Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beach-head Wisconsin

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I was talking to the husband of our local minister many years back now. He mentioned a camping trip where he met a Chinese national on vacation. The China man, with great confidence was not shy in telling this gentleman, as they enjoyed the beauty of our State Park system, that someday all this (the United States) would belong to China.

Madison Wisconsin has long been considered a liberal stronghold in the United States. It is a national leader in raising taxes, state government employment, the medical industry soon to be socialized, and environmental restrictions on industries, driving many free market companies out of the state. Governor Jim Doyle, proclaiming his presence at the climate conference in Copenhage, leads the charge in developing highly government subsidized green industries.

And 'pay for play' has been the status quo in the Doyle administration. But with the shrinking economy and a bankrupt state treasury there is little left to dish out to his supporters in terms of contracts, grants and new state employment opportunities. And his supporters, the supporters of the democrat party, have little left to give, as they have sold their souls, supporting an unsustainable system for their own profit, and now it's time to pay in the form of exorbitant taxes.

But socialism, the communist cause in all its manifestations, is a worldwide movement. And you may not agree with me, but I believe is more than simply a shared ideology. That the ties and organization are deeper and as old as Joseph McCarthy himself. Oh! Now I've lost credibility? Not according to the KGB files.

And salvation has come to the democrat party of Wisconsin. A new source of political funding rolling in with nearly an unlimited supply of cash, has landed on our shores. A Chinese developer has purchased a sprawling abandoned mall complex and will bring in some 200 Chinese companies to sell their made in China products. Many products never before seen in the United States. And the majority of workers will be coming directly from China and will be recieving government funds through a program that supports immigrant workers.

But hope remains. Conservatism has many powerful representaives in Wisconsin.

We'll hold out as long as we can.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bull's-Eye Thomson

Again today, I heard the moving of terrorist suspects from Guantanamo to a federal facility in Thomson Illinois discussed on talk radio.

Yes, the implication that they will be tried in civil courts puts our security network and personnel in great peril, endangering all of us.

And yes, our past experience with liberal policies tells us that many of these often battlefield hardened terrorist suspects could be released onto our streets through our judicial processes.

And yes, the world still thinks we are violating the human rights of these terror suspects.

In defense the government and liberals claim they are creating jobs and that no one has ever broken out of a federal prison. I'm not sure if that is an accurate statement, considering the track record of the left actually getting their facts correct. But as far as recent history it could very well be true.

Breaking out? ... What about breaking in? I've heard commentators allude to the danger but no one has spelled it out clearly. These are commrads arms of a world wide terrorist network controling vast resources and the hearts and minds of its devotees.

The Obama administration claims no more than 100 detainies will be held there. Or in other words a company. That is a military designation.

Yes, gathering the weapons and explosives necessary for a successfull operation would be difficult. Under our past administration I would say that the planners would most likely be caught in the process. Even getting the numbers necessary together would probably be detected,... especially if we can profile.

Simply attacking and shutting the prison down would be a propaganda victory for our enemies. That in itself is motivation enough. And remember Fort Hood. Terrorists taking the prison and bringing in weaponry would cost scores of American lives. And worse case scenerio would be squads of terrorists escaping into the surrounding area on suicidal rampages.

Yes, this administration and its liberal hordes are willing to put all of us at risk to show us they know better.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advantage Tyranny

I'm not sure if prison for those not conforming to the proposed health care bill is still included or will make the final version. If so you can call me a crimminal now. But does it really matter now that breathing has made us all polluters; evil doers in the eyes of our government? Some have suggested that the continual studies on the disproportionate populations of blacks in our prisons is designed for the release of our inner city populations to make room for prisoners of another type. Now that sounds a bit over the edge, but....

The Heritage Foundation has recently highlighted a new book; "Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent." The book goes into the legal history and dangers to our democracy. Yes, the laws and regulations of this great nation have become so vast and vague that one cannot go through the day without committing a crime. In other words the federal government can put anyone in prison whenever they like. So now we are all crimminals.

When our elected representatives protest their constituants expectation of reading the bills they vote on; and who could with the size of some of them. When few if any even write the bills, we are not talking about taxation without representation (that was one of the complaints of our founding fathers for those of you who finished their education in the last ten years or so) but legislation without representation. I'm hoping for the day when someone will use that as a defense. Showing that their representative, and a majority of others never read or even knew of the regulations they were voting for.

This is why those behind President Obama, Rezko, Ayers, his Czars and others, are more the man than he. The ones who should have been covered in a vetting of the President that the state media refused to do.

I've been having real problems publishing this blog and two you/tube videos I have used in one post were removed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

A Big thank you to our many veterans on this special day to commemorate their sacrifices great and small. A day established in rememberance of the end of hostilities in the 'Great War.' 'The War to End All Wars.' A modern war judge so horrific by the entire world that many thought no one would dare fight another.

In esscence a day that honored all who ever served on the eve of what many hoped to be the advent of world peace. Overly naive, but telling of the hopes of free men and the militaries made up of free men. Our veterans and current military serve to protect freedom and prosperity for all, and ultimately for the goal of world peace. And those who believe otherwise are incapable of honoring those who served.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Constitution Day Celebration

Today my wife and I with other fellow tea party participants gathered at Veterans Park in Milwaukee to recognize the ratification of our Constitution (September 17) and to speak out against a corrupt government. A preponderance of women spoke and people of nearly every race. Most notable was Michelle Malkin; on the big screens. She is just too cute. There ought to be a law.

... Not to give the government any ideas.

