Monday, December 24, 2007


The old adage has been proven correct. No one will stand up for you if you don’t stand up for yourself. And Mitt Romney’s most excellent speech, extensive and complete, proof of his understanding of what this nation represents. Lauded by most on the right as near genius and an awakening of the founding spirit, it is difficult to refute his passion for our nation. Some on the right criticizing his lack of recognition of atheists and agnostics and on the left the idea that “freedom requires religion” fail to recognize the faith and age from which our nation was born. An age where reason, the self proclaimed foundations for atheists and social engineers, was dominant. An era that gave birth to the scientific process.

Mitt Romney’s speech illustrates what makes the United States a truly Christian nation, unique in the world. A nation exalting “piety and good character", or love of God and neighbor. A nation intellectually grounded in sound reason, in the real world, and not a world where a correct doctrine determined ones value. A world honoring strength of will and acknowledging the temptations all good men, regardless of their particular faith, conquer to do what’s right. Where raising good strong families meant something. Not today’s secular world, the La-la Land of relativism, where self-justification trumps ones responsibility to his fellow man or the larger society.

Yet are any immune to the passions of intolerance? Mitt Romney perfectly placed his speech between Mike Huckabee’s miraculous surge and the backlash against his liberal policies. Christians blind to his record frequent radio talk shows proclaiming ‘Tax Hike Mike’ a true conservative. All likely cut from the same clothe as the 28% who claim they would never vote for a Mormon for President because they believe the Latter Day Saints to be a cult. Unfortunately few completely grasp what has made the United States a truly Christian nation.

There are convincing claims against the Sam Brownback campaign for a whisper campaign against Mitt Romney in Iowa. The whisper campaign against Sam Brownback by Huckabee supporters much more shadowy. In the fervor of political ones-upmanship Huckabee dropped an unsolicited misrepresentation of Mormon beliefs saying; “don’t Mormons believe Jesus and the devil are brothers?” Mike Huckabee apologized for his comments to Mitt Romney and claimed no responsibility for comments demeaning the Brownback campaign. Will he apologize to another perceived enemy, Rush Limbaugh, for remarks attributed to his campaign? If he is elected President, perhaps Huckabee need schedule a monthly press conference to apologize for offensive statements to world political or religious leaders.

When I first heard of the Huckabee campaign I was intrigued and hopeful. Soon disillusioned by his ethical shortcomings and lack of conservative positions. The Bible clearly spells out that a busybody and gossip is unqualified for Christian ministry, which may be why Huckabee went into politics. While many are eager to credit Romney for his understanding of our founding fathers, few are willing to point out bigotry, covert or otherwise. Perhaps we need a more palatable word to describe the dynamic.

And I just want to say Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

"I Am Legend"

Will Smith's blockbuster new film broke box office records for a December release. No help will be coming from the largest market in the World in its quest for Cinema fame. China has banned the film. In fact it will not be approving any U.S. movies for release for at least several months in a supposed trade dispute. Or as the Chinese would like to frame it; to protect its local film industry.

I am sure Tom Cruise's new film "Valkyrie" will also be a threat to its 'local film industry', being released shortly before the 2008 Olympic games.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Global Warming is Cool

A new report has come out that the Arctic Sea is refreezing at a record pace. I had commented on its melting in the past and suggested politics rather than an understanding of the scientific process gives the CO2 hype unfounded recognition. In the first article it recognized the changing wind patterns, as does this new report, as a cause for the melting but suggested that the warming influence of the sun on open ocean would lead to a complete melting of the arctic ocean. Reading this latest article I had to kick myself for not seeing the obvious.

This is elementary school science. What is the arctic circle? It is the line where for at least some part of the year, if not half, there is no sunlight and even when there is the angle would cause most of the light to be deflected. Further ice in extreme cold acts as an insulator. Any heat in an open ocean with no sunlight would quickly dissipate into the atmosphere as the report confirms and the results are clear. Very extreme ice formation.

Wow, the earth works in a harmonious balance. Even more basic and the first introduction to science children receive, or received in the past, is the interaction between plant and animal life. That is the interdependent dynamic of CO2 and O2. And trees (and other plant growth) have the tendency to multiply without man's intervention. So how is CO2 a pollutant?

The overload of issues, immigration, Iraq, terrorism, social security, etc, not to mention Darfur, China, Chavez, Putin in Russia, North Korea and the list goes on, has given us too much to think about. Have we all become intellectually lazy? To any educated individual with a trace of common sense the intellectual fraud of global catastrophe from man-made CO2 should be clear. Evidently many journalists don't fit that description. Not that man's impact does not need to be studied. We should seek to emulate the harmonious principles under which God created this world for us to enjoy.

Those claiming authority over the populations of this world are meeting in Bali to talk about global warming while the contradictory evidence grows daily to its supposed cause and dangers. They should know better. These are people who represent those in our own country who have failed to address real problems such as social security for decades. On the international level represent nations that in many cases oppress their own peoples and feed off political corruption.

And we are supposed to trust them to tell us how to live? The divide in leadership is between those who will take a responsible view towards the science vs those who look to enslave the world by hyping questionable science as fact. Issues of honesty, integrity and good character. The Global warming issue should not be seen as a threat but a tool to weed out incompetent leadership throughout the world.

Yes, I will be writing about Mitt Romney's speech.