Friday, December 12, 2008

Illinois Senate Seat

When Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (bluh-GOY'-uh-vich) was arrested and charged with corruption, and as his party turned on him leaving him out in the cold, one thought came to mind. Does Alan Keyes still have his residence in Illinois? And how can you charge someone for selling a seat before it was appointed? (OK, that's two thoughts)

There is an appointment that no one could claim was tainted; Alan Keyes. Though they might claim it was done out of spite...... Yeah Rod, stick it to them! Those corrupt hypocrites!

Though Keyes ran against Obama for Senate on the Republican ticket, he has had his falling out with the Republicans and ran for President as an Independent. Surely the government cannot produce any tapes alleging he sold the seat to Alan Keyes. Or any other Republican or Independent that is qualified for the job.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

Many thanks to our Veterans.

This is what you did. You gave the entire world hope and opportunity. It's not dependent on who is President but on the willingness of those willing to offer their lives that others might be free. Always a bitter sweet reality.

Yes you did.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Debates are Over

After the last Presidential debate, I forgot which channel I had on, one of the commentators said Senator Obama surely looked Presidential.

... Really?

I thought of the debate, before my time but often talked about, between Nixon and JFK. I don't know how you make a black man look pasty faced but they pulled it off. I saw a couple of side shots of Senator Obama at the beginning of the debate but don't recall seeing any later on. Obama hunched over the table looked far from Presidential especially in contrast to Senator McCain's flawless posture and perfect makeup. And I couldn't take my eyes off his immense ears. Must have had something to do with the background. Oooh! Now I've crossed the line. I mentioned Obama's ears. Well .... if you think that's crossing the line? ... Keep reading.

McCain had Obama on the run. 'Joe the plumber' hit Obama hard exposing Obama's socialist agenda, and Joe is paying the price. But the trade talk turned into a fight, Obama siding with Venezuela and McCain with Columbia. That would be the Venezuela where Obama's friend Ayers gave this speech. The Venezuela throwing its support to FARC. Obama's talk of death squads and assassinations of labor leaders smacked of cold war rhetoric, where as McCain's talk of promoting trade with Columbia to spur development conveyed ideals of a world of mutual prosperity.

And here it comes.

It would be unfair of me to make comparisons between Senator Obama himself and the Soviets of old, North Korea and even Nazi Germany. But not unfair to make those comparisons with the left wing of the democrat party that has chosen Obama as their figurehead. A figurehead that meets the lefts ideological ideals.

Have you noticed how figures such as Stalin, Kim Il Sung or now his son Kim Jung Il were or are beyond reproach? If you believe the North Korean media, the states propaganda arm, Kim Jung Il would put Tiger Woods to shame on the golf course. And of course they were or are blameless in any of the atrocities that just don't exist because the media never cover(ed) them. How similar to the partisan medias coverage of Obama. Our mainstream media literally ignores Rezko, Ayers, ACORN, and Jeremiah Wright, not to mention questions of his early life. And have you ever seen a picture of Obama smoking a cigarette? Any of the above would be front page news if Obama were a republican. If the mainstream media truly covered Obama, truly investigated his life, if he had won the nomination his party would be desperate to find a way to get someone else on the ticket. Rather Obama appears ordained, immaculate, the agent of change and hope and hopes for change we can all hope for. His every thought genius, his every action flawless.

But that is an indictment of the mainstream media, not Obama. After Stalin, the Soviets made sure no one person would hold such power again. The leaders that followed were more figureheads chosen by the larger party than an individual dictator, though the ruthlessness continued. This is Obama's position in the democrat party. A party ruled by a far left fringe. But how unfair of me to make such a comparison. Yes, the democrats are far from any atrocity committed under these fore mentioned communist systems, but ..... look what is happening to 'Joe the plumber' for asking a man who wants to be his President a question.

And as the left continually cries for separation of church and state, a phrase not found in our Constitution, they have created their own religion(s). Manipulating religion much the same as was done in Nazi Germany to control the masses and promote their agenda. Joe Biden's comments on same sex marriage in the Vice Presidential Debate bearing witness. Biden stated that it was one's faith community that was the definer for what is marriage and not the government. Not really true. You need a license to get married; issued by a state. 'Traditional marriage' has been institutionalized in such fashion over the millennia because civilizations have recognize its benefits to society.

