Friday, August 29, 2008

"Where's the Change?"

An expression playing off the old Wendy's commercials that I have coined months ago on the comment stream of a liberal, excuse me, independent blog that I often visit.

As Barack Obama makes his debut as official Presidential candidate of the democrat party, I have to ask again;

"Where's the change?"

After a series of empty associations, here and around the world, with great leaders of the past, supposed and otherwise, Senator Obama chose the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial to receive the party's nomination. Yet his comments on the very special event were brief and trivial, almost an afterthought.

As everyone was looking for specifics to his campaign of change, Senator Obama gave the same old same old liberal democrat demagoguery. The change he desires is not something new, but what the democrats have been seeking for decades. Complete domination of this nation. To impose their policies of higher taxes, big spending and to create an electorate that is completely dependent on the government. To put us all on trains, to give us all jobs that they will chose, sorry, provide for every American and nationalize big health care. Claiming republican policies a failure despite the reality and continuing their campaign against a third administration for President Bush.

Obama's lack of experience, not to mention past associations he is trying to play down or hide, were covered with his mastery of rhetoric up to now. He speaks very eloquently and can truly inspire. The problem is he cannot do what Bill Clinton could, and that is to make people believe anything. His vision for change falls flat.

In fact, Obama's overtures of respect to John McCain highlighted Senator McCain's own record of reaching across the isle. The kind of Change I believe most American's pictured Senator Obama was speaking about.

"Where's the change?"

It is in the republican party. Not only does McCain have a record of working with his opposition, he has shown the same compassion towards those in his own party with the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. The conservative woman Governor of Alaska who truly has started on the bottom and risen to Governor with a record of achievement. A record of ethical reform in government and reaching across party lines. Everything true Americans were hoping for from Senator Obama, who has revealed himself not up to the task.

Many speak about those moments in history where they remember exactly where they were when it happened. That is how I felt when John McCain announced his choice for Vice President. When John McCain introduced Governor Sarah Palin he introduced us to the future of the United States. That is how I felt. I don't know why, but I found it hard to hold back tears as both of them spoke this morning.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blood for Oil

Thousands are being killed due to the imperialist policies of Russia. For lands far away with cultures not our own it is easy to rationalize away the seriousness of the conflict. It is an uncalled for human rights violation of the highest magnitude and cannot be tolerated. Action must be taken in swift and powerful fashion, including sending troops to Georgia.

Out of the confusion of who is to blame for starting the hostilities, one thing is becoming clear about Russia's invasion of Georgia, that it is about oil. The control of Caspian Sea oil, Europe's only lifeline not previously under Russia's control. Beyond the cold war tactics of beefing up Poland and the Ukraine, which we absolutely should do. Other options include the liberation of Cuba, ousting of Chavez, friend to Iran, and incursions into Iran, with its growing alliance with Russia, against forces supporting the insurgency in Iraq. Cold War tactics worked in the past.

The empty avenue of diplomacy may be attractive to those who fear conflict, consider the United States the problem or believe the American people wont support further military conflict, but there is another action we can take that is not confrontational. To drill like there is no tomorrow. (Obama will give us alternative energy sources if elected)

The continental shelves, ANWR and helping South America to develop new found massive reserves would plummet the price of oil, oil that Russia is using to fund it's new found tyranny. It would give us energy independence, at least for the hemisphere, reduce our own energy costs and open new supplies for the European market.

All this together takes away what Russia considers its prize. The pipeline in contention will hold greatly reduced value, their goals to reoccupy Eastern Europe thwarted and their government will be embarrassed in front of their own people. If we are absolute in our determination to stand against tyranny we may lose some provinces in Georgia and a pipeline but could guarantee the freedom of Eastern Europe and make advances for freedom in our own hemisphere. It could also spur political change in Russia itself. In many ways this is a great opportunity if our leaders have the moral fortitude and will to take advantage of it. To take the path of weakness will lead to the re-enslavement of Eastern Europe and further conflict if not outright war. That's just plain history.

