Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Perfect Storm?

As Mercury, Venus and Mars align on this historic date seven years after the attacks on the Twin Towers, one naturally wonders the cosmic significance. The attack on our civilization intended to destroy. Not just the Twin Towers but our culture itself. A culture, built on Christian civilization, that has been the greatest force for goodness in the world. Yes, a civilization built on Christian morality. For that is the struggle for the advancement of civilization. The struggle between good and evil. The struggle for higher standards of goodness and values that drives man forward and when lost sinks civilizations into the rubble of history.

The attacks on our culture are from within as well as from abroad. Moral relativism, the devaluation of life and break down of the family structure all symptoms of the disease. As we are accuse by our external enemies of spreading immorality around the world, it is those internal enemies, the cause of the said debauchery, that align themselves with those seeking our destruction. A moral decay which was the stated goals of the former communist block to weaken the United States for its eventual defeat. A reality that only those who have descended down the rabbit hole of liberalism could possibly deny.

A struggle that has divided our nation and most clearly portrayed in this Presidential campaign. For those of conservative bent, the complete moral, ethical and intellectual bankruptcy of the left, or democrat party, has been apparent from the days of Bill Clinton if not earlier. The media, or as some have called it the fourth branch of government, academia and a professional political class that have little knowledge of how the real world works have kept the incompetence alive. Much of the blame falling also on republicans entrenched in this political quagmire.

Until recently, democrat party domination was predicted for this upcoming election. Despite a do nothing democrat run congress with historically low approval ratings and a Nancy Pelosi who has shown complete disdain, if not ignorance, for good and proper legislative procedures all looked lost for the republicans if one listened to the media, including right wing talk.

Much has changed with the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President on the republican ticket. Not only is it in complete contrast to the snubbing of Hilary Clinton by the democrat party and its support of a complete incompetent in Nancy Pelosi, it is part of an almost fatal and complete alignment of circumstance that under normal circumstance would lead to the democrat party's destruction.

Yes, Sarah Palin is not running for President as is Barack Obama. A Barack Obama that has averaged about 40 days of work in Washington a year for his over $160k salary. But her qualifications are under attack, and if Obama, seeking a higher office, cannot match her qualifications how is it not an issue? Facts and a logic that may be ignored by the media and mindless leftest blogs, but not missed by thinking Americans. Falsely accused of being part of an Alaskan secessionist party and questioned for her faith background we find Obama trying to downplay his ties to William Ayers of the weather underground, terrorists who bombed buildings seeking to overthrow our government, and his twenty year devotion to Jeremiah Wright's church, not to mention his Muslim education as a youth. Being a member of the PTA and mayor of a small city obviously doesn't compare to being a community organizer in Chicago for ACORN. The comparisons go on and on and on and show Obama to be the empty suit he is in contrast to the real people of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The Obama-Biden meltdown is complete with their own vindictive nonsensical attacks of desperation. For those with operating mental faculties one might expect an easy victory for John McCain and Sarah Palin. The left wing media is in economic collapse and turning to left wing bloggers as source material without even doing their own fact checks. But is America really listening? You never know what will happen tomorrow not to mention what lies in the hearts of others. 'Is America really listening?' Do the good people of the United States care?

Whether through prayer, political activism or sharing one's views with your neighbor it is time to take a stand. To take a stand for what's good and right and reject the inane. The contrast between the two sides could never be clearer, but nothing should be taken for granted. Civilization, our Christian culture, was built upon great sacrifice and acts of will and equal efforts are required to protect it.