We have the black liberation theology of Reverend Wright promoting racial/class strife, or the various forms of liberation theology around the world spread to support the communist cause. The attack on our traditional values with radical churches embracing homosexual unions. Where God is more a concept than a reality. A political base being used not only to support the lefts agenda but as justification to vilify those holding higher values. A base used to influence school curriculum and indoctrinate the youth of our nation. Every communist state or tyranny has official churches and uses the education system to hold control over the family structure.

The question is often asked how any people allowed themselves to fall victim to such oppressive regimes. Many criticized those behind the former Iron Curtain as having the government they deserve. For not standing up and throwing the bums out. Well the Hungarians did in 1956 (October 22). And many hoped the United States would come to secure their independence, but Eisenhower attempted to work with the U.N. rather than take decisive action. If we give up our liberties, our Constitution, to a godless socialism there wont be anyone to come and help in the fight to take back our nation.

Senator Obama may be nothing more than an opportunist, possibly with sincere ideals, but the wave he is riding he cannot change. It will do what all waves do, as any godless socialist system will do what every godless socialist system has done.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New York, New York

Where is Wall Street? You know, the scapegoat for the democrats lending scandal. And how do they feel about 'spreading the wealth around?'

Where is Senator Clinton from? Senator Clinton who set up a residence and was elected straight up. Senator Clinton, that woman who was snubbed as the V.P. pick.

What do people in New York think of Chicago, home of the White Sox, Cubs, Bears and Tony Rezko? Tony is such a neat name.

Is New York an ACORN... Sorry, I mean a battleground State?

What ethnic group has their Biblical homeland being threatened with annihilation by Iran that has a strong presence in New York. The leader of which Senator Obama HAS promised to meet with without precondition.

Are white people the biggest racists in this nation? Is racism really an issue at all for white people? Maybe white guilt. I mean, are all the other ethnic/minority groups, that still swarm to New York, going to vote for an unqualified black man because he is a minority? Or will they be disgusted that he can be elected president just because he's black?

I have a brother that from the beginning has never seen anything but a landslide against Senator Obama. Senator Obama who has done near nothing but made himself all black (except in commercials aimed at white people).

Now the talk is that the election will be over before dinner. I believe it very well could be. I just have this feeling about New York.

I am preparing myself for a trip down the rabbit hole if Obama is elected. Both because no sane society would elect such an unqualified empty suit, and because of the socialists policies he believes in have been failures everywhere they've been tried, including at Plymouth rock. But I don't think it will happen. I just have this feeling about New York.

I have some things to say about that last debate but you'll have to wait.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

You Decide

Which America do you choose?

Hmmm. The video has been removed. The Obama youth singing his praises.
"...Obama's going to lead. He's going to change it, rearrange it.... yes, yes, yes we can... yes we can..."
All the hope and change coming from Obama and singing for it. No mention of God of course. 10/2/08 update

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Perfect Storm?

As Mercury, Venus and Mars align on this historic date seven years after the attacks on the Twin Towers, one naturally wonders the cosmic significance. The attack on our civilization intended to destroy. Not just the Twin Towers but our culture itself. A culture, built on Christian civilization, that has been the greatest force for goodness in the world. Yes, a civilization built on Christian morality. For that is the struggle for the advancement of civilization. The struggle between good and evil. The struggle for higher standards of goodness and values that drives man forward and when lost sinks civilizations into the rubble of history.

The attacks on our culture are from within as well as from abroad. Moral relativism, the devaluation of life and break down of the family structure all symptoms of the disease. As we are accuse by our external enemies of spreading immorality around the world, it is those internal enemies, the cause of the said debauchery, that align themselves with those seeking our destruction. A moral decay which was the stated goals of the former communist block to weaken the United States for its eventual defeat. A reality that only those who have descended down the rabbit hole of liberalism could possibly deny.

