Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Christmas Tale

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to any and all finding this blog. Yes, we are in the midst of the Christmas Season. Contemplate the Twelve Days and purge yourself of the binge materialism that led up to the Day of the Savior’s birth.

Earlier this December, taking a time of reflection after finally getting out our Christmas cards and putting up the tree, I was sitting in our family room listening to Christmas music when suddenly their was a loud pounding on our front door. I jumped up, looked out the window but saw no delivery truck. I ran downstairs, as now our dog was barking, and went to the front door.

Opening the door I found a man, shorter than myself, his clothes a bit worn more than most. In a humble voice he asked me, “Do you need a lawn mower? You can have it for $10.”

I looked and behind him on the sidewalk was an old lawn mower, “No.” I answered with a smile.

“It’s only $10. Do you have $10?”

“No.” I smiled. A few more similar exchanges and he walked away.

I headed back towards my chair and then thought ‘This is Christmas.’ I grabbed some Christmas cookies from the kitchen table, wrapped them in a napkin and headed out the front door. The man was already several houses down, the lawn mower in tow. I ran down the sidewalk and approaching the man asked, “Do you want some Christmas cookies?” as I handed him the cookies.

He didn’t answer me but continued to ask if I had $10 for the lawn mower. He eventually took the cookies and I wished him a Merry Christmas. Walking back to my house, our neighbor was on his porch speaking on his phone, most likely to the police.

Yes, most certainly the lawn mower was stolen. Absolutely certain was the fact that no police officer was going to reply to such a low priority call. Our Milwaukee Police officers are continually processing crime scenes of a more serious nature, including murder and robbery on a daily basis. They generally do not have time to patrol. Then I thought, ‘Maybe we could hire an officer like nightclubs and other places do to patrol our neighborhood; it’s small and enclosed.’ I was quickly hit with the reality. ‘Wait a minute,’ I thought, ‘That’s what we pay taxes for.’ Silly me.

But a neighborhood like ours gets little to no service from the police unless someone sets up a drug house. They are overwhelmed by the crime of the inner-city which is made up mostly of black people. But I am not intending to now write about runaway crime, or the recent police shootings that inflame a vocal few. I am writing about our Mayor Barrett’s trolley that he is planning to push through for our downtown.

I have described this trolley project on another blog of mine as robbery; Mayor Barrett and those who promote this trolley as thieves.

First of all, I would hope that my tale has demonstrated that the tax money our government takes is not theirs and we give it to them to provide services to the public to promote the common good. It is a contract that has long been broken by insider dealings.

Is it wrong for me to display all those involved in this trolley fiasco as thieves? Is it wrong to judge? I mean, even tens of millions in un-admitted cost per year would cost a citizen like myself only about $20. What does it matter if ultimately no one rides the trolley? It will stimulate tens of millions in investment in our downtown, is one justification. But that is tens of millions from my pocket and those of my fellow citizens. Redevelopment via tax dollars is what people such as Mayor Barrett call stimulus.

It has come to the point where that $20 per year does make a difference, though we may not consciously notice it. It is just one of many such irrational and unfounded $20 that are being piled upon the tax payer. The city’s most urgent and obvious needs suggest that that $20 go to hiring more police officers and in saving our failing schools, not to a trolley.

What of the business owners along the route that will be irreversibly disrupted if not destroyed. What of the dreams and hopes, desires and goals of all those, in those businesses; the cost of education and medical leaving no room for a head of family to be even temporarily unemployed. As their dreams are crushed by this useless project how does that differ from the feeling one may have when coming home to find that one’s house has been robbed? The financial set back and a violation of trust are real in either case. These business owners believed in and invested in our once great city and its’ downtown. Must the business owners grovel before government just to get by until the project is finished after years, only to find in the future that their customers, if they ever choose to come back, have no more parking?

The planners have yet to explain how the trolley will operate in the Winter snows. I have suggested to others that they would have to heat the trolley way, using the steam tunnels which run under many of our streets. Several articles on Milwaukee’s steam tunnels have come up on the Internet over the last few years. Of course heating exterior pavement has been illegal in Wisconsin since the energy crisis of the 1970’s.

The financial folly of the trolley or any other rail system has been well documented, though ignored by the elite class. Some want to package such rail systems as a quality of life issue worthy of the cost. I’m not sure how an empty train running in a circle, taking away parking, unable to negotiate a situation such as a fire hose stretched across its’ tracks or the trolley getting into an accident, shutting the whole system down, can be considered a quality of life improvement. It makes you wonder why cities got rid of their trolleys or street cars so many decades ago.

Support of the trolley is an immoral stand. It may be understandable to see a politician without morals, but what of all the professionals involved in these projects? Modern profession codes of ethics require only a technical proficiency. I am sure any company in the arena of civil engineering will due a highly professional and extremely competent job at present. But why do they agree to do the work in the first place? One may find companies who refuse to do such work on local rail because they believe, as I and others do, in its folly and financial unsustainability. It is not weakness to hold oneself morally responsible for how the publics money is spent. One would think it would be an easy decision to decline profit from the public till when one knows the public is against the project in question. I would not be surprised if many such companies exist; companies that would have rejected the work on the Milwaukee trolley. I would also not be surprised if no such companies exist.

