Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wikileaks, Anarchists, and Other Useful Pawns

In the mid 80's, a Church group I was working for hosted Sir John Noble on an anti-communism speaking tour. He gave his speech in the face of an oncoming hurricane. His route home blocked by the storm and his hotel being on the waterfront he had to spend the night at our Church residence. We all gathered there and he gave us his testimony throughout the turbulent night. When the lights went out we lit lanterns.

Sir John Noble spent the Second World War in a Nazi prison camp, his family being imprisoned upon the start of the war. After being 'liberated' by the Soviets he spent another ten years in labor camps under their... protection. During the course of his detention by the Soviets his family in the United States made unending inquiries to the State Department seeking information on his where abouts or possible fate. They claimed no knowledge of him on either count.

Eventually Sir John Noble was released. And in fact the State Department knew fairly accurately where he was during those long years. They had a file on him that would fill a drawer of a filing cabinet, so he claimed. Yet out of some diplomatic courtesy to the evil empire this information was never released or given to his worried family. Just some of the bull diplomacy breeds.

Wikileaks put out piles of information. Much had no particular significance. A lot was newsworthy, falling under the category of being classified to cover something that wasn't deemed beneficial for the current power structure under some supposed political or diplomatic reasoning. Why should any of that be hidden from the public in a government of, by and for the people?

But where is all the information on Area 51, and UFO's, and on the serious side our Vietnam MIA's and POW's? Like Sir John Noble's case before the time of computer filing unfortunately. Why should the public tolerate being lied to? And why if this Christian society believes they will have to answer for their entire life in the next world, nothing being hidden, do they create a society so full of secrets and hidden indiscretions?

Some of the released files could be deemed harmful to national security and/or the welfare of our troops in combat. But who is to blame for that information getting out? How long did this current administration know this was going to happen? And more importantly why didn't they do anything to stop the release of, if not all the information, the information that could be truly damaging to security?

Many see what they call the socialization of the United States; a coming tyranny. They look at the political tactics of the left and try to counter them in the playing field of politics following the rule book of what passes as good government today. The problem is the left has a different rule book of anything goes. The end justifies the means... Please make a list for me of the communist nations that did not come to power or were kept in power by violence. Armed revolution or the use of the military to suppress their own public.

And in this process of armed revolution it was the anarchist and the idealistic youth and intellectuals who lit the fire, created the chaos and instability and then were summarily suppressed when their role was complete. And Assange is the first to fall prey to this tactic as those seeking total control have recognized the threat of the Internet in thwarting their goals. This is why nothing was done to stop him and his organization. This is why nothing was done to stop the release of information that could cost our young soldiers and sailors their lives. It is part of a strategy to restrict and control the Internet.

And we see anarchists across Europe stirring up trouble. But here in the United States, where the left accuses the Tea Party of planning violence in one breadth and with the next calls for armed revolution against those on the right (blaming Bush all the while) there is no violence to speak of. Outside of a few campus protests on rising tuition's (much like in Europe) and isolated acts of terror, few and far between, inspired by the likes of Al Gore and other left leaning activists. The lack of escalation speaks more to the character of the people of the United States than that of the media or political talking heads.

And the left is missing one crucial piece of the puzzle in taking total control of the United States. That is control of the military. The repeal of 'don't ask don't tell' being the key step to accomplishing that goal. When 'don't ask don't tell' was passed it was written in such a way that it invited challenges in the court. And those challenges would have been complete some years past if not for one thing; 9/11. 9/11 and the subsequent wars put that tactic on the back burner and rather than our military numbers shrinking and becoming dominated by those driven by political correctness rather than love of nation, the numbers swelled with freedom loving Americans.

The homosexual movement is just one of many useful pawns in the atheistic socialist/communist left's drive for complete control. They are active, continually witnessing to their lifestyle before the entire public and it will be no different in the military. Openly gay individuals in the military will drastically change the spirit of our armed forces and who joins. It will be a military enslaved to political correctness rather than the public. A useful pawn.

Fortunately the politicalization of the military is far behind schedule or it could all be over. And what socialist/communist state ever supported homosexuality?

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Forward, the motto for Wisconsin. Let me give you my insight on my state.

It will be Wisconsin that leads this nation forward in conservative principles. Our new senator Ron Johnson, a manufacturer and accountant, defeated the incumbent and most liberal senator in office Russ Feingold, and has pledged he will not work for reelection but only to fix the problems of this nation. A man of accomplishment and character.

Many recognize the danger of new congressmen being co-opted by the beltway. It does not look possible in the case of Ron Johnson and he is not entering congress alone. Several Tea Party republicans won house seats and some real powerhouses have already held office for some time. An intellectual conservative giant Paul Ryan being one and a long time conservative, never wavering to the beltway, Jim Sensenbrenner another.

And behind them is a state government now lead by a new, do what he says, fiscally unfaltering conservative governor Scott Walker. Republicans took control of both state legislative bodies with large majorities, unseating the democrat leaders of both. Positioned to send Wisconsin from a depressed (due to democrat leadership) to booming economy as a testament to the whole nation of the value of conservative principles.

And the democrats will not gain power again for a very long time in Wisconsin. With tens of thousands of unverified names on the voter rolls Wisconsin has been a documented hotbed for voter fraud. It was the democrats who for many years stopped legislation for picture ID's to vote. Even stopping the placing of a second referendum on the ballot that would have given the people of Wisconsin the choice of making voter ID part of the state constitution, after the public overwhelmingly approved the first referendum. Two being required to change the state constitution.

Madison Wisconsin, the capital, has been called the Moscow of the United states and Milwaukee has been one of the few cities in the nation to actually elect a socialist mayor. Both the democrat candidate for governor and senate were betting on these liberal strongholds, and hotbeds of voter fraud, to take the election. Both losing by ten points they refused to concede late into the evening.

I live in the inner city district that votes overwhelmingly liberal. Dan Sebring the republican challenger to my congresswoman, Gwen Moore, held 68% of the vote. But that was with only 3% of the precincts reporting. Many other precincts, the liberal strongholds, being held open late as masses of questionable voters were rushed in creating lines. These results came in mass after about 50% of the statewide results were in. The ten point lead shrunk instantly to a five point lead. All with a motivated republican base. It stayed at five points the rest of the night. Dan Sebring in the end took only 30% of the vote in his district.

Picture ID to vote will become law in Wisconsin in short order under the republican leadership. Though called a blue or sometimes purple state, democrats have almost never won any statewide race with large margins. I believe those margins will disappear completely with a picture ID required to vote.

Even nationwide, without overwhelming majorities in inner cities across this country the democrats would never have held any power at all. This could all change quickly. How? The rise of a conservative evangelist in the black community is the only way I can imagine.

And in their victory speeches the conservative victors all gave thanks to God for this great nation. We should all give thanks. And keep praying for this country.

I'd like to share a bit of my prayer that I pray everyday without fail;

That good leaders rise up and evil leaders sink down.
That we (all men) need not tolerate evil leaders any longer.
That we can have leaders that are good, upright, and true.
That turn their hearts to you (God) in all things.
That are responsible to their constituents.
And serious about public funds. 

Monday, October 04, 2010

Tyler Clementi

Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi, a young gay man, killed himself after suffering extreme violations of his privacy. The media coverage has been such that most everyone has heard the story, but not so over the top that it has filled the airwaves or received much coverage on the commentary side of the news industry. The media has framed the story accurately as this is more a case of being bullied than a conscious act of hatred towards homosexuals. As many would wonder why one would kill himself when being Gay hardly holds the same stigma as even twenty years ago and is staunchly defended by many including some Christian churches.

