Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Flow of History, The Ukraine and Moral Authority

What has become of Memorial Day? Perhaps it is natural that one focus more on the living than the dead, as we remember the fallen but take this time of memorial to reinforce ties with family and friends. Or are we losing our concepts of faith and sacrifice? Are we losing perspective in regards to a life eternal? Are we losing the sense of respect for those who came before and responsibility to those yet to come; all things that cannot be seen? Whatever the case the greatest way to honor those who have given their lives that we might be free is to ensure this nation, the greatest the world has ever known, holds the moral authority above all others; upholds the good of all mankind.

Do we, the United States, hold the moral authority in this world today? During the Cold War it appeared clear to any loyal American that we were a free and God fearing people opposing and atheistic tyranny bent on bending all men to their will by force. In that war we supported leadership in other nations that would uphold a free society to the best we thought they could. It made us despised by others in those nations, most notably the communists. As a free people our citizens went out all over the world in Christian charity, and those who could not gave freely of their prosperity. We saw our blessings as coming from God and those blessings ultimately stemmed the flow of communism, improved the living standards in most all free nations and opened the window of liberty in formerly communist nations.

Now communism has morphed in response to the superior production force of the free world. The people under communist, or supposed former communist, regimes are embracing one of the greatest attributes of liberty, economic mobility as far as their governments will allow.

The historic villains, the major players, in The Cold War were the Soviet Union (now the Russian Republic) and it’s Eastern Block, and Red China. Their proxies spread terror around the world in the days before it was rightly labeled terrorism.

Now the Russians are again on the march. They are expanding in the name of regaining past glories and have a propaganda machine that vilifies their opposition rather than promote the truth. Having just held an Olympic Games and with their annexation of The Crimea it is easy to make comparisons to Hitler and the Third Reich. It is easy.

China is the most aggressive and expansive country in the history of the world. Its’ population is large with a disproportionate number of males. It promotes nationalistic fervor and intimidates its’ neighbors. It takes provocative actions with little or no ill effects. They are expanding their military, namely the instrument of world outreach, their navy. History would warn us that war is imminent.

The Russian Republic and Red China are making overtures of friendship with each other. Few wars of the 20th Century had been fought without allies. This also suggests that war is coming, that it will all play out as it has so many times in the past. But what if it doesn’t?

What if China, a nation that can ill afford any unrest among its’ people, whose economy depends on our markets to a great degree, who tried to invade Vietnam some forty years ago and failed miserably, knows it cannot survive the costs of a war, especially if they face any significant loss? This world is far too interconnected and has become far too small for there not to be drastic consequences in unleashing the devastation of another world war. Further, is Red China truly a unified nation or has economic power, vast centralization of capital (capitalism), among party individuals and in some regions created more of an oligarchical system much like in Russia? Is that centralized power oriented nation more of a confederacy than any want to admit?

And what of Russia? Is Putin that singularity that has captured the minds and imaginations of an entire empire, or is he just one of many power players, none of whom have one singular vision for their nation? Will Russia, now absent several of their former republics and the Eastern block, now defending itself against The Russian Republic, a nation that was always responsive to the tactic of mutually shared destruction, now go on a campaign of world conquest? Are they not at a greater disadvantage now than when they were united under the communist ideology of world domination?

Some may conclude that nothing is the same as it was. So what’s changed? Has man truly become a global community? Has the free flow of ideas worldwide defeated the tyrants ability to deceive his people into a grand delusion? In the case of the latter, no. When we hear the news coverage in the Ukraine and the fantastical stories some are believing of Nazi style Ukrainian politicians seeking to gain control, the ability of man to allow himself to be deceived clearly lives on. Look at the fantastical beyond all sense media fed views the low information voter here in the United States believe. That America is the problem, it’s all George Bush’s fault and manmade global warming that isn’t really warming the Earth but is… fill in the blank, just to name a few.

What never changes is God, even if we as a people cease to believe in Him. Are we a nation that looks with faith to God and seeks to honor His ways, or have we become a nation that looks to government for answers, that believes only government can save man from the plight mankind has found himself mired in throughout the ages?

Do we still hold the moral authority in the world? If you believe in God, as many of you my readers will claim, along with most all politicians and talking heads on both ends of the political spectrum claim they do, then where will His blessings flow?

But do we as a people believe in God? Do we believe in the Bible? Really? Gallop says American’s believe in God less and less, particularly over the last decade.

Has God not sought a nation, finally established as Israel under its’ Kings? Did God not curse Israel when they rebelled against His ways, and was not Israel blessed when it repented and conformed to His ways?

Again, do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible? Really?

Does not the blessings of this great nation, The United States, stem from its’ faith in God; a nation rising from those seeking religious liberty, those seeking to practice their faith freely, not just in their homes and minds but as extensive vibrant communities? I have often suggested in this blog my belief that the United States is the fruition of all of Christian history; that we are blessed because we are God’s nation and therefore have a responsibility to all men; all God’s children.

