Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Morality of the NFL

I have an ulterior motive to this post, just to be clear. I want the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl.

Sure they could have been the number one seed if the obvious pass interference penalty committed by San Francisco, not called by the officials, had been booth review in the final two minutes as it should have been in their game against Seattle.

And if the no calls against the 49er’s and imaginary calls against the Packers had not occurred, when they played each other earlier in the season, momentum would have been very different and it at least would have been a much more exciting game.

Will home field advantage for the 49er’s include an advantageous selection of officials. It should not, but will it?

And how did the Eagles get into the playoffs if not by some highly questionable calls against the Packers, early in that game that led to an Eagle’s victory. And when looking at the standings at the time of that game, fan interest in the NFC East would have tanked if the Eagles had lost.

Further what do highly paid football players really know about civil rights, not to mention history, contemporary or otherwise, that they should be protesting our flag; this great nation that has given them so much?

Professional sports in general have declared that money reigns supreme. The NBA has literally put a gag on free speech and endorsed the violation of human rights on a massive scale in order to protect their lucrative Red Chinese market.

Can any man of modest means even afford to attend a professional level sports event? Certainly not as a family.

Is life only about the money? Is life about being popular?

How would an NFL official answer those questions?

But non of this is the point of this post. I desire to question the moral compass of the entire NFL, players, owners and the organization itself on a single point: Diet.

You would think that with all the combined experience and medical professionals involved in the day to day workings of the NFL that they would have a better understanding of an appropriate diet for high performance athletes than your average American. I believe they actually do have a better understanding.

How could they not?

Yet they are remaining silent as the people of this nation drift into chronic illness on a massive scale. As pharmaceutical companies rake in billions managing illness rather than creating health, and Big Agriculture’s grip on the throats of Americans grows stronger, they say nothing.

Big Agriculture is an unsustainable system of monoculture promoting highly processed foods. It is a system that depletes our soils, leaving them bare for substantial periods promoting erosion on a massive scale, that kills the essential bacteria in the soil that enable plants to absorb the nutrition that we need with the use of herbicides (glyphosate, AKA roundup) and chemical fertilizers, and that destroys the biodiversity of the planet, a biodiversity that we are learning is so crucial to a viable eco system. Big Agriculture is a system of money that is older and more deeply entrenched than any other in the world.

If NFL players desire a true Goliath to take on, I see none stronger. But are they really mentally capable of understanding the issue of food?

Probably so, but certainly they are absolutely capable of understanding how diet effects performance and healing.

Yet the NFL and its players remain silent as the nation devolves into a nutritional wasteland fraught with chronic disease; resulting in the loss of quality of life, early death, not to mention financial distress.

The issue of diet should be front and center among NFL players, as Big Agriculture and the promotion of the vegan diet go hand in hand in America’s de-evolution and the destruction of their fellow player’s careers.

No one wants to point out that Andrew Luck ended his career with a heartfelt press conference in which his reasoning read like an anti-vegan promotional, his inability to heal front and center.

Yes Andrew Luck is vegan.

Some have attributed the possible end of Cam Newton’s career to his vegan lifestyle. Is that racist? Cam Newton is black and Andrew Luck is white. I have not heard the same claims against Andrew Luck.

“The Game Changers”, a movie that took a long time to come out of production, espoused the superiority of the vegan diet over diets that included animal products.

Debunking of that film has been done by many. It was pointed out by Dr. Shawn Baker MD, a veteran and high performance athlete in his own right, that among the NFL players of the Tennessee Titans highlighted in the film all but one are no longer playing; their careers ended or on hold due to injuries and apparent inability to heal.

Why has not the NFL condemned the film?

The vegan diet, when whole foods based, has been shown to be beneficial on a short term basis. Only a very few around the world have appeared capable of sustaining their health on a purely vegan diet long term. The truth is however, that most vegans eat a vegan diet that consists of highly processes foods, the impossible burger being a prime example.

And that is the way Big Agriculture wants it.

“The Game Changers” also appears to enjoy pointing to athletes, such as Tom Brady, who are eating what they call a plant based diet as a vindication for their vegan cause. The problem with that argument, also pointed out by Dr. Baker, is that Tom Brady eats more meat than the average American.

Have the Green Bay Packers gone animal based in their diets? Remember, this post is all about getting the Packers to win the Super Bowl.

The Green Bay Packers appear to be plagued with far fewer injuries this year than in the past or across the league currently. Their performance has not been stellar yet they have found a way to win.

