Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All in a Days Work

So what did President Obama think the President of the United States, leader of the free world, would have to do? He complains about all the work he was left with and the problems that he has to face as if every other President had it easy.

Let me do some of his work for him.

I am a firm believer in the 'Sunshine Policy' South Korea has been instigating. And we should even increase the assistance as we work to shut down North Korea's weapons trade at the same time. I have written before in my simple way, based on my life experience and world view, on what I see as a solution for the Korean dilemma. But there is another side that needs to be addressed.

I heard a local commentator question whether the Soviet Union would have fallen eventually, most likely much later, without President Reagan's staunch anti-communist policies. Yes, after destroying much of Europe and most likely the United States. As I remember reports from that time, when the Soviets finally gave up on their communist ideology, many Soviet military units in East Germany were firing up their tanks in expectation of the final conflict. Because that is the nature of the communist ideology. It is a faith in struggle. And it is faith in material; how many tanks, planes and missiles one has.

Without President Reagan's rebuilding of our military, placing Pershing Missiles in Europe and the promise of economic prosperity by opening to the West, the communist block surely would have taken the military option. Words mean something whether written, built into a world view, or spoken.

So what Needs to be done in regards to North Korea? First of all President Obama you should have part of the stimulus package repealed. I suggest the monies going to ACORN, now trying to change its name, and its affiliates and putting it towards the missile defence program. Putting the program on overdrive.

And as I went straight to the point in the past, asking President Obama not to be our first affirmative action President early in his administration, let me do the same now. It seems some are talking around the issue but not willing to say it outright. We need to respond to North Korea's threats with the promise of nuclear destruction.

A U.N. resolution stating that the use of nuclear weapons, or chemical and/or biological weapons, in an offensive capacity by the North, will be responded to swiftly and decisively. Giving the United States, in concurrence with South Korea, authority to respond with all means necessary, most notably the use of nuclear weapons, to destroy the North Korean Military and its central government within 48 hours of the beginning of hostilities.

Now if you can get that resolution passed President Obama, that would be a world changing accomplishment.

This is the language they understand. This is a message not only to North Korea but the entire world. It will strike fear into the hearts of tyrants and embolden those fighting for freedom everywhere.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hollywood and North Korea

How much do any of us know about North Korea and why? Hollywood aspires to reveal and inspire in tragic big name films such as "Schindler's List" or "Empire of the Sun" among others. But how often does anyone in Hollywood take on the immediate relative issues of good and evil in the world? Oh... I forgot that several films vilifying, to one degree or another, the United States in the Iraq War, a war we are still fighting, have come out already. What were their titles? ...

Now only after two western journalists have been sentenced to twelve years of hard labor are some coming forward to expose the horror of North Korean labor camps. Camps that have existed for some six decades. It is easy to engage issues of unimaginable evil from a distance but how many have the courage to confront existing tyrannies such as North Korea in the here and now? The North being part of a peninsula filled with stories of unimagined suffering, families divided and heroic attempts at escape. Much has been discovered on the lives of Japanese citizens kidnapped and taken to North Korea to train spies to speak faultless Japanese. A friend of mine told me of a unit buddy of his who disappeared on the DMZ, a place where the gun fire has never ended, under the siren call of a North Korean agent, promising love and free land.

I'm confident contemporary heart wrenching stories exist among the Christian populations of China, in nations such as Iran or on the plight of women in general in many parts of the world. Sounds like loads of material. Material perhaps not suited for today's top movie stars, unless we want to go back to the days when Orientals were often played by Caucasians on the big screen.

Cinema is a powerful medium, and small scale attempts have been made against contemporary wrongs, but too few have the fortitude to bring the power of Hollywood to bear on the deepest darkest issues of today. To challenge true evils rather than largely manufactured ones attributed to those known to have little or no inclination to strike back. But what can we really expect from Hollywood when our news media barely covers the issues? A media, now rallied by our own President, more intent on tearing down this nation than taking on the tough issues.

Yes, such movies can be provocative. But when has the North not been threatening war? The truth is the military, just as everything else in North Korea, is based on delusion and terror. (our nation is already embracing delusion) Part of that delusion being fueled by the apathy they see in the world towards their misconduct. The North Korean military holds its relevance based only on the ability to launch tens of thousands of missiles an hour over several hours and now the possibility of nuclear weapons. Our own troops in Korea describe themselves as a speed bump, but they are the most highly trained, prepared and best equipped military force the world has ever seen. A power that has never been matched when the resolve was there. As someone who has paid a bit of attention to the world and history I see a shredding machine where nothing comes out the other side, if our President doesn't get in the way. And North Korea knows it.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A few Comments

There are some issues that I really should comment on, but I feel like dropping a few mundane notes.

Many are critical of those who post on the Internet anonymously. Well if you searched this site you would find my Facebook badge on the bottom of the page or you could e-mail me and ask who I am. So am I writing anonymously?

By using a pen name, perhaps from a gaming site, that is unique among millions you can google Leonid480 and find direct links to my blog posts, not to mention comments I have made across the Internet. In this case you can follow a political/human rights persona I have created in some detail. Otherwise, using my real name would only lead you to social network sites.

Some ask; Why would people want to put so much information about themselves on the Internet? I would ask; What kind of world are we all destined for? Isn't it a world where all is revealed? Where we have to face the realty of our lives? Why should this world be any different? Can it not be beneficial to have ones wrongs known? If one has a conscious and desires to make things right, do we not all believe these things are to be dealt with in this world? How many bad people have been caught, taken out of the general public, because of the Internet?

In this nation of liberty and free speech should one be afraid to be punished for sincere upright opinions expressed on the Internet? My brother told me he thought my blogs may not be helpful in my job search. So one is to make oneself what one is not, put on a false representation to fit a companies desires, give up one's individuality to get a job? To conform to political correctness?

People are able to be who they are or want to be (which can be just as revealing) on the Internet. It can be a very powerful tool, even on a personal level, for freedom, for advancement and for promoting the right and exposing the wrong.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

There is a difference between making recompense for the wrongs of the United States and attacking its reputation for ones own personal political agenda. As the influence of the United States spread around the world decisions were made as to whom to support in any particular country or region. The results often left our allies' opponents in dire circumstance facing calamitous consequence at the hands of those we supported. Actions that by our own nation's standards were/are unacceptable. So there is always room for apologizing, as President Obama is so fond of doing.

We also have to recognize that the United States has been the greatest force for good in the world. To demean its image in the eyes of the world can only be counter productive. Hindering the benefits that our nation brings, and strengthening the resolve of those filled with discontent intent on destruction.

And President Obama's policies are no different than others in the past. He too is building alliances. Many have associated new legislation in Afghanistan restricting woman's rights with Obama's policy to consolidate power to ward off Al Qaeda and Taliban opposition. Now in Egypt there are fears that Obama will 'inadvertently bless repression.' The left typically attacks their opposition for results they have no control over from decisions made, in ignorance or otherwise, in pursuit of noble goals. In the end we will all reap the benefits and suffer the consequences together.