A struggle that has divided our nation and most clearly portrayed in this Presidential campaign. For those of conservative bent, the complete moral, ethical and intellectual bankruptcy of the left, or democrat party, has been apparent from the days of Bill Clinton if not earlier. The media, or as some have called it the fourth branch of government, academia and a professional political class that have little knowledge of how the real world works have kept the incompetence alive. Much of the blame falling also on republicans entrenched in this political quagmire.

Until recently, democrat party domination was predicted for this upcoming election. Despite a do nothing democrat run congress with historically low approval ratings and a Nancy Pelosi who has shown complete disdain, if not ignorance, for good and proper legislative procedures all looked lost for the republicans if one listened to the media, including right wing talk.

Much has changed with the nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President on the republican ticket. Not only is it in complete contrast to the snubbing of Hilary Clinton by the democrat party and its support of a complete incompetent in Nancy Pelosi, it is part of an almost fatal and complete alignment of circumstance that under normal circumstance would lead to the democrat party's destruction.

Yes, Sarah Palin is not running for President as is Barack Obama. A Barack Obama that has averaged about 40 days of work in Washington a year for his over $160k salary. But her qualifications are under attack, and if Obama, seeking a higher office, cannot match her qualifications how is it not an issue? Facts and a logic that may be ignored by the media and mindless leftest blogs, but not missed by thinking Americans. Falsely accused of being part of an Alaskan secessionist party and questioned for her faith background we find Obama trying to downplay his ties to William Ayers of the weather underground, terrorists who bombed buildings seeking to overthrow our government, and his twenty year devotion to Jeremiah Wright's church, not to mention his Muslim education as a youth. Being a member of the PTA and mayor of a small city obviously doesn't compare to being a community organizer in Chicago for ACORN. The comparisons go on and on and on and show Obama to be the empty suit he is in contrast to the real people of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The Obama-Biden meltdown is complete with their own vindictive nonsensical attacks of desperation. For those with operating mental faculties one might expect an easy victory for John McCain and Sarah Palin. The left wing media is in economic collapse and turning to left wing bloggers as source material without even doing their own fact checks. But is America really listening? You never know what will happen tomorrow not to mention what lies in the hearts of others. 'Is America really listening?' Do the good people of the United States care?

Whether through prayer, political activism or sharing one's views with your neighbor it is time to take a stand. To take a stand for what's good and right and reject the inane. The contrast between the two sides could never be clearer, but nothing should be taken for granted. Civilization, our Christian culture, was built upon great sacrifice and acts of will and equal efforts are required to protect it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

"Where's the Change?"

An expression playing off the old Wendy's commercials that I have coined months ago on the comment stream of a liberal, excuse me, independent blog that I often visit.

As Barack Obama makes his debut as official Presidential candidate of the democrat party, I have to ask again;

"Where's the change?"

After a series of empty associations, here and around the world, with great leaders of the past, supposed and otherwise, Senator Obama chose the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial to receive the party's nomination. Yet his comments on the very special event were brief and trivial, almost an afterthought.

As everyone was looking for specifics to his campaign of change, Senator Obama gave the same old same old liberal democrat demagoguery. The change he desires is not something new, but what the democrats have been seeking for decades. Complete domination of this nation. To impose their policies of higher taxes, big spending and to create an electorate that is completely dependent on the government. To put us all on trains, to give us all jobs that they will chose, sorry, provide for every American and nationalize big health care. Claiming republican policies a failure despite the reality and continuing their campaign against a third administration for President Bush.

Obama's lack of experience, not to mention past associations he is trying to play down or hide, were covered with his mastery of rhetoric up to now. He speaks very eloquently and can truly inspire. The problem is he cannot do what Bill Clinton could, and that is to make people believe anything. His vision for change falls flat.

In fact, Obama's overtures of respect to John McCain highlighted Senator McCain's own record of reaching across the isle. The kind of Change I believe most American's pictured Senator Obama was speaking about.

"Where's the change?"

It is in the republican party. Not only does McCain have a record of working with his opposition, he has shown the same compassion towards those in his own party with the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. The conservative woman Governor of Alaska who truly has started on the bottom and risen to Governor with a record of achievement. A record of ethical reform in government and reaching across party lines. Everything true Americans were hoping for from Senator Obama, who has revealed himself not up to the task.

