Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Succession, State Nullification and Impeachment

Many conservatives ridiculed a small group of Wisconsin republicans for proposing votes on succession and state nullification of federal law at the state republican convention in Wisconsin. A liberal and former high school classmate of mine posted an article that also ridiculed the proposals, on Facebook. He added his own ridicule to the posting. It has become a talking point of the left to attack conservatives. One that is counterproductive I believe.

My comment to my former classmates posting was along these lines: You should never vote on succession unless you plan to secede. The same can be said of state nullification of federal law, though I do not believe the people are necessarily opposed to taking that step immediately. I believe our talking heads themselves and many staunch conservatives are too influenced by their own political/insider culture and are not necessarily completely in touch with the tea party, or namely the grass roots of this nation. Only the grass roots can turn this nation around, whatever course is taken.

So, you so called reasonable conservatives, how far does the federal government have to go, with their media propaganda machine which has had to turn to outright lying on a continuous basis to support the regime, before you say enough is enough?

I, like every other conservative have pointed out how a near innumerable number of citizens of our nation are being financially hurt and even destroyed by Obama’s socialist policies. It has been clear for some time that this administration has been targeting conservative political interests with the IRS on a massive scale. Now evidence to that fact is being willfully destroyed with nary a protest. How far?

I have consistently commented on this blog that the whole world is ultimately suffering, that lives were being lost, due to the purposeful decline of this nation orchestrated by Obama and his communist comrades. Now we can point to thousands …thousands, if not tens-of-thousands or more, being openly murdered in the streets of Iraq due to Obama’s policies and his world view that we are the problem. How far?

In terms of succession, I began a group on Freedom Works named “2017 or Bust.” (Of course I quickly discovered that Freedom Works is most empowering to those already connected, but isn’t that always the case. But if anyone more influential wants to use the title or take over the group feel free.) The stated purpose of my group is that if in 2017 we find our political realities unchanged, whether that be democrat party rule or government establishment rule, that the people and states should convene on these very issues, succession and state nullification of federal law. That if things have not begun to drastically move away from bigger and bigger government that it will be our finally opportunity to act. Of course you could include Mark Levin’s proposed ‘Convention to Amend the Constitution’ as a viable course of action. He has worked hard and done all of the ground work. Only the will of our representatives is lacking.

But will 2017 be too late? Can any man of conscience remain silent under the outright and open lawlessness before them? How can Obama not be impeached?

What are our representatives telegraphing to the people of this nation by not impeaching Obama? That the law doesn’t matter? Already states which have not established exchanges under Obamacare, meaning the government cannot collect fines from the citizens of those states or give them subsidies according to the law, are being overridden. Fines will be collected by the IRS and subsidies are being dispersed. So why do we even have laws? Are laws only to be applied, even misapplied or made up on a whim, in any and all ways to expand and promote government over the will of the governed, for their own good? Is that what we are telling the citizens of this nation? Is that what they believe? How far?

A statement needs to be made. The laws of this land need to be enforced. If one actually believes that impeaching Obama will doom the republican party to losing elections and to lose power, if that is truly accurate, than this nation is already lost. There are stacks of evidence on dozens of charges of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ against Obama and many in his administration. The longer Obama is in office, the more his government is institutionalizing those of the same character in an ever growing bureaucracy, in an ever growing tyranny. How far?

So what is the high road, that many establishment republicans claim they represent? It is to impeach Obama, not for the color of his skin but for the content of his character.