Thursday, March 25, 2010

Twitter and Such

I often have long periods where I don't write on this blog. Sometimes I have things I want to write about but my circumstances don't allow, or I can't get the concept complete in my head. So I thought I would add a Twitter feed with Twitter's convenient widget. So I started a Twitter account specific to this blog under my pen name. I've done this with another blog I write on poker. I also use that Twitter account to follow poker greats. This is Twitter's strongest attribute. To get a glimpse at one that excels in something one is interested in themselves, whether politics, a profession, sport or hobby. So I was already aware of how Twitter works, though I don't use it with my phone. I know your tweets don't just disappear from your profile.

So this ground breaking Internet application, what I originally heard described as a 'micro-blog', would be just the thing to keep a consistent input of content on my blog. ... So I thought.

I am not sure why I've caught the attentions of some. It doesn't appear I have a large following. Maybe it is because in the past I continually commented on a leftist blog. Something I gave up on over a year ago. Why give any recognition to nonsense. Maybe it is because I seem to be on the cutting edge of expressing what the liberals have planned, how they see the world. But others such as 'The Great One' and Rush or Glenn Beck make the same points to an extremely broader audience. (though I think I have been ahead of the game once or twice, ... heah... some one has to toot my horn).

So why have my tweets disappeared? How does that happen? Marked as spam or what? No one has to read my tweets. They have to search for me to even see them. Of course they were visible on my blog but how is it different from just posting the same content on this blog that my comments should  be censored? They are all gone now except for my test tweets which consisted of "test" and "test 2". And there is no way I have found to actually ask Twitter what is going on.

Here are the Tweets that have disappeared:

The first, posted before the vote on health care, disappeared last;

'Does rising opposition from the states and others make it more likely for health care to be approved; the representatives believing it will be shot down by others, or not?' paraphrased, ... maybe exact.

And the others that didn't last long:

"Obama says no US flags in Haiti, I say let them vote to become a territory or our 51st state."

"Health care for the Healthy, death formulus for the rest of us."

Another was a link to my most recent blog post here. Maybe there were one or two more. I'm not sure. Any comprehensive tweet has been removed.

And it is not only Twitter. I cannot remember how long ago it was that I made a comment on a Yahoo news article. But I am very sure it was not controversial. Yet these past two days I tried twice to comment on a Yahoo article, I have a Yahoo account, and it would not post.

And my interface to produce this blog is slow and obsolete, unlike my other blogs, which are under a different account. I do not have a spell check and cannot even upload video when producing a post. I needed to upload the following video to my you/tube account and then embed it here.

Do I need to say; "Thanks for reading?"

The attack on the Internet is ramping up. Is it just by non government entities? Even if so, expect the government to start a censorship campaign of its own soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Civil War

So far.

And though more and more are questioning whether violent revolution is the only way to return this nation to its founding principles, civility still holds the upper hand in saving the day.

Individuals of reasoned thought and conscience recognized this struggle for the soul of America as a Civil War far too long ago. Unprepared, not taking seriously the threat, the right and moral majority were knocked on their tails, much like the North in the Battle of First Bull Run of 1861, until the forces of good were firmed up under the Reagan administration. A perpetual political stalemate has defined the following two decades, expressed in such platitudes as reaching across the isle, returning to the center and the peoples supposed desire for bipartisanship.

The Civil War of the 19th century (the 1800's) was not just a battle of North and South. It built over many decades motivated by a disgust for the immoral system of slavery. But it was also a clash of economic systems. The industrialized Northern economies heavily driven by capitalism and the plantation system of the South, dependent on slavery. And today too we are seeing the lines being drawn between those who believe in a free market, limited government economy and those who want, not really to redistribute the wealth, but to take wealth away from the prosperous and use it to grow government. Creating an army of citizens dependent on the government for a pay check, directly or indirectly. A system that sees the ruler as the enlightened and the ruled as unable to care for themselves. How else can you explain the passage of health care in the face of overwhelming opposition from the public?

Now, those of us on the right have reached the point, much like those in the Union, where we have come to realize that the only solution is the complete destruction of the opposition. No more delusions. Coexistence is not an option.

And those on the left have realized, much like their counterparts of days gone by in the South , that their survival can only be assured by taking the offensive. They have selected their top general and brought the battle to the North. A modern day Gettysburg. And we are caught in the Battle of Little Round Top. The Confederates, or in this case the liberals, have crested the hill. The most strategically valuable position on the battlefield. And the Union forces, those increasingly defining themselves as conservatives, have little to no ammunition remaining.

With nothing left and realizing the magnitude of their situation, the Union commander at Little Round top ordered a bayonet charge. Swinging a line of soldiers like a door over the Confederates flank. Then a company, thought lost in battle, rose up from behind their rocky shelter behind the enemy lines and let loose penetrating volleys of musket fire. And what appeared lost was saved.

Will this scenario be repeated? Will opposition from the states and political action groups rise up and defeat the health care monstrosity we are facing in the courts? Will those Reagan Democrats of days gone by rise up throwing in their support?

But shooting down this bill just passed, if even possible, will not be the end of it. The left will rally behind their false constructs of duty and honor and put everything into one final charge, much like Pickett's Charge of July 3rd 1863. The modern day equivalent being the mobilization of ACORN, and their multitude of election machines, to throw everything into what inevitably will decide the outcome of the war. The upcoming November elections. In the meantime expect their attacks on the Internet and media to seriously ramp up.

And as we see liberal instigated violence popping up on campuses in California and Wisconsin over tuition increases, expect more. The left will invest every resource they have to keep power in the next election. In a state such as Wisconsin, where the left could lose a Senate seat and several House seats, election fraud may not be enough to save the day. Violence at polling stations, and the left will be in the courts to invalidate the election results. Not just in the areas where the violence occurs, but the entire State. You could see the city of Milwaukee break out in violence and turmoil at polling stations and results all over the State, House districts nowhere near Milwaukee called into question. And all the better if they could send the entire nation into disorder. The left would love to see this nation locked in violent struggle. A dream come true for a complete power grab.

We are dealing with self proclaimed rulers who have no respect for those they deemed themselves worthy to rule, and no regard for the law or our Constitution. We need to continue to rally and protest vehemently. But we are far from the point, far too advance as a people, to revert to violence. We need to protect the election process. We need to believe in the processes our founding fathers established and in our fellow citizens.

And keep your guns where the government can't find them.