Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

There will be no Valentine's Day in Saudi Arabia and if you live in Kuwait, Pakistan, Malaysia or India the holiday has been disparaged for many years. Catholic Schools in Australia have often had a problem with the Holiday.
There are problems with the modern common practice of Valentine's Day. Is it really something children should celebrate? Especially as public school administrations work to eliminate abstinence education in our schools?
The heart of the issue is the dignity of women. The great contradiction being those cultures which hold women in the lowest esteem protest the loudest and seek authoritarian control while the United States, the greatest advocate of freedom in the world, allow special interest groups to dictate the morals of their children. Morals that do not reflect our Christian culture or any religious culture. That conflict with the values of most all the families in this nation. And then we wonder why the rest of the world accuses us of spreading depravity.

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Candidate of Change

When Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses of their respective parties my first reaction was to go to Barack Obama’s web site and find exactly his stand on the issues. The first black candidate for President put forth by a major party, a landmark event if it comes to pass. When I reviewed the site of the candidate for change I asked, “Where’s the change?” In fact Obama’s stance on the issues represent the most liberal wing of the democrat party. Those who have fostered the divisive partisanship that keeps our country from advancing into the new century. Change?

We had a candidate of real change. His name was George W. Bush and since being elected he has been an example of the change others only talk about. A successful Governor of Texas recognized for working well with democrats. Though criticized for creating his education bill with Senator Kennedy and his flub of nominating Harriet Meyers for the Supreme Court they are examples of his willingness to reach across the aisle and take the views of others seriously even if they don’t agree with his own. A man putting to work all the resources before him, including his Vice President breaking the mold.

The real change we need is not something new but something old, something eternal. Integrity, good character and moral fortitude are being reestablished in the White House. What our founding fathers hoped would guide this nation. For anyone to call for change and then ridicule and besmirch our sitting President is hypocrisy not to mention an illustration of ignorance of the change that is needed. Or is it political expediency, the same old same old?

On the issues, the first initiative in office by President Bush was to spend months creating a comprehensive energy policy that would have increased our domestic oil and natural gas production and allowed the building of new refineries among other things. If not opposed by the democrats we would be far from an energy crisis today. President Bush showed himself quite capable in addressing all the issues facing this nation. Though no one can agree with all his stances there is plenty of detail to talk about. Of course President Bush is not running for President. But rather than stand on the merit of their own views the democrats have chosen to exalt themselves by belittling those around them recognizing President Bush as their greatest target.

Senator Obama brings much to the table despite his inexperience. Transparency is a powerful stand he can build on. His personal background, his interracial family and experience as a minority, gives him an insight we should all value. He has worked hard to take the high road in the political bickering among his own party. I could never vote for him based on his liberal policies but if he were to win the Presidency would have hope for a return to civility and accountability in government, real change. At least until this most recent democrat debate.

More than the typical one line attacks on President Bush, including his energy policy; the debate was a wink-wink nod-nod for the party to fall in line. Not quite a love fest, the orchestrated rekindling of friendship between the candidates was nothing less than a concession by Obama to the Clintons, with the final question on a shared ticket the crescendo. Planned to head off any divisions in the party that could jeopardize the black and women voting blocks. The equivalent of a good old-fashioned purge or Cultural Revolution one might have found under a communist regime where the party, the gathering of the enlightened, the elite, is most important. With government as the tool.