Many speak about those moments in history where they remember exactly where they were when it happened. That is how I felt when John McCain announced his choice for Vice President. When John McCain introduced Governor Sarah Palin he introduced us to the future of the United States. That is how I felt. I don't know why, but I found it hard to hold back tears as both of them spoke this morning.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blood for Oil

Thousands are being killed due to the imperialist policies of Russia. For lands far away with cultures not our own it is easy to rationalize away the seriousness of the conflict. It is an uncalled for human rights violation of the highest magnitude and cannot be tolerated. Action must be taken in swift and powerful fashion, including sending troops to Georgia.

Out of the confusion of who is to blame for starting the hostilities, one thing is becoming clear about Russia's invasion of Georgia, that it is about oil. The control of Caspian Sea oil, Europe's only lifeline not previously under Russia's control. Beyond the cold war tactics of beefing up Poland and the Ukraine, which we absolutely should do. Other options include the liberation of Cuba, ousting of Chavez, friend to Iran, and incursions into Iran, with its growing alliance with Russia, against forces supporting the insurgency in Iraq. Cold War tactics worked in the past.

The empty avenue of diplomacy may be attractive to those who fear conflict, consider the United States the problem or believe the American people wont support further military conflict, but there is another action we can take that is not confrontational. To drill like there is no tomorrow. (Obama will give us alternative energy sources if elected)

The continental shelves, ANWR and helping South America to develop new found massive reserves would plummet the price of oil, oil that Russia is using to fund it's new found tyranny. It would give us energy independence, at least for the hemisphere, reduce our own energy costs and open new supplies for the European market.

All this together takes away what Russia considers its prize. The pipeline in contention will hold greatly reduced value, their goals to reoccupy Eastern Europe thwarted and their government will be embarrassed in front of their own people. If we are absolute in our determination to stand against tyranny we may lose some provinces in Georgia and a pipeline but could guarantee the freedom of Eastern Europe and make advances for freedom in our own hemisphere. It could also spur political change in Russia itself. In many ways this is a great opportunity if our leaders have the moral fortitude and will to take advantage of it. To take the path of weakness will lead to the re-enslavement of Eastern Europe and further conflict if not outright war. That's just plain history.

You would think the Left would be all for my drilling logic. It would give them an altruistic reason to change their losing policy of no new drilling and take away a winning issue from the Republicans in the next election. They could claim new and productive approaches to resolving conflict without violence. Of course the Left and reason have little in common.

Friday, August 01, 2008

'Thank God for Great Men' or 'Changes'

Today is an important anniversary for Americans. The anniversary of an event that has helped shape contemporary America and put front and center, in both media and politics, a figurehead of conservative values. That would be the the 20th anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh show. Many congratulations and dittos to Rush. A man whom through continuous propagation of the conservative cause has turned the hearts of many to what is right.

When did I become a conservative? It was when the then President Jimmy Carter spoke to a national audience on television declaring that the United States was no longer the worlds leading superpower. A single event, the surrender to the Soviet Union, opened my eyes to a new reality more than inflation, gas shortages and tax rates over 70%. More influential than the disgraceful retreat from Southeast Asia that led to the deaths of millions or the devaluation of life under the guise of medical science in the legalization of abortion.

What followed was Ronald Reagan with his undying devotion and faith in the United States as that 'city on the hill'. My first opportunity to vote was the privilege to help elect him to his first term. A decade after his election the economy was booming after massive tax cuts, the communist block states were free and the stare down with the Soviet Union virtually over.

Now the United States finds itself on the road to victory in Iraq and in its war against terrorism thanks to our current President George W. Bush. Yet, those who opposed the Vietnam War and like minded individuals are still trying to convince us that the United States is the problem, not the solution. That Iraq was a mistake and we didn't win (the Iraqis miraculously had a change of heart) and should get out. Like the past, donations from Buddhist Monks and our military secrets from Los Alamos going directly to Beijing, along with the now open propagation of socialism, being a covert virtual surrender to China. The democrats express joy and support for rising gas prices, as they seek world wide government control of all oil and natural gas production. The party that again proclaims the virtue of raising taxes, and wants to suffocate our industries with restrictions, fees and penalties in response to the junk science of global warming.