But would it have received the same coverage if the young man had not been Gay? Have not others submitted in similar ways to being bullied and received far less coverage not to mention  a complete lack of international coverage? Perhaps some in society deserve the protection of their human rights and dignity while others do not.

In fact in Japan there is a group that is targeted by Christians, at least those claiming the name Christian, going far beyond what was done to Mr. Clementi. A practice that up to thirty years ago was common in the United States until our courts put an end to the abuse. An abuse also instigated here in the name of Christ.

That is the kidnapping and de-programing, or forced de-conversions, of members of the Unification Church. In days gone by a practice in the United States targeting any group that could be labeled a cult, and today in Japan almost exclusively directed to the Unification Church. Lead by Japanese churches that have become predominantly made up of those the pastor/de-programing expert supposedly saved from the Unification Church. That's some witnessing program.

And many in Japan have been documented to have committed suicide after the ordeal, exclusively young women. The offenders clear knowledge of the importance of keeping one's purity, sexual relations allowed only in marriage, as a central doctrine of the Unification Church use rape as an instrument to break the faith of young women. The faith of those whose parent's hired these de-programers to get the job done. A father who paid the equivalent of $20,000 dollars to have his daughter deprogrammed had no idea of their practices. After his daughter committed suicide and he realized what had been done he also killed himself. A documentary of these abuses is said to be coming out before the end of the year.

In other cases victims have been held for months and years. One man being held against his will for over twelve years. The Japanese authorities never doing anything over the decades to stop these practices, claiming it to be a family affair.

If you read this blog regularly you should know that I am also a member of the Unification Church. I suspect similar, if not more severe, invasions of my own privacy than suffered by Mr. Clementi. Though I have no resources or means to investigate the issue it is something known by many including elected officials. And since much of these abuses are driven by family and my cousin being a police officer living less than a mile away I think I can safely say law enforcement also is aware.

And I'm not even touching on the discrimination one experiences in the work place. If you hear a person in your work place mentioned in relation to the terms cult, brainwashed, or mind numbed robot over and over and think that isn't detrimental and discriminatory...


To steal some phraseology of a popular talk show host.

Yes, Mr. Clementi's death was very tragic and the coverage was well warranted. But do we reserve such compassion and social outrage only for those political activists or, on a more personal level, one's particular religion, deem important? Deem human?

Or perhaps I am the villain for using this young man's death to draw attention to the ordeals of those of my faith.... because it is just different... because...?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Constitution Day

Some words from the Heritage Foundation on this Constitution Day. Do you feel a great sense of providence or just great gratitude for the fortunes our founding father's perceived for all our futures through this humble document?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Published

I have written a small piece of fiction and self published. A pair of short stories that I am sure you will enjoy. Though perhaps not immediately evident, the stories speak to the issues of the day. I hope they stimulate thought and reflection.

If you have appreciated this blog, or some of the views expressed here, I hope you will consider buying my book. If you have been a consistent follower of this blog you know that our finances could use the boost.

Click here to buy now. Available on Amazon soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Tea Party

Today is/was a day to remember and think about what it means to be a human being with all its corresponding responsibilities. I went to the Racine Tea Party today. Right along the lake on a soccer field, or soccer pitch as they say in Europe. If you took all the people in the field and grandstands and those walking around the display tents I say it would have filled tight about 1/4 of the soccer field. Must have been at least 1,000 people.

Paul Ryan and other speakers of ill repute, according to the left, spoke common sense, hard truths and practical solutions for this nations problems. Also there to provide insight and a bit of levity was Jonah Goldberg. His book available on Amazon. Sorry I haven't been posting much. That is not too unusual for the Summer but it seems I missed a whole month. I have been working to publish a short bit of fiction, a pair of short stories, that should be available by the end of the month.

And then there were the counter protesters. All six of them.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Stephen Hawking and the Necessity of Man

Reports are spreading over the Internet of Stephen Hawking's declaration that God is not needed for the creation of the Universe. As if he were saying there is no God. Claiming, that because there are laws such as gravity the Universe will create itself, from his latest book "The Grand Design." I am speculating a bit here, as his book has not been released, but I feel I can say with a level of confidence that Stephen Hawking is ignoring the reality of his own existence; the existence of man.

Pulling down my Bible from the shelf above my computer, let me make reference to some critical verses;
"God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female he created them.
God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over...." " Genesis 1:27-28

"Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." Matt: 5:48

All the heavenly bodies and all of creation are governed by the laws of the universe and the laws of nature. An argument, according to many, possibly including Hawking, that God is not necessary or that God does not exist. Yet man appears to be the master of those laws, unlike anything else in all of creation. Stephen Hawking himself, extremely limited in his abilities to engage the world around him, has the capability to comprehend the laws and operations that govern the universe; to reach out to its farthest limits. Only humankind has the ability to go beyond the limits of their environment, even developing the technologies to travel and colonize distant planets. Nothing else in all of creation even comes close to suggesting similar abilities.

And humankind, from its earliest recorded history, seems to have had the insight that they are the center of this universe. That they have the potential to comprehend and achieve its deepest secrets. All religions recognize this reality and strive for the ultimate truth. What religion do elephants adhere to?

And all religions recognize the harmony of nature and the cause of evil in the world resting with humankind alone. Even the atheists, some preaching self-extinction for man, glorify the creation and see man as the single source evil in an otherwise harmonious existence.

We are created in God's image and as Jesus revealed, we were created as God's children. And this universe is the means to achieve our place as His children. 'To be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.' To comprehend the nature, harmony, and glory of God in his absolute selfless love by comprehending and subduing the world He created. Like a child only coming to comprehend the extent of the sacrifice and love of his parents after going through the same process, so God put us in this world to fully comprehend his nature of love, sacrifice and order by 'increasing in number, filling the earth and subduing it.' As a parent seeks to see their own nature in their own child, bring them the greatest of joys, so it is with God.

And looking at the nature of the atheists and God accusers, can you not recognize some deep emotion, deep hurt that seems to drive them. An embittered portrayal of not only God but their fellow man, or at least of those they deem a threat to the world they have created. Can you recognize the similarities of dealing with them and trying to deal with a disfunctional family?

I truly hope Stephen Hawking can find his own true union with God the parent of humankind and his fellow man. That he can look at the wonders of his own existence, of the miracle of man, and see that the universe was created and exists for him and the rest of humanity. That the universe was created so humankind can reflect God's own nature, a selfless existence of joy and love, and for no other reason. I shudder in awe thinking of what Stephen Hawking could reveal to all of us through embracing what truly drives the universe.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Resonance Chamber

What the left, namely the mainstream media, cannot understand or refuses to recognize is that the people of this nation have any valid opinions at all. They see a collection of lowbrows, now gathering into a mob called the Tea Party. Haters and bullies that need to be put down.

Even while they are failing, the mainstream publications and networks going bankrupt and looking to the government for their own permanent bailout, they consider their journalistic crusade an historic struggle against... What? The people?

We? The people?

Yes the people established this nation and government and now the people have decided they don't want to buy what the main stream media has to offer.

And why is where the people are looking for their news, talk radio and what is now called the alternative media, being threatened by the government? The fairness doctrine appears for the moment to be out of favor but how long will that last, with the mainstream media and prominent democrat leaders making relentless, crude, and predominantly baseless accusations against what they see as their opposition.

The main stream media and government have left the people. They see us as unable to function without their malevolent, oops sorry, benevolent guidance.

