Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crank Calls

Recently the governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, my governor, received a crank call ( that's what we called them when we made them, when I was twelve years old, crank not prank) from a liberal blogger, claiming to be a predominant conservative businessman, David Koch. A businessman who donates to conservative and libertarian causes, and holds substantial business interests in the State of Wisconsin.

Trying to trap Scott Walker in some scandalous mis-statement, the only thing we all discovered was that our governor says the same thing in private as he does in public.

When I first started this blog, my first, and now one of many, I visited a liberal west coast blog on a regular basis to comment on their postings. My sound conservative arguments soon caught their ire. First I was accused of being ignorant, invalidating my entire reasoning because of typos such as typing 'alot' rather than 'a lot.'

I was threatened with being blocked from posting on their blog. A blog that I will not mention, because I have decided it is not worth contributing to the liberal cause, by giving them the privilege of my patronage or the attentions of others. I was always courteous when I posted back then, and on some very rare and miraculous occasions we actually found common ground. So I was never blocked.

I was further accused of being a republican operative, spreading talking points coming down from on high. To which I proclaimed myself a free thinker. Then one day I received a call. A very passionate sounding woman, claiming to be a secretary from some office in the republican party was on the line. She claimed she had something very important for me to help them with, but before she could finish I said; "I'm a conservative, not a republican." And hung up the phone.

This was nearly five years ago. A few seconds after I hung up I asked myself; "Was that Becky?" One of several posters from the liberal blog with whom I had the most heated debates. It was a natural conclusion as I really had no connections with the republican party, outside of some small donations for the Bush 43 campaign. And I had been thickly accused on the subject blog of being an operative. And just the feeling I had about the call. I received plenty of fundraising calls but this was completely different.

The left has no scruples. They hold no commitment to basic attributes of good character. These tricks are not new. Governor Walker should have staff that are more competent. I heard a description of how the crank caller got through, and some one should be fired.

But ultimately, it is not just protecting the union money that goes towards democrat campaigns that has brought Wisconsin under assault. Yes, what is happening in Wisconsin, and other states, is a threat to the money supply, and the liberal's goals for complete control. But focus is also being directed at Wisconsin, and governor Walker, for the same reason the left focuses smear campaigns against Sarah Palin. They do not want Scott Walker, son of a minister, to get anywhere near the Presidency.

I cannot see Scott Walker running in 2012. We need him too much here, and I don't know who could possibly replace him. And he just started. But in six to ten years.... This is a true Reagan conservative who does what is right, and will not be changed.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day to all. As a citizen of Wisconsin there is nothing I can really add to the coverage, of the opposition to our governor, that has been going on. Being covered so deeply, most anything that could be said has been said. And I would share the opinion expressed here.

It was Mark Levin who I first heard explain clearly and flawlessly, maybe years ago now, the inherent conflict of interest that exists when you allow public workers to unionize. Their dues going to support candidates who decide their wages and benefits.

I hope as a nation we can always honor what deserves to be honored; President's like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. And hopefully many more in the future.