I believe they would be the dominant team in the NFL but for Aaron Rodgers’ poor performance.

His entire game has been off since his former girl friend had him on a mostly vegan diet, according to a report in 2018. At the moment he claims to be following Tom Brady’s eating style, but perhaps Tom is not being completely honest with Aaron as to what he eats. They may be facing each other in the Super Bowl you know.

And those New Englanders are known for cheating.

Danica Patrick, a woman performing in a man’s world, Aaron Rodgers’ current girl friend, promotes a high protein diet. I would like to think that Aaron is following her advice but it does not appear that way to me.

Ever since Aaron Rodgers changed to a supposedly plant based diet years ago, he has had that deer in the headlights look to him and his passes have been off… a lot. Let us not fool ourselves Packers’ fans, that look has not gone away.

His performance has been poor, his passes have been off the mark, for quite a while. It is not just his receivers.

Brain fog is a typical symptom of a plant based diet and disappears near immediately with a substantial infusion of meat.

Tell Aaron to eat a steak! or two or three! We want to win!

The NFL is the ultimate testing grounds for the benefits or ills of the type of diet a player choses to eat. Diet is an issue that is affecting millions, if not billions, around the world.

If the NFL players want a cause that will truly do some good, a great good… Why do they not take up a cause they are expert in?

It is about winning for everyone.

As for Aaron Rodgers I wish him the same as I do all my vegan, vegan leaning acquaintances or just plain everyone, including myself; a breakfast from that great movie, “The Big Country.”

Happy New Year!

Dr. Shawn Baker has given up a more lucrative direction in his practice to promote health creation rather than disease management.
Forget Veganuary, join World Carnivore month:
Regenerative agriculture:

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I have heard, more than usual this year, that Thanksgiving isn’t something we should celebrate. I was surprised to hear some customers around the farmer’s market, in which I sell my microgreens, appear to go out of their way to not say Happy Thanksgiving hearing “Have a Happy Winter” more than once.

Yes, I am an urban farmer and on my business’ FaceBook page I made this post.
One Family Urban Gardens
29 mins ·

“Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and don't forget that we will be at the West Allis Farmer's Market Saturday November 30th. If Thanksgivings greetings may have offended some let me say my microgreens are still just as nutritiously packed.”

I apologize that I haven’t met my goal of a monthly post for this blog. I will up my efforts for 2020.
Let me leave you with a bit of a riddle, and I will answer it in my comments Friday.

Riddle me this....

So I heard a story today, not too uplifting on the eve of Thanksgiving, that fast food restaurants have to take extra precautions these day concerning upset customers attack workers, jumping over counters even. Milwaukee has several such stories not to mention the continuous rash of auto theft, car jackings. etc. leading to further tragic outcomes.

So what is the difference between Milwaukee and the movie “Mad Max”?

Friday, August 30, 2019


I have a long list of things to do. It did not start out long, but as some things get left undone and new tasks are added; it grows weekly.

It is a list of expectations I put upon myself.

Some tasks were taken off the list. They became irrelevant for varying reasons and some jobs were so contingent upon the completion of other duties, or things such as the season, they were removed.

Often I skip a weekly update to my to do list until I can shorten it significantly… otherwise I may become overwhelmed; unable to meet my expectations.

I have shopping lists for things I need to buy. I have lists of supplements and foods that would be beneficial to my current state of health.

Lists allow me to organize my thoughts and activities, to facilitate the completion of goals. They fortify my determination and bring me back into focus when I am distracted or disillusioned.

Lists are a great tool and help shape what I want to accomplish and become.

I always wanted to learn to sail. I briefly joined a sailing club when I returned to school and took some impromptu lessons. I would like to do it again. Sailing is not something on any list I have. I do not see it working into my current lifestyle.

I enjoy fishing. I long to fish. I have some of my grandfather’s fishing poles. A couple years back we got to the fishing spot my grandfather used to take us to; about an hour from our home. My wife and I caught a couple of small fish.

With deep concern over my diet, let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, and the understanding that wild caught fish are the healthiest fish option you would think it would be on a list of mine somewhere.

It is.

I have a wish list tucked away of what I would like as part of my dream farm. A fishing spot is on that list and every once in a very great while I will look at the list and dream.

I made a list of people also. As I set to writing, works of fiction, and came to the point where publishing was actually a certainty, I made a list of people to whom I could self promote my books. It was a list of mainly media figures of like mind to myself.

