Monday, November 07, 2011

They’re Back!

Nearly two years ago I suspected that a project to revive a massive failed mall complex on the northwest side of Milwaukee was being pushed to funnel money from the Red Chinese directly into the democratic party of Wisconsin. The project was/is backed by Chinese firms to bring in Chinese families to set up shops exclusively for Chinese goods.

Well, the project is back though the news reports would suggest that this is the first anyone has heard of it. I was wondering how the left was going to keep funding their protests as the money laundering operations of public sector unions is now significantly crippled due to the reforms governor Walker put in place to save Wisconsin from economic collapse. Could this be it?

Am I being too paranoid; too much of a conspiracy theorist? Am I seeing too much in the fact that Menominee Falls High School is dropping their Japanese language program after this year and will start teaching Mandarin next Year? After all China is a growing economic power and it is only natural that exchange increase as China becomes more important to our own economy.

But let me bring up a very important point, besides that the left is running out of money, that a local talk show host, Mark Belling, put forward, “Who can bail out the United States and at what terms?”

Many wonder if President Obama is intentional running our economy into the ground; taking the United States government into bankruptcy on purpose. Many believe if that should happen only China is big enough to bailout the United States as the E.U. is trying to bailout Greece.

Personally I believe China is on the verge of economic implosion and severe internal turmoil that will shatter China politically, with its various human rights violations, its growing gap between the rich and the poor and massive environmental issues. But I am sure that is not what the Chinese are planning for.

Back to Mr. belling’s point, if they need to rescue our the United States economy they will make it near impossible for U.S. products to sell in China, most likely through tariffs. Of course we will not be allowed to put any tariffs on Chinese products.

If you’re betting on the success of the Red Chinese economy against that of the United States it would be a good time to build a massive China Town to sell Chinese made products. Or in the terms of the Occupy movement, occupying cities across the country, it’s time to spread the revolution.

Yes, I could be a bit paranoid, but be certain this is not just simply good business.