bit mystified why few to no others had expressed the same desire. A genuine black man speaking truth to power. A man who can say, “My daddy always said…” to give us that homespun wisdom that was all to common in the black community in days long gone. As opposed to someone who never had a father figure and as far as we can tell never had any friends or girlfriends either.

When Obama was elected many, even some on the left, had to admit the days of racism were fading into the past. Obama’s inauguration was a brief moment all could feel a sense of satisfaction in.

Yet, as Herman Cain rose to prominence as a presidential candidate he was met with the most vile stereotypical portrayal of the black man that has ever existed, that black men are womanizers, and no said a word. All the allegations against him are unfounded to date, yet the liberal media had no hesitation to vilify the man Herman Cain. And how easy was it for many, based on these racist stereotypes that have existed in our society, to just accept the allegations as true.

The perversions of Ted Kennedy and company didn’t disqualify him from public office. It was similar in regards to Barney Frank’s residential peculiarities. Hardly a whimper was made out of senator John Edwards long standing affair as his wife was dying of cancer. Denying his love child was just par for the course of a politician.

Would a white republican have stepped down in the face of such unproven allegations as those that Herman Cain was accused of. Perhaps. But the complete dismissal that Herman Cain was given would not have happened. The stories would have been reported as a backdrop to the overall electability of the candidate in relation to his positions and the overall vigor of his campaign. Such allegations would have been portrayed as yet to unfold, rather than declared an end to a candidacy.

Yes, the media is hypocritical in their treatment of republicans versus democrats. But it is also clear to me that racists tendencies have not been stripped from the general society. And the party that proclaims themselves the defenders against racism, along with their media allies, have no scruples in playing off these hateful stereotypes when it serves their purpose. Why? Because racism exits much more strongly on the left than the right.

But the left is just warming up. If Newt Gingrich should win the candidacy look out Catholics. Yes, his past life and the many women it entails will be brought up in the darkest most disgusting detail and …is it any wonder that he converted to Catholicism? Remember all those Priests abuse cases? Newt fits right in doesn’t he? It is only natural that he would be attracted to such a faith.

Too much of a stretch for the left? Really!

And then there is Mitt Romney, the candidate the big government political machine, a truly bipartisan entity, is putting forward. He’s a Mormon. There is regrettably a solid minority group of Christians that will not vote for a Mormon, period. So a portion of the much needed base is gone.

But Mitt will bring the middle even among the enormity of the inevitable cult allegations. …Riiiight.

I don’t have a problem with Mormons. Most conservative do not. But Mitt is not a strong conservative and he will be savaged, along with his faith, during the presidential campaign. This leaves the door wide open for a third party candidate.

And though one of the bright spots in Mitt Romney’s career is his rescue of the Salt Lake City Olympics from widespread corruption, the Salt Lake City Olympics were in Salt Lake City; the center of the Mormon faith. What does that say about Mormons and Mormonism?

We will hear about every polygamist group in Mormonism. And if any relative, no matter how distant, of Mitt Romney ever had more than one wife we will here about it. We will hear about his ancestors/relatives lives with their multiple wives more than Romney’s own life.

Mormonism, Mormons, Mormon run businesses and practices will face unending ridicule and attack to an unbelievable degree. And their image as a cult will be pushed to such an extent that it will make John Smith and his ilk look worse than Charles Manson.

“Oh! how could that be, you little know nothing blogger?” you ask? Have you heard of “September Dawn;” a film based on a 1857 massacre of a wagon train of 120 men women and children by Mormons and their native American allies? The movie is factually inaccurate but when has that ever discouraged the media from reporting the truth?

Mitt Romney will not carry the middle under these attacks.

So is it true that anyone can beat Obama? I think if Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney win the nomination all those of conservative persuasion will look back and say, “I wish we had Herman Cain or Rick Perry or Michele Bachman or… as our candidate. Anything would have been better than this.

I have not put forward anything detrimental to Newt or Mitt. These attacks are ready and waiting for the right time to be made. The mistake many in this nation are making is to underestimate the hate that drives the left.

Monday, November 07, 2011

They’re Back!

Nearly two years ago I suspected that a project to revive a massive failed mall complex on the northwest side of Milwaukee was being pushed to funnel money from the Red Chinese directly into the democratic party of Wisconsin. The project was/is backed by Chinese firms to bring in Chinese families to set up shops exclusively for Chinese goods.

Well, the project is back though the news reports would suggest that this is the first anyone has heard of it. I was wondering how the left was going to keep funding their protests as the money laundering operations of public sector unions is now significantly crippled due to the reforms governor Walker put in place to save Wisconsin from economic collapse. Could this be it?

Am I being too paranoid; too much of a conspiracy theorist? Am I seeing too much in the fact that Menominee Falls High School is dropping their Japanese language program after this year and will start teaching Mandarin next Year? After all China is a growing economic power and it is only natural that exchange increase as China becomes more important to our own economy.

But let me bring up a very important point, besides that the left is running out of money, that a local talk show host, Mark Belling, put forward, “Who can bail out the United States and at what terms?”

Many wonder if President Obama is intentional running our economy into the ground; taking the United States government into bankruptcy on purpose. Many believe if that should happen only China is big enough to bailout the United States as the E.U. is trying to bailout Greece.

Personally I believe China is on the verge of economic implosion and severe internal turmoil that will shatter China politically, with its various human rights violations, its growing gap between the rich and the poor and massive environmental issues. But I am sure that is not what the Chinese are planning for.

Back to Mr. belling’s point, if they need to rescue our the United States economy they will make it near impossible for U.S. products to sell in China, most likely through tariffs. Of course we will not be allowed to put any tariffs on Chinese products.

If you’re betting on the success of the Red Chinese economy against that of the United States it would be a good time to build a massive China Town to sell Chinese made products. Or in the terms of the Occupy movement, occupying cities across the country, it’s time to spread the revolution.

Yes, I could be a bit paranoid, but be certain this is not just simply good business.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Not a finger to the Wind but Feet to the Fire

First of all, I saw nothing especially strange about the Herman Cain add of recent controversy. OK, a slightly strange closing but…

But let me talk about Mitt Romney again. As someone who is also part of an unpopular faith I have been baffled by Mitt Romney being portrayed as someone without principles, unable to take a clear stand on the issues. The idea that he would change his views on a whim, depending on how the winds were blowing on any particular day, just would not ring true to me. I cannot believe a good and moral man, let alone a man of faith, could be wishy washy.

So I googled Mormon views on government and Mormon views on global warming. I found nothing definitive but the anecdotal evidence from various online sources was compelling.

Though the Mormons have a general distrust of government they appear to have embraced FDR’s new deal; what conservatives see as one of the origins of big government.

On man made global warming Huntsman, another Mormon Presidential candidate, shares the same views as Mitt Romney. In fact Mormonism feels a sense of pride as a faith in their acknowledgement of science.

The Pew Research group is one source where you can find these views buried in various interviews.

I could not say what the Mormon Church itself teaches as a matter of faith concerning these issues, they keep some hands close to the chest, but I suspect these views may go beyond just personal opinion.

