Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mitt Romney vs. The Wisconsin Miracle

Mitt Romney, the ultimate beltway baby is the next in line, the ordained, the anointed, the candidate of choice of the old school, blue blood, died in the wool or any other adjective(s) you want to add to republicans blind to the will of the people candidate.

Mitt Romney was set up so smoothly. Look! He raised $10 million so easily. The press played him up as a legitimate candidate in contrast to anything remotely labeled Tea Party, or rather what the press mistakenly calls fringe when being polite.

And then, most telling of all, just prior to Mitt Romney’s official declaration Mike Huckabee stepped out of the race, proclaiming he will not run. Huckabee even going on the Tonight Show, a spewing platform for liberal tripe, to make it official.

Remember the religious bigotries Huckabee’s campaign team put out in the 2008 campaign? Huckabee is a sleaze and I’m glad he is out. I wrote my opinions of him clearly some years past. But his withdrawal was forced because of his previous stoking of religious tensions. No one is going to attack Romney for being a Mormon.

The press, and forums such as the tonight show, are all playing along with his predetermined nomination because Romney is a government spending advocate. It was the greatest fault of the Bush Presidency that they went along with big government spending. Yes, the Bush administration warned against the looming mortgage crisis, but then simply backed down. How sweet would the republican party be sitting now if the Bush administration had hammered and hammered and hammered on the mortgage issue at the time, before the bubble burst.

Mitt Romney is a big government spender. His comments on global warming, ethanol and his belief in government solutions to health care are tells that speak to even the inexperienced. He is blind to the will of the people, a will confirmed through polling. A blindness that can only be described as a contempt for the people of this nation.

Shame, shame, shame on your head Mitt Romney. You portray yourself as a righteous man, a man of faith, yet play along with liars and cheats to achieve your ambitions. You saved the salt Lake City Olympics. You know government spending is unsustainable. You know the Tea Party, the people of this nation have serious legitimate concerns, yet you stand for the status quo, unable to take a stand for the sake of this nation. Step down now you phony! It’s not about your religion, it’s about you Mitt Romney. The curtain has been pulled back and you don’t even know it.

The Tea Party is made up of those ‘Taxed Enough Already.’ It is not the fringe. It is everyone not living off the government. Your Mitt Romney's, John McCain's and powers to be want to hold up a failing system, a system heading for tyranny. They represent the blind trying to lead the enlightened; the people who pay for this nation. They speak out against the Tea Party, its’ candidates and its’ successes.

Here in Wisconsin conservatives swept the legislature and executive in the last election. Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s new governor, has turned massive deficits into a surplus. He has saved every job outside of those the union destroyed by refusing to implement the governor’s changes to collective bargaining. A miraculous turn around, victory, that those same old powers to be, government spending republicans, are trying to smother.

I wrote, after the election that brought Scott Walker to power, that Wisconsin would be leading the way for the nation. We have a successful businessman, Ron Johnson, in the senate and the whole country looks to Paul Ryan in congress as a true conservative solutions go to. Yet, as republicans in the Wisconsin State legislature face recalls this coming month, the miraculous accomplishments of this republican government are not being proclaimed in the applicable campaigns. Why?

We need to proclaim strongly and proudly conservative successes, and we need new republican leadership in congress. We need Tea Party leadership. The old political culture needs to be destroyed to save this nation. The democrats are on the ropes, defeated, beaten, gone. This is no time to pay homage to a failed history.

It’s time to purge the republican party. And all this talk about third parties? … I wrote about that a long ago too. Someone like …Donald Trump needs to challenge President Obama for the democratic party nomination and bring honesty back to their party. He needs to circle the wagons of the financial muscle behind the democrats that don’t belong to the liberal socialist powers to be and take a stand against the tyranny they represent. Yes Mr. Trump the odds would be against you. The battle may be seen as lost before it started. The toll would be great for you and your family, but with you leading it could only be described as …Glorious!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can We Impeach Him Yet?

So pleaded the left wing blogs when President Bush was in office. For almost every action the former President took there were calls for impeachment. Baseless accusations that if paid head to would keep the President from fulfilling his duties.

President Obama has duties of his own to perform. One is to provide for the security and well being of the people of this nation. As August 2nd approaches, what are his duties if the debt ceiling is not raised?

Without raising the debt ceiling the government still has the funds incoming to pay on the debt and payout social security. If President Obama insists on not paying out on social security, if this day should come, he should be impeached. He is defrauding the public for political gain.

Let's not even get into the Fast and Furious gun operation, or they fraudulent credit card processes used by President Obama's campaign to raise funds to get him elected President. President Obama claims the economy needs stimulus to recover; the influx of money from the government. Well, social security is a whole lot of government dollars (actually they are supposed to be our dollars) going straight into the economy. There is no justification for such action, stopping payments, by his own standards of what this economy needs.

The majority of the public is in favor of conservative practices of cutting spending, ...drastically. The Republicans cannot fold. Too much is at stake. Government spending by way of the democrats is unsustainable. The President's proposed actions, if implemented, are immoral, without justification and of great harm to the people of this nation. Can we impeach him yet?