Monday, August 31, 2015

Doctor Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson would be my choice for President after Scott Walker.

Perhaps I am wrong. Maybe he should be my first choice. Dr. Ben Carson is a man of strong faith and belief in family. He is a man of outstanding accomplishment and ability. Our founding fathers were such men and they wrote a constitution in a way that men of similar character and stature could lead this nation. If we believe God had a hand in establishing this nation and has a purpose for this nation should it not be men such as Dr. Ben Carson we should seek to be our President?

Dr. Ben Carson Believes in a flat tax, per God’s command for a tithe; the same for the rich as for the poor.

What deeply impressed me however is Dr. Ben Carson’s plan for healthcare. He believes in Health Saving Accounts; the funds completely transferrable between family members, or as he put it, making every family their own insurance company. This belief in the family, the belief in the goodness of man and in the open market is unequaled in the world of politics.

Dr. Ben Carson’s Health Savings Account plan is a market driven plan; a plan where people pay their own bills and have a financial interest in finding the best value. Dr. Ben Carson speaks from a position of unchallengeable authority when he says this will make healthcare more affordable for all. He has a lifetime of experience in how it all works.

Healthcare costs are already an unbearable burden to our economy. The Carson Healthcare Plan frees the people of this nation from unwanted government intrusion. It frees the people of this nation from an insurance industry that has become nothing more than prepaid medical. Pre-paid medical can only lead to a single payer system.

Like Scott Walker, Dr. Ben Carson is not unsusceptible to the influences of his profession. One should be concerned over the research he participated in that included work with fetal tissue.

The obvious interest and research Dr. Ben Carson has shown in the field of national defense tells me he is absolutely committed to his quest for the Presidency. He has mastered ever field of endeavor he has pursued in his life. I believe him deadly serious.

The politics of race play against Dr. Ben Carson. If the black population centers of this nation supported Dr. Ben Carson his numbers would surpass Donald Trump’s. Unfortunately successful black men are not considered black; Clarence Thomas being just one of many examples of outstanding Americans, free of heart and mind, denied the advantages of their heritage because of the values they hold.

I believe the full weight of the devastation the Obama administration has wrought upon this country has yet to be felt. The reality of the politics of race is… that without Dr. Ben Carson as President, bringing prosperity back to this nation and freeing us from the slavery of Obamacare, this nation will never elect another black President for at least fifty years.

Scott Walker and the Conservative Governors

Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal are the conservative candidates for the Republican Presidential nomination from the field of governors. I do not consider establishment candidates conservative.

With a failed campaign to his name Rick Perry has no chance. His time has passed.

Bobby Jindal has been out of the news cycle for some time. This has most likely been by intent as he is a strong conservative; the media keeping him from the publics eye. Of course I write simply from my limited understanding as a common man. (but how much are my opinions and those of so many other of my fellow citizens more relevant than those of the so called political advisor class)

Scott Walker is my current candidate of choice. He is behind in the polls but if all the Donald Trump supporters would read Scott Walker’s book “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge” I believe Scott Walker would be leading.

Listening to Scott Walker you would hardly recognize him as a man that took it toe to toe with the left; facing not only the baseless personal attacks so common from their kind, but threats of violence and even death towards him and his family.

Scott Walker and the conservative base in Wisconsin faced years of groundless investigations, investigations declared groundless by more than one court. He was found blameless under unprecedented scrutiny.

Even now the prosecutors refuse to obey the courts and destroy the mountains of illegal procured documents they have gathered throughout the years of that secret (but not secret when leaks were intended to damage Scott Walker) John Doe investigation.

Scott Walker survived it all. Scott Walker does not back down. He does not give up. More importantly he never expresses angry, hold a grudge or disrespect any other, no matter how opposed to him or how contrary their views may be.

These qualities of Scott Walker speak to his goodness, his moral fortitude and faith in God and in his fellow man. It also explains why the media cannot help but attack him. They fear such people and are compelled to lash out against them. It may be out of the weakness of their beliefs and history of failure that bring the left to fear and attack Scott Walker, their shortcomings so easily exposed before a truly competent executive;  an executive who wont play the game falsely known as compromise. Or it may be something more spiritual and dark. It may be that the forces of evil go apoplectic before the pure of heart that expose the falsehoods evil puts forth as truth; an evil that drives professional demonstrators to attack with such irrational venom and the media to attempt to destroy with baseless suppositions.