And this here was the counter protest.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Final Frontier

There are plenty of people speaking on last nights speech by president Obama. I doubt my comments would vary to any great degree (thanks for speeking for all of us Representative Wilson). I never imagined when I first started this blog that I would be writing so much about our own nation.

We were all proud, to one degree or another, when the first black President was elected. Racism is a great evil, but when law suits are won and pay big so easily and... we've actually elected a black President, is racism an issue any longer? Once the general public is aware of, admits to, recognizes the evil and acts against it in a powerfull and public manner does racism need to hold center stage in our pursuit of a just society? Are not the greatest evils, injustices, the ones no one recognizes; no one will stand against?

We are mired in world wide conflicts based on religious fanatacism. Israel, India, Lebenon, Somalia and Bosnia some of the areas of the world torn by religious strife for centuries. In China Christianity and the Falun Gong are common victims of religious persecution.

In China mental illness is often used as a tool to discredit and detain the membership of Falun Gong. Christians in our own nation, at least those whom take their faith seriously, should be wary of nationalized health care.

The reality is religious bigotry is the greatest injustice the world still needs to confront, not racism. And Christianity is far from innocent in this regard. If you take the mantra that 'you reap what you sow' seriously is it any wonder that Christianity, when it should be leading the nation and world, is continually under attack and discredited by the media.

Here is a you/tube mini documentary on a man in Japan who was detained, locked away in a small apartment and denied any contact with the outside world, for over twelve years. Who did this to him? His family. Why? Because he was a member of a group labeled a cult. Who promotes these 'deprograming' acivities? The majority of such programs are sponsored by Christian churches in some form or another. In the United States many Christians, most clearly the Baptist, were deeply involved in ' deprograming' in the past. After famous deprogrammers here ended up in federal prison on kidnapping and other charges some three decades ago the tactics have fallen out of favor or gone underground.

That is my church, the Unification Church of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, now 90 years old. His autobiography has currently been on the best selling list in Korea for several months and will be published in English by the Washington Times, owned by Reverend Moon, and available in the United States by years end.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

That's Right Kids!

The future depends on you. It is a big responsibility, with school being the time for you to decide how you are going to help your nation. But don't worry. The government will be there to help you determine what you should do in the future. To judge your personal characteristics and capacities and decide what you can contribute and can't. To make sure the right people get the right jobs.

And if you can't accept that you still need not worry. We will provide you with a doctor and get you on something better than ritalin.

They just can't hide their vision for the future, even when they try.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tutorial in Civics

In "The Passing of Korea," a book I have referred to in the past, the British author described the fate of those public officials who abused their power and refused to respond to the complaints of the people. Eventually the community came together razed their homes and dropped them at the outskirts of the community. Here in the United States, to be tarred and feathered and/or run out on a rail were not mere cliche in times past. There was an age when striking someone who insulted your, or your family's, honor would not be considered criminal or even inappropriate.

But today is very different. We are told that we cannot use force greater than what we perceive we are being threatened with to defend ourselves or face criminal prosecution. To call 911 and let the police handle it. If we aren't liberal darlings and protest at town halls we are called a mob, among other things. Attacked not only by politicians but the media as well. Deemed ignorant, incapable of understanding the issues or even the words, that unlike our elected officials, we read in the proposed health care legislation. All for lacking the expected... no, demanded humble submission.

Still the people, overriding the media, have delivered their message clear and strong on health care. Yet amidst certain political defeat, evident in polls and recent political history, for those who would vote for nationalized health care, legislation that gives all our financial and medical records to the government, the democrats still consider using their majority in both houses to push the bill through. We should all seriously contemplate why they may be willing to go this route. What they see in the future.

Are they lost in the delusions created by the mainstream media, the beltway culture? Do they seriously believe (correction 'feel,' they are liberals) people will forget before the election? The bill doesn't go into effect, if it passes, for four more years. And that stimulus money will be going into peoples pockets in unison with the campaign season. How many of us are getting accustom to holding out our hands, now with the 'cash for clunkers' program? You know. The government making sure we get the newest cars with the newest technologies. That microphone where people can hear you from anywhere in the world... when you're in trouble. They know where you are (what you're saying) and what's wrong with your car at all times so we can all feel safe knowing that we are being watched over.

Is the government confident that the people wont have the power to throw out their overseers? ACORN, under a variety of names now and funded by the government, can send its paid orange vested or green, pink or whatever shirted lackeys to repress and intimidate on demand. Government with its fees and regulations, determining policies as to who is eligible for funding, projects, grants etc. etc. literally holds authority over prosperity for more and more. With all the growing requirements and taxes, not to mention the proposed dictates to provide health insurance or be fined, can any small business survive? Can any new businesses form without the government's tacit approval? Already does any business get ahead today without campaign contributions to the status quo? ...Not in Wisconsin.

The reality is our way of life is in danger. This great light of freedom that brightens the whole world is in peril of being snuffed out. So I thought I would help you all prepare for what may become necessary in the very near future. Having lived through many a demonstration season during my time in Korea I learned a few things about protesting in the streets and naturally turned to YouTube to find some teaching aids. It wasn't as easy as I thought, but I found some videos that you may find educational originating from Iran.

OK... The video was removed by the user within four hours. The gist of it was scenes of protesting in Iran with Iranian and English captions explaining some tactics. Wetting the mask or scarf over your face and nose with vinegar to counter the tear gas, how to survive a baton attack and a few ways to fashion some home made tire spikes. Does this mean I'm on the government watch list and there's an organized effort to frustrate the efforts of those Obama deems undesirable?