This loss of a social moral compass, the inability for our leaders and professionals to hold themselves responsible for the consequences of their actions, to live lives of virtue, puts our future in jeopardy. The consequences of moral ambiguity and avarice will eventually influence the professions themselves. It is all a question of judgment, or rather its absence. Every decision in life is a judgment call.

Emperor Constantine coalesced the Roman Empire, with the city of Rome still considered the center of power, for the final time through great military victories against his adversaries. Many monuments, triumphal arches and such, were built. The state of the arts in the Roman Empire had degraded to such a degree that many of the monuments to Constantine were adorned with statuary scavenged from monuments to the Emperor Trajan and others.

Not to say that we should be living in the past, just that we shouldn’t repeat it..

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Which Came First

Which came first; the turkey or the egg? Sorry …chicken. An age old question. What ever the answer, I would hope that this coming Thanksgiving we will all share a common gratitude that our nation is not being ravaged by the Ebola virus. Even if we are continually dogged with the virus, Nigeria had only a 40% death rate compared with up to 90% where medical care is less consistent or overburdened. Another question, far easier to answer and instructive to answering the first is: Which came first, godless socialism or complete and utter incompetence fueled by envy and an absolute intolerance for all those who think differently?

We as a people are flummoxed at the actions, or rather inactions, of the Obama administration in protecting this nation. When states show proper prudence in instigating forced quarantines, the Obama administration opposes them. Then there are those, as if standing in wait, ready to sue these states for their reckless acts of blatant responsibility in their efforts to protect their citizens.

As WHO (World Health Organization) and our own CDC ( Center for Disease Control) show themselves not up to the task, one must ask; why? Because healthcare has been politicized in pure socialist fashion. We are not allowed to protest the incompetence, in regards to protecting the public from Ebola. Who you know and what you believe is what matters, not what you do, not the results.

The BBC and others have already labeled such speculation as Fear-bola, and have further compared Ebola with the highly politicized AIDS. Yes, Ebola is a virus like AIDS and hopefully that is the end to the comparison. We now have laws, and for good reason, that make it a crime to intentionally spread AIDS. Of course I believe murder would be an obvious charge for spreading Ebola, considering it could possibly kill within weeks, rather than in decades as in the case of AIDS. And if we are to be so concerned about those with AIDS, whom with medications may lead a very long and otherwise healthy life, what is the survival rate for AIDS patients who contract Ebola?

So what do these socialist elites believe?

They believe we, in the first world, must be exposed to this horrid disease if a cure is to be found. We are uncaring, racist and too ignorant to matter if we think otherwise. This despite the fact that it appears there is a cure, just not enough of it. A cure that has been worked on for more than ten years here in the United States. There is also news of several long standing vaccine projects.

They are all also advocates of manmade global warming, along with their apostate media, despite the fact that the southern ice cap is thicker and more expansive now than anytime in known history. This radical environmental movement is why Obama still has not, and never will, approved the Keystone Pipeline.

What else do they believe? For over forty years, under the guise of environmentalism and love of planet, they have believed that the resources of the earth, most notably our food, will run out. They are actively promoting, along with the devoted media, laboratory produced beef and the consumption of insects as a necessity to feed the future world. Many of those who believe in such impending disaster believe the earth is capable of existing in harmony with a human population of only 250 million; we are soon to be thirty times that number. Others believe man should be driven into extinction. They call themselves the self-extinction movement, but, …why are they still around?

Let me put it this way. If I were writing a novel (I actually am, but not about the threat of Ebola) about a conspiracy to spread Ebola across the country I could not come up with a better plot line than what I have and am seeing play out. An infected individual jumping on an airliner, traveling up and down the country. Another individual goes on a cruise, and what says viral outbreak better then a cruise ship. (Yes the nurse tested negative for the virus, thank God). Then an infected doctor travels the New York subways and then goes to a bowling alley the next state over, supposedly the day before he became symptomatic.

So which came first; the ideology or envious incompetence? Like the chicken and the egg, the one does not exist without the other. A chicken would not be a chicken without the egg. A concept the godless hate; they relish in ambiguity. The reality is there is no haven for incompetence without a godless socialism.

Let’s take Stalin as an example. He held power over a vast communist regime; a godless socialism for those uneducated in the Cold War. The Ukrainians were an independent strong minded people with vast holdings of private land in opposition to the Soviet communist ideal of the commune. The ideology dictated that private ownership be annihilated. So Stalin sent in his henchmen. They took all the food they could find as Winter was approaching. The result was millions starved to death. But did Stalin really want to kill all those people? Has history got him wrong? Maybe it was just an example of envious incompetence. He wasn’t really a mass murderer. It wasn’t his fault. He was just sure those selfish uncaring Ukrainians were hording all the food and wealth for themselves. (the Ukraine was known as the bread basket of Europe) They were the evil 1%’ers who needed to be punished by confiscating their excessive lavish overabundance. All with the best intentions of course.

Or is it all part of the package? The godless ideology, the envious incompetence, along with the hate, a blatant disregard for life and murderous intent.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Obama’s Revolutionary Guard

There is a perspective on the world that has been lost, or perhaps even worse, willfully ignored here in the United States. As someone who has lived in the age of the Cold War, have been educated in the goals and tactics of communism, all be it on a more informal and personal level than most, and as one only concerned for the well being of this nation who cares little of what others may think of me, let me point out some hard realities concerning Obama and how communism has operated, is operating and will operate in the future.