After the re-election of Bill Clinton and its aftermath, I could not see how such a vapid and bankrupt on every level democrat party, attributes now embodied in Nancy Pelosi, could continue. And now, how an empty suit like Senator Obama could lead pundits on the right to fear drastic expansion of the democrat party in the upcoming election. Their victories in the last election were a shock to me, but I have faith in my fellow citizens that they are smarter and more aware than the results would imply. But could I be wrong? Could the lefts propaganda machine (an essential part of any tyranny), the main stream media, be just too powerful? Where many are convinced through sound arguments, perhaps some require a clear illustration, a singular event or turning point. In the United States that may be rising energy costs and the democrats refusal to respond to the crises, but there is a much larger event on the horizon.

In a week the Beijing Olympics will begin. The Chinese communist state on display for the whole world to see. A state with a rising middle class and growing spiritual thirst. A state that will embarrass its people in front of the entire world with its tyrannical policies for the Olympic Games. An event that will deliver a double blow to the pillars of the socialist movement in the United States as well as jeopardize the communist party rule of China.

The first pillar being the media. The planned draconian methods of the communist state will fall most heavily upon them, the communist state being clueless to how the rest of the world will view their actions. The complete control of movement, and what one can see and report, along with the severe consequences for defying the state will open many eyes in the media and the public in general.

The second pillar being global warming. The intense pollution that many predict will hinder the performance of the athletes, some planning to wear specially designed masks for their events, will portray the folly of the issue. China, which surpassed the United States in emissions ahead of predictions and is in no way slowing down, is exempt from any restrictions in the Kyoto Protocols. (I noticed my google search on the Kyoto Protocols had the vast majority of top sites originating from China)

Some say the Olympics have no draw since the end of the Cold War rivalry. China's own stated policies on operations and the focus on pollution and global warming will make this Olympics one of the most viewed ever.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Independence Day. The day when our founding fathers decided to, if necessary, take up arms against the British Empire.

Concerning the recent Supreme Court ruling on an individuals right to bear arms I have to question the character of gun control advocates such as the Mayor of the District of Columbia and others that gun violence will increase with the Supreme Courts ruling. All studies prove otherwise.

I see this trend even among some Police Chiefs. Some police officers may consider it easier and safer if they could just crack down every time they see a gun, all being illegal, but is that a healthy mentality? The police against the public with no necessity to trust in the inherent goodness of man. All acceptable behavior codified. No powers of discernment or judgment required. Just enforcing the law that is becoming more and more intrusive....

A day to remember the courage of our founding fathers and trust in the wisdom they sought from God.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Operation Overlord

A small reminder of the significance of today's date, June 6, 1944, in case you haven't found others elsewhere. Yes, today is the anniversary of D-Day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Blessed are the Peace Makers

When Jacob went to meet Esau, he sent before him all his possessions to assuage his brothers anger. Esau, waiting with four hundred men, was moved to tears and embraced his brother.

Recently I heard a radio talk show host, among others, comment that military destruction was the exclusive solution to the Islamo-fascist threat facing the world. He rejected the concept of a caller that 'violence begets violence' in our fight against terrorists. I do not believe that to be completely true.

After the great acts of devotion to God accomplished by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses God lead the people of Israel into Canaan and had them summarily destroy all the peoples living there. A contradiction or bitter reality of the ways of the world?

God established His people. A way of life pleasing to Him and important to His providence. The standards were set in most cases in a way we consider noble, selfless, reflecting what would be called true religious devotion. Standards contradictory to the ways of the evil world which in turn sought their destruction. So to protect His people God sought to remove all influences that could corrupt this way of life and built a nation to defend it.

Much of the world has advanced to where such brutality has been deemed evil. The Judeo-Christion traditions no longer seek to justify actions such as the Crusades, the stoning to death of sinners, or institutions that oppress the liberties of others. Great peace makers of every background have made their marks throughout the world in the last century. Yet our way of life, a shining hope to people all over the world, is still under threat; still needs defending.