Realizing that I may not be the next literary genius of my age, and coming to the understand that I would not be putting books out at a rate that would deserve the level of promotion I was seeking I never did an official promotional campaign.

But I had the list. I had made the determination and I did send or drop off a few books to some people locally.

Lists portend action.

And if I ever can afford my dream farm, it will be a place with plenty of fishing opportunities.

When we put things down on paper we declare intent.

Is it any surprise that with all the truly planned mass shootings across this country, the shooters had if not an outright hit list, some form of manifesto declaring their intent to kill and cause mayhem?

Back in the day, as they say, when I was in school, elementary and high school, it would be nearly unheard of for anyone to create such a list. If it did happen, the knee jerk response would be, ‘Were they arrested?’

If they had guns or not was not the primary concern, and if it was found that they were a gun nut the knee jerk response would be ‘Why aren’t they in jail?’ not  necessarily ‘Did they take their guns away?’

The question today is, why are the creation of such lists not met with the same shock and horror? Why do we react differently today? Why can we not recognize the obvious?

There is a simple illustration that can be applied to various social dilemmas of the day.

Back in the day again, in Milwaukee with its Germanic heritage, you could stand downtown on a Sunday morning, and there would not be a single car driving on the street. When you came to a crosswalk and the signal said “DONT WALK” you stood their and waited until the signal said “WALK”, …not a single car driving on the street.

In many counties across the United States it used to be that all the stores would be closed on Sunday.

What we tolerate and do no tolerate in society, what we expect of society and ourselves as part of that society, has a profound influence on how society functions, if it prospers or declines.

Most will poo poo the idea that violent video games are causing today's violence, particularly gun violence. I disagree. It is one of several major contributors to the moral crisis this nation is facing.

The public, young people have become desensitized to killing. They play games where the goal is to kill, where each level of accomplishment is based on killing proficiency and numbers. You could say they are acting in accordance with a preformed list of goals.

They are fulfilling what is expected of them in the game to succeed and receiving a thrill for it.

Law enforcement is continually frustrated by the fact that people are not reporting people with kill lists or that express similar social proclivities. Such acts however do not register with a generation in which killing has become common place, has been glamorized in their homes via video games, in movies and on the news local or otherwise.

This glamorous pursuit of worthless goals via video games is void of the mass destruction and turmoil of war, conveyed with the hypnotic influence of a flat screen. Advancement through violence, actions and words that degrade others, is the quid pro quo. It becomes what is expected.

Video games might not be driving your average person to become a mass murderer, but it is creating a culture where the truly disturbed no longer stand out. All this violence and degrading behavior seems all too normal and at the same time all too unreal.

Is any of it real even after the fact, after a shooting, when the promotion of political agendas fill the news reports often before the facts of the incident? Is that a normal human reaction, or simply what has come to be expected?

More hype for a society that gets its fix off the hype.

Deteriorating societal expectations, video games and social media being a significant part of this dilemma, stigmatizes those pointing to the degenerate, so most do not point.

The ability to discern proper behavior gone, people report the normal for behavior deemed by the media, pop culture, as inappropriate.

Is that the solution? That we should all be treated as degenerates?

Should we all be put on the government’s list?

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Trump Era Constitutional Amendment

There has previously been much talk about Constitutional Amendments as a way to secure liberty and prosperity for our faltering nation, before President Donald Trump was elected. The issues and causes have not been forgotten but sidelined for the moment.

I would like to point out a great flaw in the concept of term limits, that seem all the rage among talk show hosts. Let me lead with my strongest points and then copy from my previous posts made on this topic in January 2010, and August 2013.

I have have seen potentially great Presidents in this country in my lifetime, but only two stand out clear and absolute as great.

One would be President Ronald Reagan. He was first inaugurated when he was nearly 70 years of age.

The other would be President Donald Trump, already one of our greatest Presidents based on real accomplishments after only two years in office. He was first inaugurated well into the age of 70.

What if President Donald Trump were elected as President at 40 years of age?

What kind of Supreme Court justices would he have nominated?

What if the age requirement for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were 35 rather than 25, would her proclivities change over the next 6 years?

Would you trust Representative Ocasio-Cortez, or any millennial under the age of 35, to hold a seat on a committee dealing with our national security and top secret information critical to holding a tactical advantage over our enemies?

Yes, we do need a constitutional amendment, but not to implement term limits, but rather to raise the age requirements for office by ten years across the board.