We are called an echo chamber. Just mindless minions repeating empty slogans. But it is not an echo chamber, rather a resonance chamber. It is the resonance of truth. Like a tuning fork ringing, the vibrations spreading to others that share the same resonance. The people are responding to what they know deep in their hearts, what is truly important to them.

What is today called conservative ideals are a collection of ideas that ring true. Because they are based on truth. The testament to that being the countless ways they are applied to, expressed in, every level of the workings of America and the lives of its citizens.

The right is not an echo chamber. The ideas are stated from various endless perspectives because the truth permeates our lives. There is no repetition. Callers to talk radio, simple people, often make great points that rival the hosts. I believe I offer a perspective in most cases that is unique, and at times hit something out of the box that might deserve greater recognition. But I am not a professional commentator. And in my case, or that of a caller, the professionals simply don't have the time to cover every pertinent aspect of the issue, so it makes us stand out. They have to focus on what they see as the strong points on an argument or issue. And they all have varying perspectives all pertaining to the same truth. A truth with endless common sense connotations.

How different though in the mainstream media? I believe it is Rush Limbaugh that often puts together clips of the various main stream media outlets mindlessly repeating the same talking points on an issue. And there's the endless websites, blogs and others, that place something onto the Internet and then network to spread it thick. Repetition being their expression of professional ethics. There is the true echo chamber.

With the left, rather than nonsense going in one ear and out the other through that great void, their thinking is askew. On the way to the other side the nonsense runs out of alignment and bounces around in there until it finds its way out the mouth. Often slandering and libeling those on the right. But never having to apologize.

And the recent brew-ha-ha over the Shirley Sherrod story has clearly pointed out the gross vapidness and hypocrisy of the left, the main stream media. When Shirley Sherrod clearly called out Glenn Beck by name, in reference to the supposed attacks that led to her firing, it was clear to me that this was all a trap. A trap intended for a figure seen as the weak link, as he has the tendency to be brash and irreverent in style at times (and incredibly funny too)...(sometimes I just can't stop laughing). But Glenn Beck is obviously a professional. Wanting to lead with the story on his TV show, he didn't when the context of the statements couldn't be found.

And then it quickly broke down. Quickly. The main stream, having often slurred others on the right never retracting their statements or apologizing, rushing to point out how terrible it was to paint this person in a bad light unjustly. The apogee being Dan Rather's remarks that the main stream media actually verifies their stories.

Oh... Wait. That wasn't Dan Rather. I just don't follow the main stream closely enough to know all their names, unlike those professional commentators who I'm sure are familiar with his name. But I know it begins with an 'S' and is at least four letters.

Maybe I should have made a phone call.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

TV Viewership


A topic that might not seem fitting for this blog, but let me share my unique perspective on the large drop in prime time TV viewing. A significantly larger decline than in the past.

It's unemployment. We do a lot of socializing in the work place and make an investment of brawn and intellect. You get home and you need some down time; TV time. Now if you're not working you're not being challenged on those levels and there is not much socializing going on throughout the day. Just the innate desire to interact on various levels with others and the greater society drives people to go out in the evenings, especially the long evenings, even if they don't have a lot of money. If you're not working evening is the most convenient time to get your social interaction fix.

Monday, June 07, 2010


Having grown up in the cold war I often wonder how the younger generations view the world; their fellow man. No longer is the world in a struggle, clearly defined by borders and alliances into the free versus communist world. A period where mutual shared destruction was the lock and key for nuclear arsenals, held then only by super powers. The ultimate deterrent. And it apparently worked.

Just the other night I saw the movie "Dr. Strangelove" and was really taken back. A movie I found disturbing in the past but now quite enjoyable. An insane commander sends his wing of B-52 Bombers to attack the Soviet Union and he alone holds the recall code. In the process of the movie the Soviet ambassador reveals they have created a computer controlled doomsday device impossible to turn off and that a nuclear attack within their borders will set it off killing all life on the planet. Dr. Strangelove, commenting on deterrents, explains the importance of fear in the process, but then points out that it doesn't work if you don't know the deterrent exists. The Soviets not having told anyone, wanting to surprise the world at an upcoming conference.

The Soviet Union is gone and Russia no longer the serious threat it was for launching a world wide nuclear war. China is still an evil communist power full of corruption and human rights abuses. But a new deterrent has risen out of China (and Russia); its people. Becoming interdependent with the world community for its peoples welfare and their growing standard of living, China can no longer consider military conquest part of its ideological goal of world dominion. They fear being overthrown by their own people when the hardships and suffering of war breeds dissatisfaction.

Again when I was growing up they had a TV commercial. A large group of old people in suits gathered in a field. Then, one walking up to the other, they started slugging it out. The message being; Why do our young people have to fight wars between leaders? And in todays world, where man is as far away as his computer from near most all other people of the world, where we hear the struggles and conflicts going on nearly in real time, most likely knowing people in our own lives who have lived or worked in those regions, we truly have become a world community. And most of the world, outside of tyrants and Islamic radicals, simply want to enjoy their lives with its inherent ambitions and dreams, and hope the same for everyone else in the world.

Yet violence grips our world still. Governments abuse their citizens and populations, fed with bitterness and resentment, set themselves against each other.

Iran threatens to destroy Israel with a nuclear strike. Are we to wipe out the Iranian people for their leaders evil intents? The people of Iran, without Obama's support, are apparently not enough of a deterrent.

North Korea too, sinking a South Korean patrol boat, threatens the world with nuclear weapons and a delivery system that may be able to reach the United States. Their people live in prison like conditions if not part of the party proper and those in power are not the ones who will suffer if we turn to greater sanctions.

In a world where rogue powers or terrorist groups could set off a nuclear weapon almost anywhere in the world what is a sufficient deterrent? Much like we target the leadership of terrorist groups with apparent success, governments of nations such as Iran and North Korea need to be targeted, not their people.

The first and preferred deterrent is to support the people. We missed a chance to support the Iranian people and can't let it happen again. The media and its extension, the entertainment industry, have failed to keep in the minds of the world on what North Korea is like. Don't think for an instance that the North Korean leaders are not empowered by the idea that no one in the world cares what they are doing within their borders.

Next we have to realize the nuclear climate has changed. Chances are very high that nuclear weapons will be used and not escalate to a world wide conflict. The possible attack(s) will most likely be singular events by terrorists or rogue nations that will extinguish their entire nuclear arsenal with their attack. And much like we used nuclear weapons against Japan to shorten the war and save lives maybe we should consider using them again. Todays deterrent should be that nations such as Iran and North Korea be promised the certain death of their government and military infrastructure, in short order, if they use weapons of mass destruction. Even to the point of using tactical nuclear weapons to guarantee that destruction.

And it must be known, as Dr. Strangelove so clearly pointed out. Yes, there would be collateral damage of the population with the use of nuclear weapons. But if the public knows a nuke will be dropped on their leader(s) within 24 hours guaranteed, what are the chances they wont capture or kill their leaders themselves?

It must be known. And if the United Nations cannot put together such a resolution, maybe the traditional nuclear powers, those that showed some sense of responsibility in holding the power, the United States, Russia, and China should make that clear to powers that preach violence and destruction.

Our current President has made the consequences of using weapons of mass destruction completely unclear and we find we are being challenged around the world. Our casualty rates are rising in our war zones, and North Korea is threatening.

Deterrents work. Iran needs to be targeted.

Is it the best course of action towards North Korea? North Korea is at a critical turning point. North Korea is on the verge of either retreating into deeper isolation and/or launching an invasion, or speeding up its excruciatingly slow opening to the rest of the world.