Not simply our political system but the moral and ethical standards that have been achieved through a long and bitter, often blood filled, struggle since the origins of man. True peace makers seek peace through promoting the highest ideals of selflessness and moral virtue promoting a higher standard of life most notably through example. A false peace maker stands for nothing, but simply seeks to tear down those who have come before. Attacking the imperfections of others as if they were magically immune. Claiming a moral authority based on standards they never achieved or even considered striving for.

We need the true peace makers to bring a real and final solution to the problems facing humankind. And we need to defend the way of life that allows those peace makers to flourish not only in the United States but around the world. Today is a day to honor all those who fought and died to defend our way of life.

God Bless America.

God Bless our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines.

Have a Blessed Memorial Day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Must See

I said to my wife one Thursday; “We need to go to a movie this weekend.”

“Speed Racer!” she said.

Yes, I was raised on "Speed Racer," often running home from school to catch an episode, but that wasn’t it.

“Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” a Ben Stein thriller, is the must see I was talking about. An extremely well thought out argument, in words and images, on the topic of Darwinism. From the cell and basic starting points of life he analyzes the science, clearly illustrating that the door to an intelligent cause is far from closed. Mr. Stein then takes the debate into the field of metaphysics where the majority of the battle truly rests. Where science began.

But most importantly he describes how scientific theories relate to our daily life. Beginning with how established scientist were discredit and faced discrimination for a purely scientific conclusion, that an intelligent cause is a viable theory. And continuing to Darwinist influences on movements in Europe and the United States that history has judged as evil, if not insane.

Few seem interested in commenting on the movie. A testament to the controversy surrounding the issue. Nothing from ‘Ebert and Roeper’ and the review in the Chicago Tribune credited to an Orlando newspaper. The review being more a reinforcement of the movies premises than an intelligent critique.

The dangers in how we use science parallel dangers in how we use religion. You would think that the Soviet Union, the birthplace of the communist state, would have been a big proponent of Darwinism. Not exactly. They held to the Lamarckian view of evolution. The theory that actions, responding to ones environment, stimulate change; genetic alteration. Hence justifying labor camps for anyone who didn’t fit the communist mold. This is my own observation outside of Mr. Stein’s scope, but in an age where scientific theories, such as global warming, are being used to argue for drastic changes in how we all live “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is of immense relevance.

Ben Stein asks himself what he can do in this fight for freedom. He made the movie. What can you do?

As Speed says in his new movie when asked by his father if he believed driving a car could change the world; “Maybe not, but it’s the only thing I know how to do, and I gotta do something.”

Go see the movie. It might not be around much longer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here is a great commentary on our Constitution and the perils it faces today. It was in the headlines links on this blog in case you missed it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Less Than Five Months Away

The thing that bothers me most about the Bush administration, along with the devaluation of the dollar, is their unrelenting devotion to corn based ethanol as a viable energy alternative. Its failure as a fuel, whether in its lack of efficiency, or embedded energy greater than that produced, negates its value as an energy resource. Ethanol depletes our water supplies, is detrimental to the environment and contributes to global warming through changing land use to meet demands for corn. Most disturbing is its effect on global food supplies and contribution to inflation worldwide. While some farmers are happy with the rising price of corn others are in distress over growing feed costs, creating a no gain sum as a voting block.

I recently came across this article on China's precarious economic circumstance and had to ask if this is the goal of our ethanol or monetary policy. China has built a vast navy. Is building extravagant embassies among the Pacific Island Nations, more impressive than any complex in those nations, while buying all their available land as it looks to the oceans to quench its thirst for energy and raw materials. It has been fanatical in its desire to keep its people fed, as hunger has been the most persistent cause of revolt throughout its history. To this end it has turned to South America, buying vast tracts of land, pursuing their ideological goals of world domination in the process.

Food alone will not be enough to assuage the desires of China’s massive population. They have raised their material standard of living; many have gained access to higher education, not dreamed of in the past for some classes, and acquired a taste for western culture as well as products. Now facing the potential of massive inflation its people, appeased by ever improving conditions could find their lifestyle quickly slipping away. And what buried resentments exist over the brutal crack down at Tiananmen Square in June of 1989?