They recommend vinegar to help offset the effects of the tear gas. When I was in Korea they used toothpaste. And in the following video you can clearly see the drastic reaction, something I have personally experienced, that the camera man and others had without even being in the fog of the gas. Remember the images of the tank at Waco with that huge tube poking into the building pouring out mass quantities of thick gas? And then there was the bulldozing of the site and the failure of the refrigeration system at the morgue that liquefied all the bodies. Is it surprising that Bill Clinton and Kim Jung Il could reach an understanding on his recent trip?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The New "N" Word

Actually it is an old word; Nazi.

Nancy Pelosi has now added to the, fast becoming badge of honor, title right wing extremist wing nut mob etc. etc. etc. the label of Nazi. And another (I forget who and don't care to look it up, do these people really warrant any attention at all anyway) has proclaimed the term 'socialist' the new "N" word.

Trying, without substance, to demean their opponents the tactic has backfired. We all know the evil intent behind the Nazi cause. The great atrocities committed, including genocide, experimentation on human subjects and the pursuit of eugenics. For the longest time, as we vilified the communist block for their crimes against humanity, and just the overwhelming horror of the actions of the Nazis' the ideology of the Nazi state has received scant attention.

No more. Yes, the Nazis' were socialists too. They had a clear ideology that translated into state policy. And now what the left has done is turn our attention to those policies; socialist policies refined to fit the Nazi model. Many similar to what our representatives want to weave into the fabric of our nation.

But where's the evil intent you may ask? When God is excluded and we are all mere material...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Melbourne International Film Festival

Unlike Hollywood independent film makers routinely take on the tough current issues of our time. The Melbourne International Film Festival is one of those venues where such films can find an audience.

I was first made aware of the controversy surrounding this years Festival listening to BBC World on the radio. China has protested the screening of a documentary on exiled Uihger leader Rebiya Kadeer, and is even accused of hacking into the festival's computers in retaliation. A real documentary, unlike Al Gore's Oscar winning farce. It also may have caused three Chinese film makers to remove their entries, of their own initiative... or not. Another film was removed because the Festival recieved support from Israel.

Other films featured, "Stolen" and "Balibo."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care

Nationalized Healthcare. Why?

I'm educated in Architecture and Art History yet the health care plan I proposed, nearly two years ago, is vastly superior than anything President Obama's backers can put together (because President Obama isn't actually doing anything himself, he doesn't even know what's in the bill). Just run the numbers.

We just passed nearly $1 Trillion bail out and conservative estimates for health care reform are $1.6 trillion over the next decade. My plan was HSA's (health savings accounts), subsidized and unsubsidized, and catastrophic insurance policies. At a supposed 47 million uninsured and a figure of $1 trillion, that gives everyone uninsured $21,000 dollars in an HSA. That would grow $420 a year at 2% interest.

Now, you have many who are so rich they do not need insurance. Take them out of the mix. The well off who don't want to buy insurance; require them to create a dedicated HSA for $30,000 or possibly more and catastrophic coverage. Those not quite as well off; matching funds to the required amounts. The truly poor, just set the account up for them at $30,000 or more depending on how much is saved from reductions of the previously mentioned groups. Save even more by giving the young who have fewer health costs a smaller HSA. A family of four could total approximately $80,000 in an HSA ($1,600/yr at 2%).

These would require monthly contributions which, will grow the accounts quickly for the young. For those who cannot afford the contribution or catastrophic policy the government can subsidize the costs. If you have 10 million people completely subsidized for their required HSA donation and catastrophic coverage, let us say an average of $4oo/mth, $4800/yr that comes to less than $50 billion a year. That's half a trillion over the next decade. I just saved the government $100 billion.

And while the government is working a kind of wealth redistribution, the funds are going into the free market which will drive costs down as people shop for the best price.

But Nationalized Health care is not really about providing care or wealth redistribution that the President is so fond of. As people find more and more out about the current bill they are mortified. It is about control. Complete government control. If President Obama truly believed in wealth redistribution, health care would be the way to get it done with the greatest benefit for all. People do not need wealth to be happy. Or to be the same as everyone else to live a fulfilled life. But the one material reality that contributes the most to one's happiness and sense of security, outside of food and shelter, is health care.

For the projected costs of nationalized health care, which will turn out to be astronomically higher when it's finished, I have given the uninsured coverage, security, empowerment..... Freedom. What are our elected officials doing?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All in a Days Work

So what did President Obama think the President of the United States, leader of the free world, would have to do? He complains about all the work he was left with and the problems that he has to face as if every other President had it easy.

Let me do some of his work for him.

I am a firm believer in the 'Sunshine Policy' South Korea has been instigating. And we should even increase the assistance as we work to shut down North Korea's weapons trade at the same time. I have written before in my simple way, based on my life experience and world view, on what I see as a solution for the Korean dilemma. But there is another side that needs to be addressed.

I heard a local commentator question whether the Soviet Union would have fallen eventually, most likely much later, without President Reagan's staunch anti-communist policies. Yes, after destroying much of Europe and most likely the United States. As I remember reports from that time, when the Soviets finally gave up on their communist ideology, many Soviet military units in East Germany were firing up their tanks in expectation of the final conflict. Because that is the nature of the communist ideology. It is a faith in struggle. And it is faith in material; how many tanks, planes and missiles one has.

Without President Reagan's rebuilding of our military, placing Pershing Missiles in Europe and the promise of economic prosperity by opening to the West, the communist block surely would have taken the military option. Words mean something whether written, built into a world view, or spoken.

