Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For Crying Out Loud

The students of the University of Wisconsin Madison are paying "Sex Out Loud" $90,000 a year in student fees to give workshops on sexual pleasure. This includes how to use sex toys and play out fantasies. The organization began some ten years ago to inform students of the dangers of HIV and other STD's. The group claims to include abstinence and 'other' safe sex practices in its education. How teaching perversion is safe sex or healthy escapes me. It must go hand and hand with one of the other major vices of college life; binge drinking, especially the safe part. The rise in prominence of sex columnist in campus newspapers, and other programs such as these, work to erode the family unit and portray ones partner only as an object to serve one's own sexual desires. I would think that women would find this especially vile.
Unfortunately the only models of sexual life for our young people are the likes of Madonna, Paris Hilton and Bill Clinton. Perhaps parents need to be more vocal in their own homes during the raising of their children rather than keeping sex a mystery. Yes you young college men and women, your parents do have sex. A lot of sex, and they find it very pleasurable. We are a far cry from the days of one room homes.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Let Them Eat Cake!

Cake, referring to the build up of soot and creosote cleaned from chimneys.
And this is just what the democrats and other anti-war forces, including the mainstream media, have said to the Iraqi people. The constant barrage of demanding timetables, claiming civil war, that we are losing and should pull out, all for political gain, are influencing policy. To pullout of Iraq is to send Iraq and the surrounding area into turmoil, causing untold death and suffering. To stay the course, new or otherwise, is to suffer more casualties but overall save more lives and bring stability to the region and world. Like Vietnam, the left is tempting us to think of our own short term interests over the interests of the Iraqi people or the long term interests of the Unite States or the world.
Whether the announcement of Iraq's readiness to take control over its security by June was in response to the lefts accusations or not, does not make it necessarily bad. The pressure I'm sure drove Iraq to act more quickly than otherwise and can relieve our burden.
But what happens next? The news media announces that we can now pull out of Iraq, while the Bush administration states our troops will be pulled back to bases in Iraq. This is where our politicians and media need to break their alliance with Islamo-fascists. To continue to call for withdrawal will bring an end to hostility as a strategy by the terrorist to get our troops out. And as soon as we leave a relentless attack will ensue against the new government. To commit to the well being of the Iraqi people, we need to support our troops and their mission and not call for withdrawal.