What is, who and where are Obama’s revolutionary guard? I don’t believe they are in Iran, though Obama did uphold the current government, in opposition to the will of the people of Iran. Then again, Obama is sympathetic to the cause of many Islamist groups, such as Boca Haran which his state department will not put on the terrorist list.

Now that I think about it a bit more, Obama begins to look even more insidious and evil; that is if you believe Islamo-fascism is evil and the United States as founded good. In our war against terror Obama has apparently been a terror to Al Qaida, killing off the leadership via drone strikes at an unprecedented rate. Yet Al Qaida is stronger than ever, despite the fact that Obama suggested otherwise and had spoken of negotiations with ‘moderate’ Al Qaida organizations. Considering how difficult intelligence gathering has been in the Middle East (because it is difficult to place indigenous agents of goodness undercover in the Middle East) I have to wonder how the Obama administration gathered its intelligence in order to execute such strikes. Or here’s a question for you; Were the Obama drone strikes destroying the Al Qaida leadership or shaping it? ‘Moderate’ Al Qaida organizations?

And in the Syrian civil war Barrack Hussein Obama did not discriminate against ISIS in the distribution of aid and weaponry.

The Obama rules of engagement in our war on terror, namely in Afghanistan, has extremely hindered our armed forces in destroying the enemy. Fortunately the terrorists know when the US will leave and are simply hiding in wait until we leave, otherwise our young people would be needlessly  losing their lives on a much larger scale.

There are still other associations between Obama and the forces of evil and violence. It has been reported that Obama, as well as the local city government, hold ties to street gangs, drug cartels, in Chicago. Heroin is running up to Milwaukee from Chicago, a major distribution hub. I have seen news reports claiming that heroin is the primary cash source for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Crime is rampant in many of our major cities, all run predominantly by democrats. Their police chiefs regularly campaign for the taking of guns away from law abiding citizens.

And what of the New Black Panthers? Accused of voter intimidation based on solid evidence, Eric Holder under the Obama administration ordered the investigation be halted. I have to wonder if they were concerned over an investigation into voter intimidation, or what else such an investigation could have uncovered. The Black Panthers of old were committed to armed insurrection.

I will refrain in expounding upon policies, including the understaffing of police forces in high crime areas and the catch and release policies of local courts, that are driving a wedge between law enforcement and citizens of every stripe. Nor will I illustrate the attack on our military command structure at this time, in the name of political correctness. While Obama has approved the use of the military against we, the citizens, does it really matter when you see what our police forces are being armed with? And as every department of the federal government is forming their own assault teams, many of those hired for these posts will be ex-military; but only of those with the correct political and social proclivities, I am sure.

Then we have the border. Does Obama care about the hundreds, if not thousands that have died, many children, crossing the border in accord with Obama’s planned campaign to flood our society with illegal immigrants? Does a man who stood for but one issue in his political career, besides Obama Care, that being the death of babies born alive in botched abortions, even care about the lives of the citizens of the nation he claims to represent? Amidst this flood pouring over our southern border are violent and murderous gang members, recruited as young as twelve years old, and Islamic terrorists from around the globe.

Reality check. Communism is a militant ideology. It believes in and professes violent revolution. It is a system of thought that is no longer constrained by borders. We cannot claim Obama is selling out this nation to Russia or even China. Yet beware, Obama has given his devotions over to this failed system of thought; men are free to believe what they want and to act on those beliefs as long as such actions are within the limit of the law. Then again, one may ask, What law? Do you mean whatever Obama believes to be the law at any particular moment?

Am I wrong to suggest that Obama is creating a revolutionary guard to not only change this nation, but to overthrow all opposition with the use of force in both a conventional and covert manner? Hasn’t communism always claimed power through such violent takeovers to secure the continuous rule of its leaders? You might point to Venezuela as an example where violence and mass executions were not used as a means to consolidate power. Then again, when is the last time you heard anything out of Venezuela? We skip from one scandal or act of gross incompetence to another so quickly, one after the other, that it is no longer possible to hold the attentions of the complacent.

Some may ridicule this view I have presented, suggesting that Obama is not capable to master mind such a plot, that he has neither the competence nor intelligence. I would counter with, when has communism ever been about competence? Name me those great communist leaders that have shown any level of exceptional intelligence. It is an ideology based on envy, jealousies and the most vile hatred for any who disagree. Simply observing the character of the union activists in Wisconsin and other states, one must recognize that these people, drawn to the cause, are neither of good character nor high intelligence. Their tactics are those of street thugs and they hold themselves above the law. And yet they have achieved great power across this nation. What do you think they intend to do with it?

In our governor’s election, here in Wisconsin, Mary Burke the democrat candidate, is using outdated figures to ridicule Scott Walker’s job creation numbers. The true current figures show a completely opposite figure; showing that Scott Walker is a leader in job creation. The democrat campaign may still be successful however. This is a shining example of extreme intelligence on behalf of democrat campaigners or those who would vote for their candidates? Or does it reflect the fore-mentioned attributes of envy, jealousy and an outright hatred, complete disregard, for those who think differently, along with the ability to stir up such base emotions in others?

Where do you think all this is headed?