Or would you rather create, with term limits, a revolving door pumping out one lobbyist after another to serve the interests of corporate America and our destructive political bureaucracy, rather than the interests of the American people?

We can no longer allow untested individuals to hold the greatest positions of power in the world.

We need a Constitutional Amendment to raise the age requirements for holding elected office, not term limits. A Constitutional Amendment for term limits would be disastrous.

From January 5, 2010, “Term Limits? ….No!”: edited and abridged.

As we deal with an out of touch Congress, defying the will of the people and burying us all in legislation that they don't even understand, many have propounded term limits as the solution. If it were such a great idea our founders would have put it into the Constitution. They, like us today, wanted Congress to be made up of common men. They implemented this desire through age requirements.

Twenty-five years is the minimal requirement for elected office in the Constitution. And where was the average twenty-five year old in the 18th century? He was most likely married with his own family well established. Already a businessman, artisan or professional of some type and known in his community for his own individual accomplishments.

And where is an average twenty-five year old today? They may very well still be living with their parents (the parents taking care of the children not the children taking care of the aged parents). The twenty-five year old today has most likely applied for their first job, but not necessarily. If they are seeking higher education, they could still be in school, and if seeking a career in academia will remain there. And how different is an academic career from a political career?

Right out of school one can work for a political machine. A government subsidized position requiring, obvious when you look at what is passing for legislation these days, only the ability to move ones mouth. Many of those that can claim private sector experience had token positions, gained through the influence of money and family, having been put into a holding pattern until the opportunity for them to run for office presented itself.

Yes, some have true private sector experience, but is any industry free from political/big government ties these days? Some use their military service as a platform. And a few, from whatever background, are just truly good people. But for the most part our nation is suffering from politics as a profession. Where serving politics trumps common sense experience as a requirement. We could blame the media again, for they powerfully influence what the public considers a legitimate requirement or not, but they don't vote for us.

So how does one get a grip on Congress? Maybe the grip was lost when we put term limits on the Presidency? The balance of power, so wisely designed by our forefathers, being disrupted, by having Presidents labeled lame ducks for large portions, 25%, of their potential term of office.

Having a political positioning frenzy on both sides when no incumbent with clear policies and direction can challenge, having a Congress that can simply wait out a President to push through their control building agendas, and an important check and balance is compromised.

We can say that the scale of the federal government shields our representatives from being held accountable in elections, unlike local politicians, but that accountability factor doesn't exist for the President. The one position that people take seriously and look to hold accountable, that's the position we put term limits on?!

I know this plays into the liberal desires for President Obama to hold office for life (this was written in 2010), but the reality is we would all be better off removing term limits on the Presidency. And only corruption, successfully implemented on a scale never before seen, could keep him in office. And if that exists only revolt will save us.

‘I would surmise that President Obama only won a second term because the people knew he could not run for a third.’

From August 27, 2013, “Absolutely No Term Limits, A Critique of “The Liberty Amendments””: excerpts (edited and revised)

Mark Levin makes the case for raising the age requirements himself. He highlights in great detail the popularity and practice of term limits at the time of the Constitution. Then Mr. Levin explains how, with age requirements, for the first hundred years of this country the majority of elected officials in both the Senate and House held only two terms or even a single term of office.

‘Isn’t this what we want? Raise the age requirements! Mr. Levin greatly slipped here into caring about the sways of political tides.’

Further, term limits do not break the power of the political class, where the party, people whose entire life experience has not been in the private sector but rather confined to the world of politics, decides from their own ranks who will run; or in other words who will receive the financial backing.

If the age requirements were raised twenty years across the board the people’s choice will be clear, far more transparent.

Though the effect on Presidential candidate races may be slight, in Congressional races an open seat may very well be in contention between a profession politician versus the likes of Wisconsin’s standing Senator Ron Johnson, a manufacturer highly accomplished in the private sector who stands for true reform and a return to traditional values in our government. The public would then be able to decide between a professional politician with a political life’s work and practice of decades, a voting record, that could be clearly scrutinized, against a highly accomplished private sector individual with their own finances; the likes of Donald Trump or even Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs.

Though the politics of the fore mentioned private sector giants may not all be conservative, even far from the fact, would such men tolerate an inefficient, irresponsible and dishonest system that crushes the American Dream?

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It’s the Ethanol Stupid

We suffered a national tragedy shortly before our last mid-term election to which President Trump responded with great compassion and form, as always when he is not contending with an adversary.

