Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Independence Day. The day when our founding fathers decided to, if necessary, take up arms against the British Empire.

Concerning the recent Supreme Court ruling on an individuals right to bear arms I have to question the character of gun control advocates such as the Mayor of the District of Columbia and others that gun violence will increase with the Supreme Courts ruling. All studies prove otherwise.

I see this trend even among some Police Chiefs. Some police officers may consider it easier and safer if they could just crack down every time they see a gun, all being illegal, but is that a healthy mentality? The police against the public with no necessity to trust in the inherent goodness of man. All acceptable behavior codified. No powers of discernment or judgment required. Just enforcing the law that is becoming more and more intrusive....

A day to remember the courage of our founding fathers and trust in the wisdom they sought from God.