Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friend or Foe

I attended the Tea Party in Madison Wisconsin today. A semi-impromptu gathering of the masses who are beginning to sense that our governments fiscal foolishness is unsustainable. Signs of the new Internet age. The picture above is of a Homeland Security vehicle as it circled Capital Square. Sorry for the picture quality; it's from a cell phone. There were also at least three officers from Homeland Security on foot.

There were to be buses from the parking area but the organization was blundered and we decided to walk. We were told it was 1-2 miles; more like at least 2 miles. We arrived just in time after a 40 minute walk while many who waited for buses didn't arrive until half the event was over. Eight shuttle buses, five of which decided to gather at Capital Square in the morning rather than the parking area at the Alliant Energy Center. The upside being a parade of protesters along one of Madison's major streets.

They say there were over five thousand of us Right Wing Extremists there. Half the Capital Square was covered. And they were people of all ages from the elderly to young children.

Well, if this doesn't start things to change....

God Bless Texas!

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