Monday, September 28, 2015

The CNN Republican Debate

I, as a common man in most people’s eyes, will now share my impressions of the latest republican Presidential debate. I would suggest that these views reflect the general public’s reaction far more than anything you will hear or read in most media circles.

My first impression was, there is a strong conservative core of accomplished individuals in the republican party (main stage or not), so why does the party continue to marginalize the conservative cause? Yes, several of the eleven honored the conservative cause in word only, but that in itself makes it clear where the hearts and the minds of the party, of the people of this nation in general, rest. Yet I am under no allusion that the republican party’s supposed movers and shakers, firmly rooted in the establishment where government is served rather than the people, are and will work to undermine the conservative cause.

My second impression was as strong as the first. To bring an end to the national sin of abortion in the United States will require a woman President; and it will be that much easier if it is the first woman President. Yes, Carly Fiorina struck hard and decisive and has been duly respected for it. She has not waivered in her convictions or the facts in any manner, even now as the mainstream media falsely attacks her credibility. Equally, she showed herself exceptionally knowledgeable. As far as her looks, no one can claim that that is how she got where she is, though she is far from unattractive. (I had to go there for a comprehensive evaluation. The reality is; looks matter.) As President her authority would be untainted.

My third impression was that Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee did well; they impressed superficially. If you fell for their conservative line, I have a bridge here in Milwaukee I would like to sell you. And if I sell it before you get here, don’t worry, I’ll sell it again to you.

My forth impression was one of shock; shock that anyone would consider honoring the Iran deal on any grounds. That exchange didn’t pay off for Scott Walker, though he held the correct view, and the people’s stand on the deal, that it should be ripped up. The exchange actually paid off for Ted Cruz and exposed the false conservatives among the bunch.

My not completely unexpected conclusion from the CNN Debate was that Donald Trump is far from a doomsday candidate.

Yes, Donald Trump did use democrat talking points to attack Scott Walker; talking points that are false. The supposed massive deficit in Wisconsin that Donald Trump made reference to was based on projections taking two slumping economic quarters in Wisconsin as the basis to project revenues for the two year cycle Wisconsin budgets consist of; Wisconsin collects a sales, income and gas tax. They were not typical quarters and skewed true projections. Scott Walker cut taxes, created the largest rainy day fund in Wisconsin’s history (Wisconsin’s constitution requires a balanced budget, a fact ignored by Scott Walker’s democrat predecessor), and artfully dealt with all shortfalls.

Why Scott Walker and the republican party never made light of this baseless attack until it was too late still baffles me. A secondary impression I received from the debate was that Scott Walker was intentionally sidelined in not only in this debate but in news coverage since the previous debate.

But back to Donald Trump, everyone’s favorite topic. Donald Trump clearly had command of the issues surrounding the Fourteenth Amendment. This was his first solidly Presidential stance and it impressed. He still lacks concrete specifics on immigration though in fairness the actions required to secure the border are self-evident and no mystery to anyone.

My fifth impression, equal to the last two, was that Donald Trump’s success represents the people’s disgust with the media; a disgust that may be even greater than their disgust for establishment politicians. Unlike John Kasich who takes PC to the point that makes one want to vomit, Donald Trump speaks forcefully without any regard to the media, mainstream or otherwise.

While many worry that Donald Trump is a liberal, most understand that no matter what one’s politics, as a nation of law that adheres to the Constitution, this nation cannot be corrupted. The people understand that there would be no criminals in office and infesting our government institutions, that there would be no violations of the Constitution and our courts, if the media was intellectual honest and moral.

Why is Donald Trump so popular amongst the people? Why will I, without hesitation. vote for Donald Trump if he wins the nomination? Because Donald Trump can, and I believe will do what politicians promise but then never follow through on. Examples of such actions would be; significantly reducing the number of government programs that overlap in the services they supply and firing government workers for poor, inappropriate and even illegal activity at work; workers protected by their union if not their supervisors.