Mitt Romney is not flip flopping. He is speaking clearly on what he believes per a worldview based on the Mormon faith. He changes after he sees that those he is looking to represent clearly believe something different, and he knows and accepts that it will be his responsibility to represent the will of the people as their elected representative.

Some want to attack Mitt Romney for being a Mormon by saying it is a cult. I find that irreprehensible hate speech. The “c” word is no different than the “n” word. If you have ever been labeled as part of a cult you know exactly what I am talking about.

We cannot separate the man from his religion. As a Mormon Mitt Romney has the propensity for big government and the belief that man is effecting the climate.

He is not a conservative. He will not support the conservative cause that is outlined by what has come to be known as the tea party. At best he will balance his personal views with what he feels the people demand. And that has been what he has been doing and why he is being attacked for supposedly changing his views. If conservatives must continually keep his feet to the fire, or put a ring in his nose and drag him around like an obstinate bull, to push forward the drastic change required to save this country not much will be accomplished. This country could be lost.

We need a President who will lead, not one that needs to be forced to conform to what the people clearly demand. Not one that needs to be convinced that big government is contrary to the Constitution; the intent of the founding fathers. We don’t need a President that embraces the beltway culture and faulty pop science.

And to all those flooding the conservative talk shows with calls claiming Mitt Romney to be a true conservative, even becoming angry, you are either a Mormon, a moderate or a moron.

Friday, October 21, 2011

It’s a Cain-Perry Race

As the tea party, a grass roots conservative movement, has changed the political landscape in the United States beyond what many thought possible in the past why do all, including so called conservative pundits, continuously claim this is a Romney-Perry race?

Romney is not a conservative and is a shoe in for a 2012 victory only because conservatives and conservative republicans will vote for anyone other than President Obama. Mitt Romney does not represent the views of the tea party. Mitt Romney does not want to change the status quo even while the people of this nation, the people  who pay the bills for this government, demand drastic change; a return to constitutional government. If Mitt Romney wins the republican nomination for president only one conclusion can be drawn: our political/election process is a sham and the peoples will is no longer the guiding force of this nation.

Herman Cain has truly caught the imaginations of the people of this nation. His 9-9-9 plan is exactly the kind of change the people of this nation are looking for and the kind of drastic change this country needs. Replacing the entire tax code, Cain claiming it to be 100,000 pages currently (it was 66,000 pages when I wrote some ideas of my own four years ago), will provide transparency, something President Obama claimed he would bring. With all the hidden taxes removed, including taxes put on manufacturers and passed downed to the consumer, the costs to the public will change little. This includes the social security taxes. For those of lower income who only pay the payroll tax they will be charged more but their employer will be charged less allowing them to lower product pricing, invest into the company and/or pay their employees more.

The public can understand this restructuring. The public can understand that what they pay in total taxes depends on the budget and not how taxes are collected. They understand that even if the percentages need to rise they still benefit. If they rise beyond reason the transparency will produce a reaction at the polls. Fiscal reform will be demanded and the waste, corruption and unnecessary programs will be cut. And if needed, not the purist of conservative ideals but…, why not make these rates progressive. If you buy a NEW product worth over $50,000 let’s say you pay 20%, excluding housing.

If the tax code is reduced to …let us say five pages, and brings prosperity and increases revenue, a standard that will be nearly impossible to defeat will be established. The public will never again tolerate massive tax codes and loopholes, and most importantly the picking of winners and losers by the government. And yes, the people will demand Herman Cain’s tax plan. How Herman Cain has been treated by conservative pundits, including the various popular talk show hosts both national and local I have to wonder, and I never thought I would be thinking this, are they, along with the republican machine, racists? Most notably a local host; a distant cousin of mine. Callers seem to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the 9-9-9 plan than the hosts of such shows.

It is the common sense and transparency of 9-9-9 that has rocketed Herman Cain into prominence. I am again bewildered why he has received so much ridicule for his ideas. Especially now as Rick Perry proposes a flat tax and receives none of the skepticism Herman Cain has. I imagine the reason for that is it fails to replace the existing tax codes of 100,000 pages. Art Laffer loves the 9-9-9 plan. It is workable and …again, transparent. And …again, is racism the reason it draws so much criticism. Or are the republicans truly enslaved to corporate interests, part of the picking of winners and losers that 100,000 pages of tax code hides? One could support or appreciate the 9-9-9 plan and still prefer another candidate. Why do so many feel so compelled to cut down this plan?

One accusation is that Herman Cain has no political experience. The corporate world isn’t political? Another is he does not know how things are done is Washington. Isn’t that what this grass roots tea party movement is most strongly opposed to, how things are done in Washington? I believe that firing all the air traffic controllers, ala Ronald Reagan, was not how things were done in Washington. Then Herman Cain is attacked as someone simply out to sell a book and can’t raise the funds necessary for a serious run. Perhaps the book sales would go into his campaign as well as promote his campaign, his brand, at the same time you idiots who make that accusation. And if he wins the nomination the funds will pour in.

Herman Cain is Ronald Reagan Lite. Yes, I must admit he could be too lite but I have to trust in our founders who wrote our constitution so those exactly like Herman Cain could lead this nation.

And then Herman Cain has to put up with attacks from the left. On Meet the Press Herman Cain was drilled relentlessly and incompetently on whether his 9-9-9 plan includes state taxes. Who cares the name of this moronic media big shot host. If he cannot understand that the federal government and state governments are distinct separate political entities, this includes his BBC guest, clearly spelled out by intention in our Constitution, why are they not waiting tables at Red Lobster.

As someone living in relative poverty I marvel how the incompetent, the ignorant and failures who cannot even draw 50,000 viewers make millions. OK …maybe marvel isn’t the right word.

Now Rick Perry is putting forth his plans. The presentation of conservative plans will outshine any debate performance and are what the people, the tea party, are looking for. The candidates who put forth concrete plans that reflect the conservative desires of the people of this nation will win in the primaries. And right now these are Herman Cain and Rick Perry. Mitt Romney cannot put forth concrete plans because they will be either rejected by conservatives or lies, because he is not a conservative. Mitt Romney is a paper tiger and has ridden to the top upon the wave of the old failed system of past politics. This is a new day, a new time. If Romney would actually win, we lose.

Some claim they will vote for a can of orange juice rather than President Obama. I had to admit I agreed with the necessity of such a tactic, but now I am having second thoughts. Not that I would vote for President Obama, I just do not think I could stomach voting for a candidate representing how things have always been done in Washington.

Some say that neither Cain nor Perry are qualified. They are certainly extremely more qualified than President Obama even with his now years of experience. And you must remember they will have a staff and strong conservative allies in congress. They do not stand alone as they do in a debate or media interview. I hope even if Herman Cain does not win the nomination that he continues to promote the 9-9-9 plan and that the tea party would get behind it.

For me, and I believe for all conservative, this is a Cain-Perry race.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Moral Deficit

Many in the media, or via the media, have been celebrating the legalization of homosexual marriage in New York State. Listening to the BBC World Service one night one of their guests was outright jubilant over the fact. He claimed that it was a civil rights issue but had to admit “some” religions don’t believe in homosexual marriage. SOME? Yes, some Christian denominations have embraced homosexual marriage and though some of those denominations may be considered large they do not represent the majority. Further, those denominations have faced revulsion from a goodly portion of their congregations; people interested in what is right and not what appears popular in the moment.