Scott Walker is a good man, a conservative politician and a master administrator. He is a ‘bureaucracy whisperer’. He brings practical reform, efficiency and savings to government. His opposition consists of the screeches of parasites, ticks and fleas and worms, that have infested government; the unions, particular public sector unions, along with various other community organizer and political action groups that live off the public teat.

In the past FOX Debate Scott Walker was asked about “Black Lives Matter” and the shooting of minorities by police. He took the safe path. In fact he was far too cautious in the debate and lost ground for it. People don’t want just fire and conviction, they want to see fire and conviction. They want the idiocy that is passing for intelligence and the lies passed off as the truth slapped down.

What was happening here in Wisconsin when Scott Walker was asked about police shootings of minorities? The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors were proposing $500,000 for a memorial to Dante Hamilton; a man shot dead as he was violently assaulting a police officer with the officer’s own baton. Scott Walker should have taken on this topic, stood up for police and law and order. Some may say he did. But what he really needed to do was smack down the victim mentality that would allow anyone to think that this mentally disturbed man deserved a memorial for his actions. Actions that lead to his death and destroyed the career of a competent police officer for the sake of political expediency.

Scott Walker should have denounced this memorial and challenged Black Lives Matter” to admit that all lives matter. Another law enforcement officer was assassinated this past weekend. Such things, and the way they are happening, never happened before. They certainly never happened with such frequency.

The memorial is being designed to stand in Red Arrow Park; a park dedicated to one of the most outstanding divisions that this nation has ever put together; The 32nd Infantry. Made up from citizens of Wisconsin and Michigan, in that stalemate of The First World War they advanced at every occasion. There was a time that when your State motto was “Forward” it actual meant something to those under its flag. They were highly respected in the Second World War also.

The biggest problem Scott Walker has is that despite all he is, he is still a politician. He is mislabeled “establishment” by some but he is still a politician. Yes, he advanced a ground breaking conservative agenda; most notably “Act 10”.. However, when the Wisconsin Legislature took the conservative cause even further, Scott Walker didn’t immediately jump on the band wagon. He waited. If he said anything it was that the issue wasn’t part of his agenda. When the cause didn’t fade, when the public and their representatives didn’t wilt away on an issue such as “prevailing wage” he came out and said he would sign the bill if it came to his desk.

When the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA said they would move the Bucks to a different market if a new arena wasn’t built, Scott Walker didn’t hesitate to work out a deal to provided State funding. This despite the fact that no sports franchise has ever received state funding for sports facilities. A new arena in San Francisco was built completely without the use of tax dollars.

Okay, if the Bucks leave the loss in income tax revenue from the athletes would be greater than what the State is putting out. However a purely conservative perspective would be that the precedent should not be set, that a state should pay for sports facilities. Many citizens oppose any tax moneys, municipality money included, being spent on behalf of any lucrative sport enterprises.

The Arena issue would have been turned powerfully against Scott Walker if State funding had become the cause of the Milwaukee Bucks moving to a different market. I believe Scott Walker understood this. He truly is a master politician. It would have been impossible to explain to the public that, “States just don’t fund Municipal Sports Facilities. It’s not a State issue.” I believe similar traps may have been set centered on the issue of a new casino in Kenosha Wisconsin. Once Scott Walker made his decision it was too dangerous to his political career to reverse it no matter how loudly his supporters screamed.

Scott Walker loves politics. He left college to pursue his passion of public service and has proven himself a master administrator. He is very approachable. He is everything a politician should be in the ideal sense of the word, in as far as politicians are needed. Scott Walker is not an establishment candidate.

What some may consider a weakness, which I do not, is that Scott Walker has not been on the national political scene for long. I believe he will master all the issues placed before him, but it will take time. Scott Walker, if elected President, will bring drastic positive change for this nation by simply completely reversing what Obama has done; particularly Obamacare. In some areas he will succeed immediately in drastic and beneficial reforms; every state has has to deal with the EPA. But I believe it will be his second term, after he has established a comfort zone, learned all the ropes, when he will truly shine. Scott Walker has the potential, the character and values and ability, to make this country better than it has ever been.

