Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lost in Political Translation

The Beltway Culture, known for existing in an alternative universe in relation to the rest of the citizens of this nation, is the product of a political class. It has developed into a literally self-propagating, though hardly self-sustaining , political culture. It has divided this nation into the ruling class, upheld by a statist ideology, and those to be ruled.

We are all susceptible to the dangers of being influenced by our surroundings, ones particular profession and circle of acquaintances, in an adverse way. People’s reactions to the controversy around Donald Trump’s recent and ongoing statements is a telling example, particularly in regards to John McCain.

The local commentators here in Milwaukee ripped Donald Trump to no end for his McCain comments. These local commentators failed to recognize, unlike some national commentators who demonstrated why they are where they are, the chord Donald Trump was hitting with a frustrated public. I do not want to say some of what John McCain endured was not heroic. However, the truth is John McCain broke where many others did not; many we will never know about because they died doing so. Further it had always been the media that, suspiciously, always played up the hero factor of John McCain in his run for President. This made many, including myself, question why. It built distrust.

Some of our local commentators had to be reminded that McCain actually broke and denounced the United States. He was an officer.

Here is a question: If John McCain was not from the family he was, would he have received a discharge, possibly dishonorable, rather than a major command after his release from a tortuous Vietnamese POW Camp? Today he MUST be called a hero or else. Can you understand how that might rub the wrong way against an intelligent and capable citizenry?

The public is not stupid. This is what the statists believe. It is also apparently what people who enter the political world begin to believe whether liberal or conservative.

Let me offer another illustration. This Summer I heard one local conservative commentator make a statement along these lines; ‘My God, could you imagine what would have happened if Herman Cain had become President.’

My jaw dropped not only with disbelief but disgust. Compared to what? Obama! This is the disease of being more connected to the political world than to the people. This conservative’s statement regarding Herman Cain is akin to the liberals who claim it is impossible for the common man to understand the United States Constitution; it requires a bevy of lawyers and so called professors. In reality the Constitution of this great nation was written for all to understand.

Yes, we should be concerned with what kind of leadership team a common man from the private sector could assemble. But any educated common man is qualified to be, if he can win over the people, the President. I strongly believe we need more candidates in every office drawn from the private sector.

Too much is lost to political translations. It is why we have people such as Mitch McConell and John Bohner ruling Congress.

A great successful competent man running for President is being lost in the political translation. That man is Ben Carson. Here is a man of great virtue, compassion and wisdom that will be pushed aside in the political shuffle. His abilities are beyond compare to most. The mere fact that these outstanding attributes hold no weight in the political world is the problem.

The public wants real, good and honest people of accomplishment in office.

Even as a Vice Presidential candidate political wisdom would exclude Ben Carson. After the first black President the world of political consultants would never tolerating a black man running for anything less. It would be considered a reflection of the Republican Party’s supposed inherent racist make up, to put a black man in the second position after the democrats put forth a black President; again lost in translation. Lost to political correctness and the politics of race.

Scott Walker and Ben Carson are my top two choices for republican candidate for President. Governors and those from the private sector are the only candidates I will consider. That list does not include Donald Trump (he’s a moderate and without conservative leadership in Congress would be a disaster; my opinion), Mike Huckabee (though I applaud him for his stance on the Iran nuclear deal no matter how great a political consideration), Chris Christie is a complete no go, and though my church is partial to Jeb Bush he is far from the top of my list. I suspect, no, I hope and pray that a conservative governor or business person will win the candidacy.

I need not provide the political translation as to who the republican Vice Presidential candidate will be. That is easily understood by all. Outside of Jeb Bush winning the Presidential nomination, Marco Rubio will be a shoe in for the nomination for Vice Presidential. He is extremely knowledgeable and appears to be a good man, but neither of those reasons are relevant in the world of political speak. It is the politics of race and belief in the necessity to win Florida that has already secured the position of republican Vice Presidential  candidate for Marco Rubio.

If we fight hard, we the people may succeed in putting a true and upright conservative into the office of the President. If our candidate wins, it will still be the political same old same old that will have cemented who the candidate will be when next the office will be contended.

“Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty.” No one knows who said it; obviously not a politician.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Iranian Bracket

There is a bracket that Barack Hussein Obama will be remembered for. Unlike the fireside chat of old, the original, of a past President, Barack Hussein Obama will not be remembered for his televised NCAA Brackets; those, I’m just a normal guy like you (so everyone should worship everything I do) moments. He will be remembered for a different type of bracket, or rather brackets. The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama will be bracketed by his Iranian Legacy. It is how his presidency began and it will be how it ends.

Whether the Barack Hussein Obama Presidency ends soon in well deserved disgrace, or later under threat of worldwide nuclear holocaust depends more on Congress than on Barack Hussein Obama himself.

Between Barack Hussein Obama’s failure to come to the aid of the Iranian people in the beginning of his Presidency and his bestowing of nuclear weapons upon that oppressive tyranny now at the end of it, his policies and crimes have been evident to all with eyes willing to see and ears willing to hear.

Barack Hussein Obama’s policies, including Obamacare have and are bringing economic oppression and catastrophe to millions. Innumerable scandals, beginning with his first campaign’s fundraising methods to the IRS and beyond, along with his complete disregard for the law and the Constitution of this once great nation, have cemented in place possibly irreversible standards of tyrannical rule.

Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policies have instigated bloodshed throughout the world as he stood back and watched the Arab Spring burn across North Africa and the rise of organizations such as Boca Haram and ISIS.

Ten of thousands of deaths, if not more, can be attributed to Barack Hussein Obama’s policies. Many of those deaths included defenseless Christians murdered in mass for their faith. Millions of deaths could become his eventual legacy; numbers worthy of the most evil of dictators the world has ever known.

If Iran is allowed to create a nuclear arsenal they will use it. They have said so. They will destroy Israel. Israel will retaliate with their own nuclear weapons from platforms manned by warriors who no longer have a home to return to. The United States will be fortunate if Iran and the Islamist terrorists choose to strike Europe before the United States itself. Millions upon millions will die, just as the thousands upon thousands are dying now due to Barack Hussein Obama.

In hind site we ridicule the German people; How could they ever have let Hitler come to power? How was it that no one stopped him? How can today’s contemporary mainstream media the world over be so blind?

Congress has the power to remove Barack Hussein Obama. It is called impeachment. Congress could have stopped Barack Hussein Obama with less drastic measures in the past but refused. Congress is therefore complicit in what has come to pass and in multitudinous deaths. They will be complicate in all the future holds if they do not act now.

It is not only recent Supreme Court decisions that have lead me and many others to the verge of declaring this federal government illegitimate; contemplating turning to our respective states, demanding they enact a new government. I, like most of you, have been disappointed by Congress for far too long. I am personally holding out hope until our next election. I continue to follow this nation’s laws and respect it’s leaders. But can I keep my allegiance until the next election with this disastrous Iranian nuclear arms agreement? Are we not all complicit in what is coming? Is this not our government?

Millions will die if Iran gets the bomb. No intelligent argument can be made to the contrary.

Yet I highly doubt congress will act. Why? Because Barack Hussein Obama is black and people will call the Representatives bad names if they impeach Barack Hussein Obama and overthrow his tyrannical construct.

What is a people to do? How can one say, “I will not be a part of this?”