Supportive comments were also conveyed by our President as he spoke at a Young Farmers conference, where he in an expression of support for our farmers confirmed that he had given them their legislation on ethanol.

Mr. President, you won an astounding election and have proven the people right with your incredibly accomplishments. You won this election as an outsider because the people have become completely disillusioned with our government, because the government has inserted itself into every aspect of life with ill effect. It has inserted itself into our diet and food with great detriment to our health. People are beginning to recognize this on an ever increasing scale. These issues are of particular vital interest to a demographic that is waning in the conservative cause, in your cause, and that demographic is the suburban housewife. There are few things more important to a suburban housewife than what she feeds her loved ones.

Let me explain what ethanol represents to the people of this country.

But let us first define exactly what is meant by farmers, in regards to legislation. Farmers refers to the ‘agricultural industrial complex’; a system of production highly subsidized and manipulated via government and corporate intervention. The farmers in this system have become completely dependent on the government and toxic practices corporate interests have instituted for profit alone, holding no regard for the welfare of the public.

To the contrary we have a truly ‘market based agriculture’. They are dependent upon markets alone. These new age farmers, instituting age old practices, make their profits in the same way all farmers do; hard work. Market based agriculture is composed of market gardeners, spin farmers, organic farmers, holistic farmers, regenerative farmers, farmers using general natural processes to produce food locally as well as those investing in the technologies of hydroponics and aquaponics.

The market based agriculture farmers emphasis healthy living soils that produce nutritionally dense foods, sent fresh, directly to the consumer to get the most from its already enhanced nutritional content. They generally make substantial profits on even small parcels of land. The start up costs can be minimal with many hand tools, push seeders etc. catering to these farmers which have been brought to market for a movement that has been growing for decades. The biggest obstacle to such enterprises is the high cost of agricultural land driven by a government subsidized agricultural industrial complex.

Mr. President you have a farmer very near to where you currently reside who pioneered market based agriculture and the use of holistic and natural processes. His name is Joel Salatin author of “Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal” as well as eleven other books.

The Savory Institute is the culmination of the successful life work of Allan Savory, who devotes his life to rejuvenating degrading pasture land, rebuilding ecosystems, through the intensive grazing of animals.

Ethanol, to the American public represents far more than an inefficient damaging fuel that adds far more CO2 to the atmosphere via its production process that it professes to cut.

Ethanol is the poster child for all that is wrong with not just agriculture, the food and diet the government dictates for us, but for all that is wrong with healthcare. The majority of the American public today is on the fast track to type 2 diabetes. The characteristics of those that are not, is generally their youth. Give them time. Big pharm will get them all on pharmaceuticals.

I and thousands of others have reversed type 2 diabetes, a disease defined as a ‘complex chronic illness’ by the American Diabetes Association. They define it as ‘progressive’ and a disease that needs to be ‘managed.’ I am sure the pharmaceutical companies are in full accord with the ADA.

You’ll never be free of your diabetes so get on our drugs!

Yet diabetes is being reversed in the vast majority of cases amongst those seeking out non sanctioned treatments. Some reverse their diabetes simply by taking a chromium supplement; through nutrition. Others through a low carb diet, often including intermittent fasting (eating only within a 6-8 hour window daily), which rids people of insulin resistance a leading cause of type 2 diabetes in older adults.

Doctors, AKA pharmaceutical companies, treat high blood sugar through medications that push more sugar into the body’s cells. Not only is high insulin the cause of many health issues in itself, an issue doctors do not address, but the saturation of the body with sugar rots a person from within. Some call it the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. Alzheimer's is gaining the moniker of Type 3 Diabetes.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with an A1c of 11.6. (that is very high) A third year intern wanted to put me on insulin. I took no medications, followed advice I discovered on YouTube and have no blood sugar issues four months later. Though I am not drinking any high fructose sodas and am wary of pasta, potatoes and the like, my glucose monitor, which may not be extremely accurate, has my average blood glucose level well below 100 (99 being a 5.4 on the A1c).

What do I think of the Surgeon General? Listen to, read the comments of the Surgeon General carefully. He says nothing. He speaks in terms of possibilities, guidelines that are considered healthy. He speaks in terms that support the agricultural industrial complex, comments most likely driven by lobbyists who have convinced the Surgeon General that alternative perspectives could bring down our whole food industry due to massive numbers of lawsuits the validating of contrary evidence would create. Yes I wrote ‘evidence.’