Obviously the guest in question has a curious view of what passes for religion and civil rights. This mantra of homosexuality as a civil right, a talking point of the left, has grown in forcefulness of presentation over the last year. The media and special interest groups have been trying hard to convince us that those who oppose the homosexual lifestyle are backwoods hicks and haters. That taking a stand against homosexuality is homophobia; akin to racism.This agenda has one simply goal, a goal I spelled out in a tweet many weeks back; to outlaw religion. (my twitter feed can be seen in the sidebar)

But homosexuality, or homosexual marriage, is not a civil right. Homosexuality is a dysfunction at best, a choice at worst. Something civilization itself, civilizations all being formed around religions, have deemed a sin at worst or unnatural at best. No civilization that has left anything for future generations to build on has embraced homosexuality as normal. No civilization has advanced to greatness without strong family and social structures built around a moral code based on its corresponding religion.

And marriage is not a civil right it is an institution. A product of those same moral codes that made every great civilization fruitful. An institution established to promote those codes; to convey those moral ideals to the greater society; to promote the greater good. One of many institutions that make up what we call a civilized society. And just as marriage is one aspect of a civilized society, the promotion of homosexuality, or sexual depravation, is one of many signs of the moral decline that have marginalized great civilizations, leading in part to their eventual downfall.

Though some Greek philosophers embraced ideas of atheism, such ideas were developed on the shoulders of the zenith of Greek culture and they led nowhere. Such ideas failed to contribute to anything beyond what the culture had already achieved. And though the ideas may appear profound when resurrected from the archives of history, those who built upon those ideas, certain followers of Hegel known as the Left Hegelians, Marx and others, produced theories that when applied brought misery to man. Hundreds of millions were killed under the auspices of communism and these communist states then failed to bring blessing and prosperity to their peoples that remained. A similar comparison can be made in regards to those who claim the Greeks embraced homosexuality, supposedly giving it validity.

We can see that when Roman Empire was ruled by immoral, corrupt and/or insane leaders the Empire suffered, at least a goodly portion of citizens that bore the brunt of the burden of their Emperors indiscretions. And with the dawning of Christianity the moral standards grew even higher. The old institutions,decaying and based on lesser moral standards, could not maintain the cohesion of the Empire. The institutions not embodying the deepest spiritual aspirations of the people were being maintained by marginal or corrupt officials of the old status quo and the Empire broke apart. Any political/institutional ties to the past greatness of the Empire were lost completely with the rise of Islam and the further religious, political and territorial turmoil it brought about.

Many promoting the homosexual agenda recognize the ties between marriage and religion. They say the government should not be deciding what constitutes marriage, but that it should be left to ones faith to consecrate a marriage. I am surprised they haven’t made claims for the separation of church and state. But the homosexual agenda has its own faith grounded in atheism and/or materialism. An atheism embodied in the political ideology of communism; dialectical materialism. A godless religion that holds the strategy of promoting the homosexual agenda to undermine traditional existing institutions and values in order to take control.

Ties between social institutions and faith speak to the inseparable ties government has with religion, or in the case of the United States the moral standards of a Christian faith. (The words “separation of church and state” do not exist in our Constitution) A Christian faith that has driven modern western civilization for the last two thousand years infiltrating every social institution. A Christian faith that has been under serious attack for decades.

Christianity reshaped traditional celebrations, changed man’s outlook of the world, and correspondingly drove the themes and forms in art and architecture; other powerful institutions of a vibrant civilization. The general society, its rulers, religions and institutions all exist in a symbiotic relationship. And when all these aspects of civilization are in line with the principles of this world as best as man can understand them at the time, a world created by God as our founders recognized, then greatness arises. A greatness that benefits all men as has the existence of the United States in this modern era.

Some may make claims that many famous artists, architects or inventors of all the fore mentioned great civilizations, were homosexual, this, that or the other thing in an attempt to validate their wayward ways. Whether the claims are true or not, none of those recognized artisans were commissioned to portray the homosexual lifestyle. Rather artisans were commissioned to highlight the religious values of their society, a somewhat pseudo religious political doctrine, and/or to exalt the triumphs of reason past and/or present. Things that were considered the glue that held society together, that led to greatness; the building blocks of civilization. Where any depravation was expressed it was only in the context of the eternal hell those engaged in such acts would find themselves in.

As artist became more individualistic, namely painters, exploring the darker aspects of the human condition, the more lowly aspects of society, became an accepted genre. Still, I don’t recall in my studies of art history expressions of homosexual vice. And now today we have a government that commissions through grants the defamation of religious faith, faith upon which this nation was built, and promotes the most perverse lifestyles imaginable. This isn’t an intentional assault on our social fabric? We are being destroyed from within.

Freedom has been a goal, or perhaps a natural result is a better description, of civilization as man has advanced. But freedom without responsibility, without any restraints of a moral code, right and wrong, is destructive. The enlightened can see that the United states leads, or has led the way in this march of freedom. The freedoms of this nation are most clearly expressed in our declaration of Independence. That man is endowed with certain inalienable rights by his creator, among them life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But if one wishes to jump off a bridge is that their right? They certainly are ‘free’ to jump, in a technical sense, but is it condoned by society? Not yet. Don’t we expend great resources, when possible, to prevent such a person from jumping? What if they believe it will make them happy? Surely they believe it will make them less miserable, don’t they? In some way they must think it will fulfill some desire, even if it is only to make a point to others in some crazed way.

And what about Amy Winehouse? Was she pursuing a lifestyle that made her happy or not? Certainly her vices were driven by desire. Yet everyone recognized the dangers of her lifestyle. All would agree she needed help and I am sure she was told that by those around her. That she needed to overcome those desires. We consider her death tragic, but not unexpected. All agree her former lifestyle cannot be condoned. Yet many have the liberty to, and do pursue such a lifestyle. And many believe it makes them happy. Heah, it’s their life!

These are all examples of poor choices. Choices made under the guise of freedom but leading to an enslavement and destruction. Choices driven by desire, misguided as it may be.

Some may claim homosexuality is not a choice, but is that true? Because a desire exists does that make it healthy or productive? No, as already illustrated. Some claim, and there is no reason to doubt many of them, that they have been changed from their homosexual ways through prayer and faith. This suggests a spiritual origin of the problem that can be resolved. That a path exists to overcome unnatural desires, and one cannot deny that much of religion itself, any religion, is the overcoming of desires. Namely self serving desires that distract from a good life..

And how many people with wives and children, presently or formerly, ‘come out of the closet’ and say they are, have always been homosexual? What about bi-sexuals? But most importantly what about that science? That science that for many years, at least in the past, was going to prove it is just a biological compulsion that must be respected. “If it feels good do it.” To quote the 60’s. The most perverse expression of this attitude being proclaimed even by some religious as, ‘that is how God made me.’

