Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 111th Congress, Jared Laughner, and the Rest of Us... and lets throw in the 112th Congress

Can we delete the 111th Congress? Take back, invalidate, repeal the entirety of the legislation passed in the 111th Congress? Has there ever existed a legislative body in this country that has acted with complete disregard and outright defiance of the people of this great nation?

First we were chastised for expecting our elected representatives to read the bills they vote on. How can anyone be expected to read all those pages, one democrat representative chided. Then we were told we had to pass the bill to know what was in it, by none other than the Speaker of the House. The health care bill being passed as the majority of America expressed their disapproval in polls, overwhelmingly in town hall meetings in the face of those they elected, and in outright protests, the type of which, in size and quantity, have not been seen since long haired hippies ruled our streets.

Then we found extensive passages in the health care bill that had nothing to do with health care, such as IRS filings for the small scale sale of precious metals. But more disgraceful than all this was the lame duck session after the election. A session hailed by the media and claimed as a victory by the democrats. Where the Congress, namely the democrats, passed bills that were in complete opposition to the desires of the people they represent. If they were, the bills would have been voted on before the election. The election results themselves proclaiming the disapproval of democrat party policies they acted in favor of.

I am unclear whether the States could actually petition the Supreme Court to negate the actions of a Congressional session, but if it is possible they would have no better a case than they do now. Many would argue it is the election process that rectifies such indiscretions, but is there no condemnation, consequence, of wrong doing called for? The actions of the 111th Congress have cost this nation and its people, subjecting them further to the oppressive yoke of big government, threatening their very liberty.

Because no action exists in a vacuum, the actions of this Congress deeply effect all the people of this nation, and the world, in one way or another. Perhaps the action of complete disregard for the will of the people holds larger consequence than any bill passed. We all impact the environment we live in and Jared Laughner's environment influenced him. It was not just his immediate environment, his isolation. As the media now claims, after trying to blame conservative ideals and those who promote them. But it was the environment we all have to deal with in our daily lives as citizens of this nation and world.

An environment where politicians say one thing, but then work towards contrary goals, acting in disregard to the desires of their constituents. Claiming divine right and becoming excessively rich from their positions, just because of the office they hold. Many showing little to no success themselves in the real world or their family/moral life.

An environment where the government, extolling the virtues of abortion, 'prepares' our young people for the free sex culture in elementary school. A government that claims religion a person practice, not to be expressed to the larger more enlightened public. While others promote chastity, the virtue of marriage, and the miracle of birth, giving praise and glory to God for the world He created.

An environment where the threat of terrorism from Muslim extremists is always on our mind, but the public in general must be scrutinized, no profiling allowed. And if we are going to give anyone exception to the invasive pat down policies at our airports it should be Muslim women in their unrevealing clothing, because Islam believes in modesty.... and other religions don't?

An environment where religion, that at one time proclaimed the 'absolutes' of the almighty God, now bows to political correctness, many major Christian faiths embracing homosexuality, among other things, as the way God created. An atmosphere where no one can judge or be judged. Where their is no right or wrong. I'm OK, you're OK, we are all OK.

Is Jared Laughner OK? Where did his nihilism originate? We are all interrelated and if you take an honest look at our society we can say with some confidence that the society at large encouraged his nihilistic world view.

And what of the environment of Arizona? My first reaction when hearing about the shooting of the Congress Woman was that it was related to the violence associated with our failed border policies. Or rather the lack of clear policy/action plan.  Jared Laughner was living in an environment where violence went unchecked. Where no response equal to the magnitude of the problem was even close to being implemented. An environment of violence, chaos, and seemingly no way to rectify the situation.

We are all in this together. Everything we do has ramifications far beyond what we can imagine. And the idea that republicans and democrats of the 112th Congress should stand as one at the upcoming State of the Union address is no exception. It is a terrible idea. A destructive idea. The republicans, at least those who were elected by the Tea Party, and democrats  believe in 'opposing' world views. They cannot exist together. Views that divided this world in two in the Cold War Era. They are contrary to each other and only one can be correct and history has already judged which is.

For the two parties with opposing views to stand as one is an extension of the confusion that our institutions, schools being the biggest, have been propagating since the sexual revolution of decades past. (Do the hippies still rule the streets? or rather the halls?) A contributing factor to the nihilism of Jared Laughner along with the socialist books and films he enjoyed. And like the policies the government promotes that suggest that you can't keep young children from pursuing sex, or that only government can solve our problems, holds profound implications for the future of this nation and world.