Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15th Tea Party, Madison Wisconsin

A rainbow circled the sun in the middle of the Tea Party in Madison. Sorry the colors don't show well.

Supporters of Russ Feingold were there lining the far side of the street.

There was a lot more media there this year.

Food vendors were out in greater numbers than last year. Nothing speaks more to the attendance. There were 8,300 gathered last year. I would have to say it was about the same this year from my experience. We'll see what the final count produces as people were photographing from the rooftops.

An infiltrator? Hearing there would be infiltrators trying to put the Tea Party in a poor light by mis-spelling words and making obscene statements ect., this gentleman caught my attention as some reporter started interviewing him in great detail. I hadn't noticed his sign earlier.

No this is not a Tea Party member. This is some of the opposition across the street.

More opposition. As we were leaving they were talking aggressively to individual Tea Party members using foul language. Most likely trying to start a confrontation.

Thanks to Fight Back Wisconsin for organizing our bus. My non-white wife didn't attend this year as our dog was poisoned and trying to save it knocked our whole schedule off, so she couldn't make it. I was also impressed by the Oath Keepers.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Tea Parties, The Second Amendment and The Spirit of America

Many find it hard to explain the Tea Party phenomena. To understand what the Tea Parties represent one must first understand from what this nation arose. It arose from a people who desired a better life for themselves and their children and grandchildren for perpetuity. The limits of what they could achieve hindered only by their own imaginations. A nation built by immigrants from all over the world of a like mind, leaving everything behind following that vision of the shining city on a hill.

A people of unique character. A people when faced with a tyrannical government looking to take their hard earned gains and deny them justice through the judicial process, took up arms and shed their blood to be free. They gathered around representatives of their choosing. Sent their complaints to the authorities of the time and were rejected. Then under those same representatives declared their independence, formed militia and an army and took on the greatest power the world had ever seen.


Not just a movement to be free, but a movement to institutionalize those freedoms deemed inalienable into a government to insure those freedoms for all. What a unique character. Not acting out of fear, resentment or hate, but with control and clear purpose. And in this search for a better way of life for all, our founding fathers saw fit to include the right to bear arms. Seeing "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state."

This is the Tea Party movement. Citizens standing together in clear and responsible fashion seeking the freedoms they feel deep in their hearts. A vision of freedom expressed in our founding documents that at one time was taught in our schools. A group known for its courtesy, respect and even for keeping their protest grounds clean. The people letting their voices be heard and choosing who they decide represent their views and values.

There is Sarah Palin, and here in Wisconsin people like Paul Ryan and Scott Walker that carry the conservative cause of responsible (and responsive) government. There are assorted Governors capturing the notice of the public for their conservative common sense approach to the problems facing the people. These are the type of people that, if allowed, will be elected through the will of the people and turn this country back to its founding values.

But looking at Wisconsin with new voting regulations designed to promote voter fraud being proposed  and the disbandment of ACORN, but then not really, one has to wonder how far the democrats will go to subvert the election process. Are we too late? Has tyranny grabbed hold of our nation? The election in November will be pivotal in finding where we stand. It is one of the most important elections in the history of this nation.

If the will of the people is thwarted, the people will find their voice in other ways. They will gather around their local representatives, their state governments, and take a stand much like our founding father's did. Not seeking to destroy, not turning to violence as so commonly does the left, but standing to defend their freedoms not only for themselves but the greater community and the future. Much like a body guard who understands that his first responsibility cannot be to kill the threat, to attack, but to put oneself between the threat and the one they are sworn to protect. To take the bullet.

This is what the second Amendment was intended for. For the people to organize behind those who reflect their values and if necessary protect those values by gathering in arms to defend the government of their choosing. And ultimately if the election process is subverted, we can look at the Minnesota Senate race as one example, so that the will of the people is oppressed, the nation will fracture. States will ultimately declare independence, most likely behind Texas, and the people will come out to defend their rights if necessary.

This is why the second amendment was written. This is how our founding fathers did it and this is how the people, expressing themselves through the Tea Parties will do it if required. This is the very Spirit of America.