So what Needs to be done in regards to North Korea? First of all President Obama you should have part of the stimulus package repealed. I suggest the monies going to ACORN, now trying to change its name, and its affiliates and putting it towards the missile defence program. Putting the program on overdrive.

And as I went straight to the point in the past, asking President Obama not to be our first affirmative action President early in his administration, let me do the same now. It seems some are talking around the issue but not willing to say it outright. We need to respond to North Korea's threats with the promise of nuclear destruction.

A U.N. resolution stating that the use of nuclear weapons, or chemical and/or biological weapons, in an offensive capacity by the North, will be responded to swiftly and decisively. Giving the United States, in concurrence with South Korea, authority to respond with all means necessary, most notably the use of nuclear weapons, to destroy the North Korean Military and its central government within 48 hours of the beginning of hostilities.

Now if you can get that resolution passed President Obama, that would be a world changing accomplishment.

This is the language they understand. This is a message not only to North Korea but the entire world. It will strike fear into the hearts of tyrants and embolden those fighting for freedom everywhere.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hollywood and North Korea

How much do any of us know about North Korea and why? Hollywood aspires to reveal and inspire in tragic big name films such as "Schindler's List" or "Empire of the Sun" among others. But how often does anyone in Hollywood take on the immediate relative issues of good and evil in the world? Oh... I forgot that several films vilifying, to one degree or another, the United States in the Iraq War, a war we are still fighting, have come out already. What were their titles? ...

Now only after two western journalists have been sentenced to twelve years of hard labor are some coming forward to expose the horror of North Korean labor camps. Camps that have existed for some six decades. It is easy to engage issues of unimaginable evil from a distance but how many have the courage to confront existing tyrannies such as North Korea in the here and now? The North being part of a peninsula filled with stories of unimagined suffering, families divided and heroic attempts at escape. Much has been discovered on the lives of Japanese citizens kidnapped and taken to North Korea to train spies to speak faultless Japanese. A friend of mine told me of a unit buddy of his who disappeared on the DMZ, a place where the gun fire has never ended, under the siren call of a North Korean agent, promising love and free land.

I'm confident contemporary heart wrenching stories exist among the Christian populations of China, in nations such as Iran or on the plight of women in general in many parts of the world. Sounds like loads of material. Material perhaps not suited for today's top movie stars, unless we want to go back to the days when Orientals were often played by Caucasians on the big screen.

Cinema is a powerful medium, and small scale attempts have been made against contemporary wrongs, but too few have the fortitude to bring the power of Hollywood to bear on the deepest darkest issues of today. To challenge true evils rather than largely manufactured ones attributed to those known to have little or no inclination to strike back. But what can we really expect from Hollywood when our news media barely covers the issues? A media, now rallied by our own President, more intent on tearing down this nation than taking on the tough issues.

Yes, such movies can be provocative. But when has the North not been threatening war? The truth is the military, just as everything else in North Korea, is based on delusion and terror. (our nation is already embracing delusion) Part of that delusion being fueled by the apathy they see in the world towards their misconduct. The North Korean military holds its relevance based only on the ability to launch tens of thousands of missiles an hour over several hours and now the possibility of nuclear weapons. Our own troops in Korea describe themselves as a speed bump, but they are the most highly trained, prepared and best equipped military force the world has ever seen. A power that has never been matched when the resolve was there. As someone who has paid a bit of attention to the world and history I see a shredding machine where nothing comes out the other side, if our President doesn't get in the way. And North Korea knows it.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A few Comments

There are some issues that I really should comment on, but I feel like dropping a few mundane notes.

Many are critical of those who post on the Internet anonymously. Well if you searched this site you would find my Facebook badge on the bottom of the page or you could e-mail me and ask who I am. So am I writing anonymously?

By using a pen name, perhaps from a gaming site, that is unique among millions you can google Leonid480 and find direct links to my blog posts, not to mention comments I have made across the Internet. In this case you can follow a political/human rights persona I have created in some detail. Otherwise, using my real name would only lead you to social network sites.

Some ask; Why would people want to put so much information about themselves on the Internet? I would ask; What kind of world are we all destined for? Isn't it a world where all is revealed? Where we have to face the realty of our lives? Why should this world be any different? Can it not be beneficial to have ones wrongs known? If one has a conscious and desires to make things right, do we not all believe these things are to be dealt with in this world? How many bad people have been caught, taken out of the general public, because of the Internet?

In this nation of liberty and free speech should one be afraid to be punished for sincere upright opinions expressed on the Internet? My brother told me he thought my blogs may not be helpful in my job search. So one is to make oneself what one is not, put on a false representation to fit a companies desires, give up one's individuality to get a job? To conform to political correctness?

People are able to be who they are or want to be (which can be just as revealing) on the Internet. It can be a very powerful tool, even on a personal level, for freedom, for advancement and for promoting the right and exposing the wrong.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

There is a difference between making recompense for the wrongs of the United States and attacking its reputation for ones own personal political agenda. As the influence of the United States spread around the world decisions were made as to whom to support in any particular country or region. The results often left our allies' opponents in dire circumstance facing calamitous consequence at the hands of those we supported. Actions that by our own nation's standards were/are unacceptable. So there is always room for apologizing, as President Obama is so fond of doing.

We also have to recognize that the United States has been the greatest force for good in the world. To demean its image in the eyes of the world can only be counter productive. Hindering the benefits that our nation brings, and strengthening the resolve of those filled with discontent intent on destruction.