If you believe the propagation of these, my, views as unproductive in the fight to reclaim this nation, so be it. And yes, Obama’s border policy is related to creating an illegitimate voter base. But if you believe these views on the potential for extreme violence, armed insurrection and an armed overthrow of our current system, and I am writing to our so called conservative leaders, nonsense, then you are an ignorant fool. And I only add ignorant to be polite.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Succession, State Nullification and Impeachment

Many conservatives ridiculed a small group of Wisconsin republicans for proposing votes on succession and state nullification of federal law at the state republican convention in Wisconsin. A liberal and former high school classmate of mine posted an article that also ridiculed the proposals, on Facebook. He added his own ridicule to the posting. It has become a talking point of the left to attack conservatives. One that is counterproductive I believe.

My comment to my former classmates posting was along these lines: You should never vote on succession unless you plan to secede. The same can be said of state nullification of federal law, though I do not believe the people are necessarily opposed to taking that step immediately. I believe our talking heads themselves and many staunch conservatives are too influenced by their own political/insider culture and are not necessarily completely in touch with the tea party, or namely the grass roots of this nation. Only the grass roots can turn this nation around, whatever course is taken.

So, you so called reasonable conservatives, how far does the federal government have to go, with their media propaganda machine which has had to turn to outright lying on a continuous basis to support the regime, before you say enough is enough?

I, like every other conservative have pointed out how a near innumerable number of citizens of our nation are being financially hurt and even destroyed by Obama’s socialist policies. It has been clear for some time that this administration has been targeting conservative political interests with the IRS on a massive scale. Now evidence to that fact is being willfully destroyed with nary a protest. How far?

I have consistently commented on this blog that the whole world is ultimately suffering, that lives were being lost, due to the purposeful decline of this nation orchestrated by Obama and his communist comrades. Now we can point to thousands …thousands, if not tens-of-thousands or more, being openly murdered in the streets of Iraq due to Obama’s policies and his world view that we are the problem. How far?

In terms of succession, I began a group on Freedom Works named “2017 or Bust.” (Of course I quickly discovered that Freedom Works is most empowering to those already connected, but isn’t that always the case. But if anyone more influential wants to use the title or take over the group feel free.) The stated purpose of my group is that if in 2017 we find our political realities unchanged, whether that be democrat party rule or government establishment rule, that the people and states should convene on these very issues, succession and state nullification of federal law. That if things have not begun to drastically move away from bigger and bigger government that it will be our finally opportunity to act. Of course you could include Mark Levin’s proposed ‘Convention to Amend the Constitution’ as a viable course of action. He has worked hard and done all of the ground work. Only the will of our representatives is lacking.

But will 2017 be too late? Can any man of conscience remain silent under the outright and open lawlessness before them? How can Obama not be impeached?

What are our representatives telegraphing to the people of this nation by not impeaching Obama? That the law doesn’t matter? Already states which have not established exchanges under Obamacare, meaning the government cannot collect fines from the citizens of those states or give them subsidies according to the law, are being overridden. Fines will be collected by the IRS and subsidies are being dispersed. So why do we even have laws? Are laws only to be applied, even misapplied or made up on a whim, in any and all ways to expand and promote government over the will of the governed, for their own good? Is that what we are telling the citizens of this nation? Is that what they believe? How far?

A statement needs to be made. The laws of this land need to be enforced. If one actually believes that impeaching Obama will doom the republican party to losing elections and to lose power, if that is truly accurate, than this nation is already lost. There are stacks of evidence on dozens of charges of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ against Obama and many in his administration. The longer Obama is in office, the more his government is institutionalizing those of the same character in an ever growing bureaucracy, in an ever growing tyranny. How far?

So what is the high road, that many establishment republicans claim they represent? It is to impeach Obama, not for the color of his skin but for the content of his character.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Flow of History, The Ukraine and Moral Authority

What has become of Memorial Day? Perhaps it is natural that one focus more on the living than the dead, as we remember the fallen but take this time of memorial to reinforce ties with family and friends. Or are we losing our concepts of faith and sacrifice? Are we losing perspective in regards to a life eternal? Are we losing the sense of respect for those who came before and responsibility to those yet to come; all things that cannot be seen? Whatever the case the greatest way to honor those who have given their lives that we might be free is to ensure this nation, the greatest the world has ever known, holds the moral authority above all others; upholds the good of all mankind.

Do we, the United States, hold the moral authority in this world today? During the Cold War it appeared clear to any loyal American that we were a free and God fearing people opposing and atheistic tyranny bent on bending all men to their will by force. In that war we supported leadership in other nations that would uphold a free society to the best we thought they could. It made us despised by others in those nations, most notably the communists. As a free people our citizens went out all over the world in Christian charity, and those who could not gave freely of their prosperity. We saw our blessings as coming from God and those blessings ultimately stemmed the flow of communism, improved the living standards in most all free nations and opened the window of liberty in formerly communist nations.

Now communism has morphed in response to the superior production force of the free world. The people under communist, or supposed former communist, regimes are embracing one of the greatest attributes of liberty, economic mobility as far as their governments will allow.

The historic villains, the major players, in The Cold War were the Soviet Union (now the Russian Republic) and it’s Eastern Block, and Red China. Their proxies spread terror around the world in the days before it was rightly labeled terrorism.

