Friday, April 20, 2012

The 2012 Tax Day Rally; Madison: or, It’s All About Mitt Romney Now

Another year, another rally. Madison Wisconsin was a focal point for Americans for Prosperity and other tea party affiliated organizations for what has become a political institution; The Tax Day Rally.

I would say over a thousand people showed up in support of the conservative tea party movement. A couple dozen left wing protestors gathered in back to try to disrupt the process of the practice of free speech. When that lightning rod Vicki McKenna, local conservative talk show host, spoke the lefties marched up to the front to heckle her in a more personal fashion.

This giant paper crane was supposedly covered with messages from students against the Walker reforms that have saved our schools millions of dollars. No one paid much attention to it and the man who brought it folded it up and left, looking a bit dejected, before the rally ended.

My wife and I came by car and had no problem finding parking. The group was organized and polite. As the rally progressed we took a seat on the grass in the shade under a tree. Shortly afterward we seemed to become the object of conversation for some nearby. Why were we there? To infiltrate? It became obvious as I caught good parts of their comments that, just as in everything I do whether it is competitive mountain biking, competing in poker leagues, visiting our family origins in the north woods or simply searching for a job, that all involved in these processes of human interaction are somehow informed that I am a member of the Unification Church, and not in a good way. I am relegated to a mind numbed robot programed to do nothing other than the will of Reverend Moon in his quest for world dominion. Or in short I am completely dehumanized and become simply material that has been deemed valueless, outright dangerous, toxic, fit to be thrown away. The same way conservatives are defined by the left.

Yes, after many years now of attending the tax day rallies, receiving e-mails from numerous conservative organizations, but never contacting anyone or volunteering, I am well positioned to take complete control of the entire tea party movement, at least here in Wisconsin. I am not sure how that will come about, but that’s the story and I’m sticking to it.

This blog and attending the occasional rally are the full extent of my political plotting. The Unification Church has built plenty of political influence in typical open fashion with both parties. Because neither party wants to broadcast every issue on which they are involved with the Unification Church, or any number of other churches, does not make the associated political process secret. The Unification Church has ties far beyond what most people can imagine. They don’t need any secret plots or hidden agendas. Many may know, or not, that Reverend Moon has financed the Washington Times.

Obviously they don’t need or wouldn’t suggest to me to infiltrate anything. But of course I would want my blog, this blog, to be recognized to the greatest extent. God Bless America that I have the freedom to pursue my dreams.

If this were any typical campaign of the past Mitt Romney would lose in the face of such bigotry. Fortunately for him the Obama record is so dismal and un-American that anyone should be able to beat the President.

I do not believe people are taking serious enough the attacks Mitt Romney will be receiving over his faith. Anyone who thinks the Obama campaign will not take it there is a fool. Anyone who thinks such attacks will not influence the public has seen far too little of life.

Attacks on conservatism and Romney as a businessman can be seen through by the silent majority, despite the media. Attacks on his faith will take many people back, at least initially. Scrutiny of the history of the church, talks of secret teachings, bigamy, hidden agendas and the goal to infiltrate our government to establish a Mormon theocracy will all be put forth in some fashion over the next many months.

A friend of mine in California joined the Mormon Church and then left, as she and her family became more deeply aware of their unusual teachings. They heard all the negative attacks from anti-Mormon groups, took it in and the went back to the Mormon Church, sort of. They still do not want to join the Mormons because of the teachings, but they see the people there as truly good, even describing them as saints. And this is Romney’s strongest trump card in regard to his faith, that Mormons are truly good and patriotic citizens. It is being played well in the recent controversy over his wife. Behind every great man is a great woman. Their life story is beautiful.

President Obama’s life story might be described by some as a hidden agenda.

Of course Obama has the media in his pocket, but he has one more trump card greater than that; he doesn’t telegraph weakness. Our nation is on the ropes. We would be flat on the mat in these troubling circumstances if Obama were truly like President Carter. Carter gave a solemn bleak outlook to the people of this nation. It was the point where I became a conservative, or rather saw the democrats as complete losers. But because Obama keeps a strong positive appearance, our nation is handling these difficulties better; difficulties he is responsible for. One could easily make an argument that the strength and enthusiasm of former Soviet dictators kept the communist system viable for far longer than it would have been otherwise. Image is everything, as the saying goes. So let’s give Obama credit where credit is due. We all want our leaders to be strong no matter who they are. Obama’s ability not to be drawn into the despair he is bringing down upon this nation makes things look better than they are, gives the economy a slight boost, gives us all confidence, even fueling the hope that we can overthrow the Obama policies and take back our nation, …if we can win the election.