And President Obama's policies are no different than others in the past. He too is building alliances. Many have associated new legislation in Afghanistan restricting woman's rights with Obama's policy to consolidate power to ward off Al Qaeda and Taliban opposition. Now in Egypt there are fears that Obama will 'inadvertently bless repression.' The left typically attacks their opposition for results they have no control over from decisions made, in ignorance or otherwise, in pursuit of noble goals. In the end we will all reap the benefits and suffer the consequences together.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

A day to honor those who gave their lives. Those that believed this nation was worth dying for. But before they died the gave themselves up to honor their mothers and fathers, their elders, the traditions of their faith and nation. They valued what came before and looked to preserve it for an even greater future that they would never see.

They submitted their wills to a greater good, to their comrades in arms, to be trained and molded into a martial perfection. They died in hapless misfortune, brilliant glory and selfless deeds, many never to be known, but all for the same purpose.

And in return we honor them today. In a world where technology and life advancements bring the world closer and closer together. As we can touch the lives of our fellow man on the other side of the world in an instant. Where our shared humanity and desire for peace can grow to take precedent in the hearts of all humankind. In most part due to this great nation for which they offered their lives.

Yet we live in a nation presently dominated by a generation that rejected those who came before. Ripped at the fabric of past traditions and morals and proclaimed themselves enlightened above all..., just because. They criticized their parents, our soldiers and rejected God's ways. But what should we expect from a society in which God is more and more a concept rather than a reality, where we all exist out of mere chance and life is valued only if it is not deemed too burdensome.

This is a day to honor and preserve what made this Nation great. An opportunity to revive and carry on the values of those who came before. To remember that this nation is too important to this world to let it slip into inconsequence.

God Bless America

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Policy?

I was looking for the show "Lie to Me" since I heard FOX was not running the President's Press Conference. In the end FOX had thrown in with the other national television stations and carried the conference, sharing the loss of millions in advertising dollars for the networks.

(our local FOX station went with the conference while the national broadcast was "Lie to Me")

I was initially dumbfounded by the President's remarks on Pakistan, a nuclear power. Spoken with a tone that does not come through in the transcript. Maybe I was being a bit too hard. Here is what he said:

I am gravely concerned about the situation in Pakistan, not because I think that they're immediately going to be overrun and the Taliban would take over in Pakistan. I'm more concerned that the civilian government there right now is very fragile and don't seem to have the capacity to deliver basic services: schools, health care, rule of law, a judicial system that works for the majority of the people.

And so as a consequence, it is very difficult for them to gain the support and the loyalty of their people. So we need to help Pakistan help Pakistanis. And I think that there's a recognition increasingly on the part of both the civilian government there and the army that that is their biggest weakness."

This is a good outline of the battle parameters. But was it wise to criticize the Pakistani government in a way that compliments the strategy of the Taliban, or any other radical Muslim group? Could President Obama have been more complimentary of the Pakistani government's efforts or image before its own people as he was speaking on the '100 Day' world stage? If you understand how these radical organizations operate maybe you would agree with me that this was a shot in the arm for the Taliban cause.

I went to a lecture of an urban geographer on Beirut some months ago. I found it fascinating how President Obama's statements shadowed what she explained as the operations of Hezbollah in Beirut, or Lebanon in general. In fact fighting corruption, providing social services, education and even running public works are all part of the program whether it is Hezbollah, Hamas, Fatah or the Taliban. All terrorist groups bent on the destruction of the western world, most notably the United States.

I was listening to the BBC World Report on the radio the other day and, though it is not in their print, they linked the recent 'woman's legislation' in Afghanistan with President Obama's policy. That is that under Bush democratic practices and freedoms were emphasized while under Obama the consolidation of power to keep al-qaeda and the Taliban suppressed take priority. So supposed torture that saves lives degrades us all but suppressing woman's rights is good policy? But I've wandered away from the topic.

the civilian government there right now is very fragile and don't seem to have the capacity to deliver basic services: schools, health care, rule of law, a judicial system that works for the majority of the people."

"don't seem to have the capacity,..." So who does? Not the way I would put it.

Swine Flu

So is it time to panic?

In Milwaukee some years ago now a popular ethnic grocery was raided with the veracity of busting a crack house filled with well armed gang members. The drugs they were after; antibiotics. Antibiotics sold without prescription off the shelf as is common in Mexico.

Yes, it was a Mexican grocery and though the flu is a virus and not bacterial the use of antibiotics kills good bacteria, weakening the body, and hinders the normal development of the immune system. Is it a mystery why the number of deaths are far larger in Mexico? Could it be that some took antibiotics when the symptoms presented? We have one death in the U.S. so far that I have heard of. A young Mexican child who was brought to the country for treatment.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friend or Foe

I attended the Tea Party in Madison Wisconsin today. A semi-impromptu gathering of the masses who are beginning to sense that our governments fiscal foolishness is unsustainable. Signs of the new Internet age. The picture above is of a Homeland Security vehicle as it circled Capital Square. Sorry for the picture quality; it's from a cell phone. There were also at least three officers from Homeland Security on foot.

There were to be buses from the parking area but the organization was blundered and we decided to walk. We were told it was 1-2 miles; more like at least 2 miles. We arrived just in time after a 40 minute walk while many who waited for buses didn't arrive until half the event was over. Eight shuttle buses, five of which decided to gather at Capital Square in the morning rather than the parking area at the Alliant Energy Center. The upside being a parade of protesters along one of Madison's major streets.

They say there were over five thousand of us Right Wing Extremists there. Half the Capital Square was covered. And they were people of all ages from the elderly to young children.

Well, if this doesn't start things to change....

