Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Flow of History, The Ukraine and The Grassroots

The Ukraine, like most every part of the world occupied by man, has a long history of strife and turmoil; war and destruction. It was invaded by Czarist Russia. Under the Soviets a famine was imposed upon its’ indigenous people when government forces literal went farm to farm, village to village and took every piece of food they could find; millions died.

The Ukraine is now a mix of Ukrainians and Russians. Many families have inter-married as naturally happens in every region, such as the Balkans, as the history of migration and conquest forces one people upon another almost always unwillingly.

This history has produced ill will and even hatred between cultures and ethnic groups. In the absence of powerful central authority these historic injustices, real and those created for political gain, have historically resulted in bloodshed on a massive scale. We saw this in Lebanon several decades ago. The interior of Africa has witnessed multiple expressions of ethnic violence on a massive scale. The fore-mentioned Balkans are the most recent and atrocious example of this human tragedy that has plagued mankind …up to the present?

There is one reason that Russia under Putin has not invaded the Ukraine proper. The ethnic Ukrainians and Russians have not turned against each other. Putin’s plan has been frustrated. Each side within the Ukraine is arming itself, yet have shown great composure in this crisis and respect for those who they could so easily vilify and strike out against. This is a major shift of immeasurable significance in the history of man. Men and women in mass have turned against the most base desires that have cursed humankind from the beginning.

Peace has come to the Balkans. The good people of the rural areas of Mexico have risen up as one to defeat murderous drug cartels. The good government movement is gaining ground in Africa. In a divided South Africa violence has been rejected as an alternative. In North Africa the masses rose up and overthrew governments across the region. Even if the results are questionable the trend is undeniable.

In the United States the tea party movement without central leadership is turning back the counterculture of the sixties that has sought to destroy our culture and diminish man to no more than a mere animal in a godless world. The tea party has protested with calm, courtesy and cleanliness. They and those sharing their concerns have been opposed by threatening paid mobs that have engaged in and threatened violence and even death. The tea party has not reciprocated.

In the Ukraine the people stood up in the face massive corruption and would not rest until it was stopped. Many fought in the street to defend their right to protest. Many were killed. When they gained victory and occupied their former president’s residence it was left in near pristine condition. Even now under threat of invasion order rules where many are in disagreement.

Many believe that human history is evolving to ever greater heights. Though there have been many steps back we persistently find the condition of man improving. The Internet, an expression of man’s dominion over creation, has brought all the expansive cultures of the world closer together on a very basic and grassroots level.

Christians may see this advancement as a sign of the last days, yet they generally believe in a violent conclusion of history where they are saved and, ha ha, all the unbelievers are condemned to an eternal hellfire. I personally follow the ideology of an all loving God that will, must eventually save all men with the goal of God’s Kingdom on Earth where evil no longer exists. How else could God be absolutely good and all powerful if some thug underling could mess up His plans causing Him to alter them? If God foreknew evil it would be eternal.

In the realm of ideology, communism, the supposed highest truth in the eyes of the atheist, holds power under the premise that the few need to control the masses until mankind evolves to the point where they can rules themselves.

As history marches forward is it any wonder that Christianity, dealing with atheistic communism for over one-hundred years, has been powerless to defeat this evil ideology. Could it be because they have the end game wrong where communism has it right? Communism, denying God’s existence, is fighting a fight that cannot be won since God definitely does exist. This most critical of flaws corrupts all of communism. Could it be that both the traditional tenants of Christianity held for over fifteen-hundred years and atheistic communism are both being left behind as history flows on?

Whatever you believe it cannot be denied that mankind the world over, on a very base and grassroots level, has shown unbelievable potential to stand in mass for what is right in a good and civilized fashion. The Ukraine is the most shining example of hope to date.

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