Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The High Road

Is it time to give up on the high road? You would be hard pressed to find anyone who has taken that road as high as Mitt Romney. Yet the citizens of this nation rejected his values and record of accomplishment in business and private life; qualities that fit all too well the needs of this nation at this time.

The question I ponder is, has politics become some kind creative practice of Stockholm Syndrome? The left rose among the drugs and sexually revolution of the sixties, when masses of young people rejected all that their government and elders represented. It was a time when they said, “Who cares about the rest of the world, let it fall to communism and the mass murder that follows it. Why should we put ourselves out for anyone else?” This was the mantra though none would admit to it.

They attacked ridiculed and maligned all who disagreed much like candidates in political races do, at least those who win. And now society appears to be identifying with its abusers as near any type of sexual perversion is acceptable and it is now legal to use marijuana in Colorado and Washington. Talk about a brain drain…

The values of this nation are under assault, they have been for decades. Why have we been unable to stem the tide of this tsunami of self serving, self indulgent tendencies the public has embraced under the ruse of a government that cares? Why is the public so blind to the fast approaching, now unavoidable fiscal crisis crashing down upon this nation?

Now is the time one would usually blame the media but let me take on the Stockholm Syndrome theme I have alluded to. There are countless stories of misconduct and outright criminal activity at the hands of the democrats. Republicans are surely prosecuted, at least in the court of public opinion when they commit such indiscretions. Yet the democrats, like an abusive captor who faces no consequences for their crimes and comes to be adored by their victims, benefit greatly when they are not held to account by our system of justice or ethics. Our black populations are unable to grasp the concept that while a small minority of democrats voting for the civil rights act allowed it to pass, the vast majority of democrats voted against it. We can look at despicable characters such as Teddy Kennedy, a man that left a young lady to die and enjoyed waitress sandwiches, a man that has been literally beatified in politics, as another example of the abused coming to identify with, to adore their abuser.

Here in Milwaukee we have a democrat mayor Tom Barrett who is fitting a heavy fiscal yolk on the people with a ludicrous streetcar that will cost tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. The construction will shut down downtown for years, driving away the few remaining businesses. The required moving and protection of utilities will raise utility rates for all those in South-East Wisconsin, even though the streetcar loop will serve only downtown and no one will ride it. They have a small streetcar bus that runs the route, has for years, that may get close to full on one or two runs at lunch hour. Of course that was Twenty-five cents. People can and will walk rather than pay the two dollars planned cost. The project will also obstruct traffic and eliminate vast amounts of parking for the downtown.

No one can stop this project, much like the Obama agenda. Tom Barrett just smiles and looks down his nose at anyone who dare suggest it is unnecessary, irresponsible and immoral. These are issues the media should be raising but they don not. (OK we can blame the media… in part) Tom Barrett appears well respected by many in the community but should he be? He has nothing in the way of real accomplishment and is known for not working too hard. He has a wife who has committed crimes that a state legislator was convicted for and imprisoned. She used her public resources when she worked for Milwaukee Public Schools for campaign purposes. There are several well documented cases in South-Eastern Wisconsin of the same crime committed by democrats and not one has been brought up on charges. This is how evil becomes larger than life, outright adored, and takes hold of a society. They hold themselves above the law they hold others too and an unthinking public responds in awe.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” Edmund Burke.

All societies of note rose out of strong social structures. The traditional family was the foundation. The rule of law and ethics, the exaltation of thought allowed them to grow and prosper over others. The central practice of the law since ancient times has been that ‘Justice is blind.’ When we allow some to become greater than the law, when all are not treated equally we are destined for tyranny and destruction.

Not holding the democrats responsible for their indiscretions, such as voter fraud or campaign law violations among other crimes, not holding them responsible for their moral failings is not taking the high road. Allowing them to make dishonest claims and denials of known indiscretions is not taking the high road. It is ignoring one’s responsibility to the greater society. We have empowered members of government to address these issues. It is important that they do their duty. The Constitution, our laws, and ethical standards for high office exist for a reason. They are integral to the fabric of civilization itself.

