Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Which Came First

Which came first; the turkey or the egg? Sorry …chicken. An age old question. What ever the answer, I would hope that this coming Thanksgiving we will all share a common gratitude that our nation is not being ravaged by the Ebola virus. Even if we are continually dogged with the virus, Nigeria had only a 40% death rate compared with up to 90% where medical care is less consistent or overburdened. Another question, far easier to answer and instructive to answering the first is: Which came first, godless socialism or complete and utter incompetence fueled by envy and an absolute intolerance for all those who think differently?

We as a people are flummoxed at the actions, or rather inactions, of the Obama administration in protecting this nation. When states show proper prudence in instigating forced quarantines, the Obama administration opposes them. Then there are those, as if standing in wait, ready to sue these states for their reckless acts of blatant responsibility in their efforts to protect their citizens.

As WHO (World Health Organization) and our own CDC ( Center for Disease Control) show themselves not up to the task, one must ask; why? Because healthcare has been politicized in pure socialist fashion. We are not allowed to protest the incompetence, in regards to protecting the public from Ebola. Who you know and what you believe is what matters, not what you do, not the results.

The BBC and others have already labeled such speculation as Fear-bola, and have further compared Ebola with the highly politicized AIDS. Yes, Ebola is a virus like AIDS and hopefully that is the end to the comparison. We now have laws, and for good reason, that make it a crime to intentionally spread AIDS. Of course I believe murder would be an obvious charge for spreading Ebola, considering it could possibly kill within weeks, rather than in decades as in the case of AIDS. And if we are to be so concerned about those with AIDS, whom with medications may lead a very long and otherwise healthy life, what is the survival rate for AIDS patients who contract Ebola?

So what do these socialist elites believe?

They believe we, in the first world, must be exposed to this horrid disease if a cure is to be found. We are uncaring, racist and too ignorant to matter if we think otherwise. This despite the fact that it appears there is a cure, just not enough of it. A cure that has been worked on for more than ten years here in the United States. There is also news of several long standing vaccine projects.

They are all also advocates of manmade global warming, along with their apostate media, despite the fact that the southern ice cap is thicker and more expansive now than anytime in known history. This radical environmental movement is why Obama still has not, and never will, approved the Keystone Pipeline.

What else do they believe? For over forty years, under the guise of environmentalism and love of planet, they have believed that the resources of the earth, most notably our food, will run out. They are actively promoting, along with the devoted media, laboratory produced beef and the consumption of insects as a necessity to feed the future world. Many of those who believe in such impending disaster believe the earth is capable of existing in harmony with a human population of only 250 million; we are soon to be thirty times that number. Others believe man should be driven into extinction. They call themselves the self-extinction movement, but, …why are they still around?

Let me put it this way. If I were writing a novel (I actually am, but not about the threat of Ebola) about a conspiracy to spread Ebola across the country I could not come up with a better plot line than what I have and am seeing play out. An infected individual jumping on an airliner, traveling up and down the country. Another individual goes on a cruise, and what says viral outbreak better then a cruise ship. (Yes the nurse tested negative for the virus, thank God). Then an infected doctor travels the New York subways and then goes to a bowling alley the next state over, supposedly the day before he became symptomatic.

So which came first; the ideology or envious incompetence? Like the chicken and the egg, the one does not exist without the other. A chicken would not be a chicken without the egg. A concept the godless hate; they relish in ambiguity. The reality is there is no haven for incompetence without a godless socialism.

Let’s take Stalin as an example. He held power over a vast communist regime; a godless socialism for those uneducated in the Cold War. The Ukrainians were an independent strong minded people with vast holdings of private land in opposition to the Soviet communist ideal of the commune. The ideology dictated that private ownership be annihilated. So Stalin sent in his henchmen. They took all the food they could find as Winter was approaching. The result was millions starved to death. But did Stalin really want to kill all those people? Has history got him wrong? Maybe it was just an example of envious incompetence. He wasn’t really a mass murderer. It wasn’t his fault. He was just sure those selfish uncaring Ukrainians were hording all the food and wealth for themselves. (the Ukraine was known as the bread basket of Europe) They were the evil 1%’ers who needed to be punished by confiscating their excessive lavish overabundance. All with the best intentions of course.

Or is it all part of the package? The godless ideology, the envious incompetence, along with the hate, a blatant disregard for life and murderous intent.