Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tutorial in Civics

In "The Passing of Korea," a book I have referred to in the past, the British author described the fate of those public officials who abused their power and refused to respond to the complaints of the people. Eventually the community came together razed their homes and dropped them at the outskirts of the community. Here in the United States, to be tarred and feathered and/or run out on a rail were not mere cliche in times past. There was an age when striking someone who insulted your, or your family's, honor would not be considered criminal or even inappropriate.

But today is very different. We are told that we cannot use force greater than what we perceive we are being threatened with to defend ourselves or face criminal prosecution. To call 911 and let the police handle it. If we aren't liberal darlings and protest at town halls we are called a mob, among other things. Attacked not only by politicians but the media as well. Deemed ignorant, incapable of understanding the issues or even the words, that unlike our elected officials, we read in the proposed health care legislation. All for lacking the expected... no, demanded humble submission.

Still the people, overriding the media, have delivered their message clear and strong on health care. Yet amidst certain political defeat, evident in polls and recent political history, for those who would vote for nationalized health care, legislation that gives all our financial and medical records to the government, the democrats still consider using their majority in both houses to push the bill through. We should all seriously contemplate why they may be willing to go this route. What they see in the future.

Are they lost in the delusions created by the mainstream media, the beltway culture? Do they seriously believe (correction 'feel,' they are liberals) people will forget before the election? The bill doesn't go into effect, if it passes, for four more years. And that stimulus money will be going into peoples pockets in unison with the campaign season. How many of us are getting accustom to holding out our hands, now with the 'cash for clunkers' program? You know. The government making sure we get the newest cars with the newest technologies. That microphone where people can hear you from anywhere in the world... when you're in trouble. They know where you are (what you're saying) and what's wrong with your car at all times so we can all feel safe knowing that we are being watched over.

Is the government confident that the people wont have the power to throw out their overseers? ACORN, under a variety of names now and funded by the government, can send its paid orange vested or green, pink or whatever shirted lackeys to repress and intimidate on demand. Government with its fees and regulations, determining policies as to who is eligible for funding, projects, grants etc. etc. literally holds authority over prosperity for more and more. With all the growing requirements and taxes, not to mention the proposed dictates to provide health insurance or be fined, can any small business survive? Can any new businesses form without the government's tacit approval? Already does any business get ahead today without campaign contributions to the status quo? ...Not in Wisconsin.

The reality is our way of life is in danger. This great light of freedom that brightens the whole world is in peril of being snuffed out. So I thought I would help you all prepare for what may become necessary in the very near future. Having lived through many a demonstration season during my time in Korea I learned a few things about protesting in the streets and naturally turned to YouTube to find some teaching aids. It wasn't as easy as I thought, but I found some videos that you may find educational originating from Iran.

OK... The video was removed by the user within four hours. The gist of it was scenes of protesting in Iran with Iranian and English captions explaining some tactics. Wetting the mask or scarf over your face and nose with vinegar to counter the tear gas, how to survive a baton attack and a few ways to fashion some home made tire spikes. Does this mean I'm on the government watch list and there's an organized effort to frustrate the efforts of those Obama deems undesirable?

They recommend vinegar to help offset the effects of the tear gas. When I was in Korea they used toothpaste. And in the following video you can clearly see the drastic reaction, something I have personally experienced, that the camera man and others had without even being in the fog of the gas. Remember the images of the tank at Waco with that huge tube poking into the building pouring out mass quantities of thick gas? And then there was the bulldozing of the site and the failure of the refrigeration system at the morgue that liquefied all the bodies. Is it surprising that Bill Clinton and Kim Jung Il could reach an understanding on his recent trip?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The New "N" Word

Actually it is an old word; Nazi.

Nancy Pelosi has now added to the, fast becoming badge of honor, title right wing extremist wing nut mob etc. etc. etc. the label of Nazi. And another (I forget who and don't care to look it up, do these people really warrant any attention at all anyway) has proclaimed the term 'socialist' the new "N" word.

Trying, without substance, to demean their opponents the tactic has backfired. We all know the evil intent behind the Nazi cause. The great atrocities committed, including genocide, experimentation on human subjects and the pursuit of eugenics. For the longest time, as we vilified the communist block for their crimes against humanity, and just the overwhelming horror of the actions of the Nazis' the ideology of the Nazi state has received scant attention.

No more. Yes, the Nazis' were socialists too. They had a clear ideology that translated into state policy. And now what the left has done is turn our attention to those policies; socialist policies refined to fit the Nazi model. Many similar to what our representatives want to weave into the fabric of our nation.

But where's the evil intent you may ask? When God is excluded and we are all mere material...