God Bless Texas!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Greatest

In Boxing that would be Mohammad Ali. I came home late one weekend and found a documentary on television. It was called "A.K.A. Cassius Clay" filmed in 1970. That was when Ali had lost his titles and his riches for refusing to submit to the draft. He didn't run away to Canada. He didn't refuse to report to the draft office. He didn't say he would refuse or even resist any punishment that the authorities may dictate. And though he spoke out against what he saw as wrong, he didn't tear down but looked to build up. He gave a positive message of hope and empowerment. He was admired by black radicals and white leftists though his words matched neither. He won the respect of all. I had tears in my eyes when I watched him with the Olympic torch in 1996.

Whether you see his stand against what he saw as an unjust war, Vietnam, as protected by freedom of faith or not makes no difference. He was a man who accomplished greatness in his life. Reached the top and knew it. But more importantly he was a man who was right, not Wright, with God. A rightness, or righteousness, not determined by one groups narrow view of salvation but by knowing the real God and man's place in His world. He was right with God before he became Muslim and he was right with God after he became Muslim. Though he was condemned he was free, for God is the origin of freedom and without God there is no freedom. Something the founders of this great nation understood.

If you know the Bible, a nation failed or prospered depending on its leader's standing with the one God. Humility before God is what I saw in former president Bush and admired. It is why I was his supporter even when he was unpopular and I didn't necessarily agree with everything he did. It is why I believe our nation was protected from further terrorist attacks.

I would argue that a proper view of manhood comes from being right with God. That the development of civilization itself can be linked to a growing awareness of the one God. That this nation of the United States is so immensely blessed because its founders acknowledged God and His glory inherent in every man.

Is a man who trashes our Constitution, who cannot understand its spiritual foundations. a man right with God? Is a man who speaks out to support the practice of allowing babies born alive during an abortion to be killed, a man who is right with God? Is a man who sought out and admires radicals, Marxists and communists, who pursues failed socialist policies a man right with God? Is a man who sees government as the solution and seeks to extend its powers into every aspect of people's lives a man right with God?

I pray for President Obama everyday. Because more than his policies, the fortunes of this nation, and much of the world, rest on President Obama being right with God. And that will be reflected in a change of his policies, or should I say the rejection of policies of the likes of Pelosi and Frank. That's how I see it.

Here is Mohammad Ali winning the world heavy weight championship. I hope to get the chance to see the entire film "A.K.A. Cassius Clay" sometime. It would make a nice gift.

Friday, March 20, 2009

People in Glass Houses

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is weeks gone by now. I was inspired by the profound insight provided by Rush Limbaugh, his speech being broadcast on his radio show, but then had to ask; Why is it so profound? Delivered in a professional, intelligent and informed fashion highlights why he is who he is. But why are the ideals he upholds and built his presentation on seemingly so rare? I thought it was what the United States was always about. Concepts of virtue and common sense every good citizen should understand.

More telling though was the 14 year old conservative, Jonathan Krohn, who also spoke at the conference. How can a movement that is looking to turn the greatest nation, still, in the world back to its founding principles, looking to turn back the tide of big government, entertain the workings of the mind of a 14 year old? It is not only because the principles are so basic that they should be common to everyone, it is because the debate between conservative and liberal is becoming more and more the debate between theism and atheism; God or no God. For only one view can be correct and naturally determines the other to be false and in conflict with how the world, the universe itself, works. That is why the political divide has become a contrast between the spiritual and material, the moral and the immoral, a culture of life and a culture of death, vision and delusion, and literally competence and incompetence.

Let's create some metaphors to illustrate the point. Let us say every man lives in a glass house. A greenhouse, but you can call it a crystal cathedral or build it in any form you desire. And let us say God is the sun, that life giving force upon which we all depend. All the greenery and animals inside these greenhouses are the only products of ones life that are truly under your control.

The man (or woman) who recognizes the reality of God and his principles keeps his glass clean and cares for the plants and other life by keeping the soil productive and providing a proper supply of water. His garden prospers. In an ideal world others would look to emulate his prosperity, to follow his example. Creating their own gardens with each reflecting the unique nature of its creator in infinite variety.

Those who deny God, who deny that the sun has anything to do with how one's garden grows, fail to follow these principles. Refusing to keep their glass clean, then watering too heavily to try to compensate for the lack of growth, they only make things worse, using up valuable resources. They become bitter and look to blame others rather than acknowledge their own shortcomings.

They eventual rise in complete rebellion of God, or the sun in this case, rather than turn back to sound gardening practices. They paint over their glass, blocking out the life giving graces of the sun, with bright shiny colors, beautiful images and attractive slogans. They call the productive selfish. They promote unrest and preach calamity. They throw stones and mud to demean those who believe in the life giving forces of the sun. Using the true principles of good gardening to destroy the prosperity they feel they were denied, blind to their own hypocrisy. Always drawing attention away from their own gardens of rot and death, with big smiles and a facade of being in the know. Promises of making everyone the same by punishing those who have, targeting not only wealth but any expression individuality itself.

They create a labyrinth of words, theories and images in contradiction to the true principles of good gardening. A maze that leads nowhere, that they claim so complex only they have the ability to navigate to the promised riches. Claiming themselves not only above the laws of good gardening but man's laws as well. They claim the debate is over because any intelligent investigation would uncover the ruse.

I could go on. So easy a child could understand it. Just look at the political reality of our nation today. The grabbing up of mass resources through unending layers of taxation. A democrat party Congress in conjunction with the media targeting individual private citizens and corporations. An empty suit as a President and a cabinet literally containing criminals.