You would think the Left would be all for my drilling logic. It would give them an altruistic reason to change their losing policy of no new drilling and take away a winning issue from the Republicans in the next election. They could claim new and productive approaches to resolving conflict without violence. Of course the Left and reason have little in common.

Friday, August 01, 2008

'Thank God for Great Men' or 'Changes'

Today is an important anniversary for Americans. The anniversary of an event that has helped shape contemporary America and put front and center, in both media and politics, a figurehead of conservative values. That would be the the 20th anniversary of the Rush Limbaugh show. Many congratulations and dittos to Rush. A man whom through continuous propagation of the conservative cause has turned the hearts of many to what is right.

When did I become a conservative? It was when the then President Jimmy Carter spoke to a national audience on television declaring that the United States was no longer the worlds leading superpower. A single event, the surrender to the Soviet Union, opened my eyes to a new reality more than inflation, gas shortages and tax rates over 70%. More influential than the disgraceful retreat from Southeast Asia that led to the deaths of millions or the devaluation of life under the guise of medical science in the legalization of abortion.

What followed was Ronald Reagan with his undying devotion and faith in the United States as that 'city on the hill'. My first opportunity to vote was the privilege to help elect him to his first term. A decade after his election the economy was booming after massive tax cuts, the communist block states were free and the stare down with the Soviet Union virtually over.

Now the United States finds itself on the road to victory in Iraq and in its war against terrorism thanks to our current President George W. Bush. Yet, those who opposed the Vietnam War and like minded individuals are still trying to convince us that the United States is the problem, not the solution. That Iraq was a mistake and we didn't win (the Iraqis miraculously had a change of heart) and should get out. Like the past, donations from Buddhist Monks and our military secrets from Los Alamos going directly to Beijing, along with the now open propagation of socialism, being a covert virtual surrender to China. The democrats express joy and support for rising gas prices, as they seek world wide government control of all oil and natural gas production. The party that again proclaims the virtue of raising taxes, and wants to suffocate our industries with restrictions, fees and penalties in response to the junk science of global warming.

After the re-election of Bill Clinton and its aftermath, I could not see how such a vapid and bankrupt on every level democrat party, attributes now embodied in Nancy Pelosi, could continue. And now, how an empty suit like Senator Obama could lead pundits on the right to fear drastic expansion of the democrat party in the upcoming election. Their victories in the last election were a shock to me, but I have faith in my fellow citizens that they are smarter and more aware than the results would imply. But could I be wrong? Could the lefts propaganda machine (an essential part of any tyranny), the main stream media, be just too powerful? Where many are convinced through sound arguments, perhaps some require a clear illustration, a singular event or turning point. In the United States that may be rising energy costs and the democrats refusal to respond to the crises, but there is a much larger event on the horizon.

In a week the Beijing Olympics will begin. The Chinese communist state on display for the whole world to see. A state with a rising middle class and growing spiritual thirst. A state that will embarrass its people in front of the entire world with its tyrannical policies for the Olympic Games. An event that will deliver a double blow to the pillars of the socialist movement in the United States as well as jeopardize the communist party rule of China.

The first pillar being the media. The planned draconian methods of the communist state will fall most heavily upon them, the communist state being clueless to how the rest of the world will view their actions. The complete control of movement, and what one can see and report, along with the severe consequences for defying the state will open many eyes in the media and the public in general.

The second pillar being global warming. The intense pollution that many predict will hinder the performance of the athletes, some planning to wear specially designed masks for their events, will portray the folly of the issue. China, which surpassed the United States in emissions ahead of predictions and is in no way slowing down, is exempt from any restrictions in the Kyoto Protocols. (I noticed my google search on the Kyoto Protocols had the vast majority of top sites originating from China)

Some say the Olympics have no draw since the end of the Cold War rivalry. China's own stated policies on operations and the focus on pollution and global warming will make this Olympics one of the most viewed ever.