Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Super Bowl Needs Fixing

The NFL needs fixing. This country needs fixing. But Obama isn’t the person to do it.

Many a woman was ecstatic over Madonna’s Super Bowl performance. A vicarious response in that they all, aging, want to believe they are or will be just as beautiful and energetic (sexually voracious) as Madonna after 50. Have we become so individualistic and material that we have all sold out our values?

The Super Bowl halftime performance was far from family friendly and many, apparently mostly men, were not impressed by what it conveyed about our country. One must wonder, or not, as many a Middle-Eastern nation look to form democracies why they consider Sharia Law an option for their respective nations.

And sorry I missed the worship of the graven image as I find the awarding of trophies drawn out and boring.

The half time performance, as well as the trophy presentation, was perverse and putting the words “World Peace” across the field at the end made it all that more perverse. That performance offered the world nothing constructive. And the fact that much of our country seems incapable of recognizing the perversion we have sank to is the greatest danger to this nation.

Many may object to my position. Many, even some conservative talk show hosts, fall back upon an old well worn position when challenged over such scenes and make reference to the King. They scoff at the idea that Elvis Presley, shaking his hips, contributed to the moral decay of this nation. Well …since Elvis we had the sexual revolution, the rise of homosexuality and our inner cities are being ravaged by gang violence driven in part by what has become known as the hip-hop culture. Have you heard of grinding, ..death metal?

OK antidotal. I myself near never speak a course word against anyone, …except when I am driving. So should I give up driving or try to improve my tolerance of the fools and idiots infesting our roadways? There is a relationship between driving and my verbal attacks but I am capable, if I desire, to still drive and not be verbally abuse to others. But let’s face the reality people.

Decades ago our religious leaders and elders recognized the potential dangers of acting out as Elvis did. But with the following sexual revolution a whole generation in our nation turned their backs on their religious upbringing and their elders. They wallowed in youth and now the youth of a fifty year old is worshiped in figures such as Madonna.

Civilizations were built, rose and fell, by the values (including politeness) they humbled themselves before or refused to. This  included devotion to religion and respect for ones elders. On an even more base level one can imagine that groups of early man prospered under strong family structures, recognizing commitments to others and being part of and in service to a larger group, than those of individualist and self serving indulgencies. One can see that the former attributes would be very valuable in surviving difficulties and attacks. And theses values all developed within the scope of man’s relation to God; religion. The United States, as the closest embodiment of a free Christian nation the world has ever seen, has prospered far beyond all past cultures.

To deny these realities is simply to deny God, and the two worlds, those that believe in God and those that deny God are incompatible. And the former has proven itself to be far superior to any atheistic system past or present. One needs to humble oneself before the truth before one can recognize it. Have you ever met a humble atheist?

Yes, this nation needs fixing. When that small child was used by his homosexual mother to tell Michelle Bachman that, ‘his mommy didn’t need fixing’ one crucial aspect was ignored by the media and others. Michelle Bachman as an earnest Christian, like all earnest Christians, herself had to humble herself before God and recognize that SHE needed fixing. We all fall short and in many ways what makes one a good and true person is how one lives, the path one follows, more than claiming some standard that can only be found lacking.

Michelle Bachman came to that humbling reality and responded to God’s calling. To all those, including conservative talk show hosts, who claim to have talked to homosexuals and asked them if they can change, and heard “no” and believed it, I have a question for you. Did you hear any humility in their voices when they answered?

And what happened to the science? I say do the science come up with a therapy and make homosexuality truly a choice, a choice that has been recognized by all religions as sinful and/or unnatural, and by the way illegal though the country has never broken into people’s bedrooms.

This nation is suffering from self indulgence; materialism and self centered individualism lacking any concept of humility.  At one point we were a beacon of hope to the world. Now we are a symbol of hedonism and sin, where nothing is wrong so nothing is right. We have been lead under a slow incremental process such that even responsible spokespeople for this nation fail to recognize the total extent of our fall.

And it is predominantly the white culture, Americans and Europeans, that is working to spread these evils across this nation and world, most here calling themselves democrats. Free sex, abortion, homosexuality, a complete and total lack of modesty to name a few of America’s failings are all part of the agenda. Now Obama attacks religion, dictating that people act in contradiction to their faith in support of the state, and our federal courts declare before the entire world that homosexuality is a Constitutionally protected right.

All this while in most of the world is looking for virtue and modesty for the lives of their families and children as the path to a good and prosperous life. Is it any wonder the Muslim world takes Sharia Law as a serious option when no other viable option exists if one wants to consider themselves right with God; the desires of many a humble man and women.

If this nation, formerly God’s beacon to the world, continues on this path it will be humbled.