Monday, August 27, 2012

A Bridge Too Far

In light of the 2010 midterm election, showing strong conservative results, and the continued resonance of tea party ideals among the general public, has the tea party, the conservative core of this nation gone a bridge too far? ‘A bridge too far’ taken from a quote attributed to General Montgomery in regards to Operation Market Garden and the title of a movie on Operation Market Garden.

Operation Market Garden was an ambitious plan to take a series of four bridges leading right to the border of Germany. At the time many were hoping the war would be over by Christmas. I believe we conservatives also can feel the potential for sweeping victories in the upcoming 2012 election despite the mainstream media propaganda to the contrary. But perhaps we to have been too ambitious, thinking the war will be over this November.

I am not speaking of the brilliant move by Romney in picking Paul Ryan as his running mate. I am speaking of the senate republican primaries in Wisconsin and Missouri. (the last two battleships ever commissioned)

My view of the best candidate in Wisconsin is explained in my previous post. Eric Hovde is a true conservative that has talents and abilities that not only fit what this nation needs but the world. But he lost in a four candidate primary of three conservatives and a somewhat moderate political dynamo, the former governor Tommy Thompson; the primary winner with 35% of the vote. If one of the other conservatives had dropped out Eric Hovde would most likely have picked up most of their votes and Wisconsin would again have supplied the Senate with a conservative private sector powerhouse.

I don’t know what the pundits or the republican party was thinking in not thinning the field. (actually the establishment types surely thought this was the best chance for Thompson) A prominent talk show host in the Milwaukee metropolitan area kept contemplating that the candidate losing big in the polls might come from behind and win, even though he voted for Hovde. So many others contemplated supporting a loser rather than making the rational decision. Did they think everyone could win? Did they think something magical would happen that one of three conservatives could beat out the moderate?

Yes, Thompson is a moderate but he will vote the party lines clearly drawn and understands we want Obama Care repealed, lower taxes and fewer regulations, including the reigning in of the EPA. But he is a political machine familiar with Washington. I fear he will build relationships with the massive number of unelected staff and bureaucrats rather than conservative and tea party congressmen, including his fellow senator, the manufacturer Ron Johnson.

And then there is Todd Akin, again winning with only one third of the vote in a field of three candidates, all conservatives. He quickly put his foot in his mouth and republicans abandoned him. Whether he deserved to be abandoned is not the question.

Just as in Operation Market Garden, where the British 1st Airborne suffered great losses and had to retreat from that bridge too far, those behind the conservative cause have let their hopes and ambitions overwhelm their common sense. We have suffered some setbacks and we can’t afford to keep thinking the war will be over in November. And I am not just talking about the multiple election cycles it will take to re-establish limited government in our nation.

Historians have documented parallels in history for some time. Patterns and trends are repeated in novels and movies as they seem to tap into something all can relate to; an archetype. Science fiction writers also draw on these  patterns and norms.

I believe that in the battle of good and evil for the soul of this nation we can make comparisons with the Second World War. As many believed the war would be over by Christmas, the reality turned out to be something very different. The Battle of the Bulge was yet to be fought, where evil mustered all they had to destroy the good. It was a battle of confusion and deception where the battle lines were lost and many fitted as US Military were actually Nazis. A comparison can also be made to the German advances in early 1918 in the First World War.

This election will become that battle. I believe few understand how far the left will go. And this battle will not be over until Mitt Romney stands before Chief Justice Roberts with his hand on the Bible in January. And much of the turmoil soon to manifest can be attributed to Justice Roberts. He handed the left their Holy Grail. He supplied the instrument, Obama Care, through which all their wildest dreams can be fulfilled. Why would the left ever give up now?

The left is united around an ideology that sees struggle, violence, as the dynamic through which all progress was achieved out of the chaos and void from which everything came about by chance. There are no absolute or even common values. It is a survival of the fittest where compassion and holding to ethical standards are considered weakness.

In this coming election we will see unprecedented accusations against republicans propagated vigorously by the media. We will confront great confusion. Violence will spread beyond the breaking of windows and slashing of tires on republican get out the vote vehicles as in previous elections. And if you think Biden’s statement that the republicans want to put our fellow citizens ‘back in chains’ was a gaffe, I say leftist tactics and goals suggest otherwise.