The attack on the South Korean patrol vessel has brought conflict to the South, as those opposed to the government reject the claims that it was an act of the North. The death of so many sailors has threatened the 'Sunshine Policy' many in the South have worked hard for. And the North is using the event to consolidate power among the Kim regime. Power that is backed by the military.

So would promise of nuclear retaliation against the members of their government be helpful? The North may use the threat to further bolster the position of Kim's brother-in-law, promoting that the west is in fear of his prowess, accomplishing beyond all hope the goal of the attack on the South. If they chose to look at it that way. And it will be an action that may assuage the rage of the South without any concrete change in current programs working to united the two Korea's. Both results could clear the air to resume relations and the slow opening of the North, or not. You never know what North Korea will do. And they like it that way.

I wrote a piece on uniting the two Koreas, some years ago now, and shortly afterwards the idea of amnesty for the leaders of the North, not a new idea, became well publicized in the South. My idea was Sanctuary, not amnesty.

Fear as a deterrent works well against tyrants who put their own well being above all others. But it can be a double edged sword. The greatest factor in liberating the North is to guarantee its current rulers that they will not face retribution for their actions against their own people and that they will also continue to prosper financially. The idea of sanctuary, where these leaders and those acting on their behalf would be consolidated, confined in many ways, to the capitol and its surrounding province is the most practical way to guarantee their well being. Already a party friendly region a separation between the offended and those who did the offending is the best way to guarantee their safety.

Ultimately the greatest deterrent against tyranny should be the people, as our founding fathers so well understood. North Korea is surrounded by populations more empowered everyday in China, Russia, and South Korea. I believe the younger generations have no interest in the divisive natures of the past. The liberation of the people of North Korea should be the goal. Looking to substantially punish the North, its communist leaders, with sanctions will only only hurt the people of North Korea and hamper the goal of unification as things stand today. And waiting for time, the new generations to gain power, to resolve the issue is an enormous and unjust cost for the people of North Korea to pay.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

God Bless all those who died for our country.
God Bless our veterans.
God Bless Green Bay.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Harley Davidson

Over the Winter I commented on one of my more generic blogs about a Milwaukee based tea company that was striving for excellence, as so many companies in Milwaukee have been known for. I accentuated the idea with comments on Alterra Coffee, another company of high standards, built by some of my high school classmates. By those committed to the area, their roots.

When I was young and we moved to the suburbs, whether you call it white flight or suburban sprawl, when we wrote our return address on letters (do you remember when we used to write letters?), we always wrote 'Milwaukee' as the city, as did most everyone I knew who was in a similar situation. So strong the commitment to the area by its populace. I speculated that if not for such a commitment we would be Michigan, economy wise.

And now Michigan is attracting more jobs than Wisconsin. And an icon of Milwaukee, Harley Davidson, may be leaving Wisconsin altogether. The tax and environmental regulation corporate hell Wisconsin has become did not happen overnight. Companies have been leaving for some time and more are planning to as each month passes. Perhaps the loyalty of its citizens has become a detriment as Wisconsin is so far gone. I see little hope of keeping Harley Davidson in Wisconsin. And with Harley Davidson having worked hard to establish their museum here in Milwaukee over the last several years, you have to wonder if this withdrawal from the Milwaukee labor market, and all of Wisconsin, has been planned for some time. Building a substantial presence, substantial ties to the city, without having to tolerate union wages and a smothering tax burden.

Their closing of Buell Motorcycles, a company many believe had potential, may be part of the same plan. They still own the intellectual property, as I understand it, and could restart the company in another state or country.

And as citizen devotion has carried Wisconsin far beyond the point of no return, keeping market forces from responding to failed government policies forcing a correction, so has California's domination of our Pacific coast taken it to the same point. In Wisconsin, the continual loss of tax revenue generating jobs and companies along with a growing government that awards its employees with extravagant benefits and pensions far beyond what they put in, has already destroyed my beloved Wisconsin. Bankruptcy is not a potential future for our state, we have gone past that point. The state has done its best to cover up the fact but the reality can no longer be denied. Yet even now our Wisconsin government is creating incredibly large future obligations on the tax payers by looking to build mass transit that no one will ride.

Greece, and in part Spain and others with similar policies, has gone bankrupt with incredible ramifications for the EU that can be felt all over the world. How will the inevitable collapse of the economies of Wisconsin and California, as well as several other states, hurt the United States? And the ramifications for the rest of the world will be far more severe than those created by Greece.

So are the liberals, socialists or what ever label you want to give democrats just stupid, incompetent, without any idea of what to do, chasing LaLa Land dreams looking to leave the country in a complete state of collapse? Yes! And more unfortunately no.

Glenn Beck and others have been warning of massive inflation. Or possible deflation. There is no or. President Obama and the democrats are working to create massive inflation. Yes, they will claim they aren't, but that is only so they can blame corporate greed and the republicans when it arrives. After pulling a majority of the population into government jobs, or jobs that depend on government funds (what company doesn't?), the financial burden, not to mention the national debt, is to be relieved by shrinking their salaries through inflation. And with a depressed economy where else could anyone find another job, locking everyone in place, under complete government control.

That is how they see it, and of course it will fail. They have far overreached because control has always been their goal, not helping those they claim to be fighting for. There will be no private sector that could possibly be taxed enough to support this system (not to mention the retired baby-boomers social security and medicare), even with raising government salaries slower than the rate of inflation, all the while declaring these public employees heroes for their sacrifice. Their will be no motivation to invest in the United States. And Harley Davidson and other companies will eventually go elsewhere. Why would Harley Davidson keep the 'American Made' image as a marketing tool. No one here will be able to afford one.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15th Tea Party, Madison Wisconsin

A rainbow circled the sun in the middle of the Tea Party in Madison. Sorry the colors don't show well.

Supporters of Russ Feingold were there lining the far side of the street.

There was a lot more media there this year.

Food vendors were out in greater numbers than last year. Nothing speaks more to the attendance. There were 8,300 gathered last year. I would have to say it was about the same this year from my experience. We'll see what the final count produces as people were photographing from the rooftops.

An infiltrator? Hearing there would be infiltrators trying to put the Tea Party in a poor light by mis-spelling words and making obscene statements ect., this gentleman caught my attention as some reporter started interviewing him in great detail. I hadn't noticed his sign earlier.

No this is not a Tea Party member. This is some of the opposition across the street.

More opposition. As we were leaving they were talking aggressively to individual Tea Party members using foul language. Most likely trying to start a confrontation.

Thanks to Fight Back Wisconsin for organizing our bus. My non-white wife didn't attend this year as our dog was poisoned and trying to save it knocked our whole schedule off, so she couldn't make it. I was also impressed by the Oath Keepers.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Tea Parties, The Second Amendment and The Spirit of America

Many find it hard to explain the Tea Party phenomena. To understand what the Tea Parties represent one must first understand from what this nation arose. It arose from a people who desired a better life for themselves and their children and grandchildren for perpetuity. The limits of what they could achieve hindered only by their own imaginations. A nation built by immigrants from all over the world of a like mind, leaving everything behind following that vision of the shining city on a hill.

A people of unique character. A people when faced with a tyrannical government looking to take their hard earned gains and deny them justice through the judicial process, took up arms and shed their blood to be free. They gathered around representatives of their choosing. Sent their complaints to the authorities of the time and were rejected. Then under those same representatives declared their independence, formed militia and an army and took on the greatest power the world had ever seen.