A low fat diet is one of the most dangerous diets ever formulated. Much of your body, particularly your brain and nerves are composed of more fat than not. (the brain almost 60%) Think about it.

But this topic is about farming, agriculture and even to some extent food production.

Hello High fructose corn syrup.

Not only is fructose the most damaging of sugars to the body, it now comes from a source, that historically has never been relied upon for fructose, a source genetically modified, and saturated in glyphosate.


And do not get me started on soy.

…I want my movie theater popcorn popped in coconut oil, not soybean oil, and covered with real butter, not a soybean based butter substitute. Did I mention all soy is GMO (genetically modified organism) and humans have never consumed soy but in fermented form. …

…And there are no shortages of healthy fats such as coconut oil and butter! My God, they charge enough for a tub of popcorn, it can’t be cost. …

… I’m done. …I think.

The argument in support of GMO’s (corn, soy, cotton etc.) is that we need to feed an ever increasing population and must create crops that produce greater yields.

First, do we have a food shortage? There is one word that tells us that absolutely we do not have a food shortage: Ethanol.

If we are short of food, corn, why turn it into fuel? Are we short of sugar also, that we need to turn this sustenance, corn, into high fructose corn syrup which sweetens almost everything in our lives? Then why is Brazil turning all its sugar into, wait for it, …


There is no shortage of food. GMO crops do not produce high yields long term. They need ever modified genetics and chemical herbicides and pesticides to keep them viable, a practice that depletes the soil of its microbial life greatly reducing the nutritional value of the produce. Add to that, the loss of nutrition through the passage of the time it takes all agricultural industrial complex produce to get to the market, and you are left with little more than filler. Filler that some believe is dangerous to our health because of the artificial (done in the lab) genetic modifications. And then there is the glyphosate and other applied chemicals. Not healthy.

Glyphosate is sprayed on wheat crops as a drying agent to facilitate a timely harvest.

I could go on.

The number of farmer’s markets across the country are exploding. They have been for more than a decade. People, housewives, are seeking out local grown, naturally grown nutritionally dense foods. They are rejecting the agricultural industrial complex and all that comes with it.

We have a Winter Farmer’s Market here in Milwaukee at The Domes, a Milwaukee landmark. This will be their final year at the site. The county wants to use the associated green house for what they perceive as more lucrative endeavors.

One county supervisor suggested that the Winter Farmer’s Market find a location on the north side, not the most affluent area of the city. Implied in the remark is that farmer’s markets are a response to food deserts, areas of cities lacking quality grocery stores and/or produce.

This supervisor obviously never visited the Winter Farmer’s Market, or any farmer’s market, as the clientele is far from needy. Some of the most affluent areas of this region host highly successful farmers markets.

One could speculate that the entire nation has become a food desert.

A conservative, a libertarian or anyone not suckling from the government teat believe in market driven economies. An ever more powerful and profitable market based agriculture is booming here in the United States despite corporate interests trying to smother the movement through legislation.

Yes, smoking is legal, the government establishment is happy with legalizing marijuana, but we cannot buy raw milk?

I want to buy raw milk.

I do not have health insurance. I have no desire to buy it. There are alternative means to pursue health and healing, All extremely less expensive, even if that includes seeking treatment oversees, than the cost of premiums the government wants me to pay though I may not be sick. In the worst of cases I am content with the life God has given me.

I see so many people consumed with worry under the media driven hype over healthcare. I see people consumed for weeks and over good portions of their life in research into what is the best plan for them, where do they get the most benefit, coverage. An insurance company even advertises that it will make the process easy for you.

There are so many better ways to spend one’s time. Yet we are directed by the mainstream media, the government’s propaganda branch, as to what to think, what to eat, what they deem important, egged on to worry about possible though improbable tragedy rather than to live one’s life.

Not the way I want to live.

Now we find we are all sick from a diet the government told us was healthy. All the while they rake in the profits (government via lobbyists or lucrative jobs waiting in the wings) from selling us the food and then the medicine we need because the food made us sick.

Big pharm to the rescue.

The industrial agricultural complex, with its allies in big pharm, where lawyers, board members, executives and government overseers pass freely and often from one institute to the other, pursue an ever increasing desire for control. I used to believe it was all about money. It is more about control.

Mr. President, ethanol represents all the above and more to the American people.

Thank you for reading everyone. I am back. I will be posting monthly either here or on Global Imprint my design/planning blog.

I post on four other blogs also. If you are interested in my writing please follow me at Verses, Haikus and Memoirs.