Now the Russians are again on the march. They are expanding in the name of regaining past glories and have a propaganda machine that vilifies their opposition rather than promote the truth. Having just held an Olympic Games and with their annexation of The Crimea it is easy to make comparisons to Hitler and the Third Reich. It is easy.

China is the most aggressive and expansive country in the history of the world. Its’ population is large with a disproportionate number of males. It promotes nationalistic fervor and intimidates its’ neighbors. It takes provocative actions with little or no ill effects. They are expanding their military, namely the instrument of world outreach, their navy. History would warn us that war is imminent.

The Russian Republic and Red China are making overtures of friendship with each other. Few wars of the 20th Century had been fought without allies. This also suggests that war is coming, that it will all play out as it has so many times in the past. But what if it doesn’t?

What if China, a nation that can ill afford any unrest among its’ people, whose economy depends on our markets to a great degree, who tried to invade Vietnam some forty years ago and failed miserably, knows it cannot survive the costs of a war, especially if they face any significant loss? This world is far too interconnected and has become far too small for there not to be drastic consequences in unleashing the devastation of another world war. Further, is Red China truly a unified nation or has economic power, vast centralization of capital (capitalism), among party individuals and in some regions created more of an oligarchical system much like in Russia? Is that centralized power oriented nation more of a confederacy than any want to admit?

And what of Russia? Is Putin that singularity that has captured the minds and imaginations of an entire empire, or is he just one of many power players, none of whom have one singular vision for their nation? Will Russia, now absent several of their former republics and the Eastern block, now defending itself against The Russian Republic, a nation that was always responsive to the tactic of mutually shared destruction, now go on a campaign of world conquest? Are they not at a greater disadvantage now than when they were united under the communist ideology of world domination?

Some may conclude that nothing is the same as it was. So what’s changed? Has man truly become a global community? Has the free flow of ideas worldwide defeated the tyrants ability to deceive his people into a grand delusion? In the case of the latter, no. When we hear the news coverage in the Ukraine and the fantastical stories some are believing of Nazi style Ukrainian politicians seeking to gain control, the ability of man to allow himself to be deceived clearly lives on. Look at the fantastical beyond all sense media fed views the low information voter here in the United States believe. That America is the problem, it’s all George Bush’s fault and manmade global warming that isn’t really warming the Earth but is… fill in the blank, just to name a few.

What never changes is God, even if we as a people cease to believe in Him. Are we a nation that looks with faith to God and seeks to honor His ways, or have we become a nation that looks to government for answers, that believes only government can save man from the plight mankind has found himself mired in throughout the ages?

Do we still hold the moral authority in the world? If you believe in God, as many of you my readers will claim, along with most all politicians and talking heads on both ends of the political spectrum claim they do, then where will His blessings flow?

But do we as a people believe in God? Do we believe in the Bible? Really? Gallop says American’s believe in God less and less, particularly over the last decade.

Has God not sought a nation, finally established as Israel under its’ Kings? Did God not curse Israel when they rebelled against His ways, and was not Israel blessed when it repented and conformed to His ways?

Again, do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible? Really?

Does not the blessings of this great nation, The United States, stem from its’ faith in God; a nation rising from those seeking religious liberty, those seeking to practice their faith freely, not just in their homes and minds but as extensive vibrant communities? I have often suggested in this blog my belief that the United States is the fruition of all of Christian history; that we are blessed because we are God’s nation and therefore have a responsibility to all men; all God’s children.

What has become of this nations faith? It was all too natural for the religious leadership of this nation to be drawn into the tactics of communism to erode the values of their enemies. Was not the free sex movement an intimate part of the ‘peace’ movement? Make love not war, and isn’t love and peace what religion is supposed to be about? Some warned of the coming depravation we find ourselves in now as early as the 1970’s. Billy Graham lead a revival movement. Reverend Moon came from across the sees and warned that this nation is becoming a nation of free sex, perversion and immorality, that will lose God’s blessings. In regards to Reverend Moon he was ridiculed by this nation, particularly its’ religious leaders, and later thrown in prison.

Now religious leaders, many from major Christian denominations, promote homosexuality to such an extent that in Africa Islamists are portraying Christianity as the religion of homosexuality. Our State Department openly promotes and advocates the homosexual agenda across Africa, along with contraception and abortion. They belittle nations that take a moral stand against homosexuality.

Here in the United States our very citizens are being denied employment and opportunity for their religious beliefs against homosexuality. The government claims everyone is free to practice their faith in their personal lives, just not in public. God forbid that a leader of this nation should parade down the street giving praises to God and proclaiming the justice of his ways …like King David. Faith is not something one puts a lid on. At one point we were that shining city on the hill, a hope to all men, but no more.

And what of that shining city on a hill that President Reagan so admired and envisioned this nation to be? When Reagan was President there were few who saw the coming collapse of communism in the Soviet Union. Yet under the policies of President Reagan the communist regime, that teetering evil empire, quickly collapsed freeing millions from tyranny. Yes, the evil empire. President Reagan made it straight and clear, labeled evil as evil, and change came quickly. When we refuse to label sin as sin, the promotion of the homosexual agenda as evil, the devaluation of life as immoral, among other things and give these grand deceptions any relevance we condemn this nation to death and the world to a new dark ages.

“The wages of sin is death.” Do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible? Really? Can you imagine any politician standing outright against the homosexual agenda?

Are we a moral people? Are we a free people?