In a previous post on this topic I suggested that this world has been shaped by man; represents the fruits of man’s lives. Not to give any credence to that old saying that ‘the devil made me do it’ as man was given the command to have dominion over this creation, which includes his own body, and not the angel. And whether homosexuality can be tied to evil spirits, hormones or genetics (I discussed epigenetics in the fore mentioned previous post) man has the ability to solve the problem of homosexuality whether it be through faith, counseling or the science of hormonal or genetic therapy.

But… Where is that science that so many years back now was being proclaimed the holy grail for what has been labeled the homosexual culture? Years ago now 60 Minutes had covered one study that was pointing to a hormonal cause for homosexuality; a hormonal mishap at the time of birth. Supposedly many other studies were being done to bring the point home that homosexuality is natural …but not, though some may argue mishaps of nature are natural. Yet today we hear nothing. No claims of scientific validation, only claims of some new found civil right.

Is it because scientific explanations of homosexuality make it all that more simply a choice? A choice that is unnatural by …nature. A choice that has not been condoned by any religion outside of those who have bowed to the god named political correctness. A god exalted by those seeking separation of church and state that is meant to dictate every aspect of ones life if one does not want to be labeled a backward hick, a hater and of terrorist persuasion.

Even poor science, as is being revealed in the global warming debate, has and still does carry quite heavy weight among the media and other proponents of a politically correct society. And if they can overlook the short comings of the man made global warming argument you would think they could do better in the argument over homosexuality as natural. Or the argument that the psychological well being of children raised by homosexual parents versus the traditional family structure does not differ. The methodology of studies suggesting no differences in psychological well-being have been critiqued and found lacking. The studies have not been widely touted by the media. Looking at how the questionable methodology used to promote man-made global warming is widely acclaimed, one has to wonder why these studies on homosexual parenting are not more highly exploited to promote what is now called homosexual culture.

But then again television is not shy in promoting homosexual parenting. When I see those catch a predator shows, admittedly I have only watched them in part maybe twice though I’ve seen many portrayals of the practice in other shows, is it not always males seeking young females? Do the shows ever seek to capture men preying on boys or women on young girls? And is it not television and our pop culture that is going to make a millionaire out of the woman who was not convicted of killing her daughter though everyone believes she did?

The assault on the morals of this country is multi-pronged, much like a blitz krieg. There is the removing nativity scenes, prayer and all religious aspects of society from the public square as one prong. There is the battle over abortion as another. Sexual depravity spawned in the sexual revolutions of the roaring 20’s and the 60’s era of free sex still another. Battle fronts that are slowly but surely bringing their forces to question what is wrong with adult child relationships. According to such forces only the stigma society, our Christian society, applies to them.

This nation is in more than a dire fiscal deficit, but is in a more critical moral deficit. There is no longer any right or wrong but only ones intentions that matter; relativism. And the validity of ones intentions is decided by those holding political power. Where democrats can have their gay boyfriends run homosexual brothels in there homes and remain free of consequences, holding important committee positions all the while, republicans are run out on a rail by the accomplice media for the slightest infractions real or imagined.

The conservative movement in the United States representing traditional values is continually under attack, assigned the label of extreme right wing. In fact what is called conservative is simply what is right. It is the left that has been standing up for the depravations of our society, now labeling them civil rights. The left that has no plans, no ideas, they ignore the reality that their policies fail time and again. But what can one expect from a society where right and wrong are no longer differentiated.

Yes, we need candidates for the 2012 Presidential election that are fiscally responsible, that can show some balls and say they support the current best option to entitlement reform; Paul Ryan’s plan. But we even more importantly need candidates who are moral. We need candidates who will say we are going back to ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ for our military. Candidates who will stand by support of marriage bills and referendums and not allow them to be ignored or overturned by an overreaching judiciary.

We need candidates who are intellectually honest. Who can question the funding of Planned Parenthood when much of their money goes to fund abortions and into political campaigns. How do you differentiate the funds? It is all one and the same. And we need candidates that will pursue through the justice department wrong doing in government with great aggression. We need candidates that will differentiate right and wrong according to the Christian ideals this nation was founded upon.

This is what people saw in Ronald Reagan. He was fiscally responsible but called evil for what it was, contrary to those who had given political relevance to evil communist regimes through both government and media. But Reagan was also an all embracing heart. When he spoke of that shining city on the hill he was sincere in his desire that this great nation was for all peoples no matter what their creed or background. He didn’t wear religion on his sleeve. A quality that was present in George W. Bush despite his fiscal shortcomings. An all embracing quality not found in the likes of Mike Huckabee, a man far to willing to stir up religious bigotries for his own personal gain.

These attributes look to be well present in Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry. Rick Perry even proposing a Constitutional amendment to defeat the homosexual agenda. They present themselves as well equipped to take on the moral dilemmas we face as a nation. There is nothing to say candidates such as Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan don’t share these values either. But civilizations have fallen not simply because of moral depravation or loss of values, and it would hardly be right to point to a single issue such as homosexuality as the cause for decline. Civilizations, great empires have come to ruin not simply because their institutions, founded upon the moral religious principles of their society were undermined, but also because those founding principles were outdated. And if you take offense that I would be implying Christian teachings can become outdated I have to ask; have you been on a crusade lately? Or perhaps just a good old fashioned inquisition. We gotta burn em to save em …right?

And if you don’t believe religious views hold great power over our society let us look at traditional views on the end of the world. Referencing “World Scripture; A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts” published by Paragon House, A project of the International Religious Foundation, 1991, one finds;

“Consequently, the Last Judgment may be interpreted either as a supernatural event at the world’s end – typically the stance of Islam and most strains of Traditional Christianity – or as a social, political, and religious renovation of this world – a view common to Judaism and some new religions, for example …” (780).

Many are willing and able to condemn Islam as a militant faith by the words of their sacred texts. How is that militant view influenced by the idea that the last judgment is the violent end of this world where one’s enemies will be sent to eternal hell? What is the influence of the Christian teachings of Armageddon? The Apocalypse?

Is there any nation more vilified, continuously threatened with destruction, than Israel. Israel is surrounded by her enemies. Violence is a reality. Terrible acts of violence and terrorism are perpetrated against its people continually. Yet if you travel there, I have, there is a sense of normalcy to life. People are making their livings, raising their families, and looking to the future. Could it be because those in power believe the last judgment is based on good and evil not ones particular doctrine. A judgment where this world we all have to live in together is renovated so all good men, despite their backgrounds, can live in peace on earth?

Yet what happens when violence breaks out between two religions that believe in a violent end of the world, fit with a heavy handed judgment for all those who don’t believe as they do. Do you remember what Lebanon was like back in the day? Do you see what has been going on between Muslims and Christians in Africa? Can you say Kosovo? Or crusades? The words bloodbath and hell on earth come to mind. Religious doctrines hold profound sway over what happens in this world.

What world are we all hoping for?

The founders of this great nation enhanced their faith with reason; a driving force in their age. A new land full of opportunity spread before them focused their efforts on what could be made of this world, filling them with hope for what could be achieved in this life. This was very different from the traditional religious take on life in this world. It was again an all embracing spirit that left at the wayside ideas such as I am saved, destined for eternal life, whereas you are destined for eternal damnation because you don’t believe the same as I. Teachings that I consider inherently discriminatory. And yes, Thomas Paine and others had critiques of the traditional Christian teachings of the time.

