Monday, July 08, 2013

Iraq, Afghanistan and Mexico, or; One of These Three is not like the Other?

What do these three nations have in common? Far too much. Yet one of these nations we treat far differently than the others.

Two of these nations require our presence to keep the Taliban, drug dealing blood thirsty radicals, from gaining power. In fact we sacrificed this nations best to overthrow the Taliban in Afghanistan. And we continue that sacrifice to keep the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other radical groups backed by Iran and powers in Pakistan, from taking control of Afghanistan and Iraq. Controlling the borders of these nations is vital in the war against terror and barbarism.

Mexico, on the other hand, is being ruled by drug dealing blood thirsty Cartels. Their murderous attacks on political figures who would challenge Cartel power is far more successful and effective. The torture and massacre of Mexican citizens is far more expansive, and done far more openly than in the nations we currently occupy under the premise of maintaining their political stability.

In this Sunday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, right next to an article on the Gifford’s tours for gun control (Mexico has taken away their citizens guns) is an article on escalating election violence in Mexico. Seven candidates for elected office were attacked, six killed since February. In all cases many others were killed including family members of the candidates.

And the Mexican border? It is an open highway for any and all of the enemies of the United States to enter freely. Al Qaeda, Red Chinese nationals, many with dubious intent, are just a few of the dangers our nation refuses to recognize. Let us not forget the massive drug trade that benefits from a porous border and the violent murderous activities it produces on both sides.

Such corrupt, murderous, incompetent and ineffectual governing from our neighbor should not be tolerated; cannot be tolerated. Yet we cannot even get our Congress and President to close our border. It sometimes appears that they desire exactly the opposite.

Why do we tolerate, no endorse, such lawlessness and anarchy that directly threatens our nation? We shouldn’t.

Why is our southern border not only closed but militarized? If it were so, and a drone were to observe a group of armed men detain a bus, kill everyone on board and then ride off in a pickup, and then if the drone fires its’ hellfire and smokes the murderers, wouldn’t that be a good thing? If in Afghanistan or Iraq it certainly would be. Oh! The pickup was filled with Mexican military, or at least men dressed as Mexican military? Good!

Maybe a better question should be; Why are we not invading Mexico?

We are allied with Pakistan. We make military incursions and strikes into Pakistan when required. In relation to Bin Laden we didn’t even inform the Pakistanis. We make drone strikes all across the Middle-East and elsewhere as we please. Yet on a much more dangerous border, lined with greater enemies simply from the view of proximity if nothing else, we do less than nothing. Our President has instructed our border agents not to enforce the law.

The most obvious course of action is clear and simple; close the border. Still we have a gang of eight who cannot even grasp the reality of the problem. They are consumed with a pathway to citizenship, or in other words, buying votes over protecting the citizenry.