I wrote a piece "The Perfect Storm?" wondering if the people of this nation care. If they can recognize the vapid empty policies wreaking havoc on this nation and make an informed decisive response to the liberal delusion. But this isn't a storm. Our nation is in a tail spin, plummeting uncontrolled towards the ground. The pilot has been gagged and bound and the time is now to stand up, take control of the plane and set the pilot free.

We talk about being bipartisan. Respecting the views of those who don't agree; working together. But those in charge are leading our nation to destruction and I see only one movement that can save this nation and that is the conservative movement. We cannot afford to work with the other side. They are poised to literally take out their opposition. Unless democrats literally break from their party, forming a new party in rebellion to the liberal leadership, it is the time to neither give or take quarter.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Follow the Money

I recently heard a BBC World report on the global financial crisis that was spreading the blame to rating agencies. Those who gave a AAA rating to the mortgage backed securities. Many want to point fingers at the financial institutions and most notably Wall Street with its supposed inherent greed, but I suggest a different culprit that built and thrived off the sub-prime loan/mortgage frenzy. That house of cards that any one with a brain or a basic ethical foundation in their lives could recognize. Many have alluded to it, pointed to aspects of it, but I have not heard anyone clearly place the blame for the crisis where it belongs, on the democrat party.

Yes it has been stated that Barney Frank and the like have opposed legislation that could have headed off much of this crisis, but why do we give the democrats any credit for their claims that it was about giving people affordable housing? What has been the mantra of the democrats beyond their empty claims of helping the little man?

We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes. ...

We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes.

The government, namely democrats, have been complicit in artificially raising our property values in order to collect more tax dollars. It was the case in the past here in Milwaukee that housing was appraised every two years. That was changed to every year not too long ago as housing prices seemed to be on an endless rise. Greater than a one time commission received by a realty agent are the tax dollars collected as the sale of the home drives up the values of every property in the neighborhood. And these taxes are collected year after year after year. Did your tax rates go down respectively as prices climbed? And are your assessments going down now that the bottom has dropped out? ...

We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes.

I contested the value of my house one year and they came and inspected my property. They dropped the value back a bit, far less than it should have been, but then the next year just raised it twice as much. When I tell this story to my fellow citizens I need only open my mouth and they finish the story themselves. They have all had the same experience. In my case the assessed value is ridiculous. ...

We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes.

And why bail out these monster institutions like Fanny Mae or even Citi Group that are so large that they are reaching monopoly status? Why not sell off the assets and let the over all corporations go under as they deserve? There are hundreds if not thousands of smaller banks across the country that are not in trouble and could buy many of these resources. But how difficult would it be to artificially inflate housing prices without a central institution to work through? ...

We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes.

Yes the democrats hold the blame. They have purposefully put forth policies to artificially raise property values to collect more in property taxes. To grease the wheels for those who contribute and grow government to where the majority are working for or are on the government dole. (Is there a difference?) To build their socialist ideal. And they are now using this crisis they created to forward their failed backward policies. ...

We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes.

Have you ever met a democrat that didn't believe we have to raise taxes? Or that actually pay all their own taxes? ...

We have to raise taxes. We have to raise taxes.

Just follow the money. What single entity gained the most out of the housing boom?

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just Words?

Here are a couple of quotes I found on the internet.

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both."
- Dwight Eisenhower

Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic diseases of the twentieth century, and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press."
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cambodia Genocide Trial

Kang Kek Iew, formerly of the Khmer Rouge and and also known as Duch, is now on trial for crimes against humanity. Here is ABC's report. It reports how thousands were killed and fewer than 20 survived. What it didn't report is that he also regularly killed off, 'purged', the guards. And while it reports that the camp, S-21, was formerly a school, it failed to report that he himself was a school teacher. It makes you wonder how such monsters come to be.

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's the Military...

A few years ago there seemed to be an excitement over the concept of amnesty, concerning the possible advancement of the reunification of Korea. Having lived in Korea, and considering myself a student of the human condition, I wrote a rough outline of how I thought the North could be opened and reunification brought about. I promoted the idea of sanctuary and a guaranteed political identity. Central to my outline was the demilitarization of Korea.

North Korea has shown complete disregard for the rest of the world. Violating treaties and breaking promises on a regular basis. Speculation over the military's role and who really rules over the North are put forth as explanations. Just as likely it is a ploy by the North to keep its adversaries confused. But what is the military? It is the defender of the State. Called to great sacrifice and indoctrinated in its own self importance and world view. An element of their society to which most of its resources have been directed. Can any agreement, a smooth reunification, be accomplished without a recognition of their identity and position?

Much of what is known as 'the wild west' in American history is attributed to the influence of the Civil War. The mass of soldiers with their corresponding tendencies and problems turning to a rough and tumble, often criminal, lifestyle. Hitler certainly saw himself and his fellow soldiers as being betrayed, and we know what came of that. I'm sure you can find numerous parallels throughout history when those devoting themselves to their nations are discarded when no longer needed.

Sanctuary is different than amnesty and would take many party members and military officials out of the picture over much of the North. By using the structure of the remaining military as the framework for reconstruction gives the current leaders of North Korea a level of comfort, as they surely will feel some ability to control what is going on through the military hierarchy. Yes, I would suggest that all reconstruction, retooling, rebuilding of the North be done by the military. A military that will be demilitarized but whose units and chain of command will be kept intact. In essence, transplanting the units and their commanders into cities, towns and villages to lead the reconstruction process. To oversee and administer the influx of planning and resources from around the world. In Iraq the literal laying off the the Iraqi military has been recognized by many as a grave mistake. Many of its former members turning to militias and the insurgencies and denying the U.S. vital human infrastructure to hold control of the country.

