Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus, Christian Thrillers and Thanksgiving

My wife and I have no interest in listening to anything Miley Cyrus sings or may say. We change the station when she comes on the radio and skip her over when watching music videos on the internet. This is all in reaction to her twerking performance on national broadcast television and we didn’t even watch the show. I didn’t seek out any coverage, uninterested in the mob like hype over her perverse actions.

But what should we expect? When we have a society where no one can be judged, no matter how perverse their actions, where there is no right or wrong, why wouldn’t such acts be portrayed on broadcast television? When we don’t standup against such perversions we as a society give tacit permission to all such acts. Expect more exploits and expect it to get worse. Do not be surprised, as many have warned, that soon pedophilia will be defended by people of ever greater supposed standing in society.

And it all began when we stopped discerning between good and evil, right and wrong, and what is happiness or unhappiness. That is the reason I treated Taylor Swift so harshly in a previous post, though she is a very remarkable young lady. This world has become dominated with the idea that physical experience and stimulation is happiness, ignoring the internal state of the spirit.

I saw news coverage on twerking on a local station. A long line of high school girls were leaning with their hands against the wall, all smiling. They were all engaged in this action, that I will refrain from describing here. Adults, male teachers, walked up and down the line watching. Fifty years ago we would have describe this scene as a vision from hell. The teachers would have been fired.

The United Sates at one time was a Christian society. It is no longer. I have joined a site called Good Reads and started following a Christian author. I received a notice that one of her books, Kindle version, was being offered free until midnight. I found myself out that evening and had forgotten to download the book. I couldn’t remember the authors name or the title of her book, but I had my Kindle and remembered it described as a Christian thriller. So I searched by genre and found her book “The Force.” There were many titles in the genre which was uplifting.

The book was a refresher for me of proper perspective. A story of Christians living Christian lives and dealing with an evil world from a Christian perspective. A spiritual view addressing spiritual realities far more relevant and time proven than tales of vampires, dwarfs or space aliens. The concept of dealing with the Muslim world by witnessing is an approach expressed in the book that I wish we would have taken on as a nation. Instead we currently have a policy of appeasement led by those who embody all the Islamic world decries as the evils of Western society, and yet somehow these two groups get along far too well.

Yes, relying on God and testifying to the world as a Christian society is what the United States used to be under minimal government. If not winning over the Muslim world, standing up for Christians we could have saved many Christian lives, strengthened many oppressed Christian communities worldwide and influenced or rather shamed Islam into modify their barbaric ways. Rather we have rulers who believe Christianity is the problem.

The twentieth century was a century of growing government and a growing denial of God. The fruits of these ideologies rotted on the vine. They have failed completely, yet these fruits still hold the gaze of the arrogant, foolish and weak minded. Such individuals most often embody all three attributes.

To some degree we have all been stained by this twentieth century trend. We can look at Thanksgiving as an example. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to God, something we too easily overlook. We come together as families and bow our heads before the Lord; at least that is the ideal..

Then Thanksgiving became associated with so many other concerns as our materialist society developed; innocent non-threatening things. It became a time for hunting as a natural time of the year for people to take advantage of the time off and we became a more urban society. As we became more affluent and materialistic, as transportation increased and families scattered it was one of the few times of the year families could actually get back together and share a meal. It further became a time for vacations in general. In the recent decades it has become a day to enjoy family, or not, while watching football. In the epitome of materialist commercial culture it has finally become a day of shopping. And, the government has asked us to also make it a day to propagandize its’ death panel policies to your fellow family members.

The twenty-first century must be an age of reversing the trends of the previous century. This is the time to turn our hearts back to God and his ways. It is a time for each of us, our families and our nation to embrace revival. A time to humble our hearts, turn from all distractions and devote ourselves to what is true. It is time to give thanks to God for the blessings He has bestowed upon us, no matter how unworthy, and recognize the blessings He wants us to extend, which our great nation had been extending, to the rest of the world. The twenty-first century must be a time of returning to God or a new dark ages will come.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless.