Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wikileaks, Anarchists, and Other Useful Pawns

In the mid 80's, a Church group I was working for hosted Sir John Noble on an anti-communism speaking tour. He gave his speech in the face of an oncoming hurricane. His route home blocked by the storm and his hotel being on the waterfront he had to spend the night at our Church residence. We all gathered there and he gave us his testimony throughout the turbulent night. When the lights went out we lit lanterns.

Sir John Noble spent the Second World War in a Nazi prison camp, his family being imprisoned upon the start of the war. After being 'liberated' by the Soviets he spent another ten years in labor camps under their... protection. During the course of his detention by the Soviets his family in the United States made unending inquiries to the State Department seeking information on his where abouts or possible fate. They claimed no knowledge of him on either count.

Eventually Sir John Noble was released. And in fact the State Department knew fairly accurately where he was during those long years. They had a file on him that would fill a drawer of a filing cabinet, so he claimed. Yet out of some diplomatic courtesy to the evil empire this information was never released or given to his worried family. Just some of the bull diplomacy breeds.

Wikileaks put out piles of information. Much had no particular significance. A lot was newsworthy, falling under the category of being classified to cover something that wasn't deemed beneficial for the current power structure under some supposed political or diplomatic reasoning. Why should any of that be hidden from the public in a government of, by and for the people?

But where is all the information on Area 51, and UFO's, and on the serious side our Vietnam MIA's and POW's? Like Sir John Noble's case before the time of computer filing unfortunately. Why should the public tolerate being lied to? And why if this Christian society believes they will have to answer for their entire life in the next world, nothing being hidden, do they create a society so full of secrets and hidden indiscretions?

Some of the released files could be deemed harmful to national security and/or the welfare of our troops in combat. But who is to blame for that information getting out? How long did this current administration know this was going to happen? And more importantly why didn't they do anything to stop the release of, if not all the information, the information that could be truly damaging to security?

Many see what they call the socialization of the United States; a coming tyranny. They look at the political tactics of the left and try to counter them in the playing field of politics following the rule book of what passes as good government today. The problem is the left has a different rule book of anything goes. The end justifies the means... Please make a list for me of the communist nations that did not come to power or were kept in power by violence. Armed revolution or the use of the military to suppress their own public.

And in this process of armed revolution it was the anarchist and the idealistic youth and intellectuals who lit the fire, created the chaos and instability and then were summarily suppressed when their role was complete. And Assange is the first to fall prey to this tactic as those seeking total control have recognized the threat of the Internet in thwarting their goals. This is why nothing was done to stop him and his organization. This is why nothing was done to stop the release of information that could cost our young soldiers and sailors their lives. It is part of a strategy to restrict and control the Internet.

And we see anarchists across Europe stirring up trouble. But here in the United States, where the left accuses the Tea Party of planning violence in one breadth and with the next calls for armed revolution against those on the right (blaming Bush all the while) there is no violence to speak of. Outside of a few campus protests on rising tuition's (much like in Europe) and isolated acts of terror, few and far between, inspired by the likes of Al Gore and other left leaning activists. The lack of escalation speaks more to the character of the people of the United States than that of the media or political talking heads.

And the left is missing one crucial piece of the puzzle in taking total control of the United States. That is control of the military. The repeal of 'don't ask don't tell' being the key step to accomplishing that goal. When 'don't ask don't tell' was passed it was written in such a way that it invited challenges in the court. And those challenges would have been complete some years past if not for one thing; 9/11. 9/11 and the subsequent wars put that tactic on the back burner and rather than our military numbers shrinking and becoming dominated by those driven by political correctness rather than love of nation, the numbers swelled with freedom loving Americans.

The homosexual movement is just one of many useful pawns in the atheistic socialist/communist left's drive for complete control. They are active, continually witnessing to their lifestyle before the entire public and it will be no different in the military. Openly gay individuals in the military will drastically change the spirit of our armed forces and who joins. It will be a military enslaved to political correctness rather than the public. A useful pawn.

Fortunately the politicalization of the military is far behind schedule or it could all be over. And what socialist/communist state ever supported homosexuality?