A study of Christianity would reveal the teaching of eternal damnation was chosen some 400 years after the birth of Christianity. A rejected gospel of Thomas actually revealed the ‘great secret’ that all must reach heaven for God’s purpose to be complete. Not that there was no hell, and that it might compose what feels like an eternity or many eternities, but that all of us as God’s children were destined to be restored eventually. Otherwise how could we call God perfect, or all powerful, if a mere angel could take those God called his children away?

We have a talk show host here in Wisconsin, Mark Belling, who always criticizes people who belong to churches whose teachings they don’t really believe in. Usually when commenting on abortion. Let me suggest a reason why people join churches whose tenants, some major, they don’t believe in. Some of the most basic tenants found in the majority of Christian churches are unbelievable to the modern man already. What difference does not sharing a view on abortion make?

People believe God is good. Would a good God create a world where evil exists? God is all knowing according to traditional doctrines. He knew evil would arise from his creation before He created. Well, …that would suggest evil’s origins are in God. A powerful contradiction in the Christian faith to the reasoning abilities of modern man. To add to the contradiction God cannot relate with us because of our evil nature, yet that evil was from Him, part of His plan? If you believe in a god that preordained all evil, or foreknew all that has come to pass before he created you believe in a sadistic evil god. That is a natural conclusion if I apply today’s standards of reasoning; a conclusion that can only be denied with delusion.

This is why this nation of the United States, a nation of Christian faith developed to the highest level, cannot put an end to the continuous threat of atheistic materialism. It does not meet the challenges of man’s perceptions of right and wrong in this day and age. This is a paradox as I have outlined a relativism that is undermining concepts of right and wrong as a threat, but it is only because religion has failed to address the inherent contradictions in their teachings verses their preachings that allows people to question the absolute standard of values religion seeks and embrace a relative standard. There are no failings in the spirit of Jesus Christ. A true loving compassionate spirit is clearly conveyed, yet the doctrines suggest something very different.

This dilemma arises from the choices made some 1,600 years ago. I could point to my own faith as holding the answers to this crisis, but I can more easily point to ideas of the early Christians and ideas found in Judaism, Jesus was a Jew after all, to show that it was the choices of the early church, choices often arrived at simply because one group was not as politically well positioned as the other, that give us what we consider the infallible word of God. Choices, that if different would have powerfully changed Christian history as a whole.

Socialism promises a salvation for all men, willing to accomplish their goals by any means, showing unmatched devotion. And though their causes, tactics and results may have been discredited and revealed as the pursuit of power for powers sake, we will never be rid of it with the current state of Christianity.

Perhaps it is easier for Christian clergy to accept homosexuality, believing this is simply all God’s plan, than it is to revisit the validity of long held central doctrines. And if God is good and this is all God’s plan, how can one believe in the  condemnation of homosexuals to an eternal hellfire if ‘that is how God created them’? If otherwise they are simply good people?

A God that is only goodness and love and planned only a world of goodness, never capable of imagining evil, is a God that Christianity cannot deal with. But such a God, a God who made man to have dominion over this world, makes all too much sense. That we created this world and are responsible as a whole to solve these problems and that is why God cannot intervene, because he made us “to be perfect as he is perfect. (such a God’s omnipotence depending on all making it to heaven because that is how he created man; as one family; His family never destined for evil) That we are all in this together, and that He provides all we need to return to His ideals if only we respond to His calling.

Such a God is not the God of Christian doctrine. Such a God turns Christian doctrines on their heads. Yet, it is the God people of faith comprehend, and a God most ministers preach in this modern age. It is the God that drives the faithful’s compassion for those lost in sin such as homosexuals. It is a God of hope for all in this world. A God that stands unchallenged before the atheistic powers of this world that use socialism and moral depravation as tools to destroy man, the goal of the angel filled with envy from man’s birth.

It is failings of Christianity that has brought about this moral dilemma threatening our nation. A Christianity that has been powerless against the forces of this atheistic socialist tyranny that we may soon find ourselves in because Christian leaders hold to doctrines set at a time when man lived in ignorance and fear of the natural world, saw life on this earth predominantly as suffering, and a time when Christian leaders saw it as their duty to save man. When Christian leaders taught a violent end of the world, the return of Jesus Christ, where all who disagree with set doctrines would be condemned to an eternal lake of fire.

But the historic march of freedom embodied by this foremost Christian nation of the world, the United States, the omnipotent spirit of God, will win out in the end despite man’s obstinacy. As we watch political events that we could never have imagined even three years ago unfold before our eyes, may I suggest what is coming soon to the realms of religion is unimaginable at the moment. And the United States is still the world’s greatest hope to meet this challenge; this moral deficit.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Walker for 2012

Tomorrow is another landmark day for what has become to be known as the Tea Party movement. And what is the Tea Party? I have described it once as everyone who isn’t living off the government, and the acronym for Taxed Enough Already is more than fitting. But it is more than taxes, it is the corruption, which can be simply defined as the buying of votes with tax payers money or more darkly described as the picking of winners and losers by the government (Hello GE, goodbye Big Oil), and the phony budgeting by which the government operates.

Zero baseline budgeting, in my interpretation, is a must for the Tea Party, as is tax ‘reform.’ Tax reform, cutting out all loopholes and then lower tax rates is something the democrats could share in. You think that would make tax reform a slam dunk. But another attribute of the Tea Party is that many have come to realize that the democrats, led by their liberal extremists, have no interest in doing what is right for this nation. The best that can be said for these liberals is they want the best for their cause. Unfortunately for them their cause is not what the United states represents, or had represented, and is detrimental to this nation as a whole. And the people of this country, the Tea Party, realize this also.

I believe that is an appropriate description of this indefinable leaderless grass roots organization. And while being endlessly attacked, the name may be suffering in the polls but the beliefs fueling it are unchanged. And tomorrow will determine the true vitality of what is known as the Tea Party. Tomorrow six republican state senators are fighting for the future of Wisconsin in recall elections. Recalls driven by union activists, many from other states, that have invested all they could in robbing the people of Wisconsin of its legitimate government. They are pulling out all the stops in misleading advertisements and election fraud to secure the overthrow of democracy. Yes, democracy itself is in the balance if liberal forces and their worker union thugs turn the tide against the Tea Party.

But I firmly believe the elections will come out in favor of the conservative republicans tomorrow. Though we don’t see much of the Tea Party in the way of activism there is a reason for that. The people, the Tea Party, has come to realize that they are not in the minority. They have come to understand the smoke and mirrors and dirty tactics the left relies on. They have uncovered the vapid mainstream media agenda to support the liberal cause and pay it no heed. Or more precisely, they have better more productive things to do with their time. The Tea Party understands that they are in the drivers seat and the only thing they need to do is get out and vote, and THEY WILL!

Still this nation is in crisis. And the nation is of much greater importance than any single part or state. While the governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker has worked miracles in a very short time and many believe he is irreplaceable, including me, he is an ideal candidate for President with the issues we are facing now.

