Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Obama’s Revolutionary Guard

There is a perspective on the world that has been lost, or perhaps even worse, willfully ignored here in the United States. As someone who has lived in the age of the Cold War, have been educated in the goals and tactics of communism, all be it on a more informal and personal level than most, and as one only concerned for the well being of this nation who cares little of what others may think of me, let me point out some hard realities concerning Obama and how communism has operated, is operating and will operate in the future.

What is, who and where are Obama’s revolutionary guard? I don’t believe they are in Iran, though Obama did uphold the current government, in opposition to the will of the people of Iran. Then again, Obama is sympathetic to the cause of many Islamist groups, such as Boca Haran which his state department will not put on the terrorist list.

Now that I think about it a bit more, Obama begins to look even more insidious and evil; that is if you believe Islamo-fascism is evil and the United States as founded good. In our war against terror Obama has apparently been a terror to Al Qaida, killing off the leadership via drone strikes at an unprecedented rate. Yet Al Qaida is stronger than ever, despite the fact that Obama suggested otherwise and had spoken of negotiations with ‘moderate’ Al Qaida organizations. Considering how difficult intelligence gathering has been in the Middle East (because it is difficult to place indigenous agents of goodness undercover in the Middle East) I have to wonder how the Obama administration gathered its intelligence in order to execute such strikes. Or here’s a question for you; Were the Obama drone strikes destroying the Al Qaida leadership or shaping it? ‘Moderate’ Al Qaida organizations?

And in the Syrian civil war Barrack Hussein Obama did not discriminate against ISIS in the distribution of aid and weaponry.

The Obama rules of engagement in our war on terror, namely in Afghanistan, has extremely hindered our armed forces in destroying the enemy. Fortunately the terrorists know when the US will leave and are simply hiding in wait until we leave, otherwise our young people would be needlessly  losing their lives on a much larger scale.

There are still other associations between Obama and the forces of evil and violence. It has been reported that Obama, as well as the local city government, hold ties to street gangs, drug cartels, in Chicago. Heroin is running up to Milwaukee from Chicago, a major distribution hub. I have seen news reports claiming that heroin is the primary cash source for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Crime is rampant in many of our major cities, all run predominantly by democrats. Their police chiefs regularly campaign for the taking of guns away from law abiding citizens.

And what of the New Black Panthers? Accused of voter intimidation based on solid evidence, Eric Holder under the Obama administration ordered the investigation be halted. I have to wonder if they were concerned over an investigation into voter intimidation, or what else such an investigation could have uncovered. The Black Panthers of old were committed to armed insurrection.

I will refrain in expounding upon policies, including the understaffing of police forces in high crime areas and the catch and release policies of local courts, that are driving a wedge between law enforcement and citizens of every stripe. Nor will I illustrate the attack on our military command structure at this time, in the name of political correctness. While Obama has approved the use of the military against we, the citizens, does it really matter when you see what our police forces are being armed with? And as every department of the federal government is forming their own assault teams, many of those hired for these posts will be ex-military; but only of those with the correct political and social proclivities, I am sure.

Then we have the border. Does Obama care about the hundreds, if not thousands that have died, many children, crossing the border in accord with Obama’s planned campaign to flood our society with illegal immigrants? Does a man who stood for but one issue in his political career, besides Obama Care, that being the death of babies born alive in botched abortions, even care about the lives of the citizens of the nation he claims to represent? Amidst this flood pouring over our southern border are violent and murderous gang members, recruited as young as twelve years old, and Islamic terrorists from around the globe.

Reality check. Communism is a militant ideology. It believes in and professes violent revolution. It is a system of thought that is no longer constrained by borders. We cannot claim Obama is selling out this nation to Russia or even China. Yet beware, Obama has given his devotions over to this failed system of thought; men are free to believe what they want and to act on those beliefs as long as such actions are within the limit of the law. Then again, one may ask, What law? Do you mean whatever Obama believes to be the law at any particular moment?

Am I wrong to suggest that Obama is creating a revolutionary guard to not only change this nation, but to overthrow all opposition with the use of force in both a conventional and covert manner? Hasn’t communism always claimed power through such violent takeovers to secure the continuous rule of its leaders? You might point to Venezuela as an example where violence and mass executions were not used as a means to consolidate power. Then again, when is the last time you heard anything out of Venezuela? We skip from one scandal or act of gross incompetence to another so quickly, one after the other, that it is no longer possible to hold the attentions of the complacent.

Some may ridicule this view I have presented, suggesting that Obama is not capable to master mind such a plot, that he has neither the competence nor intelligence. I would counter with, when has communism ever been about competence? Name me those great communist leaders that have shown any level of exceptional intelligence. It is an ideology based on envy, jealousies and the most vile hatred for any who disagree. Simply observing the character of the union activists in Wisconsin and other states, one must recognize that these people, drawn to the cause, are neither of good character nor high intelligence. Their tactics are those of street thugs and they hold themselves above the law. And yet they have achieved great power across this nation. What do you think they intend to do with it?

In our governor’s election, here in Wisconsin, Mary Burke the democrat candidate, is using outdated figures to ridicule Scott Walker’s job creation numbers. The true current figures show a completely opposite figure; showing that Scott Walker is a leader in job creation. The democrat campaign may still be successful however. This is a shining example of extreme intelligence on behalf of democrat campaigners or those who would vote for their candidates? Or does it reflect the fore-mentioned attributes of envy, jealousy and an outright hatred, complete disregard, for those who think differently, along with the ability to stir up such base emotions in others?

Where do you think all this is headed?

If you believe the propagation of these, my, views as unproductive in the fight to reclaim this nation, so be it. And yes, Obama’s border policy is related to creating an illegitimate voter base. But if you believe these views on the potential for extreme violence, armed insurrection and an armed overthrow of our current system, and I am writing to our so called conservative leaders, nonsense, then you are an ignorant fool. And I only add ignorant to be polite.