Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

A day to honor those who gave their lives. Those that believed this nation was worth dying for. But before they died the gave themselves up to honor their mothers and fathers, their elders, the traditions of their faith and nation. They valued what came before and looked to preserve it for an even greater future that they would never see.

They submitted their wills to a greater good, to their comrades in arms, to be trained and molded into a martial perfection. They died in hapless misfortune, brilliant glory and selfless deeds, many never to be known, but all for the same purpose.

And in return we honor them today. In a world where technology and life advancements bring the world closer and closer together. As we can touch the lives of our fellow man on the other side of the world in an instant. Where our shared humanity and desire for peace can grow to take precedent in the hearts of all humankind. In most part due to this great nation for which they offered their lives.

Yet we live in a nation presently dominated by a generation that rejected those who came before. Ripped at the fabric of past traditions and morals and proclaimed themselves enlightened above all..., just because. They criticized their parents, our soldiers and rejected God's ways. But what should we expect from a society in which God is more and more a concept rather than a reality, where we all exist out of mere chance and life is valued only if it is not deemed too burdensome.

This is a day to honor and preserve what made this Nation great. An opportunity to revive and carry on the values of those who came before. To remember that this nation is too important to this world to let it slip into inconsequence.

God Bless America