Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick, Someone Call Nanny 911

"These parents are just not on the same page." (Nanny Deb is my favorite) As Nancy Pelosi's House of Representatives has passed a resolution rejecting President Bush's plan for Iraq one must ask how this could possibly be productive as we attempt to bring stability not only to Iraq, but the greater global community? As children act out and behave badly when the parents contradict and undermine each others authority, so to the world when our President given the authority by the Constitution of Commander and Chief and sole decision maker in foreign policy is continually undermined by the Congress.
The baby boomer generation to which we owe much for our political quagmire built its reputation on its unabashed rejection of the society of their parents and its underlying structure. To much of that generation 'all you need is love' encapsulates their lives. But when Nanny Deb steps into the picture and sets up the ground rules, much more than the ability to express the inherent love in the family is being established. What she is providing is a structure in which the children can feel secure, boundaries in relationships that they could not understand otherwise and concepts of right and wrong by which to guide their actions. (Some might call that good and evil) To the baby boomers and their political manifestations on the left these realities are non existent including concepts of discipline, punishment or even sin. They idealize abortion for why would you want to bring an unwanted, unloved, child into the world, and embrace homosexuality and their supposed rights to marry and raise children for why would you deny anyone the opportunity to love. Yes, many on the left raised sound families that contained such structure and discipline, but try to get them to admit it and your in for an ear full.
Many of those we call our enemy have been raised in homes where women are objectified and the infidel, a child of the same God in my book, considered unworthy of life or idolize those who have been. These unruly children need to be given some structured discipline to guide them in their relations with the global community and we, being the most powerful nation of the world, have a responsibility to provide it and our President is the only one with the authority to decide how.
The fledgling Iraqi government itself needs to know it has consistent support to allow it to act with confidence and decisiveness. Our Middle East Christian communities and the Muslim community itself, of whom many complain that they don't speak out against terrorism, need the stability that the policy of President Bush has the potential of providing. Such sermons against terrorism carry great risk to the presenter's personal well being and family, and with the calls for withdrawal those who would protect them and their government could soon be no more.
As reports of captured communique of insurgent collapse become old news and we hear of all its leadership fleeing to Iran in the wake of the troop surge, why do they continue to fight? The Middle East could be transformed by one united voice from the United States. As they say, the family is the foundation of civilization and its time to practice what we've learned there.