Mitt Romney has not faced challenges to his faith in the republican primaries, but they are coming. Perhaps he is a bit wary of being accused of being part of a Mormon conspiracy if he takes any strong stand on social conservative issues. I am sure he has faced persecution at times in his life; that dehumanizing rhetoric meant to isolate one from the rest of the world. Could that be one of the reasons we just can’t seem to figure out if Romney is a conservative or not? Why can’t we get a clear definition of exactly where he stands on almost anything? Is it the smell of fear, weakness in the air?

The key problem with Romney’s perceived lack of commitment to the conservative cause, his acceptance of the media and left wing presumptions, such as we need to get more money out of the rich, his parroting of media talking points in his statements, is that it gives the appearance of weakness.

Where do you stand Mitt Romney? If you don’t define your goals and vision clearly, but let the media define the playing field you will come across weak. Don’t let Obama or the media define the issues. Claim the issues. Stand in clear contradiction to what Obama, the left, claims this world, this nation to be and pound an alternative vision day in and day out.

In addition, if after going negative on your republican adversaries in the primaries you don’t go negative in your campaigning against Obama, you definitely will appear weak, giving Obama the a greater semblance of strength. Yes, you can go negative too long and suffer a backlash. Perhaps now is not the time, but if you don’t do it…you are playing into Obama’s strongest trump card.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Fear and Loathing in Wisconsin

I read “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail” in my youth. The only thing I recall from the story is a convertible and the abuse of various forms of alcohol and drugs. Though that vision certainly doesn’t reflect the activities of my youth, it is something what we call “liberals” today were extremely familiar with. I am not really sure why I read the book. It must have been for a class I was taking, or simply an expression of my growing political curiosity. Fear and Loathing has nothing specific to do with my topic today, but for some it may be a fitting title.

After the Wisconsin primary it looks as if Rick Santorum will need to win most every remaining primary in April to be viable as a Presidential candidate. Support has been coalescing around Mitt Romney in an almost unnatural fashion.

Chances are great, because of the Wisconsin primary results, that Mitt Romney will be the republican candidate for President. This means, according to those eager to get things over with, that we can all focus on attacking Obama for seven rather than five months…, though the problem with the primary campaign is that it has run… too long? People are getting tired… but they wont tire of endless attacks on Obama? Just a question. Why are October surprises so powerful?

Sorry. I’m just taking some time to think.

If Romney is the candidate we will have to go through the attacks on his Mormonism. I believe Romney can survive these attacks in light of Obama’s record. It will actually be traditional Christianity that will come out more damaged than Romney or Mormonism. Many a group, and the individuals that comprise those groups, have been severely harmed by hateful Christian propaganda, from which the media will draw, and this dark side of what some call their Christian faith will be on display for the whole world to see. As someone who is a member of an unjustly maligned faith I believe Romney is a great candidate for how he would make appointments to the Department of Justice.

But because of these attacks on Romney’s faith, and its unusual teachings, he cannot speak in detail on conservative social issues without drawing too much attention to his faith; those negative attacks. Rick Santorum on the other hand can effectively stand for conservative social issues,and no matter what others claim they are winning issues. The United states cannot lead the world without re-establishing its moral standards. Judeo-Christian standards that have been under attack from the left since we ended the Second World War, if not longer. In regards to the Muslim world, the Arab spring, we are offering no alternative to sharia law for those desiring a moral society. Santorum might be a fitting candidate for vice president in this regard but I understand the Romney camp would not consider it.

Then Romney will be attacked as a capitalist. Easy to overcome some may say. The problem is we are facing radical Marxists who are looking to, according to their system of thought, simply criminalize capitalism and any thought contrary to their own. Don’t be surprise if he will be accused of outright criminal activity. They will be accusing Romney the businessman. It would be much more difficult for accusations of criminal activity to stick if politicians were simply accusing another politician, such as accusing Santorum. People’s response to that would be “They are all crooks.”

But a Romney victory in the nomination process should in a sane world give him the Presidency. And in that case we will have one of the greatest conservative administrations since Reagan. From what I have gleaned from snippets of comments on the airwaves he will be extremely well advised on conservative Judicial appointments. No, I don’t think Romney is a true or natural conservative, but in his sincere heartfelt desire to get this country he loves back to economic prosperity, the people best qualified in his eyes to accomplish his goals are also some of the best conservatives in politics.

Yes, “in politics.” The question for me with a Romney victory, and a question I hope all tea party types are asking, is; Has the establishment won? Has the professional political culture that has grown apart from its people won?

Let me be so presumptuous as to put forth a tea party platform by which to judge …if the establishment has won. Perhaps someone like me is the best one to put forth such a platform for an unorganized grassroots group sharing common goals, as I am pretty much a nobody by political standards and represent only myself. I will not address the obvious issue of Obama Care for now, but as I put forth the platform keep asking yourself; Has the establishment won?