Fast and Furious,… Benghazi,… campaign fundraising crimes,… acting in violation of the constraints of our Constitution,… acting against the best interests of this nation,… It is the duty of our elected officials to uphold the Constitution and laws of this land, not to exalt, or to give even the slightest of credence to the actions of those who would abuse their position and power bringing suffering and tyranny down upon the people.

Monday, November 05, 2012

You Didn’t Build That!

Some time back I sent a local talk show host an e-mail in reference to the topic of freedom and jobs. I commented on how laws and regulations hinder one from simply going out to make a buck hawking goods out  in the streets. (I hope I haven’t lost all younger readers with my dated vocabulary, and dated lifestyle) If it can be outside the law to simply go out and try to sell some goods, wares or objects of personal amusement out among your own community from store to store or residence to residence you can imagine how obtuse and obstructive regulations can be if you are considering more complex and far reaching ventures.

So I wrote something along these lines “It is not like I can just pick up an ax and a long gun and trek out into the wilds to cut a life out for myself from the wilderness.”

Of course according to Obama, whatever I would build, carve out with my own hands, shedding blood sweat and tears in the process, out there in the wilderness, I would not have built that. Without that ax and long gun, most likely eventually a horse and plow among other tools and wares, I could not have built what I built. I needed those tools which through some perverse logic was provided by the government and the environment of advancement it supposedly provides.

And, after many like mind individuals as myself gathered, forming a community out there in the wilderness, and some capitalist decided to take a risk and build a railroad in hopes of profit through bringing us needed goods we would buy and transport the excess goods we were producing to markets where they are in demand, that railroad baron did not build that either. It was the government that inspired, promoted and allowed such advancement not the profits that could be gained by promoting sound trade; according to Obama.

How our concepts of hard work, industry and liberty itself have changed over time. We can attribute that change to the loss of true and easily accessible wilderness or frontier. The expression of freedom takes different forms. A free refined productive and diverse society allows pursuits in areas such as the arts and recreation that are not directly linked to survival or the direct advancement of society. It also allows mankind to investigate the mysteries of the universe and literally reach for the stars. What hasn’t changed over time however is overbearing government as the greatest threat to freedom that has ever existed, something our forefathers clearly understood.

By Obama’s standard, everything we may accomplish we didn’t really accomplish because we were dependent upon something provided by others; or rather ultimately what Obama describes as government. That implies that since the first man that split a rock and found he could use the sharp edge he created to cut and pierce that no one has genuinely built anything.

And here is the crux of the matter. This is what begs the question that divides the right from the left; or rather right from wrong. Where did the rock come from? The free world built upon Judeo-Christian ideals most completely encompassed in this nation of the United States acknowledges where that rock came from. Religion honors the origins of creation as benevolent, all powerful and good (the left’s image of government) leading man, if only he would listen, to embody and advance the highest of God’s ideals as our responsibility. We accomplish this through our free will. Our free will, freedom, allows us to build upon what exists and expand it to greater heights, sharing with God in the wonders of His creation and exalting Him in the process. So we praise and offer gratitude to God for the wonders of His gifts embodied in the creation and in like manner build upon what God has given us; to “have dominion over the creation”. We engage in the world as God desires in ever growing joy and prosperity not only for ourselves but for the greater society and for those yet to come. The cycle goes on and on where “we each did build that” as an individual unique expression of God’s creation; God’s child.

In the Obama world seeking a socialist utopia, the origins of all fore-mentioned materials and ideals came about by chance, happenstance, from an accident; the common label for an unwanted pregnancy. God and religion is the opiate of the people; for the unenlightened. The government oversees all material, biological or otherwise, as the highest evolution of all that exists. There is nothing higher than government. There is no higher source of power, knowledge or determiner of right and wrong.

This is what tomorrow’s election is about.