Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What struck me most strongly about the military action against Libya, and from what I heard many had the same question, is why did it come so late? The entire region has been experiencing protests, calls for democracy, long before the protests in Libya started. The protests in Libya went on for some time before the nation divided into armed factions. All this should have been anticipated and plans in place for how to deal with turmoil in Libya.

Who are the protesters? That is one concern, but they can be predominantly described as the youth of their nations. Young people who generally make up half the population of their nations. And though groups we consider our enemies may be involved, we have to trust in the inherent goodness of our fellow man. If we can't, we have already lost. These groups we call enemies, I do not believe speak for the majority of the younger generation.

And then there is Qaddafi. Decades of terror as his political opponents have disappeared or been outright killed. His hit squads openly killed protesters in the streets leading to the armed division. A man who brought order to a land of brutal tribal warfare, the current divisions based on these tribal divisions. And a man who has spent massive resources to build infrastructure for his nation, of which all benefited. Who is known for providing other African nations with large amounts of economic support. A missionary from our church who was formerly in Sao Tome mentioned to me that Qaddafi gave dozens of tractors to the people there.

Still ...a murderous tyrant. But one who can be shaped, as the assault against his family substantially severed his ties to international terrorism in the past. If he were the worst of the worst in the world, we could believe in the aggressive use of force as a diplomatic tool to bring a truly prosperous world for all. Unfortunately their are those far more evil than Qaddafi in the world.

The west is confused and conflicted in their assault on Libya. If they had acted quicker they could have kept the 'military' hostilities from breaking out. The best they can do, and what they should do now, is to tell everyone to return to their corners, the towns who support them. Then guarantee protection for all sides including Qadaffi. You have a nation of cities and towns that have vast open spaces between them. It would be easy to keep each party from moving against the other with a no fly zone. Unfortunately the too much too late approach has led to great loss of life. Loss that could have been avoided.

After separating the parties involved, you lead them in a diplomatic process to form political parties, platforms, and eventually free elections. Even if it includes negotiations with enemy groups such as Al Quida, Hamas and groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, only good can come about. No one thought peace would come quickly to Northern Ireland, but as soon as a diplomatic wing of the IRA was formed, the terrorist activities soon subsided. Using these nations in turmoil, to bring the various groups together to form something better for the nations involved can only be productive. Everyone wants to live a life of accomplishment. Accomplishing these great tasks, bringing freedom and democracy, together with those we consider enemies, and you pull the rug out from under motives and intentions of darkness.

Monday, March 14, 2011

'Three Gorges Damn' or 'China Bashing'

When governments, here and around the world, are trying to financially shackle their citizens with carbon taxes in the name of global warming, China gets a pass. China is now by far the greatest producer of greenhouses gases, and constructing coal burning power plants on a weekly basis. Yet it is the United States, leading the world in environmental technologies, that needs to be brought in line, put in those shackles, or the world is doomed.

And as many thousands have died, and many more are suffering, an attack on nuclear energy is taking much of the stage as several reactors struggle to avoid meltdown in Japan after their earthquake and subsequent tsunami. A meltdown that actually poses no real danger. The reactors having survived an unbelievably powerful earthquake should suggest that nuclear power can be safe.

A war on energy just another manifestation of the left's package of strategies to tell their fellow man, in no uncertain terms, that they cannot take care of themselves. That they should all submit to their wisdom, the salvation they can provide simply because they know better. Now fracking fluid has been listed as a possible cause for an earthquake in the United States. The United States again the villain.

And we keep giving China a pass, President Obama even treating their delegations like deserving royalty.

The earthquake Japan, some speculated, may have been caused by the supermoon. The gravitational forces pulling on the tectonic plates at greater strength than normal as the moon comes closer to earth than usual.

The three gorges damn slowed the rotation of the earth. What kind of mass that entails. Wow! A mass setting on something much less massive than the entire earth. Setting on a tectonic plate. So again, if we are going to say man can transform the climate, and cause earthquakes, if we are going to operate on that premise, China is again the chief suspect. If not for the quake itself, certainly the magnitude... if the left wants to be consistent.

Just another example of how those grabbing for control, in the name of the good of all mankind, could care less about their fellow man. If they did, they would focus the fight against global warming on China. They would have opposed the three gorges damn. And if they cared about their fellow man, they wouldn't honor a regime that is brimming with corruption and human rights abuses. That would be China. And they wouldn't be focusing a world wide campaign against nuclear power in the face of all those suffer devastation. An intellectually weak argument, as the reactors protected their cores in the face of forces beyond the original design criteria.

Is it unfair to bash China in regards to the recent earthquake? Perhaps, but it points out the hypocrisy of those claiming they know better. Those who put policy before people, to put it in the simplest of terms.