Marco Rubio and the Senators

I am not a fan of Senators running for President. Governors are commonly accepted as the preferred standard for the highest executive office in the land. Still Senators are not uncommon as President and their names are not soon forgotten when they are.

For a Senator to be elected President is the equivalent of a sub 500 average baseball team beginning a run in September and making it all the way to the World Series and winning. Absolutely possible, but we are in awe when it happens.

Lindsay Graham hasn’t made it out of the blocks and as an establishment candidate does not stand a chance.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the true conservative, even tea party candidates. I am afraid that Donald Trump is hurting Rand Paul more than anyone else though he wouldn’t be my first choice.

I could enthusiastically vote for Ted Cruz for President. He has the best chance among the Senators running for the Republican nomination. When I claim best chance I am speaking from a personal common man opinion of what I believe the general public wants, what they believe this government needs, in contrast to what the establishment and media believe we want. So why not focus your commentary on Ted Cruz? There will be time if he wins the nomination.

Rick Santorum  is a conservative within the establishment. No longer holding office he will not advance.

Marco Rubio’s run for President may be easy to predict and the most fascinating. Marco Rubio is intelligent, educated, and well qualified for the office of President by anyone’s standards. He has powerful conservative convictions for which he should be admired. But he has several problems.

First he not only looks younger than all the other candidates, he sounds younger. This will keep people from voting for him. It doesn’t matter that he is the youngest; perception is reality

Second. in line with the first, he presents a naiveté which most would claim is not representative of his true abilities or convictions. But it is. He is far more entrenched in the establishment then he even realizes. He can talk a good conservative American Story, but watch as the primaries progress. As the establishment types drop out who will they endorse? Who will they assign their tiny blocks of delegates too? This should be instructive into how, if not establishment himself, rooted in the establishment Marco Rubio truly is.

The third problem Marco Rubio has is his demographic. The public is coalescing around the trend of completely rejecting anything and everything establishment. It is the establishment bowing to so called political professionals (in that they get paid for their advice) and the media that has determined that Marco Rubio’s Latino background would be extremely valuable, necessary to win the Presidential election.

This is why I have already predicted that Marco Rubio will be the running mate for anyone who wins the nomination. It will be a nod from the Presidential candidate, who I am certain will be a conservative, to the establishment and their cult of political analysts, to say, “Hey, I understand. You can trust me.”

I do not believe any private sector candidates are running for or would except a Vice Presidential position. They don’t want to sit around doing nothing for eight years. I believe Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are too strong headed to accept the position.

Not a problem for Marco Rubio, is the all important Florida that everyone agrees, rightly or wrongly, must be won to win the Presidency. Marco Rubio is from Florida. He needs only a respectable number of delegates, most likely those won early and others bestowed, to take to the convention and claim the spot of VP on the ballot.

John Kasich of Ohio is his only competition, only because he is from Ohio and under the slightest of chances that Jeb Bush actually wins the nomination. Nothing would say establishment stronger, stand for government over all, than a Bush-Kasich ticket.

As the democrat party disintegrates before our eyes, kept alive in the hearts and minds of the low information voter only by a corrupt media, what has been labeled ‘the establishment’ is the greatest threat to this nation. Something Marco Rubio will hopefully come to understand over the next nine years.

John Kasich and the Establishment Governors

In my personal common man perspective of the republican candidates for President there is not much to say about the establishment governors.

None but Jeb Bush hold any significant support. He is conservative but is deeply rooted in the establishment just as the rest of his family is. He doesn’t understand the dangers of a political class. Most telling in this regard is his notable lack of passion as our country as founded, the greatest most generous nation this world had ever seen, is being lost..

Everyone can see through Chris Christie (not literally) and Mike Huckabee; they are politicians in the lowest sense of the word. George Pataki and Jim Gilmore have nothing to offer a public that demands change to the very roots of our current political/government power structure.

