Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol

My pick from the beginning for the American Idol was Hollie Cavanagh. Her voice is beautiful, her form and posture elegant rather than suggestive, and she sang far more wholesome songs than the potential winner Jessica Sanchez. When Hollie sang she made people happy, something the judges didn’t catch on to very quickly. She hit the zone at the right time but lost out.

Jessica on the other hand is more of so much of the same; another sex object. Some of her performances have bordered on sleaze and she sings songs far too mature for a sixteen year old. A fact that most recognized, yet she continued to sing such songs including the song written for her to be her first hit if she should win. That may cost her. Jessica is a fantastic singer but she has been faltering a bit near the end.

In these last few weeks I thought Joshua would take it all, but he is gone also. Again he has a retro style not only in the style of the music but the content. All the massive changes we are seeing in politics is not restricted to politics. The public is sick of how immoral and vapid our society has become. Yes an indulgent life is empty and spiritless. People are desiring the good and virtuous if they know it or not. They are sick of corrupt politicians, have a growing interest in philosophy and systems of thought, and are looking for what’s true in life.

In this sense Phillip Phillips may become the first Idol, if he should win or not, that approaches legend status. He comes across sincerely humble and unassuming, sings his own flavor of music that sounds like no other (usually these niche singers don’t make the final three) and most importantly sings meaningful songs with conviction and passion. These are songs about life, stories all can relate to, and if they aren’t he makes them that.

The entertainment industry does not reflect the values of the United States; a nation built on Christian values. And Christian values are not about succumbing to the inevitability of sin and just simply living with it, but about striving for excellence; being perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. Even conservative talk radio show hosts seem content with homosexuality as a fixed reality in society. The churches that allow homosexual ministers have given up on this striving for excellence so clearly expressed as qualifications for ministry in the Bible.

And why is it such an oddity that an Olympic athlete is a virgin? Statistics suggest there are significant numbers that remain chaste until marriage. Far from a majority when you get past the college years but I have heard numbers over the years above and below the fifty percent range for high school students. Why do we tolerate the ever younger sexualization of our children and treat virtue as the oddity rather than sin? Yes! It’s called sin in God’s eyes and no system that has denied God has met with success, to get back to politics.

What we endure in our leadership and tolerate in our entertainment, especially our entertainment idols, is leading to the depravation of not only our society but ourselves as well. This nation is in dire need of a wide sweeping revival.