Monday, March 23, 2015

Obama and Iran

Baffling. Obama refuses to stand up for the people of Iran against a tyrannical theocracy early in his Presidency, even as the people’s blood flowed in the streets. Now, in all practical reality, Obama is allowing this same tyranny to achieve its goal of acquiring the capacity to produce its own nuclear weapons. This as the Obama Presidency is by law quickly coming to a close. But then again, Obama has been making up the law as he goes. Do we seriously have to contemplate whether he will leave office or not? (It is a theme I have expounded upon in many of my previous posts since Obama first took office)

I have suggested in the past that a nuclear Iran could potentially be an ally in Obama’s intention to establish a life long reign. All revolutionaries have ruled for life. But has Obama inadvertently destroyed any role the tyrannical theocracy of Iran may play in creating the world according to Obama, with his speech to the Iranian people?

I hope, I believe that the people of Iran understand what Obama is incapable of understanding, or intentional hiding his understanding of; that Iran will annihilate Israel if they acquire nuclear weapons. What will the world do afterward? Will Iran attack Europe and beyond? These are valid questions. Iran has repeatedly made it clear they will wipe Israel from the face of the earth. They declare ‘death to America’ every day. They rule their people with an iron fist. They control terror networks throughout the world.

I believe the people of Iran understand what will happen to them when their country uses nuclear weapons against another sovereign nation, particularly Israel or any western nation. I believe they understand that their lives will come to an end, if not literally, in all practical terms. Nuclear retaliation, even if it is limited to military targets will devastate the entire nation of Iran.

And who ultimately makes up the military of Iran but its people? Who would be the first to face such hellish retaliation, if nuclear weapons are deployed, if not the military? Could even Obama protect them then?

When Obama spoke to the Iranian people he proclaimed to them the absoluteness of a coming nuclear war. Where Obama failed to support, or to give any encouragement to, the Iranian uprising early in his presidency, here he has provided the ultimate motivator for the people of Iran to overthrow their tyrannical theocracy. This as the Obama presidency is winding down. (if it is winding down)

The majority of the people of this world are incapable of denying the advantageous lives that they are living in this age. This is due to the great advancements of the last two-hundred years; or roughly since the United States was founded. In the last thirty years the whole world, with its diversity of cultures, has been brought closer together than anyone ever thought possible, through international commerce and travel, and possibly more so through television and the Internet. It has empowered the people of this world to believe in something better. As a global culture begins to emerge, that belief in something better implicitly includes something better for the entire world, not simply a single people or nation. If this were not true the entire Islamic world would be at war with the west at this point in history.

Look at China. China is a growing military threat to the United States. They are building up their military and propagating a military bravado and hawkish spirit amongst their people. Throughout history nations have vilified their enemies; war has been a natural course of events for all peoples and nations. Yet, reports indicate that the young recruits to the Chinese military are soft, pampered children from one child families who worry more about losing their girl friends while they are serving than fighting. Even the softest minds, perhaps especially the softest minds, are capable of being worked up into a nationalistic furor. But these same young people, soft minded or not, understand the advantages of learning English. They know that the boom in the Chinese economy is dependent upon an International system of trade. They have been exposed to the various cultures of the world through television and/or the Internet, and most of the educated among them have foreign friends and acquaintances. They travel the world.

Observing the world in this light, one must hope that the Iranian people, already having shown their willingness to rise up, will bring an end to this lunacy being orchestrated by the Obama administration. An increasing number of middle eastern nations share the interests of the people of Iran, that Iran not acquire nuclear weapons, as does Europe. Under Obama the United States is failing the world once again. Still, if his speech to the people of Iran is concluded to be the major factor in an overthrow of the Iranian Theocracy it may become his greatest legacy.

I would hope someone would ask Obama this question; “What will happen to you Mr. President if Iran does use nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons you allowed them to acquire, in an offensive action?” and, “What do you believe your legacy will be then?”

Will we look at Obama as another Chamberlain who is only remembered for playing the fool before Adolf Hitler. Or will the long litany of Obama’s lawless and incompetent deeds, including the growth of ISIS, and the Benghazi cover up, be recited throughout history as a lesson for the ages. Will the Obama presidency become a major volume in; “The Decline and Fall of the United States.”

What if Iran, or any terror organization, nukes a city in the United States? “Will there be anyone you can trust Obama? Will you continue to evade prosecution simply because your black?” Obama will only be able to trust the most ruthless radicals.

Common men like myself, who can understand what is at stake, can only speak out, appeal to prudence and common sense. We can vote. We can offer prayers before God.

Pray for Iran. Pray for the Christians under the threat of slaughter at the hands of Islamo-Facists. Pray for peace.