Not just a movement to be free, but a movement to institutionalize those freedoms deemed inalienable into a government to insure those freedoms for all. What a unique character. Not acting out of fear, resentment or hate, but with control and clear purpose. And in this search for a better way of life for all, our founding fathers saw fit to include the right to bear arms. Seeing "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state."

This is the Tea Party movement. Citizens standing together in clear and responsible fashion seeking the freedoms they feel deep in their hearts. A vision of freedom expressed in our founding documents that at one time was taught in our schools. A group known for its courtesy, respect and even for keeping their protest grounds clean. The people letting their voices be heard and choosing who they decide represent their views and values.

There is Sarah Palin, and here in Wisconsin people like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker that carry the conservative cause of responsible (and responsive) government. There are assorted Governors capturing the notice of the public for their conservative common sense approach to the problems facing the people. These are the type of people that, if allowed, will be elected through the will of the people and turn this country back to its founding values.

But looking at Wisconsin with new voting regulations designed to promote voter fraud being proposed  and the disbandment of ACORN, but then not really, one has to wonder how far the democrats will go to subvert the election process. Are we too late? Has tyranny grabbed hold of our nation? The election in November will be pivotal in finding where we stand. It is one of the most important elections in the history of this nation.

If the will of the people is thwarted, the people will find their voice in other ways. They will gather around their local representatives, their state governments, and take a stand much like our founding father's did. Not seeking to destroy, not turning to violence as so commonly does the left, but standing to defend their freedoms not only for themselves but the greater community and the future. Much like a body guard who understands that his first responsibility cannot be to kill the threat, to attack, but to put oneself between the threat and the one they are sworn to protect. To take the bullet.

This is what the second Amendment was intended for. For the people to organize behind those who reflect their values and if necessary protect those values by gathering in arms to defend the government of their choosing. And ultimately if the election process is subverted, we can look at the Minnesota Senate race as one example, so that the will of the people is oppressed, the nation will fracture. States will ultimately declare independence, most likely behind Texas, and the people will come out to defend their rights if necessary.

This is why the second amendment was written. This is how our founding fathers did it and this is how the people, expressing themselves through the Tea Parties will do it if required. This is the very Spirit of America.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twitter and Such

I often have long periods where I don't write on this blog. Sometimes I have things I want to write about but my circumstances don't allow, or I can't get the concept complete in my head. So I thought I would add a Twitter feed with Twitter's convenient widget. So I started a Twitter account specific to this blog under my pen name. I've done this with another blog I write on poker. I also use that Twitter account to follow poker greats. This is Twitter's strongest attribute. To get a glimpse at one that excels in something one is interested in themselves, whether politics, a profession, sport or hobby. So I was already aware of how Twitter works, though I don't use it with my phone. I know your tweets don't just disappear from your profile.

So this ground breaking Internet application, what I originally heard described as a 'micro-blog', would be just the thing to keep a consistent input of content on my blog. ... So I thought.

I am not sure why I've caught the attentions of some. It doesn't appear I have a large following. Maybe it is because in the past I continually commented on a leftist blog. Something I gave up on over a year ago. Why give any recognition to nonsense. Maybe it is because I seem to be on the cutting edge of expressing what the liberals have planned, how they see the world. But others such as 'The Great One' and Rush or Glenn Beck make the same points to an extremely broader audience. (though I think I have been ahead of the game once or twice, ... heah... some one has to toot my horn).

So why have my tweets disappeared? How does that happen? Marked as spam or what? No one has to read my tweets. They have to search for me to even see them. Of course they were visible on my blog but how is it different from just posting the same content on this blog that my comments should  be censored? They are all gone now except for my test tweets which consisted of "test" and "test 2". And there is no way I have found to actually ask Twitter what is going on.

Here are the Tweets that have disappeared:

The first, posted before the vote on health care, disappeared last;

'Does rising opposition from the states and others make it more likely for health care to be approved; the representatives believing it will be shot down by others, or not?' paraphrased, ... maybe exact.

And the others that didn't last long:

"Obama says no US flags in Haiti, I say let them vote to become a territory or our 51st state."

"Health care for the Healthy, death formulus for the rest of us."

Another was a link to my most recent blog post here. Maybe there were one or two more. I'm not sure. Any comprehensive tweet has been removed.

And it is not only Twitter. I cannot remember how long ago it was that I made a comment on a Yahoo news article. But I am very sure it was not controversial. Yet these past two days I tried twice to comment on a Yahoo article, I have a Yahoo account, and it would not post.

And my interface to produce this blog is slow and obsolete, unlike my other blogs, which are under a different account. I do not have a spell check and cannot even upload video when producing a post. I needed to upload the following video to my you/tube account and then embed it here.

Do I need to say; "Thanks for reading?"

The attack on the Internet is ramping up. Is it just by non government entities? Even if so, expect the government to start a censorship campaign of its own soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Civil War

So far.

And though more and more are questioning whether violent revolution is the only way to return this nation to its founding principles, civility still holds the upper hand in saving the day.

Individuals of reasoned thought and conscience recognized this struggle for the soul of America as a Civil War far too long ago. Unprepared, not taking seriously the threat, the right and moral majority were knocked on their tails, much like the North in the Battle of First Bull Run of 1861, until the forces of good were firmed up under the Reagan administration. A perpetual political stalemate has defined the following two decades, expressed in such platitudes as reaching across the isle, returning to the center and the peoples supposed desire for bipartisanship.

The Civil War of the 19th century (the 1800's) was not just a battle of North and South. It built over many decades motivated by a disgust for the immoral system of slavery. But it was also a clash of economic systems. The industrialized Northern economies heavily driven by capitalism and the plantation system of the South, dependent on slavery. And today too we are seeing the lines being drawn between those who believe in a free market, limited government economy and those who want, not really to redistribute the wealth, but to take wealth away from the prosperous and use it to grow government. Creating an army of citizens dependent on the government for a pay check, directly or indirectly. A system that sees the ruler as the enlightened and the ruled as unable to care for themselves. How else can you explain the passage of health care in the face of overwhelming opposition from the public?

Now, those of us on the right have reached the point, much like those in the Union, where we have come to realize that the only solution is the complete destruction of the opposition. No more delusions. Coexistence is not an option.

And those on the left have realized, much like their counterparts of days gone by in the South , that their survival can only be assured by taking the offensive. They have selected their top general and brought the battle to the North. A modern day Gettysburg. And we are caught in the Battle of Little Round Top. The Confederates, or in this case the liberals, have crested the hill. The most strategically valuable position on the battlefield. And the Union forces, those increasingly defining themselves as conservatives, have little to no ammunition remaining.

With nothing left and realizing the magnitude of their situation, the Union commander at Little Round top ordered a bayonet charge. Swinging a line of soldiers like a door over the Confederates flank. Then a company, thought lost in battle, rose up from behind their rocky shelter behind the enemy lines and let loose penetrating volleys of musket fire. And what appeared lost was saved.

Will this scenario be repeated? Will opposition from the states and political action groups rise up and defeat the health care monstrosity we are facing in the courts? Will those Reagan Democrats of days gone by rise up throwing in their support?

But shooting down this bill just passed, if even possible, will not be the end of it. The left will rally behind their false constructs of duty and honor and put everything into one final charge, much like Pickett's Charge of July 3rd 1863. The modern day equivalent being the mobilization of ACORN, and their multitude of election machines, to throw everything into what inevitably will decide the outcome of the war. The upcoming November elections. In the meantime expect their attacks on the Internet and media to seriously ramp up.

