Thursday, November 04, 2010


Forward, the motto for Wisconsin. Let me give you my insight on my state.

It will be Wisconsin that leads this nation forward in conservative principles. Our new senator Ron Johnson, a manufacturer and accountant, defeated the incumbent and most liberal senator in office Russ Feingold, and has pledged he will not work for reelection but only to fix the problems of this nation. A man of accomplishment and character.

Many recognize the danger of new congressmen being co-opted by the beltway. It does not look possible in the case of Ron Johnson and he is not entering congress alone. Several Tea Party republicans won house seats and some real powerhouses have already held office for some time. An intellectual conservative giant Paul Ryan being one and a long time conservative, never wavering to the beltway, Jim Sensenbrenner another.

And behind them is a state government now lead by a new, do what he says, fiscally unfaltering conservative governor Scott Walker. Republicans took control of both state legislative bodies with large majorities, unseating the democrat leaders of both. Positioned to send Wisconsin from a depressed (due to democrat leadership) to booming economy as a testament to the whole nation of the value of conservative principles.

And the democrats will not gain power again for a very long time in Wisconsin. With tens of thousands of unverified names on the voter rolls Wisconsin has been a documented hotbed for voter fraud. It was the democrats who for many years stopped legislation for picture ID's to vote. Even stopping the placing of a second referendum on the ballot that would have given the people of Wisconsin the choice of making voter ID part of the state constitution, after the public overwhelmingly approved the first referendum. Two being required to change the state constitution.

Madison Wisconsin, the capital, has been called the Moscow of the United states and Milwaukee has been one of the few cities in the nation to actually elect a socialist mayor. Both the democrat candidate for governor and senate were betting on these liberal strongholds, and hotbeds of voter fraud, to take the election. Both losing by ten points they refused to concede late into the evening.

I live in the inner city district that votes overwhelmingly liberal. Dan Sebring the republican challenger to my congresswoman, Gwen Moore, held 68% of the vote. But that was with only 3% of the precincts reporting. Many other precincts, the liberal strongholds, being held open late as masses of questionable voters were rushed in creating lines. These results came in mass after about 50% of the statewide results were in. The ten point lead shrunk instantly to a five point lead. All with a motivated republican base. It stayed at five points the rest of the night. Dan Sebring in the end took only 30% of the vote in his district.

Picture ID to vote will become law in Wisconsin in short order under the republican leadership. Though called a blue or sometimes purple state, democrats have almost never won any statewide race with large margins. I believe those margins will disappear completely with a picture ID required to vote.

Even nationwide, without overwhelming majorities in inner cities across this country the democrats would never have held any power at all. This could all change quickly. How? The rise of a conservative evangelist in the black community is the only way I can imagine.

And in their victory speeches the conservative victors all gave thanks to God for this great nation. We should all give thanks. And keep praying for this country.

I'd like to share a bit of my prayer that I pray everyday without fail;

That good leaders rise up and evil leaders sink down.
That we (all men) need not tolerate evil leaders any longer.
That we can have leaders that are good, upright, and true.
That turn their hearts to you (God) in all things.
That are responsible to their constituents.
And serious about public funds. 

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Zach W. said...

Russ Feingold was not even close to being the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate. That would be Sen. Bernie Sanders, an actual honest-to-God socialist.

Nice try though.