Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Morality of the NFL

I have an ulterior motive to this post, just to be clear. I want the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl.

Sure they could have been the number one seed if the obvious pass interference penalty committed by San Francisco, not called by the officials, had been booth review in the final two minutes as it should have been in their game against Seattle.

And if the no calls against the 49er’s and imaginary calls against the Packers had not occurred, when they played each other earlier in the season, momentum would have been very different and it at least would have been a much more exciting game.

Will home field advantage for the 49er’s include an advantageous selection of officials. It should not, but will it?

And how did the Eagles get into the playoffs if not by some highly questionable calls against the Packers, early in that game that led to an Eagle’s victory. And when looking at the standings at the time of that game, fan interest in the NFC East would have tanked if the Eagles had lost.

Further what do highly paid football players really know about civil rights, not to mention history, contemporary or otherwise, that they should be protesting our flag; this great nation that has given them so much?

Professional sports in general have declared that money reigns supreme. The NBA has literally put a gag on free speech and endorsed the violation of human rights on a massive scale in order to protect their lucrative Red Chinese market.

Can any man of modest means even afford to attend a professional level sports event? Certainly not as a family.

Is life only about the money? Is life about being popular?

How would an NFL official answer those questions?

But non of this is the point of this post. I desire to question the moral compass of the entire NFL, players, owners and the organization itself on a single point: Diet.

You would think that with all the combined experience and medical professionals involved in the day to day workings of the NFL that they would have a better understanding of an appropriate diet for high performance athletes than your average American. I believe they actually do have a better understanding.

How could they not?

Yet they are remaining silent as the people of this nation drift into chronic illness on a massive scale. As pharmaceutical companies rake in billions managing illness rather than creating health, and Big Agriculture’s grip on the throats of Americans grows stronger, they say nothing.

Big Agriculture is an unsustainable system of monoculture promoting highly processed foods. It is a system that depletes our soils, leaving them bare for substantial periods promoting erosion on a massive scale, that kills the essential bacteria in the soil that enable plants to absorb the nutrition that we need with the use of herbicides (glyphosate, AKA roundup) and chemical fertilizers, and that destroys the biodiversity of the planet, a biodiversity that we are learning is so crucial to a viable eco system. Big Agriculture is a system of money that is older and more deeply entrenched than any other in the world.

If NFL players desire a true Goliath to take on, I see none stronger. But are they really mentally capable of understanding the issue of food?

Probably so, but certainly they are absolutely capable of understanding how diet effects performance and healing.

Yet the NFL and its players remain silent as the nation devolves into a nutritional wasteland fraught with chronic disease; resulting in the loss of quality of life, early death, not to mention financial distress.

The issue of diet should be front and center among NFL players, as Big Agriculture and the promotion of the vegan diet go hand in hand in America’s de-evolution and the destruction of their fellow player’s careers.

No one wants to point out that Andrew Luck ended his career with a heartfelt press conference in which his reasoning read like an anti-vegan promotional, his inability to heal front and center.

Yes Andrew Luck is vegan.

Some have attributed the possible end of Cam Newton’s career to his vegan lifestyle. Is that racist? Cam Newton is black and Andrew Luck is white. I have not heard the same claims against Andrew Luck.

“The Game Changers”, a movie that took a long time to come out of production, espoused the superiority of the vegan diet over diets that included animal products.

Debunking of that film has been done by many. It was pointed out by Dr. Shawn Baker MD, a veteran and high performance athlete in his own right, that among the NFL players of the Tennessee Titans highlighted in the film all but one are no longer playing; their careers ended or on hold due to injuries and apparent inability to heal.

Why has not the NFL condemned the film?

The vegan diet, when whole foods based, has been shown to be beneficial on a short term basis. Only a very few around the world have appeared capable of sustaining their health on a purely vegan diet long term. The truth is however, that most vegans eat a vegan diet that consists of highly processes foods, the impossible burger being a prime example.

And that is the way Big Agriculture wants it.

“The Game Changers” also appears to enjoy pointing to athletes, such as Tom Brady, who are eating what they call a plant based diet as a vindication for their vegan cause. The problem with that argument, also pointed out by Dr. Baker, is that Tom Brady eats more meat than the average American.

Have the Green Bay Packers gone animal based in their diets? Remember, this post is all about getting the Packers to win the Super Bowl.

The Green Bay Packers appear to be plagued with far fewer injuries this year than in the past or across the league currently. Their performance has not been stellar yet they have found a way to win.

I believe they would be the dominant team in the NFL but for Aaron Rodgers’ poor performance.

His entire game has been off since his former girl friend had him on a mostly vegan diet, according to a report in 2018. At the moment he claims to be following Tom Brady’s eating style, but perhaps Tom is not being completely honest with Aaron as to what he eats. They may be facing each other in the Super Bowl you know.

And those New Englanders are known for cheating.

Danica Patrick, a woman performing in a man’s world, Aaron Rodgers’ current girl friend, promotes a high protein diet. I would like to think that Aaron is following her advice but it does not appear that way to me.

Ever since Aaron Rodgers changed to a supposedly plant based diet years ago, he has had that deer in the headlights look to him and his passes have been off… a lot. Let us not fool ourselves Packers’ fans, that look has not gone away.

His performance has been poor, his passes have been off the mark, for quite a while. It is not just his receivers.

Brain fog is a typical symptom of a plant based diet and disappears near immediately with a substantial infusion of meat.

Tell Aaron to eat a steak! or two or three! We want to win!

The NFL is the ultimate testing grounds for the benefits or ills of the type of diet a player choses to eat. Diet is an issue that is affecting millions, if not billions, around the world.

If the NFL players want a cause that will truly do some good, a great good… Why do they not take up a cause they are expert in?

It is about winning for everyone.

As for Aaron Rodgers I wish him the same as I do all my vegan, vegan leaning acquaintances or just plain everyone, including myself; a breakfast from that great movie, “The Big Country.”

Happy New Year!

Dr. Shawn Baker has given up a more lucrative direction in his practice to promote health creation rather than disease management.
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