John Kasich’s rant at the first republican debate, his profession of faith in all politically correct, on having gay friends and going to gay weddings blah blah blah, ended his run. Though applauded by the media I knew then and there that the public turned him off. I certainly did. I didn’t listen to a single word he had to say after that, not simply because I disagreed with bowing to the media and special interest groups, but because I knew he had made himself a non-factor as a candidate. The media does not elect the President Mr. Kasich; we the people do and we are tired of the likes of you.

Yes John Kasich has a long distinguished career as a conservative. Long and distinguished means only one thing to the public; establishment. Establishment politicians represent government not the people. And did I mention that he is playing up to the media? Some will never learn.

I doubt that any of the establishment governors, all but Jeb Bush, will make it past Hew Hampshire. Jeb Bush may not survive past New Hampshire either if things go the way I believe the truly free and independent people of this nation desire.

The biggest wrench the establishment could throw into the conservative machine is for Jeb Bush to endorse Marco Rubio, even as Rubio may have fewer delegates than Bush.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Donald Trump

I will review the republican candidates for President in groups. I will consolidate my groups around a dominant candidate who I will cover in greater detail. Just the opinions of a common man.

One should be suspicious of Donald Trump but there is no reason not to regard him as a serious and absolutely valid candidate for President of the United States. I admired George W. Bush for his morals, still apparent in his refusal to criticize our current President. Our former President is a man a principles yet even under his administration runaway government kept running.

My admiration for Donald Trump comes mostly from what I have seen of him in the past on the television productions of his show, “The Apprentice’'. What struck me most deeply was Donald Trump’s adoration of his father. This is central in any personal system of values. The Bible directs us to honor our father and mother. I see no qualifiers in that commandment, though I am not suggesting that Donald Trump’s father was not worthy of his honor.

This is not to say that Donald Trump is a pillar of virtue all should aspire to.

My next point of admiration for Donald Trump was the transformation of his television show into “Celebrity Apprentice.” He saw his original concept had run it’s course and rather than run it into the ground he revised it and made it better. Okay, I haven’t watched in a long while, it may be good that it is not running as he runs for President, but the charity concept with its draw on pop culture is overall a benefit to the larger society.

Donald Trump has a bit of a reputation on getting things done. On community projects he has been known to get it done in the most economical way possible for the public. He speaks with authority when he pontificates on getting things done.

Donald Trump has said he will secure the border and we all know if he is President he will secure the border. That is an absolute despite his short comings as a conservative.

Donald Trump’s changing stances on issues are a concern. Is he more liberal than even moderate? I worry over a Trump Presidency if the conservative base is not expanded in Congress over upcoming elections. I believe the conservative base will grow.

I do not believe Donald Trump will ever support or even consider a total ban on abortion but he will support restrictions States have been putting on abortion and the abortion industry. Why do I believe that? Because Donald Trump can see as well as anyone that there is a groundswell of support for such restrictions.

Reality check: When a mother’s life is in danger doctors do not do abortions. They do an emergency c-section. the abortion process would further threaten the mother’s life.

Donald Trump’s debate appearance gave the impression that he has a tendency to shoot from the hip. It does not mean he’s wrong. He is voicing the people’s frustrations not just for government, but possibly even more so for the media.

FOX is going mainstream is another conclusion I came to from the debate.

There is one other candidate in Donald Trump’s league and it is not Ben Carson. That would be Carly Fiorina. I do not know much about her. I have not observed her on screen or in print over an extended period of time to hold an opinion I would have confidence in. I have no doubt, from the little I have heard, that she is far superior to most of the candidates in the race. Of course the associated minority is still quite a crowd.

We need more elected representatives from the private sector. Our Senator Johnson from here in Wisconsin is such a man. He has embraced all the issues before him with honest competence.

The professional politician is the greatest danger to this nation that exists. One man came out first, with knowledge and confidence, to condemn Hillary as most likely not running because of her criminal activity. That was Donald Trump. All your politicians in the first republican debate spoke as if Hillary Clinton would, and by implication, should be running. Shame.

The United States would be far from hurt by leaders such as these from the private sector. Our Constitution was written with such people in mind. That said, Donald Trump is not on my short list. I would find it much more comfortable to vote for Carly Fiorina than for Donald Trump.