Politicians fail to follow through on such actions in fear of being attacked by the democrats, and in turn by the might of the media, for even making the suggestion. Donald Trump will not care. He will shout down the media for being stupid and even immoral and say, “You’re fired!” In whatever Donald Trump wants to do there will be no stopping him and I believe first and foremost he wants to make the United States great again, better than it has ever been. He will do what it takes to make that happen. He comes from a world that rewards results not intentions or adherence to an ideology.

Donald Trump will appeal Obamacare, freeing the citizens from a tyrannical dictate. (I refuse to pay my Obamacare tax) This in itself will stimulate the economy.

One thing that I hope Donald Trump would be willing to take up is the prosecution of any and all in government for breaking the law. This includes those from the highest seats of government. This is required to re-establish the rule of law. Donald Trump was the first and possibly the only candidate to state that it looks like Hillary Clinton broke the law and has disregarded her as his opposition. No candidate has made any statement in regards to prosecuting the rampant illegality playing out before the people of this nation, whether in regards to e-mails, the IRS, or even the Justice and State Departments.

I have written previously that if a conservative does not win the Presidency in the next Presidential election this nation will have been lost, only possible to re-establish as a nation of the free through extreme action by the States. I have to alter that view. If Donald Trump becomes our next President, at worst this nation will be in a holding pattern. At best our economy will boom and with a conservative legislature take a few steps in the right direction.

Still, conservative executive leadership and reforms will be required in the future to save this nation and, in turn, protect and foster a better world for all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Round One Goes To The Establishment

I was attempting to organize my thoughts on the CNN debate in writing, but couldn’t. Then I heard that Scott Walker was dropping out of the Presidential race. I was disappointed and grew frustrated over the news. Many have written about Scott Walker’s campaign troubles. Let me give you my common man reaction.

Scott Walker took the high road, as he has often done in his life. But why did he have too? Why, in order to get down to a smaller field to powerfully convey a hopeful conservative message was one of the most hopeful and proven conservatives, and now Rick Perry, forced out of the race?

In my review of the CNN debate I was about to suggest the very same tactic; that the field be reduced significantly. Since the public is truly leaning to the conservative message and conservative and/or private sector candidates, and rejecting any reeking of establishment, would it not be natural for the party to edge out other candidates low in the polls, “not a chance in the world candidates”, such as Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, the conservative but all too PC John Kasich and George Pataki rather than Scott Walker? Who will be forced out next before any establishment candidates begin to drop out, Bobby Jindal?

Scott Walker protects his standing for future Presidential runs by not facing possible embarrassment when the caucuses and primaries begin. How far will the “not a chance in the world candidates” go and why? It wont be to enhance their future Presidential potential.

Why are so many “not a chance in the world candidates” crowding the field? This is the question. A question even greater than; What is Donald Trump up to? The future of the party, the desires of the people, are being subverted by the old school establishment.

Where is the Presidential campaign money coming from, or better yet where is it going and not going and why? Money was the reason Scott Walker was forced out so early; the bottom line. Forget all the he says she says of typical campaign drama, the message came from the donors.

When George W. Bush ran for office, as I understood it, most of his campaign donations were $20 and less. I received fundraising letters from Scott Walker but our finances are so tight I was putting off making a donation. Every news report I have observed on campaign fund raising in this current Presidential race I heard or read nothing so far about any grassroots support as far as I recall.

What has become of our country when the common man has become so economically oppressed (healthcare, education ever exploding utility bills, lower wages and rising taxes) that only wealthy individuals can make a difference? Such individuals want to support winners, and winners and losers are designated via polls.

When the campaigns begin earlier and earlier, the media decides how much coverage any particular candidate receives as advertising is not economically feasible The media carries out many of the polls. Does the common man have any true say in the process. Though Scott Walker disappeared in the polls, where was he among the citizens top two or three choices for President?

Scott Walker will succeed. He will stay in the office of governor. He will not take a cabinet position because it will hurt his future prospects for the Presidency. Scott Walker will not leave public service to seek out a higher income. That is how I read Scott Walker.