With the 2008 Olympic Games now less than five months away the Tibetan people, suffering cultural genocide, are protesting in the streets not only in their homeland but also around the world, calling for the nations of the world to boycott. But would attending the Olympic Games be more counter-productive for China than a boycott?

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres recently played an exhibition game in China, playing to a 3-3 tie. Afterwards when Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park was approached by a group of Korean fans for autographs the Chinese security forces quickly blocked their approach refusing to allow any autographs be given despite promises to the contrary. If you think this an isolated incident you are truly ignorant of the nature of communism. Expect this scenario to be played out a thousand times over for the entire world to see during the Olympic Games and outright detention and arrest for media personnel.

Add to this the ecological nightmare of China as the world debates the effects of greenhouse gases on our environment. (Some athletes are expected to fly in only for their event and fly out immediately afterwards because of the air quality in Beijing.) The working conditions that the Chinese might find improving yet abhorrent to the rest of the world, the quality of it products and produce literally killing people around the world and China’s complicity with North Korea in the suppression and murder its own people on display for the world to see.

The 2008 Olympic Games will be a showcase for China. A showcase of what an atheistic communist regime looks to bring to rest of the world. A system of tyranny that many in the free world thought left in the scrap heap of history, what others hope will never return and still others fight to be free of. Their arrogance, greed and faith that fear and intimidation are the ways of the world will hopefully be the downfall of the communist party in China. How to make it happen with minimal cost to life and how to use the Olympic Games to promote this down fall are questions I hope governments, religious leaders and athletes around the world are asking. One thing we can all do is pray. Recognize the threat and opportunity before us and pray every day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

There will be no Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia and if you live in Kuwait, Pakistan, Malaysia or India the holiday has been disparaged for many years. Catholic Schools in Australia have often had a problem with the Holiday.
There are problems with the modern common practice of Valentine's Day. Is it really something children should celebrate? Especially as public school administrations work to eliminate abstinence education in our schools?
The heart of the issue is the dignity of women. The great contradiction being those cultures which hold women in the lowest esteem protest the loudest and seek authoritarian control while the United States, the greatest advocate of freedom in the world, allow special interest groups to dictate the morals of their children. Morals that do not reflect our Christian culture or any religious culture. That conflict with the values of most all the families in this nation. And then we wonder why the rest of the world accuses us of spreading depravity.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Candidate of Change

When Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses of their respective parties my first reaction was to go to Barack Obama’s web site and find exactly his stand on the issues. The first black candidate for President put forth by a major party, a landmark event if it comes to pass. When I reviewed the site of the candidate for change I asked, “Where’s the change?” In fact Obama’s stance on the issues represent the most liberal wing of the democrat party. Those who have fostered the divisive partisanship that keeps our country from advancing into the new century. Change?

We had a candidate of real change. His name was George W. Bush and since being elected he has been an example of the change others only talk about. A successful Governor of Texas recognized for working well with democrats. Though criticized for creating his education bill with Senator Kennedy and his flub of nominating Harriet Meyers for the Supreme Court they are examples of his willingness to reach across the aisle and take the views of others seriously even if they don’t agree with his own. A man putting to work all the resources before him, including his Vice President breaking the mold.

The real change we need is not something new but something old, something eternal. Integrity, good character and moral fortitude are being reestablished in the White House. What our founding fathers hoped would guide this nation. For anyone to call for change and then ridicule and besmirch our sitting President is hypocrisy not to mention an illustration of ignorance of the change that is needed. Or is it political expediency, the same old same old?

On the issues, the first initiative in office by President Bush was to spend months creating a comprehensive energy policy that would have increased our domestic oil and natural gas production and allowed the building of new refineries among other things. If not opposed by the democrats we would be far from an energy crisis today. President Bush showed himself quite capable in addressing all the issues facing this nation. Though no one can agree with all his stances there is plenty of detail to talk about. Of course President Bush is not running for President. But rather than stand on the merit of their own views the democrats have chosen to exalt themselves by belittling those around them recognizing President Bush as their greatest target.