And as we see liberal instigated violence popping up on campuses in California and Wisconsin over tuition increases, expect more. The left will invest every resource they have to keep power in the next election. In a state such as Wisconsin, where the left could lose a Senate seat and several House seats, election fraud may not be enough to save the day. Violence at polling stations, and the left will be in the courts to invalidate the election results. Not just in the areas where the violence occurs, but the entire State. You could see the city of Milwaukee break out in violence and turmoil at polling stations and results all over the State, House districts nowhere near Milwaukee called into question. And all the better if they could send the entire nation into disorder. The left would love to see this nation locked in violent struggle. A dream come true for a complete power grab.

We are dealing with self proclaimed rulers who have no respect for those they deemed themselves worthy to rule, and no regard for the law or our Constitution. We need to continue to rally and protest vehemently. But we are far from the point, far too advance as a people, to revert to violence. We need to protect the election process. We need to believe in the processes our founding fathers established and in our fellow citizens.

And keep your guns where the government can't find them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Moral and Religious People

Did you recognize me in the video previously posted? My wife created it. She thought that picture really captured something special. A commercial that can be personalized and then sent viral as we all want to feel good about ourselves. And don't we all feel empowered, happy when we are spoken well of, encouraged, held in high esteem? And don't we all feel discouraged, defeated, lost when attacked personally? Of course who is proclaiming or attacking our reputation or how widespread the assertions are, determine much. Those closest to us can have the most dramatic impact, even determining the course of our lives.

In an ideal world we would all be supportive of each other. Never speaking a disparaging word about another, never having to. Of course we wouldn't go to war either. But we do go to war to preserve the good. And many die and people are spoken ill of in the process. And we are in a war, whether you want to call it a civil war, a revolution or counter revolution, our nation is locked in a struggle for its very soul.

Conservatives and people of values have been mercilessly attacked in the public forum and now the people are waking up and fighting back. I am comfortable with my statements concerning the left and President Obama. I see the freedoms this nation was founded on disappearing, being taken away.

But turning back the liberal/communist forces seeking to take control over every aspect of our life, the forces of big government, cannot truly revive this nation. Kicking out the forces of godless socialism and returning to limited government alone is only a stop gap solution if we don't become a moral country.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
-John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

If we do not drastically turn back the culture of death, most notably the wide spread use of abortion, address the issue of homosexuality, and refuse to tolerate dishonesty and dishonor corrupting our politics and science, the United States is doomed to decline like so many other civilizations in the past. It would be a tragedy for the entire world.

Yes, homosexuality is a threat to our military and nation. As an issue of human rights I feel I need to make clear my views. We don't as a society generally involve ourselves in the personal lives of others. Certainly we don't want to irresponsibly demean others, but we have to aspire to the highest standards to remain a moral nation.

Some say that is how God made them. I say we made this fallen world not God, and to return Him is to resolve the problems we created. Problems we all collectively have a stake in.

Prayer has been documented to 'cure' homosexuality in some cases. Yet we have given so much credibility to the idea that homosexuality is natural, that other churches have acknowledged it as part of God's creation. A 60 Minutes episode had a story of a researcher who was linking homosexuality to a hormone surge in the womb at the time of a persons birth. Don't we have hormone therapies that can change a man from a woman or visa versa? It seems as soon as any possible physical cause was found we stopped there, and just surrendered to a homosexual 'culture.'

We are mapping the genome and may find answers there, if we haven't already. And epigenetics opens whole new doors of research. Epigenetics links how are genes operate in response to the experiences of our ancestors. For example grandparents suffering through famine and the corresponding traits found in their grandchildren. Truly a link to man's lifestyle choices (not God's) shaping the world we live in. All pointing to practical solutions to homosexuality.

I would not be surprised if the majority of the homosexual community were offended by the idea that they should change their sexual preferences. But I also would not be surprised if the majority would be supportive of a therapy for young people if the trait could be identified and reversed, so to speak.

To revive this nation we need to be free to speak out against a homosexual 'culture' and  powerfully promote traditional families as a nation. Not that any individual should be needlessly degraded in our society, we all fall short of the standard, but not acknowledging God's ideals, welcoming the joys and blessings He designed in them, hurts us all. I noticed most of the radio talk show hosts in my area are single, and though they very occasionally allude to the fact that they are in a relationship, they don't openly support and definitely don't encourage sex outside of marriage. It is not love and understanding to just submit to a fallen reality, whether in ourselves or others.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We All Need Heros

My wife e-mailed this to me.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Liar! Liar!

Pants on fire.

That is the only response you deserve, President Obama, after the complete disrespect you showed the Supreme Court and disregard for our Constitution in your State of the Union address.

"I know that there are those who disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change." Would that be the science that has been clearly demonstrated to be fraudulent? And cutting taxes always raises revenues President Obama. Maybe you can buy an economist or two, but credible economists on both sides contradict your claims on the stimulus and jobs. And I know you find this hard to believe, but people living outside the inner cities of democrat party run cities know all this.

Enough said. This President will not give up on the Marxist goals they, those holding the democrat party hostage, hold dear. They are not backing down on health care. They are not stopping the billions of the failed stimulus package still to be handed out for campaign support, aka votes.

The fight for the soul of this nation is far from over. 2010 will be a year of struggle between the forces of ACORN and Tea Party supporters. Struggles with local governments over voting irregularities. A struggle that will ultimately spill into the courts. Only 2013 will reveal if this nation will fall to tyranny or not.

It is the time the left will realize, if they haven't already, that now is the time to go for it all. Their last chance. And they will show no regard for the rights or well being of any who may stand in their way. It is the way every socialist/Marxist system that denies God has gone.

And for those of us who are past middle age, who remember the Cold War, and have a functioning intellect and conscience capable of discerning right from wrong, we see and understand clearly the tactics of the enemy. One of which is to break the moral fabric of the target society. The continual indoctrination of school children, at increasingly younger ages, in the management of sex and sex by-products being one part of the lefts strategy to subvert the people and attain complete control.

But over this last year, when everything looked so hopeful for the left to take over this nation, 'we the people' pushed back. We spontaneously responded, networking over the Internet and alternative media. Our voice is sweeping the nation, a portent of true change. A return to limited government.

Thank God for the Supreme Court ruling on corporate campaigning. 'We the people' can see who shares our values and direct our funds to those companies that do. And if those companies are not sincere, we will all soon find out on some blog somewhere. A way to offset the influence of government funds going to organizations and companies that support big government, organizations like Planned Parenthood, ACORN and its various reincarnations, and all those new green industries the government is looking to create.

And Thank God for the NRA for protecting our second amendment rights. Our right to revolt, or duty in the face of tyranny according to our founding fathers. Nothing can stop our opposition to a true tyranny if it should come to pass. Except.... the military. The military, a bastion of our finest Americans, like many who have coalesced behind the tea parties. Citizens of service and moral fortitude. Perhaps the only entity that is keeping us free.

When you step back and look at the bigger picture, the longer history, is it any surprise the left has been promoting homosexuality in the military. If the moral fiber of the military is broken, if military life becomes a petty process of conforming to political correctness (remember Fort Hood), we are all in deep doo doo, if we cannot turn the leftests back now.

But maybe we can put the homosexual men in the women's barracks and visa versa..... maybe prayer isn't the only cure for homosexuality.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A piece of Fiction?

I wrote this for my private blog but thought it might fit here. It will most likely recieve more editing on my other blog. Undecided as to if I will keep it up.

A Piece of Fiction?