Scott Walker has been a budget guru long before anything known as a Tea party was around. As the county executive of Milwaukee County he presented balanced budgets year after year, making hard decisions and cuts that were for the most part overridden by the County Board. But he did it, proposing plans to contract out janitorial work as well as season jobs rather than keep union wage workers on staff all year long as some of his solutions. He presented balanced budgets others thought impossible, and they were considered intelligent and responsible by anyone even remotely conservative. But again it was union forces that have have enslaved the county Board that have kept a continuous budget dilemma alive.

Now as governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker has balanced a budget that under the previous administration was robbing from road funds, illegally claiming monies from a doctor’s malpractice fund and counting tax monies yet to be collected to balance the books; a requirement of the Wisconsin Constitution.

In the face of all this Scott Walker balanced the budget, paid back the doctors fund, provided more money for the schools despite cuts by savings he legislated for them, did not cut a single job for state workers and now Wisconsin is looking soon to run a surplus without raising taxes. Not only that but new private sector jobs are leading the nation in numbers. And for those moderates, Scott Walker never once accuse his predecessor and treated all his adversaries with calmness and respect no matter how disrespectful they were to him in return.

Scott Walker’s skills are a perfect match to what this nation needs in this moment of trial. If he were elected as President in 2012, and the Tea Party were to bring republican control to the senate this nation would be turned into an economic powerhouse that would never be surpassed in our lifetime. Scott Walker as president, with his fellow Wisconsinites Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson, would transform this nation. Scott Walker with his unmatched budgeting skills, Paul Ryan with his expertise in entitlement reform and common sense solutions, Ron Johnson with his expertise in business and how things really operate in the real world, together with a slew of tea Party legislatures that may not hold the same expertise but definitely share the passion to save this country, are the absolute antithesis to the perfect storm of destruction that the left has been battering this nation with for decades.

This is a time to think of the bigger purpose and to trust in one’s fellow man. Scott Walker may seem irreplaceable but we in Wisconsin need to trust that others can carry the torch locally. If tomorrows elections fall powerfully in the republicans favor in the recall elections, definitely Scott Walker should be considered as a potential candidate for President, perhaps even if they don’t. It is time to rush the liberal beast and strike for the heart.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mitt Romney vs. The Wisconsin Miracle

Mitt Romney, the ultimate beltway baby is the next in line, the ordained, the anointed, the candidate of choice of the old school, blue blood, died in the wool or any other adjective(s) you want to add to republicans blind to the will of the people candidate.

Mitt Romney was set up so smoothly. Look! He raised $10 million so easily. The press played him up as a legitimate candidate in contrast to anything remotely labeled Tea Party, or rather what the press mistakenly calls fringe when being polite.

And then, most telling of all, just prior to Mitt Romney’s official declaration Mike Huckabee stepped out of the race, proclaiming he will not run. Huckabee even going on the Tonight Show, a spewing platform for liberal tripe, to make it official.

Remember the religious bigotries Huckabee’s campaign team put out in the 2008 campaign? Huckabee is a sleaze and I’m glad he is out. I wrote my opinions of him clearly some years past. But his withdrawal was forced because of his previous stoking of religious tensions. No one is going to attack Romney for being a Mormon.

The press, and forums such as the tonight show, are all playing along with his predetermined nomination because Romney is a government spending advocate. It was the greatest fault of the Bush Presidency that they went along with big government spending. Yes, the Bush administration warned against the looming mortgage crisis, but then simply backed down. How sweet would the republican party be sitting now if the Bush administration had hammered and hammered and hammered on the mortgage issue at the time, before the bubble burst.

Mitt Romney is a big government spender. His comments on global warming, ethanol and his belief in government solutions to health care are tells that speak to even the inexperienced. He is blind to the will of the people, a will confirmed through polling. A blindness that can only be described as a contempt for the people of this nation.

Shame, shame, shame on your head Mitt Romney. You portray yourself as a righteous man, a man of faith, yet play along with liars and cheats to achieve your ambitions. You saved the salt Lake City Olympics. You know government spending is unsustainable. You know the Tea Party, the people of this nation have serious legitimate concerns, yet you stand for the status quo, unable to take a stand for the sake of this nation. Step down now you phony! It’s not about your religion, it’s about you Mitt Romney. The curtain has been pulled back and you don’t even know it.

The Tea Party is made up of those ‘Taxed Enough Already.’ It is not the fringe. It is everyone not living off the government. Your Mitt Romney's, John McCain's and powers to be want to hold up a failing system, a system heading for tyranny. They represent the blind trying to lead the enlightened; the people who pay for this nation. They speak out against the Tea Party, its’ candidates and its’ successes.

Here in Wisconsin conservatives swept the legislature and executive in the last election. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s new governor, has turned massive deficits into a surplus. He has saved every job outside of those the union destroyed by refusing to implement the governor’s changes to collective bargaining. A miraculous turn around, victory, that those same old powers to be, government spending republicans, are trying to smother.

I wrote, after the election that brought Scott Walker to power, that Wisconsin would be leading the way for the nation. We have a successful businessman, Ron Johnson, in the senate and the whole country looks to Paul Ryan in congress as a true conservative solutions go to. Yet, as republicans in the Wisconsin State legislature face recalls this coming month, the miraculous accomplishments of this republican government are not being proclaimed in the applicable campaigns. Why?

We need to proclaim strongly and proudly conservative successes, and we need new republican leadership in congress. We need Tea Party leadership. The old political culture needs to be destroyed to save this nation. The democrats are on the ropes, defeated, beaten, gone. This is no time to pay homage to a failed history.

It’s time to purge the republican party. And all this talk about third parties? … I wrote about that a long ago too. Someone like …Donald Trump needs to challenge President Obama for the democratic party nomination and bring honesty back to their party. He needs to circle the wagons of the financial muscle behind the democrats that don’t belong to the liberal socialist powers to be and take a stand against the tyranny they represent. Yes Mr. Trump the odds would be against you. The battle may be seen as lost before it started. The toll would be great for you and your family, but with you leading it could only be described as …Glorious!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can We Impeach Him Yet?

So pleaded the left wing blogs when President Bush was in office. For almost every action the former President took there were calls for impeachment. Baseless accusations that if paid head to would keep the President from fulfilling his duties.

President Obama has duties of his own to perform. One is to provide for the security and well being of the people of this nation. As August 2nd approaches, what are his duties if the debt ceiling is not raised?

Without raising the debt ceiling the government still has the funds incoming to pay on the debt and payout social security. If President Obama insists on not paying out on social security, if this day should come, he should be impeached. He is defrauding the public for political gain.

Let's not even get into the Fast and Furious gun operation, or they fraudulent credit card processes used by President Obama's campaign to raise funds to get him elected President. President Obama claims the economy needs stimulus to recover; the influx of money from the government. Well, social security is a whole lot of government dollars (actually they are supposed to be our dollars) going straight into the economy. There is no justification for such action, stopping payments, by his own standards of what this economy needs.