I plan to vote November 6th and be safe at home before the election results start coming in. I was out and about when the O.J. trial was out and can guarantee there will be violence when Obama loses.

If you think the left and Obama will give up after they lose the election, I disagree. We will see riots in our streets, accusations of massive  voter fraud to negate the election and attempts by the Justice Department to arrest Romney and or Ryan in an attempt to disqualify them from taking office.

But if we stay strong and righteous the good will win.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why I am Voting Eric Hovde

For those of you in other parts of the country besides beautiful Wisconsin we are having a republican Senate primary election this coming Tuesday; August 14, 2012. We have four impressive candidates looking for the people’s stamp of approval to run against the most liberal vote in the House of Representatives, the democrat candidate for Senate Tammy Baldwin who is collecting funds nationwide through homosexual activist organizations.

The most well known candidate running in the republican primary is former governor Tommy Thompson. He is considered a slam dunk victory over Baldwin by some if he should win the primary and he is committed to repealing Obama Care. He will vote the republican line guaranteed at least 98% of the time. But he is a professional politician who believes government can solve problems and that is the problem. He is not a conservative but a moderate who having served in the Bush administration knows how Washington works. All reasons all should fear that potential 2% where he might undermine conservative reforms. (Why 2% rather than 1 or 5? Wisconsin is the dairy state)

Tommy Thompson is a disaster waiting to happen from my perspective, the common man’s perspective. He represents everything republican that brought us to where we are today.

Mark Neumann, a former conservative congressman that took courageous stands for fiscal conservatism when he was in office, was who I first thought of when our current Senator Herb Kohl announced he would resign.  A conservative politician who is well known, he has lost every state wide race he was in. And he is a politician though he is accomplished in the private sector. He believes in small scale green energy government initiatives and has taken advantage of them. Many don’t like him for negative attacks he made against Scott Walker in the governor’s race.

He has been endorsed by conservative organizations but they have had little effect. I personally believe that if an organization that puts ‘tea party’ in their title (the tea party express) they should not be endorsing one conservative over another. It corrupts the movement.

Neumann is simply not the most conservative, is a politician and isn’t the best fit for what this nation and the world desperately needs.

Jeff Fitzgerald is a republican state assemblyman, the assembly speaker, who has given up his seat to run for the Senate. He valiantly pushed through the Walker reforms here in Wisconsin. Though he is relatively young his career in politics has not left him pure and sinless. In 2005 he voted to extend ethanol mandates across the entire state. He is a professional politician, something the public has grown to disdain. He would work for real change but I do not believe he is the best choice either.

Eric Hovde is a conservative and very successful businessman in the field of finance. He is not a politician. He understands international finance and some even call him a genius in his field. He has a large portfolio of companies and properties and though many have tried to find links between his companies and government programs few links could be found. The links that have been found have been mischaracterized and cannot be attributed to his leadership. This is an incredible accomplishment in todays world.

He admired Ronald Reagan from an early age and remained a conservative while growing up in Madison Wisconsin and having lived in Washington D.C. for over twenty years. He understands the great threat our nation is facing with its growing debt and has the conviction, skills and natural ability to offer real solutions. I see him as a real conservative and I prefer whole milk.

We will all suffer deeply if Obama is re-elected and we do not return to this nations founding principles of limited government. Our economy will collapse.

But what about the rest of the world? Europe is on the verge of economic collapse as is China, though they wont admit it. There was a time before Obama when the United States was a leader in this world and powerful leadership will be required in the very near future. Fiscal leadership in particular will be critical for the well being of many in the world. If you think things could go from bad to worse for us in the United States, things will be far worse for those in other countries when this looming financial Winter settles. The poorer and more despotic a nation is, the more that nations people will suffer.

As I hear more and more of the groundbreaking efforts of Mitt Romney with Bain Capital I grow more confident that he is the person this nation needs as President at this time as financial disaster looms here and around the world. I believe that his recent European tour suggests that he wants to lead and is capable of it.

Eric Hovde, with his expertise in international finance and understanding of the fiscal crisis facing this nation and the world, is also the man for the times. As a United States Senator he will be in a position to offer his expertise not only for this nation but the rest of the world on a scale he would otherwise not be able to achieve.

This is why I am voting for Eric Hovde. The United States is man’s greatest hope and we must understand that what we do now holds severe ramifications not only for us but for the rest of the world.