We kill the unborn and though we claim no federal money can be used for abortions how can any reasonable person say it doesn’t? How can an organization separate money from one source from that of another? It all goes to the same place. Now, even mother’s who kill their own babies receive not much more than a slap on the wrist in a growing number of cases. Life, God’s greatest gift, is being devalued daily.

Our children are being given indoctrination rather than education in our schools, and are assigned by Michelle Obama to monitor their parents and family and report them to the government. We are being told what to eat. Now we must go to the government for our health care as our children are increasingly put on mind altering drugs, and the legalization of marijuana is being promoted nationwide.

Marriage in this nation is being destroyed on such a momentous level that States defending marriage within their own constitutions, ratified by the majority or their citizens, are being condemned as violators of the civil rights of others. Supposed scientific studies are coming out little by little, more and more, claiming that the most historically perverse acts by any faith’s standards be deemed as healthy; that the only thing unhealthy is the restrictions psychologically imposed by one’s faith.

Our government is openly promoting a government controlled media, and few in the media protest. A conservative political perspective is being condemned as immoral/unlawful to ever greater extents. The government has created a labyrinth of laws and regulations few can escape, threatening everyone’s freedom. Best one just do what the government tells you or else. Our federal judicial system is inaccessible to all but the very rich.

Must we turn to government for all our wants and needs? Must we submit or suffer the consequences? Are we simply material to be managed? Are we a free people?

The Russian Republic has put forth Godly laws that put an end to the propagation of the homosexual agenda. Several African countries have taken similar stands. Our nation labels them as violators of civil liberties.

Will God’s favor continue to smile upon The United States? Are we a good and moral people? Are we free?

I am not saying that The Russian Republic necessarily holds the moral authority over The United States. Allowing freedom of faith does not in itself make Russia a Godly nation. What Russia is doing in the Ukraine gives the whole world great pause and anxiety. And God does judge a nation by its’ leaders, not simply the faith of its’ people. And we in The United States did hold elections that put these current leaders and policies into effect.

So, do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Bible? Really?

Then one thing is clear. This nation which holds the greatest potential to bring God’s blessings to this entire world is in desperate need of a religious revival. This nation needs God’s blessing and no political reforms can replace a revival of man’s heart to God. God seeks repentance and a return to His ways.

God blessed this nation and blessed the entire world through it. It is not something that could have come from a limited nation like Uganda. But now this nation is not bringing blessings but promotes the work of the depraved. If you believe God is real and observe the condition of this world, one must believe God’s power will become manifest; that God is not dead. That God needs The United States, a nation through which God’s blessings can flow to all, that God will save this nation. One must believe a great spiritual revival is coming. One could conclude from the words of our founding fathers that without such a spiritual awakening we are unable to truly comprehend or enforce the Constitution they ratified to preserve our freedom’s.

What if this coming spiritual revival occurs in Russia?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Flow of History, The Ukraine and Leadership

Who is leading in Europe? Angela Merkel of Germany has been a leader through the Euro or austerity crisis in the Euro zone. Germany has been an powerful example of leadership in fiscal responsibility. Their perspective on history makes them even more frugal now than in the past. They were left with absolutely nothing twice in the twentieth century. But Germany also has a dark history of which they are all too aware. Though Germany under Merkel appears to be the only country in a position of power and leadership able to negotiate with Russia, in which they are the go to, Germany is far too tormented by their past and they tend not to exert themselves in any fashion considered aggressive. Germany fears presenting any vision for Europe or the world in light of their previous worldviews, as they would not be trusted; accused of their past sins. Or, perhaps it is themselves they don’t trust.

We all joke about France, but it is France, even over the United States, that has been taking leadership in the troubled areas of Africa. They have been well received. France looks to uphold its’ pride as a former world leader when French was the international language. French is still spoken in much of Africa. The French are aware and proud of their history and global influence, though it has waned. They have a vision to follow of who they are and where they stand in the world.

Then we have Russia and Vladimir Putin. Russia, even before the Soviet Union, was one of the largest nations in the world. Holding vast tracks of land covered with multiple ethnic groups. They achieved a cohesion few empires have accomplished in history. They are a landlocked people held together by strong expressions of central authority, often brutal, and have historically felt smothered by their neighbors. This historic dynamic is the reason behind their constant fight for access to warm water ports or any ports. Hence their drive for ports on The Black Sea and the Baltic.

This vision of empire, based on historic realities, was cemented in the form of the Soviet Union under the ideology of communism with its vision of world empire. While the people of Russia, free to protest now, express a much more harmonious vision for their future with their neighbors Vladimir Putin, former KGB, is still locked in the old ways. It is this old vision and world view that is threatening the Ukraine and western Europe, perhaps ultimately the United States. Yes, Putin’s views and tactics are something from the past but are well founded in the history of his people and his understanding of the realities around him.

Who is leading in Europe? What makes for a good leader? More than a clear understanding of their history and the geopolitical realities surrounding them I would add a leader, if he is to accomplish anything, needs a love of country, personal charisma but most of all the ability to make right and effective decisions in the course of accomplishing specific goals.