The majority of the public is in favor of conservative practices of cutting spending, ...drastically. The Republicans cannot fold. Too much is at stake. Government spending by way of the democrats is unsustainable. The President's proposed actions, if implemented, are immoral, without justification and of great harm to the people of this nation. Can we impeach him yet?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shame, Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame, Shame. A statement heard over and over here in this great state of Wisconsin. The accusations of the long haired hippie freak types, all that remain of those union driven protests designed to protect the jobs of union bosses with their exorbitant salaries, directed at the responsible grown ups solving Wisconsin's budget crisis. Those legislators who have saved all state workers jobs, given school districts savings more than enough to cover cuts, and cutting taxes and regulations to stimulate job growth for the vast numbers of unemployed. Republican legislatures who have reformed government and spending so that Wisconsin will soon run a surplus being the objects of their scorn. These hippie freak types are slaves to their passions, acting without thought or control.

And I say Shame, Shame, Shame to all others unable to, with knowledge and understanding, keep themselves from being enslaved by the influences of their own surroundings. Yes, I say Shame, Shame, Shame to you John Boehner, you crying fool.

Golfing with President Obama? President Bush gave up golf as he found it distasteful as he commanded men in war, sending them to their deaths, bringing grief to the families of this nation. Yet President Obama plays as if he's retired. His outings and lavish vacations not going unnoticed among the peoples of this nation. Many of your fellow citizens, John Boehner, being unable even to afford to go golfing during this economic crisis. A crisis that appears more and more to have been the result of government policies.

So in this environment John Boehner you go out and validated President Obama's vice and sloth? While our men and women are still dieing in foreign wars, while many in our own nation are suffering economic hardship in this Obama depression, while men and women are being slaughtered in their streets by their own government in Syria, you stroke away with the leader of the free world. I bet you felt really important too.

So put on the spot John Boehner are you going to cry? Perhaps cry yourself to sleep? Those in Syria standing for freedom, who lost their homes and loved ones, wondering if their government will be coming for them next, perhaps clutching a firearm as they attempt to catch a bit of sleep might shed a tear. But mostly they will be gritting their teeth willing to look death in the eye to be free.

And they are free. Not free as too many Americans believe freedom to be, the ability to follow the slightest whim that any particular moment may present (heads up to Anthony Wiener), but free in that they are unshackled from the restraints of that which would restrict their pursuit of God's desire for their lives; to live blessed and prosperous lives.

Here in the United States we can see our blessing and prosperity drifting away. Our freedom being subverted and taken away by those unable to free themselves from their own vices or self imposed restraints. Restraints such as bowing to power and position rather than standing against the current for what is right. Whether it be social, moral or fiscal issues the beltway culture is one of surrendering to the powers to be, an illusion of power and goodness devoid of ties to reality; a self consuming self indulgent culture. Just as the serpent in the garden first distorted reality in order to control Adam and Eve, bringing about the fall, the origin of evil in this world, the beltway culture with their media cohorts pound the public with ideas in conflict with the truth. The idea that raising taxes will increase revenue being one of those falsehoods that refuses to die despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And to place Mitt Romney in the hall of Shame we can include man made global warming and government run health care.

Freedom comes from truth and understanding guiding our desires in the direction of God's will. Why? Because God is real. The wise come to see that is how one's innate innermost hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. Something our founding fathers knew. It is far removed from the knee jerk, vice driven actions of many we see protesting the good works of our legislature in Wisconsin. It is far removed from the beltway culture that feeds off its own delusion of self worth at the cost of the people they claim to serve. It is far removed from what the democrat party has become. The majority of citizens have come to understand this. They are called the Tea Party. No one cares about reaching across the aisle John Baehner.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Humpty Dumpty, The End of Red China

I have just written a new book. It is far from perfect grammar wise, but very readable and enjoyable. I just got the formatting for Kindle resolved. In the book, the main reason I haven't posted in some time, a nursery rhyme is worked in with some small variations;

Humpty Dumpty is ready to fall
Humpty Dumpty had a great wall
All the premiers horses and all the party men
Couldn't put the party back together again

In my story, a work of fiction, the climatic event will be the catalyst for what will be the break up of Red China. Something that will be significant in future volumes. But outside of fiction I believe we will see Red China break apart in the very near future. Even within a years time. Why?

Recently on the BBC they covered the spread of Christianity in China, the actual promotion of Christianity by the state. China is actually studying the link between western prosperity and Christianity and see Christianity as beneficial. Of course we would see this, state authorized religion, as a false form of Christianity, but where the word is life will bloom. They cannot control a true Christian spirit which will arise. They will never undermine the underground churches. However that is far from the biggest threat to China's cohesion. But it does point to the inherent contradictions in Chinese society. Contradictions that are severe, wide spread and numerous. Contradictions that will soon destroy what we know as China today.

First of all the destruction of China is secured in the loss of their traditional society. The rock solid inherent social and family structures nurtured by centuries of Confucianism and other eastern religious influences are being destroyed by the one child policy and materialism. They do not have enough children to take care of the elderly in traditional fashion. A newly married couple has four parents, perhaps eight grandparents, to care for with no other siblings to rely on. And they can't. But this is just a symptom of the deep contradiction between traditional values and materialism sweeping the hearts and minds of the youth. Some of this contradiction is assuaged by new religions and welfare for the elderly policies, but this dilemma is one of the strongest stresses on the culture. It was only those tradition social structures that allowed China to keep its cohesion throughout the Cold War.

Next you still have hidden deep resentments over Tiamen Square. The contradiction between the mind seeking freedom, especially in the youth, and an oppressive government that suppresses free thought. This spirit of revolt is being fed by what is going on in the Muslim world.

Of course you have the deep contradictions between the rich and poor, the rural and urban societies. A demand for manufacturing jobs and the race to keep pace with the demand. And even in the cities, those chasing the dream of prosperity find themselves trapped in slavish conditions, all the while living among the filthy rich flaunting their opulence. And the blunt reality is much of China's growth was planned, driven by infrastructure projects that cannot continue. Yet ...massive resources have been consolidated among groups and individuals, resources that can be directed to support causes those holding them see as beneficial to them.

Then their is the judicial system in which the wealthy and the party members seem immune to prosecution. Where corruption is ignored while the people suffer. Environmental catastrophes are severe and the idealists in the communist party have joined with lawyers and community groups to battle them, through the courts, as well as other forms of corruption.

And this points to the deepest contradiction of all. The contradiction within the communist party itself, between the corrupt and idealistic, between the militarists and those who may recognize a shared prosperity with the rest of the world. As the students, those fighting through the courts often with party officials support, and those suffering under the economic inequality among others, all find themselves struggling together as the traditional structures of society break apart, with availability to massive consolidations of capital, the ruling party will divide in contradictory directions.

Hopefully the idealists will win, but they will never be able to hold the entire nation together. If the corrupt group wins there will be a blood bath. This theory is all based on the concept that something trapped in severe contradiction cannot continue to exist. Or you can look at it from the communist perspective. That struggle, thesis and anti-thesis battling, produces something better, a synthesis. Still I do not believe they can keep their country together. All this will not mean the end of the communist party, but with their openness to Christianity, a religion that is capable of providing order in turmoil, the path to the end of dialectical materialism, atheistic communism, will be clear. China as a military threat, outside of their nuclear arsenal, will be non-existent.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What struck me most strongly about the military action against Libya, and from what I heard many had the same question, is why did it come so late? The entire region has been experiencing protests, calls for democracy, long before the protests in Libya started. The protests in Libya went on for some time before the nation divided into armed factions. All this should have been anticipated and plans in place for how to deal with turmoil in Libya.