Senator Obama brings much to the table despite his inexperience. Transparency is a powerful stand he can build on. His personal background, his interracial family and experience as a minority, gives him an insight we should all value. He has worked hard to take the high road in the political bickering among his own party. I could never vote for him based on his liberal policies but if he were to win the Presidency would have hope for a return to civility and accountability in government, real change. At least until this most recent democrat debate.

More than the typical one line attacks on President Bush, including his energy policy; the debate was a wink-wink nod-nod for the party to fall in line. Not quite a love fest, the orchestrated rekindling of friendship between the candidates was nothing less than a concession by Obama to the Clintons, with the final question on a shared ticket the crescendo. Planned to head off any divisions in the party that could jeopardize the black and women voting blocks. The equivalent of a good old-fashioned purge or Cultural Revolution one might have found under a communist regime where the party, the gathering of the enlightened, the elite, is most important. With government as the tool.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

R & B

"For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection, should demean themselves as good citizens."
George Washington

Remarks by Bill and Hillary Clinton, belittling Barack Obame based on his race, are of little surprise to the right and a challenge to the democrat party to revive a forgotten practice. That would be to think things through. The self-proclaimed advocates for racial equality have shown again that their tactics are nothing but a ploy to manipulate the masses. None the less shocking, or not, is the refusal of pundits both black and white to acknowledge that racism is dying in America. Barack Obama’s percentage of the white vote clearly increases as age decreases. His age and his message are a factor, but that message should be inspiring democrats of all ages. Could you imagine the melee if, as great numbers of republicans hoped, Condoleezza Rice were running for the republican nomination?

Yes racism is an evil still in our society, but clearly recognized and literally withering on the vine. The greater threats are the evils we refuse to recognize. One such evil is religious bigotry. Is it a surprise that what has been called the evangelical conservative counties in Florida went to the (secular) media darling John McCain? Some evangelicals have endorsed Mitt Romney while others oppose him on supposed religious grounds (WWJD). And those seniors that thought Bob Dole (73) in 1996 was too old to be President seemed to think otherwise for the 71 year old John McCain. However most of those seniors didn’t vote this time around.

Racism and Bigotry are the real issues. Vices some find convenient tools to achieve their goals. Florida has shown that ‘Super Tuesday’ is far more about the soul of this nation than the issues. Christians, at times eager to cry foul when they are targeted, may consider my view that religious bigotry on the part of Christians as a powerful force in this nation nonsense, baseless conjecture. A hundred years ago, most, including Christians, likely considered not having segregated drinking fountains nonsense and looked on with disbelief at those that may have questioned the practice.

If real change is to occur in this nation, who better to bring that change, to understand the issue, than those who have suffered the oppression and persevered with goodwill towards their enemies? Those who never lost hope or love for their nation and built success, aspiring towards the greatest position of political power in the world.

God Bless America

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hurricane Katrina victims are suing our federal government for $3 quadrillion dollars, a sum hundreds of times greater than the gross domestic product of the United States. Some wonder whether our government will put a price on the Katrina destruction.

I say for those asking such an outrageous sum from the government, or all of us tax payers, their citizenship should be revoked. Time to end individual self exaltation and promote ones responsibility to the larger culture. Our government has gone above and beyond in its responsibility and to seek further compensation is akin to suggesting the government is responsible for the weather.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Image is Everything

Or so they say. I only saw part of the Republican debate and though substantive on issues I'd like to give my personal impression on how each candidate appeared to me.

Senator John McCain, with his puffy jaw, always looked and sounded to me like he just came from a visit to the dentist. No one likes to visit the dentist. I often wondered whether it was related to his distinguished military service.

Senator Fred Thompson looked like the old man on the mountain. He just had to posture himself to speak and his opponents appeared humbled in expectation of his forthcoming wisdom.

Congressman Ron Paul impressed me as every ones favorite grandfather. Kind, caring and knowing what he believes. There were moments when he made me wonder if it wasn't time to hide his car keys.

Former Governor Mitt Romney had presence. He was just plain Presidential in manner and tone.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee; I feel his sincerity in seeing us all as God's children. And that is what he looked like. A child with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani for me is someone straight out of the movies. You know those old war movies. The ones with the guy who can do it all, who can get anything you can imagine and even some things you can't.