Monday, June 08, 2009

A few Comments

There are some issues that I really should comment on, but I feel like dropping a few mundane notes.

Many are critical of those who post on the Internet anonymously. Well if you searched this site you would find my Facebook badge on the bottom of the page or you could e-mail me and ask who I am. So am I writing anonymously?

By using a pen name, perhaps from a gaming site, that is unique among millions you can google Leonid480 and find direct links to my blog posts, not to mention comments I have made across the Internet. In this case you can follow a political/human rights persona I have created in some detail. Otherwise, using my real name would only lead you to social network sites.

Some ask; Why would people want to put so much information about themselves on the Internet? I would ask; What kind of world are we all destined for? Isn't it a world where all is revealed? Where we have to face the realty of our lives? Why should this world be any different? Can it not be beneficial to have ones wrongs known? If one has a conscious and desires to make things right, do we not all believe these things are to be dealt with in this world? How many bad people have been caught, taken out of the general public, because of the Internet?

In this nation of liberty and free speech should one be afraid to be punished for sincere upright opinions expressed on the Internet? My brother told me he thought my blogs may not be helpful in my job search. So one is to make oneself what one is not, put on a false representation to fit a companies desires, give up one's individuality to get a job? To conform to political correctness?

People are able to be who they are or want to be (which can be just as revealing) on the Internet. It can be a very powerful tool, even on a personal level, for freedom, for advancement and for promoting the right and exposing the wrong.

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