"I'll be right Back."

Dietrich said, as he slid out of his seat, the door of the pickup screeching closed behind him. It was an old American-made pickup. A canvas covered their most treasured possessions in the truck bed. Much less conspicuous on the back roads they were traveling than a family in a sedan, heavy in the trunk.

The sound of his boots on the crushed stone of the parking lot, sharp and piercing in the almost unnatural quiet.

'The peace of country life.' Dietrich tried to convince himself.

The air was thick and hot,and the mid-afternoon sun shown strong through the haze like atmosphere. The relative cool outside the cab brought a faux sense of relief. It was the time of year and the time of day when fierce storms seemed to materialize out of nowhere. But Dietrich was early.

He had headed north, paying a visit to his parents. A ruse to throw off the authorities. Afterwards making contact with a friend of a friend... of a friend of a high school classmate, making the switch from their sedan to this off the market heap of a pickup. Their best chance for escape, for freedom, as best they could imagine it.

With no job in the small town where they lived, and the constant and growing visits from an increasingly intrusive civil service, Dietrich looked to the new western nations, with their booming economies, as the chance for a better life. An opportunity he dare not let pass. Though originally from the big city, the great conflict had left it a burned out shell. The local capital of the never-ending queue of hopelessness. Where all wait their turn for a piece of the promised never nearing bounty to come, resting just beyond the horizon. Beyond one more campaign against the enemies of the people. One more damn or highway or factory, all constructed under the guidance of the great leader, who alone could open the floodgates of prosperity.

But Dietrich was hardly the only or the first with the same idea. The government had already closed all the main roads and was quickly closing off the entire border. Winding through small farming hamlets along country roads and highways, he found himself at a roadside canteen called 'Shults'.' An establishment housed in a generic structure, which served like all such country outposts a fare unique to its part of the country. In this case, a specialty meat battered and deep fried, and of course a home made brew.

He stretched his stiff legs, walking slowly towards the service counter. The young girl at the window looked his way and, with a nervous start, stepped away from her window into a back room.


Dietrich's life had hardly been easy, without its own traumas and corresponding terrors. Fear was something he had taught himself to treat with disdain. With a veiled huff he approached the service window. Leaning in slightly he called,

"Hey, can I get some service?"

Both defiance and caution ringing in his voice.

A long silence followed.

Then the door to the back room flung open. The young girl, a high school student at best, strode out slapping the key to the men's room down on the counter. She quickly turned and walked away, fixing her gaze upon the deep fryer, standing motionless.

His hand slid over the cool stainless steel, gripping the well-worn wood block attached to the key. A sinking feeling growing in his gut, he turned slowly heading for the far side of the building. Rounding the corner he shoved the key into the men's room lock. A quick forceful thrust opened the sticky door. It slammed behind him as he entered.

A urinal, evident by smell if not by sight, a sink and a stall, and a curious apprehension highlighted the spacious, for its type, room. Before Dietrich could wonder about what he had gotten himself into the door flew open. A middle aged bearded man swiftly stepped inside, watching the door close behind him, his hand keeping it from slamming.

"Are you Dietrich?" He asked.

"Are you Jason?" Replied Dietrich, waiting for the proper response.

"No, I'm Freddie."

"Then I'm Dietrich."

Named neither Jason nor Freddie, the bearded man's face sneered. Marching forward, pushing Dietrich back chest to chest he grabbed Dietrich's shirt collar with both hands, slamming him against the toilet partition.

"You were told not to tell anyone, punk!"

Dietrich instinctively brushed away the bearded man's arms, pushing him back.

"What are you talking about?"

The bearded man setting one hand on the partition leaned in strong. With teeth clenched and trying not to raise his voice said,

"You told your father!"

A dark cloud covered Dietrich's face. His dad...? He wondered why he had expected anything different. But he always did.

The bearded man stepped back and closing in on a whisper, words in quick succession, the tension never leaving his voice said,

"You're lucky. I shouldn't even be here. Keep south and turn onto the first gravel road on your right. After some miles you'll see a sign shaped like a steer with a farmers access road in front of it. Take it! It will take you to a small stand of trees. On the other side turn right through the field towards the river. You should be able to drive right through there. The border is several hundred yards beyond."

He raised his finger to Dietrich's face and said,

"Wait here till you hear me leave."

Walking away he stopped at the door and without turning back said,

"If you make it to the river they'll probably give up."

And he was gone.

Dietrich stood silent. The sound of a kick and a motorcycle throttling up came from behind the canteen. He listened as the bike sped off to the north, then stepped out of the men's room.

Support little and far between, and ultimately rejection was nothing new to Dietrich. He was in his natural element. Shoulders bent, head ever so slightly raised, holding something just short of a smile, he came around the corner exuding an odd confidence. Depositing the key at the service window, making his way towards the pickup, he spied a man on the phone on the near side of the canteen.

He noticed the utility room door slightly open, a broken lock resting on the ground. Leaning on the wall, staring down, the man on the phone looked up as if in response to Dietrich's own stare. A cold breeze drifted through the thick humid air. A chill and a shiver shot up the man's spine, but Dietrich smiled coolly. Never missing stride he walked calmly to the pickup.

Hopping in, fumbling with the keys to the pickup, his hand shook uncontrollably. With a deep breath and one swift motion he slid the key into the ignition and turned. There was a grumbled rumble and Dietrich dropped the engine into gear, gently pulling out onto the country highway.

Checking his rear view mirror, no one followed. The highway with its gentle rises and hollows ran due south through an endless sea of farms. The ride grew long and Dietrich pondered with the idea that he had missed the road, but couldn't see how. Then off in the distance, atop a far off rise in the road he saw them. A small column of military vehicles was heading their direction.

Dietrich's grip tightened on the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white, his breathing shallow. As the column disappeared behind a rise he sped up quickly, hoping to God he had not missed the turn. Anticipating their reappearance he slowed, waiting for his next opportunity, trying not to draw their attentions. After the third sighting he saw the gravel road at the bottom of a hollow and sped forward. Breaking at the last moment, nearly squealing to a stop, he turned. Slowly proceeding down the gravel road, not to kick up an unusual amount of dust, he let himself breath.

Cresting a small hill, leaving the highway out of sight without any apparent pursuit, they felt safe for the moment. After driving past countless fields of crops and patches of woods they saw the sign a mile or so in the distance. Dietrich had been keeping a generic speed, as if they belonged, but now their speed grew as the distance shortened.

Turning onto the dirt access road the pickup rocked softly forward and back, side to side. The stand of trees, stretching in a long line, was closer than he imagined.

Plop. Plop. Splat!

An ear of corn seemed to vaporize above the road before them. Dietrich turned and leaned out the window. Looking back down the gravel road he saw large dark clouds of dust rushing towards them. A well equipped jeep and military transports, loaded with soldiers at the ready leaning over the sides, were racing after them. Adrenaline rushed through his veins, the river flooded his thoughts.

Plop. Splat. Plop. Plop.

Warning shots sprinkled the road in front of them.

Eyes set forward Dietrich crushed the accelerator to the floor. A stutter and shudder exploded into a fierce roar as the carburetor snapped full open.

"Four! - Fifty! - Four!" shot through his head in word and spirit, bringing a moment of hope and a grin, as they were pressed hard against the back of the seat. The heap of a pickup lunged and leaped powerfully over the well rutted dirt road.

The gunfire grew into a steady din, ever closing as they made the shelter of the trees. Instantly the trees broke into chaos. Leaves rustling, boughs tossed to and fro in disbelief that they were not torn from their trunks, as two military helicopters crossed swiftly overhead.