What has become of this nations faith? It was all too natural for the religious leadership of this nation to be drawn into the tactics of communism to erode the values of their enemies. Was not the free sex movement an intimate part of the ‘peace’ movement? Make love not war, and isn’t love and peace what religion is supposed to be about? Some warned of the coming depravation we find ourselves in now as early as the 1970’s. Billy Graham lead a revival movement. Reverend Moon came from across the sees and warned that this nation is becoming a nation of free sex, perversion and immorality, that will lose God’s blessings. In regards to Reverend Moon he was ridiculed by this nation, particularly its’ religious leaders, and later thrown in prison.

Now religious leaders, many from major Christian denominations, promote homosexuality to such an extent that in Africa Islamists are portraying Christianity as the religion of homosexuality. Our State Department openly promotes and advocates the homosexual agenda across Africa, along with contraception and abortion. They belittle nations that take a moral stand against homosexuality.

Here in the United States our very citizens are being denied employment and opportunity for their religious beliefs against homosexuality. The government claims everyone is free to practice their faith in their personal lives, just not in public. God forbid that a leader of this nation should parade down the street giving praises to God and proclaiming the justice of his ways …like King David. Faith is not something one puts a lid on. At one point we were that shining city on the hill, a hope to all men, but no more.

And what of that shining city on a hill that President Reagan so admired and envisioned this nation to be? When Reagan was President there were few who saw the coming collapse of communism in the Soviet Union. Yet under the policies of President Reagan the communist regime, that teetering evil empire, quickly collapsed freeing millions from tyranny. Yes, the evil empire. President Reagan made it straight and clear, labeled evil as evil, and change came quickly. When we refuse to label sin as sin, the promotion of the homosexual agenda as evil, the devaluation of life as immoral, among other things and give these grand deceptions any relevance we condemn this nation to death and the world to a new dark ages.

“The wages of sin is death.” Do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible? Really? Can you imagine any politician standing outright against the homosexual agenda?

Are we a moral people? Are we a free people?

We kill the unborn and though we claim no federal money can be used for abortions how can any reasonable person say it doesn’t? How can an organization separate money from one source from that of another? It all goes to the same place. Now, even mother’s who kill their own babies receive not much more than a slap on the wrist in a growing number of cases. Life, God’s greatest gift, is being devalued daily.

Our children are being given indoctrination rather than education in our schools, and are assigned by Michelle Obama to monitor their parents and family and report them to the government. We are being told what to eat. Now we must go to the government for our health care as our children are increasingly put on mind altering drugs, and the legalization of marijuana is being promoted nationwide.

Marriage in this nation is being destroyed on such a momentous level that States defending marriage within their own constitutions, ratified by the majority or their citizens, are being condemned as violators of the civil rights of others. Supposed scientific studies are coming out little by little, more and more, claiming that the most historically perverse acts by any faith’s standards be deemed as healthy; that the only thing unhealthy is the restrictions psychologically imposed by one’s faith.

Our government is openly promoting a government controlled media, and few in the media protest. A conservative political perspective is being condemned as immoral/unlawful to ever greater extents. The government has created a labyrinth of laws and regulations few can escape, threatening everyone’s freedom. Best one just do what the government tells you or else. Our federal judicial system is inaccessible to all but the very rich.

Must we turn to government for all our wants and needs? Must we submit or suffer the consequences? Are we simply material to be managed? Are we a free people?

The Russian Republic has put forth Godly laws that put an end to the propagation of the homosexual agenda. Several African countries have taken similar stands. Our nation labels them as violators of civil liberties.

Will God’s favor continue to smile upon The United States? Are we a good and moral people? Are we free?

I am not saying that The Russian Republic necessarily holds the moral authority over The United States. Allowing freedom of faith does not in itself make Russia a Godly nation. What Russia is doing in the Ukraine gives the whole world great pause and anxiety. And God does judge a nation by its’ leaders, not simply the faith of its’ people. And we in The United States did hold elections that put these current leaders and policies into effect.

So, do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible? Really?

Then one thing is clear. This nation which holds the greatest potential to bring God’s blessings to this entire world is in desperate need of a religious revival. This nation needs God’s blessing and no political reforms can replace a revival of man’s heart to God. God seeks repentance and a return to His ways.

God blessed this nation and blessed the entire world through it. It is not something that could have come from a limited nation like Uganda. But now this nation is not bringing blessings but promotes the work of the depraved. If you believe God is real and observe the condition of this world, one must believe God’s power will become manifest; that God is not dead. That God needs The United States, a nation through which God’s blessings can flow to all, that God will save this nation. One must believe a great spiritual revival is coming. One could conclude from the words of our founding fathers that without such a spiritual awakening we are unable to truly comprehend or enforce the Constitution they ratified to preserve our freedom’s.

What if this coming spiritual revival occurs in Russia?