Thursday, October 05, 2006


Maybe the editorials will come out Sunday on the issue, but it makes me scream to hear the perverse logic Charles Carl Roberts IV used to shoot ten Amish girls this last week. Sighting his molestation of young female relatives, a fact being shown apparently false, and fear of molesting young girls again the conclusion is to murder young girls?
In the same stream of thought Congressman Mark Foley, caught soliciting young boys, enters into rehad. What is happening to the moral fortitude of this Nation? What has happened to personal responsibility.
A few days ago a local radio celebrity spoke about five States that still allow paddling, spanking, in their public schools. Instead of telling a child that they have a problem and need help or fill them with drugs when they behave badly, dish out some punishment and tell them not to do it again. Eventually they will learn, some quicker than others, and be better off for it. Let the children live and learn. Let them learn they have to face consequences for their actions, reconciling and leaving it in the past.
Rather everything is a problem, not one's own fault and one needs 'help'. Mr. Roberts, taking it to its final conclusion, has targeted young girls whom he claims he feared he would hurt. Not his fault, theirs!


BionicBuddha said...

Interesting. I agree that people tend to be less responsible for any issues in life which would portray them as being part of a problem. Everyone is "quick to take credit" and much more resistent to "take blame"...Unfortunate, but perhaps indicitave of human nature to certain extent.

Leonid480 said...

Yes, people put the problem or the blame for the problem on others.
Responsibility though (taking it) is empowering, it instills dignity and with dealing with problems, it implies solutions.