Zero Baseline Budgeting: This is basically the idea that built in annual increases to federal programs will be increases to the budget. That is, that the government cannot make the increase smaller and claim they cut the budget, though the budget would still increase; be higher than the previous year. Thus is basic honesty in representation. Paul Ryan has claimed he has been fighting for this. (Not to get side tracked, but Paul Ryan was a dream candidate for many of us but he declined to run for personal reasons and he thought himself best positioned where he was to make a difference. If he should now accept the vice presidency I would personally feel a sense of betrayal.)

If we have a republican House and Senate with Romney as President and don’t get zero baseline budgeting the establishment has won.

Tax Reform: Thank you Herman Cain for putting the topic front and center, at least in the early days of the race for the nomination. I think it curious that all the issues that really excited the conservative populous, and the people representing them, have become insignificant as we reach brass tax. “We have to attack Obama!” has overridden all else. As we approach a tax code of 100,000 pages can we get a candidate who could make even a weak attempt to simplify the tax code. Say; make a promise that by the end of his first term he will reduce the tax code to 10,000 pages. Even 25,000 pages would be a significant accomplishment. When you talk about the government picking winners and losers, a good part of that is in the tax code. The massive tax code also points to poor tax policy in that loopholes specific to an industry or company must be created for them to survive.

If the tax code continues to grow the establishment has won.

Ethanol: Yes we are mandated to use ethanol though the purpose for its mandate has been disproven. It extends our fuel, but then we need to burn more to get the same results. It destroys small and marine engines. More than that, it has been shown that the whole system contributes to what have been called greenhouse gases; what ethanol was supposed to reduce. This is a no brainer yet little has happened to bring it to and end. In fact they are now talking about E15. And don’t get me started on corn syrup (the bees know). Talk about government being in the pocket of corporations, …look at big corn. If Santorum had been declared the winner of the Iowa primary that same night we could possibly be ready to declare him the republican candidate now. But Romney was declared the winner though everyone knew some votes were not yet counted and that Santorum may have won, and the true results were not declared publicly for weeks. Santorum won Iowa.

If E15 goes forward under a republican administration the establishment has won. I came just a hair short of saying; If ethanol production in the United States is not brought to a complete end the establishment has won.

E.P.A.: The Environmental Protection Agency has piled regulations on all of us. Regulations that suffocate prosperity. Absolutely a republican administration will put an end to many EPA regulations that unreasonably restrict the economy. But the EPA is the problem, as well as other government bureaucracies that can dictate regulations with the power of law without Congressional approval. Without drastic changes or the disbandment of the EPA nothing has really changed.

If the powers of the EPA are not curtailed the establishment has won.

Deregulation: We have far too many regulations for every aspect of our lives (Obama Care), not to mention laws. Remember the Green Police commercial of Super Bowl past. Massive staffs need to be hired by corporations in some cases just to address the laws and regulations; costs passed onto the consumer. Anal levels of regulation and oversight in the financial markets has only made them more complex and fragile. Mandates from government created the housing crisis. Many rightly claim that we have so many laws we cannot help but break the law without knowing in any quest for the American Dream. There is however no single benchmark one could point to to say that if such and such doesn’t happen… the establishment has won. We all need to be vigilant of every level of government and demand a simplification of our laws regulations, and the repeal of oppressive and obsolete laws, taxes and regulations.

The Professional Politician: Thank you Rick Perry for claiming you would make service in Congress a part time job. How something is designed influences how someone acts. We have a pay scale for our politicians that suggests they are highly valued professionals committed day and night to their work. Is this why we have so many laws and regulations: they feel they have to do something when really they should just end their session and go home? They are professionals at shmoozing: stoking each others egos. On every level of government people are expressing the desire that elected representatives to legislature be a part time position. There just isn’t, shouldn’t be that much for them to do. Let us put an end to the profession politician so we can get more people like Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson in office; an accomplished manufacturer who has hit the ground running as a freshmen and is in position to put forth real world solutions to the problems our nation is facing.

Some have said we need term limits. I have suggested that raising the age requirements for office is more in line with the intent of our founding fathers. Both would require a Constitutional amendment. The tea party needs to define and coalesce behind a clear strategy to reshape politics. A strategy that creates a political establishment that is one and the same with the people and the lives they must live every day.

Ron Paul’s reform of United States monetary policy is also an important issue. But the general public finds it difficult to comprehend the mechanics of the whole system and the corresponding results his changes would produce. His policies are far too specialized for the tea party to embrace; to be part of a platform.

If Ron Paul is appointed the head of the Federal Reserve the establishment will reel in protest.

The tea party will be taking to the streets again in their annual tax day rallies across the country next week. I hope they do more than hope and pray for, and demand an end to Obama Care. I hope the tea party can keep the pressure on important issues and policies that, if not changed, will continue to draw this nation away from its founding principles. Issues that have been sidelined more and more as a single candidate appears ready to claim the prize. (Has the establishment won?) I hope people like Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and others, including conservative talk radio, will continue to keep these important issues front and center.

I hope you all have a blessed Easter experience.