Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Debates are Over

After the last Presidential debate, I forgot which channel I had on, one of the commentators said Senator Obama surely looked Presidential.

... Really?

I thought of the debate, before my time but often talked about, between Nixon and JFK. I don't know how you make a black man look pasty faced but they pulled it off. I saw a couple of side shots of Senator Obama at the beginning of the debate but don't recall seeing any later on. Obama hunched over the table looked far from Presidential especially in contrast to Senator McCain's flawless posture and perfect makeup. And I couldn't take my eyes off his immense ears. Must have had something to do with the background. Oooh! Now I've crossed the line. I mentioned Obama's ears. Well .... if you think that's crossing the line? ... Keep reading.

McCain had Obama on the run. 'Joe the plumber' hit Obama hard exposing Obama's socialist agenda, and Joe is paying the price. But the trade talk turned into a fight, Obama siding with Venezuela and McCain with Columbia. That would be the Venezuela where Obama's friend Ayers gave this speech. The Venezuela throwing its support to FARC. Obama's talk of death squads and assassinations of labor leaders smacked of cold war rhetoric, where as McCain's talk of promoting trade with Columbia to spur development conveyed ideals of a world of mutual prosperity.

And here it comes.

It would be unfair of me to make comparisons between Senator Obama himself and the Soviets of old, North Korea and even Nazi Germany. But not unfair to make those comparisons with the left wing of the democrat party that has chosen Obama as their figurehead. A figurehead that meets the lefts ideological ideals.

Have you noticed how figures such as Stalin, Kim Il Sung or now his son Kim Jung Il were or are beyond reproach? If you believe the North Korean media, the states propaganda arm, Kim Jung Il would put Tiger Woods to shame on the golf course. And of course they were or are blameless in any of the atrocities that just don't exist because the media never cover(ed) them. How similar to the partisan medias coverage of Obama. Our mainstream media literally ignores Rezko, Ayers, ACORN, and Jeremiah Wright, not to mention questions of his early life. And have you ever seen a picture of Obama smoking a cigarette? Any of the above would be front page news if Obama were a republican. If the mainstream media truly covered Obama, truly investigated his life, if he had won the nomination his party would be desperate to find a way to get someone else on the ticket. Rather Obama appears ordained, immaculate, the agent of change and hope and hopes for change we can all hope for. His every thought genius, his every action flawless.

But that is an indictment of the mainstream media, not Obama. After Stalin, the Soviets made sure no one person would hold such power again. The leaders that followed were more figureheads chosen by the larger party than an individual dictator, though the ruthlessness continued. This is Obama's position in the democrat party. A party ruled by a far left fringe. But how unfair of me to make such a comparison. Yes, the democrats are far from any atrocity committed under these fore mentioned communist systems, but ..... look what is happening to 'Joe the plumber' for asking a man who wants to be his President a question.

And as the left continually cries for separation of church and state, a phrase not found in our Constitution, they have created their own religion(s). Manipulating religion much the same as was done in Nazi Germany to control the masses and promote their agenda. Joe Biden's comments on same sex marriage in the Vice Presidential Debate bearing witness. Biden stated that it was one's faith community that was the definer for what is marriage and not the government. Not really true. You need a license to get married; issued by a state. 'Traditional marriage' has been institutionalized in such fashion over the millennia because civilizations have recognize its benefits to society.

We have the black liberation theology of Reverend Wright promoting racial/class strife, or the various forms of liberation theology around the world spread to support the communist cause. The attack on our traditional values with radical churches embracing homosexual unions. Where God is more a concept than a reality. A political base being used not only to support the lefts agenda but as justification to vilify those holding higher values. A base used to influence school curriculum and indoctrinate the youth of our nation. Every communist state or tyranny has official churches and uses the education system to hold control over the family structure.

The question is often asked how any people allowed themselves to fall victim to such oppressive regimes. Many criticized those behind the former Iron Curtain as having the government they deserve. For not standing up and throwing the bums out. Well the Hungarians did in 1956 (October 22). And many hoped the United States would come to secure their independence, but Eisenhower attempted to work with the U.N. rather than take decisive action. If we give up our liberties, our Constitution, to a godless socialism there wont be anyone to come and help in the fight to take back our nation.

Senator Obama may be nothing more than an opportunist, possibly with sincere ideals, but the wave he is riding he cannot change. It will do what all waves do, as any godless socialist system will do what every godless socialist system has done.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New York, New York

Where is Wall Street? You know, the scapegoat for the democrats lending scandal. And how do they feel about 'spreading the wealth around?'

Where is Senator Clinton from? Senator Clinton who set up a residence and was elected straight up. Senator Clinton, that woman who was snubbed as the V.P. pick.

What do people in New York think of Chicago, home of the White Sox, Cubs, Bears and Tony Rezko? Tony is such a neat name.

Is New York an ACORN... Sorry, I mean a battleground State?

What ethnic group has their Biblical homeland being threatened with annihilation by Iran that has a strong presence in New York. The leader of which Senator Obama HAS promised to meet with without precondition.

Are white people the biggest racists in this nation? Is racism really an issue at all for white people? Maybe white guilt. I mean, are all the other ethnic/minority groups, that still swarm to New York, going to vote for an unqualified black man because he is a minority? Or will they be disgusted that he can be elected president just because he's black?

I have a brother that from the beginning has never seen anything but a landslide against Senator Obama. Senator Obama who has done near nothing but made himself all black (except in commercials aimed at white people).

Now the talk is that the election will be over before dinner. I believe it very well could be. I just have this feeling about New York.

I am preparing myself for a trip down the rabbit hole if Obama is elected. Both because no sane society would elect such an unqualified empty suit, and because of the socialists policies he believes in have been failures everywhere they've been tried, including at Plymouth rock. But I don't think it will happen. I just have this feeling about New York.

I have some things to say about that last debate but you'll have to wait.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

You Decide

Which America do you choose?

Hmmm. The video has been removed. The Obama youth singing his praises.
"...Obama's going to lead. He's going to change it, rearrange it.... yes, yes, yes we can... yes we can..."
All the hope and change coming from Obama and singing for it. No mention of God of course. 10/2/08 update