Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Moral and Religious People

Did you recognize me in the video previously posted? My wife created it. She thought that picture really captured something special. A commercial that can be personalized and then sent viral as we all want to feel good about ourselves. And don't we all feel empowered, happy when we are spoken well of, encouraged, held in high esteem? And don't we all feel discouraged, defeated, lost when attacked personally? Of course who is proclaiming or attacking our reputation or how widespread the assertions are, determine much. Those closest to us can have the most dramatic impact, even determining the course of our lives.

In an ideal world we would all be supportive of each other. Never speaking a disparaging word about another, never having to. Of course we wouldn't go to war either. But we do go to war to preserve the good. And many die and people are spoken ill of in the process. And we are in a war, whether you want to call it a civil war, a revolution or counter revolution, our nation is locked in a struggle for its very soul.

Conservatives and people of values have been mercilessly attacked in the public forum and now the people are waking up and fighting back. I am comfortable with my statements concerning the left and President Obama. I see the freedoms this nation was founded on disappearing, being taken away.

But turning back the liberal/communist forces seeking to take control over every aspect of our life, the forces of big government, cannot truly revive this nation. Kicking out the forces of godless socialism and returning to limited government alone is only a stop gap solution if we don't become a moral country.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
-John Adams, 2nd President of the United States

If we do not drastically turn back the culture of death, most notably the wide spread use of abortion, address the issue of homosexuality, and refuse to tolerate dishonesty and dishonor corrupting our politics and science, the United States is doomed to decline like so many other civilizations in the past. It would be a tragedy for the entire world.

Yes, homosexuality is a threat to our military and nation. As an issue of human rights I feel I need to make clear my views. We don't as a society generally involve ourselves in the personal lives of others. Certainly we don't want to irresponsibly demean others, but we have to aspire to the highest standards to remain a moral nation.

Some say that is how God made them. I say we made this fallen world not God, and to return Him is to resolve the problems we created. Problems we all collectively have a stake in.

Prayer has been documented to 'cure' homosexuality in some cases. Yet we have given so much credibility to the idea that homosexuality is natural, that other churches have acknowledged it as part of God's creation. A 60 Minutes episode had a story of a researcher who was linking homosexuality to a hormone surge in the womb at the time of a persons birth. Don't we have hormone therapies that can change a man from a woman or visa versa? It seems as soon as any possible physical cause was found we stopped there, and just surrendered to a homosexual 'culture.'

We are mapping the genome and may find answers there, if we haven't already. And epigenetics opens whole new doors of research. Epigenetics links how are genes operate in response to the experiences of our ancestors. For example grandparents suffering through famine and the corresponding traits found in their grandchildren. Truly a link to man's lifestyle choices (not God's) shaping the world we live in. All pointing to practical solutions to homosexuality.

I would not be surprised if the majority of the homosexual community were offended by the idea that they should change their sexual preferences. But I also would not be surprised if the majority would be supportive of a therapy for young people if the trait could be identified and reversed, so to speak.

To revive this nation we need to be free to speak out against a homosexual 'culture' and  powerfully promote traditional families as a nation. Not that any individual should be needlessly degraded in our society, we all fall short of the standard, but not acknowledging God's ideals, welcoming the joys and blessings He designed in them, hurts us all. I noticed most of the radio talk show hosts in my area are single, and though they very occasionally allude to the fact that they are in a relationship, they don't openly support and definitely don't encourage sex outside of marriage. It is not love and understanding to just submit to a fallen reality, whether in ourselves or others.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We All Need Heros

My wife e-mailed this to me.