Have I left out Great Britain as a leader in Europe? The last bastion of freedom against the Nazi hordes in Western Europe in WWII? The land of Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher? Well… Where Russia put forth Olympic ceremonies celebrating their deep history, culture and technological accomplishments, Britain put forth programs at their Olympic Games proclaiming; ‘Weeeee! Look at us. We’re a bunch of pop culture socialists, aren’t we cool?’ Now Britain, an empire on which the sun never set, is contemplating the independence of Scotland. Yes, Britain has become the country of socialized medicine, green energy, or rather a fear of the farce of manmade global warming, and the propagation of homosexuality worldwide. Onward Christian soldiers!

Russia is seeking to regain what they see as an empire lost by invading the Crimea on The Black Sea and threatening the Ukraine. This is in reaction to the Ukraine rejecting a pro-Russian government on the grounds of both its’ corruption and for taking a subservient attitude to its’ former oppressor.

Before all this occurred Russia had proposed a joint bailout for Ukraine by both Russia and Western Europe. Was this a ploy while even then Russia contemplated invasion? We’ll never know now. Western Europe, which for some reason I do not understand, has been keeping alive Cold War practices in their expansion of NATO. They further took the position that relief for the Ukraine was an all or nothing deal; forcing Ukraine to choose between aligning with Western Europe or Russia. How could old school Putin not take this as a threat? Being the leader he is what did the West expect?

Obviously there was a failure in leadership, a failure to provide a joint vision for Europe in a post Cold War era. Like in the past, Europe took a disinterested and demeaning attitude towards Russia.

If we had leadership in the United States, strong leadership with a strong worldview grounded in reality, what could have been? Perhaps the United states could have used its’ military force and economic clout to open Russia economically. We could have assisted Russia in diversifying its’ economy (Russia depends economically almost solely on its’ oil and natural gas) and forced judicial reforms helping both foreign investors and the Russian people themselves. If a true leader had trouble with the government, they would have went around the government proper and dealt with the some 140 oligarchs that rule the country. Would a true leader not have found a foothold among 140 family groups? Would none of those Oligarchs have desired a more open and fair economic environment for their country?

Or is The United States leading? Some believe The United States is intentionally trying to ferment war in Europe with Russia. A friend of mine in Germany believes in the prophecies of an Alois Ihrmaier that Russia will invade Germany. Whatever the case The United States is the only nation that can negotiate with Russia and back their negotiations with the threat of overwhelming military force, something Putin understands.

A true leader would have recognized the damaged pride of the old Russia and worked to assuage these dangerous resentments. Belorussia was staged to form a common currency with Russia, much like the Euro in Europe. Political infighting and an overbearing Russia destroyed this deal in the final hours. A true leader in the United states would have understood the significance of the circumstance and would have seen the necessity of the common currency deal and would not have allowed the process to fall apart. They would have worked to support Russia in expanding the Ruble zone over their former empire while at the same time negotiating a stronger Europe (yes, expanding NATO and deploying a missile shield) along with stronger militaries and more secure positions for the former nations of the Soviet Union.

Kings David and Solomon pleaded with God for wisdom and understanding. Wisdom and understanding are the other essentials for good and productive leadership. They are the qualities through which a history and the geopolitical realities are processed. How closely a leader’s views match those of God’s views, or the truth, produces great leaders or not respectively. Look at Ronald Reagan with his vision of the shining city on the hill. His leadership and faith did more good for this nation and the world than any contemporary leader of his day. Only Abraham Lincoln and George Washington can compare.

But we don’t have a President like Ronald Reagan in office. We have a President that has never accomplished a thing in his life. A President who was known for voting present in Illinois as part of the state legislature if he wasn’t voting for killing babies. We have someone who believes The United States is the source of the ills in this world, who believes this nation needs to be substantially changed. We have a man entrenched in an ideology that has failed, is failing and like so many dictators who have come before sees not his failure or that of his beliefs but blames the citizenry or some aspect thereof. I have no idea of what sort of alternative history President Obama has studied, if any, but it wasn’t the history most of us born before 1970 were taught. And he certainly is no proponent of Christianity.

A vision for the Ukraine tempered by wisdom and understanding seems to be in play among the people of Ukraine and whatever leadership they have. The problem is they are in practical terms defenseless before Russia and no single individual is stepping forward to lead. Leadership does not come from consensus. Perhaps we should look to Eastern Europe for leadership, for someone to step up to the task. They at least understand what is at stake. Or will it be Germany that will halt the Russian bear. Putin’s vision appears to include the freedom of religion and the right to protest but can it survive? Should that be allowed to assuage our concerns over the revival of tyranny in Russia?

It is almost too late for the Ukraine. At best, if some leader should suddenly rise to oppose Putin the best that can be achieved is the preservation of the Ukraine, but what then? Has anything changed? Are we just delaying the inevitable? It will be at least a decade before those with the old vision of the Soviet Union, such as Putin, will be out of power. A vision for Europe in the twenty-first century is desperately needed, but NATO doesn’t know who they are anymore. Merkel is stuck baby sitting the spoiled brats of Europe that want their mother to buy them everything in sight, and France has chosen Africa as their arena of influence. Without someone to present an alternative vision, to lead, we have only Putin’s vision for Europe. Hence the West has already lost. Oh! Great Britain, or it may be best just to say England… They’re too busy trying to tell all of us in The United States that we all love Obamacare and should give up our guns. I imagine that would make them feel relevant again, if we were all just like them.

