Monday, November 07, 2016

Conservatism and the Constitution

Is there anything more conservative, in light of our Constitution, than a citizen legislator; or executive? Not that I can see. I believe  it was the goal of our founders, in writing the Constitution, that legislators and our executive, the president, arise from the citizenry.

Our political overlords are not required to balance a budget, can work as little or as much as they like for a similar wage, amass great wealth from the lobbyist guild, and can freely and proudly call failure success, if only they had more of our money.

We as citizens are afforded no such luxuries. Well, media figures are but for the rest of us… If we were to act as our politicians do we would find ourselves penniless, living on the streets, or in prison. It is true for the laborer and even more true for a business owner or corporate executive on the wrong side of the political spectrum. But not for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is the most conservative candidate this nation has seen since Ronald Reagan. How can I make such a claim?

First Donald Trump loves his country. You can hear it in his words. You can see it in his family. He feels for others. He becomes emotionally involved with all he meets. He wants the best for the people of this nation and he will deliver the best as he has done his entire life. How could I possibly believe that? Because he is tough on those around him. He expects the best from others, from all, because he believes anyone can deliver excellence. Yes he can be very crude and offensive in his efforts to inspire, but anyone over fifty has the ability to understand the heart behind it.

Second Donald Trump is the ultimate outsider. A Blue Collar Billionaire I heard him called this morning on the radio. Only an outsider who never succumbs to the influence of those around him can make the changes this country really needs.

Ben Carson and Rand Paul never had the political punch to make sustainable changes. Serious follow through would have been needed and it wasn’t going to come from the establishment. Ted Cruz was to volatile of a figure. All his accomplishments would have been labeled mean spirited and reversed as soon as he was gone.

Marco Rubio? Anyone who believed Marco Rubio was a conservative solution to the problems we face as a nation are blind to the roots of the problems we face as a nation. Marco Rubio would have been the same slow death brought to us by the Bush administrations and represented by candidates such as John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Do you still believe that Donald Trump is not a conservative? Let me put it this way. The policies of the republicans versus the policies of the democrats can be placed into two categories; right and wrong, competent and corrupt, or God respecting and God denying.

Will a man from the private sector that has sought success and excellence in everything he has done in life, forced to play by the rules or face dire consequences, chose the latter rather than the former? I do not think so.

This is the root of the republican party’s deepest flaw. They believe they must reach across the aisle. They believe that a society under the sway of atheistic socialism and a God revering society share common values; a common culture. They do not.

Remember the roar of the psychic cheer that reverberated across this nation when Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an evil empire? The democrats are propagating great evils upon this nation. There is no middle ground on a growing number of issues, most notably gay marriage.
The republican party’s second fatal flaw, embodied in the likes of Paul Ryan, is that they believe government can solve problems. Government is the problem.

The future of this nation requires drastic structural change in government and only Donald Trump has the standing among the people and the ability to confound the media to bring these changes about. Corruption, incompetence, elements of tyranny and the disregard for our laws, the blatant disregard for the futures of the people of this nation, the outright abandonment of our Constitution all need to be addressed. Donald Trump has the insight and ability to recognize the problems, and with an unrelenting drive for success and the pursuit of excellence, the honesty and competence to fix those problems.

I believe tomorrow will be a landslide victory for Donald Trump. I have had this feeling since the beginning, though media coverage has fed my doubts to the point of gluttony.

I felt this same feeling strongly while I was watching the final debate. It is the kind of feeling you have when sitting at the poker table and though you do not have the best hand, or may be completely bluffing, you just know that when you make your bet or raise everyone will fold; the feeling that you own the table. When the topic of voter fraud came up I had an image of democrat pawns being sent to the polls over and over and I smiled with the revelation that, …they were not all voting for Clinton. True Conservatives own the table with Donald Trump.

It has been a long while since my last post. Why? I see my views on current and political events, my insight as an educated experienced common man, being expressed via the conservative media nearly as fast as I develop them myself. I have had no need to post; there was nothing I could add. At one time my views stood out as unique and powerful. Now they are common place. What changed? Donald Trump became the leading republican candidate for president.

That said, I will be laying out the Constitutional Amendments I believe are essential to revive this nation in the near future. Mark Levin, one of the greatest Americans of our time, has put forth a magnificent work on amendments to our Constitution he believes essential to save this nation. I differ slightly in my views. I will put forward three or four amendments that are most essential for this modern age and argue in excellent fashion why my perspective on sought after amendments is superior to what others generally support.

I feel great hope and expectation for tomorrow, yet trepidation over how the left will respond. I have written extensively on the belief in violent revolution central to communist/socialist thought.