The pickup burst out the other side of the stand of trees. Slipping and sliding, fishtailing over the field as Dietrich fought to keep control. Ripping through row upon row of corn he managed to point the pickup towards the river. It shook and trembled, cutting over the furrowed field. The stalks smashed and slid under and over the pickup with the sound of a tempest pouring down a tin roof.

The pickup steadied as it hit a rhythm with the field. The river was quickly approaching as the sound of something like a freight train, a freight train that had left its tracks, boomed in the background.

Dietrich looked over at his baby girl. A dazed blank look covered her face. As their gazes met, her eyes brightened and twinkled. She broke out into a big toothless smile and he couldn't help but smile back as tears welled up. Looking to his wife, that one encouragement with that look that he would make everything alright, the hood shattered the windshield. Engine exploding, wheels shredded as fifty caliber machine gun shells ripped through the front of the pickup driving it hard into the ground, blowing off the drivers door. Rockets exploding all around, their vehicle lifted into the air.

Floating free Dietrich instinctively stretch his arm forward, his fingertips ever so slightly brushing the top of the cab as the pickup spun out of reach. Pieces of canvas, pictures, clothing, shredded vegetation, earth and fire filled the air. Gases and dust filtering the light giving the entire atmosphere a strange unearthly hue. overcome with shock everything seemed as a dream, a foreign landscape upon some other world.

But this was no nightmare Dietrich could shatter with force of will. His face terror struck, eyes fixed intensely on the pickup with longing and dread, he stained to catch even a glimpse into the cab, the pickup spinning on end round and round in almost a blur. A life that could have been flashed before his eyes. In what felt like an eternity but less than seconds, the truck smashing to the ground upside down, flames saturating the surrounding cropland.

Tossed and tumbled, Dietrich rolled up on all fours. His eyes ached pushed deep into their sockets, lids clenched closed. Blood and sweat streamed from his body, tears pour down his face. The air whirling around him as the second helicopter had instantly moved in overhead.

"Why, why, why God why?"

Dietrich lamented, as his guts wrenched, every muscle in his body stressed tight. Betrayed by his country. Betrayed by his family. Betrayed by himself, for how could he think of going on? He wanted to die. Collapse, sink into the earth and be no more, but surrender was something he had never given anyone.

Overcome with the shock and horror his mind went blank. One hand squeezed the mud that had been parched earth moments before as his other hand, without conscience awareness, reached slowly back. His fingers feeling for the shells in his pocket, a tingle shot up his arm at their touch, as the first helicopter hovered into position, returning from its strafing run.

Raising his head he saw just yards before him his loaded twelve gauge. Beginning with a crawl and then jumping to his feet Dietrich ran for his gun. He tried to scream but the bursts of air from the helicopter rotors halted his breath. Every inch of his body cried with pain, clinging to his skin like rain drenched clothing. Gasping for air through clenched teeth, amidst muffled sounds of shouts and the click of machine gun bolts, he let out a low growl, grabbing up his shot gun and turning towards the river.

Snapping the safety off he looked skyward towards his foe. Suspended beyond the doors of the pair of helicopters were two gun man, faces hidden behind visors, barrels pointed straight down, just letting loose their thirty calibers.

Ducking his head with elbows raised and knees lifting high to shield himself, earth, stone and burning metal splashed and slashed upon impact of a hail of gunfire, as he ran and spun, the ground rippling under his feet. Shooting blind the smooth slide action of his shotgun kept continuous motion as round after round of triball buckshot flew woefully into the air. Like spit in the wind in the face of overwhelming firepower.

Spit that hit its mark.

Havoc broke out on one of the helicopters, almost sending it into the other, before both veered off in opposite directions, settling far afield into a steady deliberate rotation around his position.

In a half run half stagger he made his way towards the river. Eyes scanning the shallows, he found himself amidts a sudden calm. But inside he had no calm. He longed to turn around, to look back, no longer knowing why, his heart aching at the thought.

As his foot sank into the softness of the river bank, Dietrich paused. He set his eye upon the horizon. Looking upon that vision of freedom he would give anything to share. Not knowing exactly where it started he knew it was there. An empty smile burst briefly across his face, a quiver over his cheek.

A bright flash from beyond the trees on the far side of the field lit up the corner of Dietrich's eye. The sound to arrive later. but not before the inevitable impact... as his eye came to rest upon that Lone Star State.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Term Limits? ..... No!

As we deal with an out of touch Congress, defying the will of the people and burying us all in legislation that they don't even understand, many have propounded term limits as the solution. If it were such a great idea our founders would have put it into the Constitution. They, like us today, wanted Congress to be made up of common men. They implemented this desire through age requirements.

Twenty-five years is the minimal requirement for elected office in the Constitution. And where was the average twenty-five year old in the 18th century? He was most likely married with his own family established. Already a businessman, artisan or professional of some type and known in his community for his own individual accomplishments.

And where is an average twenty-five year old today? He may very well still be living with his parents. He has most likely applied for his first job, but not necessarily. If he is one seeking higher education, he (or she) could still be in school, and if seeking a career in academia will remain there.

And how different is an academic career from a political career? Right out of school one can work for a political machine. A government subsidized position requiring, obvious when you look at what is passing for legislation these days, only the ability to move ones mouth. Many of those that can claim private sector experience had token positions, gained through the influence of money and family. Put into a holding pattern until the opportunity for them to run for office presented itself.

Yes, some have true private sector experience, but is any industry free from political/big government ties these days? Some use their military service as a platform. And a few, from whatever background, are just truly good people. But for the most part our nation is sufferring from politics as a profession. Where serving politics trumps common sense experience as a requirement. We could blame the media again, for they powerfully influence what the public considers a legitimate requirement or not, but they don't vote for us.

Looking at this life expectancy chart one can see that the average life span from 1850 to present has doubled. And for those who reached the age of thirty, they are expected to live some thirteen years longer today than those in 1850's. One may easily claim that the life of a twenty-five year old in past centuries would be equivalent to the position one finds himself in at thirty-five in our present era. I'm not sure if many even run for congress at twenty-five.

There is clear justification to raise the current age limits for elected office. As it stands one must be twenty-five to run for the House of Representatives, and thirty-five for the Senate and the Presidency. I would suggest raising the age requirement by ten years, fifteen for the President.

OK.... in this modern age that will help, but wont weed out the career politicians. But term limits would only push them out of their seat and into a lobbiest position which is nearly the same thing.

So how does one get a grip on Congress? Maybe the grip was lost when we put term limits on the Presidency? The balance of power, so wisely designed by our forefathers, being disrupted. Having Presidents labeled lame ducks for large portions of their Presidency. Having a political positioning frenzy on both sides when no incumbant with clear policies and direction can challenge. Having a Congress that can wait out a President, and/or the back and forth sways of power, to push through their control building agendas. And an important check and balance is being compromised.

Yes, end the term limits for the President and increase the age requirements through a Constitutional Amendment. And maybe we need to pull back some of the extension of the executive branch such as the EPA. (those Czars are already outside the Presidents powers as far as I understand)

We can say that the scale of the federal government shields our representatives from being held accountable in elections, unlike our local politicians, but that accountability factor doesn't exist for the President. The one position that people take seriously and look to hold accountable, that's the position we put limits on?!

I know this plays into the liberal desires for President Obama to hold office for life, but the reality is we would all be better off. And only corruption, successfully implemented on a scale never before seen, could keep him in office. And if that exists only revolt will save us.