Who are the protesters? That is one concern, but they can be predominantly described as the youth of their nations. Young people who generally make up half the population of their nations. And though groups we consider our enemies may be involved, we have to trust in the inherent goodness of our fellow man. If we can't, we have already lost. These groups we call enemies, I do not believe speak for the majority of the younger generation.

And then there is Qaddafi. Decades of terror as his political opponents have disappeared or been outright killed. His hit squads openly killed protesters in the streets leading to the armed division. A man who brought order to a land of brutal tribal warfare, the current divisions based on these tribal divisions. And a man who has spent massive resources to build infrastructure for his nation, of which all benefited. Who is known for providing other African nations with large amounts of economic support. A missionary from our church who was formerly in Sao Tome mentioned to me that Qaddafi gave dozens of tractors to the people there.

Still ...a murderous tyrant. But one who can be shaped, as the assault against his family substantially severed his ties to international terrorism in the past. If he were the worst of the worst in the world, we could believe in the aggressive use of force as a diplomatic tool to bring a truly prosperous world for all. Unfortunately their are those far more evil than Qaddafi in the world.

The west is confused and conflicted in their assault on Libya. If they had acted quicker they could have kept the 'military' hostilities from breaking out. The best they can do, and what they should do now, is to tell everyone to return to their corners, the towns who support them. Then guarantee protection for all sides including Qadaffi. You have a nation of cities and towns that have vast open spaces between them. It would be easy to keep each party from moving against the other with a no fly zone. Unfortunately the too much too late approach has led to great loss of life. Loss that could have been avoided.

After separating the parties involved, you lead them in a diplomatic process to form political parties, platforms, and eventually free elections. Even if it includes negotiations with enemy groups such as Al Quida, Hamas and groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, only good can come about. No one thought peace would come quickly to Northern Ireland, but as soon as a diplomatic wing of the IRA was formed, the terrorist activities soon subsided. Using these nations in turmoil, to bring the various groups together to form something better for the nations involved can only be productive. Everyone wants to live a life of accomplishment. Accomplishing these great tasks, bringing freedom and democracy, together with those we consider enemies, and you pull the rug out from under motives and intentions of darkness.

Monday, March 14, 2011

'Three Gorges Damn' or 'China Bashing'

When governments, here and around the world, are trying to financially shackle their citizens with carbon taxes in the name of global warming, China gets a pass. China is now by far the greatest producer of greenhouses gases, and constructing coal burning power plants on a weekly basis. Yet it is the United States, leading the world in environmental technologies, that needs to be brought in line, put in those shackles, or the world is doomed.

And as many thousands have died, and many more are suffering, an attack on nuclear energy is taking much of the stage as several reactors struggle to avoid meltdown in Japan after their earthquake and subsequent tsunami. A meltdown that actually poses no real danger. The reactors having survived an unbelievably powerful earthquake should suggest that nuclear power can be safe.

A war on energy just another manifestation of the left's package of strategies to tell their fellow man, in no uncertain terms, that they cannot take care of themselves. That they should all submit to their wisdom, the salvation they can provide simply because they know better. Now fracking fluid has been listed as a possible cause for an earthquake in the United States. The United States again the villain.

And we keep giving China a pass, President Obama even treating their delegations like deserving royalty.

The earthquake Japan, some speculated, may have been caused by the supermoon. The gravitational forces pulling on the tectonic plates at greater strength than normal as the moon comes closer to earth than usual.

The three gorges damn slowed the rotation of the earth. What kind of mass that entails. Wow! A mass setting on something much less massive than the entire earth. Setting on a tectonic plate. So again, if we are going to say man can transform the climate, and cause earthquakes, if we are going to operate on that premise, China is again the chief suspect. If not for the quake itself, certainly the magnitude... if the left wants to be consistent.

Just another example of how those grabbing for control, in the name of the good of all mankind, could care less about their fellow man. If they did, they would focus the fight against global warming on China. They would have opposed the three gorges damn. And if they cared about their fellow man, they wouldn't honor a regime that is brimming with corruption and human rights abuses. That would be China. And they wouldn't be focusing a world wide campaign against nuclear power in the face of all those suffer devastation. An intellectually weak argument, as the reactors protected their cores in the face of forces beyond the original design criteria.

Is it unfair to bash China in regards to the recent earthquake? Perhaps, but it points out the hypocrisy of those claiming they know better. Those who put policy before people, to put it in the simplest of terms.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crank Calls

Recently the governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, my governor, received a crank call ( that's what we called them when we made them, when I was twelve years old, crank not prank) from a liberal blogger, claiming to be a predominant conservative businessman, David Koch. A businessman who donates to conservative and libertarian causes, and holds substantial business interests in the State of Wisconsin.

Trying to trap Scott Walker in some scandalous mis-statement, the only thing we all discovered was that our governor says the same thing in private as he does in public.

When I first started this blog, my first, and now one of many, I visited a liberal west coast blog on a regular basis to comment on their postings. My sound conservative arguments soon caught their ire. First I was accused of being ignorant, invalidating my entire reasoning because of typos such as typing 'alot' rather than 'a lot.'

I was threatened with being blocked from posting on their blog. A blog that I will not mention, because I have decided it is not worth contributing to the liberal cause, by giving them the privilege of my patronage or the attentions of others. I was always courteous when I posted back then, and on some very rare and miraculous occasions we actually found common ground. So I was never blocked.

I was further accused of being a republican operative, spreading talking points coming down from on high. To which I proclaimed myself a free thinker. Then one day I received a call. A very passionate sounding woman, claiming to be a secretary from some office in the republican party was on the line. She claimed she had something very important for me to help them with, but before she could finish I said; "I'm a conservative, not a republican." And hung up the phone.

This was nearly five years ago. A few seconds after I hung up I asked myself; "Was that Becky?" One of several posters from the liberal blog with whom I had the most heated debates. It was a natural conclusion as I really had no connections with the republican party, outside of some small donations for the Bush 43 campaign. And I had been thickly accused on the subject blog of being an operative. And just the feeling I had about the call. I received plenty of fundraising calls but this was completely different.

The left has no scruples. They hold no commitment to basic attributes of good character. These tricks are not new. Governor Walker should have staff that are more competent. I heard a description of how the crank caller got through, and some one should be fired.

But ultimately, it is not just protecting the union money that goes towards democrat campaigns that has brought Wisconsin under assault. Yes, what is happening in Wisconsin, and other states, is a threat to the money supply, and the liberal's goals for complete control. But focus is also being directed at Wisconsin, and governor Walker, for the same reason the left focuses smear campaigns against Sarah Palin. They do not want Scott Walker, son of a minister, to get anywhere near the Presidency.

I cannot see Scott Walker running in 2012. We need him too much here, and I don't know who could possibly replace him. And he just started. But in six to ten years.... This is a true Reagan conservative who does what is right, and will not be changed.