This all begs a follow up post: The Flow of History, The Ukraine and The Moral Authority

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Flow of History, The Ukraine and The Grassroots

The Ukraine, like most every part of the world occupied by man, has a long history of strife and turmoil; war and destruction. It was invaded by Czarist Russia. Under the Soviets a famine was imposed upon its’ indigenous people when government forces literal went farm to farm, village to village and took every piece of food they could find; millions died.

The Ukraine is now a mix of Ukrainians and Russians. Many families have inter-married as naturally happens in every region, such as the Balkans, as the history of migration and conquest forces one people upon another almost always unwillingly.

This history has produced ill will and even hatred between cultures and ethnic groups. In the absence of powerful central authority these historic injustices, real and those created for political gain, have historically resulted in bloodshed on a massive scale. We saw this in Lebanon several decades ago. The interior of Africa has witnessed multiple expressions of ethnic violence on a massive scale. The fore-mentioned Balkans are the most recent and atrocious example of this human tragedy that has plagued mankind …up to the present?

There is one reason that Russia under Putin has not invaded the Ukraine proper. The ethnic Ukrainians and Russians have not turned against each other. Putin’s plan has been frustrated. Each side within the Ukraine is arming itself, yet have shown great composure in this crisis and respect for those who they could so easily vilify and strike out against. This is a major shift of immeasurable significance in the history of man. Men and women in mass have turned against the most base desires that have cursed humankind from the beginning.

Peace has come to the Balkans. The good people of the rural areas of Mexico have risen up as one to defeat murderous drug cartels. The good government movement is gaining ground in Africa. In a divided South Africa violence has been rejected as an alternative. In North Africa the masses rose up and overthrew governments across the region. Even if the results are questionable the trend is undeniable.

In the United States the tea party movement without central leadership is turning back the counterculture of the sixties that has sought to destroy our culture and diminish man to no more than a mere animal in a godless world. The tea party has protested with calm, courtesy and cleanliness. They and those sharing their concerns have been opposed by threatening paid mobs that have engaged in and threatened violence and even death. The tea party has not reciprocated.

In the Ukraine the people stood up in the face massive corruption and would not rest until it was stopped. Many fought in the street to defend their right to protest. Many were killed. When they gained victory and occupied their former president’s residence it was left in near pristine condition. Even now under threat of invasion order rules where many are in disagreement.

Many believe that human history is evolving to ever greater heights. Though there have been many steps back we persistently find the condition of man improving. The Internet, an expression of man’s dominion over creation, has brought all the expansive cultures of the world closer together on a very basic and grassroots level.

Christians may see this advancement as a sign of the last days, yet they generally believe in a violent conclusion of history where they are saved and, ha ha, all the unbelievers are condemned to an eternal hellfire. I personally follow the ideology of an all loving God that will, must eventually save all men with the goal of God’s Kingdom on Earth where evil no longer exists. How else could God be absolutely good and all powerful if some thug underling could mess up His plans causing Him to alter them? If God foreknew evil it would be eternal.

In the realm of ideology, communism, the supposed highest truth in the eyes of the atheist, holds power under the premise that the few need to control the masses until mankind evolves to the point where they can rules themselves.

As history marches forward is it any wonder that Christianity, dealing with atheistic communism for over one-hundred years, has been powerless to defeat this evil ideology. Could it be because they have the end game wrong where communism has it right? Communism, denying God’s existence, is fighting a fight that cannot be won since God definitely does exist. This most critical of flaws corrupts all of communism. Could it be that both the traditional tenants of Christianity held for over fifteen-hundred years and atheistic communism are both being left behind as history flows on?

Whatever you believe it cannot be denied that mankind the world over, on a very base and grassroots level, has shown unbelievable potential to stand in mass for what is right in a good and civilized fashion. The Ukraine is the most shining example of hope to date.

Next: “The Flow of History, The Ukraine and Leadership”

Friday, January 17, 2014

Trend Setter

That’s me! Late last year, rushing to make my posting goals (it had been a tough year on some fronts) I created another post on Obamacare. I suggested that anyone supporting Obamacare is a traitor to this nation and the people. “Traitor” suddenly popped up among the main steam media. The phrase went no where but it was not the first time a term, phrase or concept put forth in my blog soon after hit the leftist airwaves. “Civil War” was another concept that made its’ rounds in both ends of the political spectrum after I put forth the concept in this blog. It is no mystery that the left uses the Internet in an obsessive fashion to push their views, building a network that replaces substance for volume.

I would not be surprised if I found that the left was monitoring this blog. That must be why Obama told the troops to stand down in Benghazi. He, or one of the elite among the left must have read my book where the President orders a unit engaged in combat to stand down. Yes, three years ago, when I published the first edition of “Chuck Hammer and the Invisible Squadron, A Vendetta’s Wage” the stand down in face of the enemy became the thing to do I guess and was later manifested by our President. Should I hold myself responsible? Will I now be blamed for Benghazi by the left like the YouTube movie maker? I am sorry if this sounds silly or insensitive, but we are talking about the left. In any case the book is now available for free as an e-book. It is available for free until Monday January 20th, 2014. I redesigned the cover, above, but it wouldn’t upload on Amazon.

Also my first book is available for free as an e-book until Saturday January 18th, 2014. These are works of fiction as the titles should make clear. “Chuck Hammer” is the third edition and having to edit it myself I still must say it is well edited. I paid an editor on my first book.