It also implants a social order into a society that will find itself dazed and confused when the iron fist of communist rule is removed. It will be a framework for local political parties to develop. A danger may be predetermining leadership under the new democracy. As the military leaders will be central in all development occurring in the North they will naturally be attractive to voters unfamiliar with democracy. I would argue that many of these will find themselves turning away from communism when faced with freedom and prosperity.

But most important is to give an opportunity for the communist government to make its case. Give its justifications, no matter how weak, for the horrors that will be revealed by the opening of the North. As we see the dismal reality of the North, ideological rebuttal will fall on deaf ears. Without giving people the opportunity to explain themselves they tend not to give in, to change, to repent. By highlighting the sacrifices and devotion of the military and the extreme lengths they went through creates an opening for the North to make its case.

Soon after the birth of the (H)-istory channel it earned the nick name (H)-itler channel, focusing strongly on the Second World War. And were we not all fascinated by the documentaries? What I am suggesting is major media coverage of the North Korean military. Massive, yes massive, documentation of the military from before the war to the present and through its disarming. Stories of heroism and sacrifice, of the reasoning and fears that drove them and their entire economy to create a literal military state with nearly the largest army in the world. A military with approximately 49 active troops per thousand citizens. Stories that I am sure will fascinate the world.

One may argue that more than a communist state, North Korea is a military state and nothing productive will come from an approach that disregards their relevance.

See, there are plenty of more worthy concerns and causes around the world for the resources of this nation to be directed towards. Why do we want to invest in programs that take away our freedoms and economic prosperity?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Too Big To Fail?

President Obama's election is without a doubt a profound historic event. It opens the minds of the people of the world to the true virtue of Americans. That they will elect a black man. That we are not racists and look down on the peoples of the world. It closes the book on a past that tore this nation in two from its inception. President Obama's election is not the change, but the validation of change that has already come to pass. The fan fare over his inauguration was well deserved. (though the coins and plates before he even took office too much)

Yes, for the most part we have closed the book on racism. Racism exists only in the lunatic fringe. In a small part, inherent in the minds of those who grew up in the time of segregation. A generation beginning to pass away. When I was young my earliest memories of racial strife were the riots in the street. But with that, the movement of blacks and whites together fighting for civil rights. It was a time when the black people in Milwaukee all lived in one neighborhood. We would drive through that neighborhood on our way to the recycling plant to turn in our old newspapers. The first black family in our neighborhood moved in across the alley, and we quickly befriended them as the rest of our neighbors continually harassed them. I was very inspired by the fact that President Obama could be elected and at the same time I disagree with his policies. Completely!

In some way still, this is one of the final chapters in bringing this nation together as one, in overcoming its now greatest divide. Though it is related with race, it is the battle over ideology. A Battle between socialism, already in practice in our inner cities which in many areas are mostly black, and a more mainstream America. A mainstream that has socialist elements but is much more strongly conservative than any want to admit. And the rightly named porkulous bill (term attributed to Rush Limbaugh) puts that battle front and center. A bill more divisive and destructive than doing nothing at all. Yes President Obama, destructive.

I do not want you to fail President Obama. Your election is truly too significant. But defeat of your policies is not equivalent to failure. Showing competence and good judgment, taking a stand for what you believe and fighting the good fight will be highly respected no matter what the outcome.

Please President Obama, take a lesson from Bush 43. When President Bush first entered office he spent five months putting together an energy bill. A bill that if passed would have staved off the short lived energy crisis of the last two years. A crisis still hurting people in high heating bills and could quickly return. It was defeated in most part.

End this joke of a bill, the porkulous, even if it requires your veto. Take it over and take the several months required to do the job right. Make it yours. I believe the economy will act with confidence immediately. Then defeated or not, whether you stay true to what looks to me like Marxist tendencies or not, you will inspire confidence. It will be good for this nation and give you the platform to take over the leadership role this nation holds in the world.

It's time to man-up. Please don't take us backwards by being our first affirmative action President.

Monday, January 26, 2009


"Minerva shows ordinary citizens' uprising against elite leaders." Chun Sang-Chin, sociology professor, Sogang University in Seoul.

A middle aged unemployed Korean man has been identified as the financial prophet Minerva. A blogger who has eerily predicted the financial catastrophes of the last several years. After urging his readers, in the hundreds of thousands, to abandon the Korean Won and buy US dollars, he was arrested and charged with 'spreading false rumors damaging to the government's reputation in the world financial market'.

Can we arrest President Obama for damaging the government's reputation by appointing a known tax dodger as Treasury Secretary? Because someone is an insider does it make him the best person for the job? Certainly the great potential of every human life is apparent as we find a seemingly simply man able to comprehend world financial markets. A man sharing his gift freely, trying to help his fellow man avoid financial pitfalls.

Minerva points to a door long open that many have been ignoring or misusing. The great potential of the Internet to "change everything." A forum for the common man, that sees the world more and more as a single community, in contrast to the entrenched forces of government that are mired in the divisions and proclivities of the past. Governments looking to shut down voices they feel threaten their standing, on the Internet or otherwise.

Left wing-nut bloggers have known the potential for some time with a network of sites all feeding off each other, creating a false impression of legitimacy. My wife often searches blogs for recipes and topics that interest her. Postings by other women for the most part. She commented to me the other day that many of the bloggers are Mormons. I try to find the most informative and responsible links for my own blogs and have started questioning my visiting and posting on blogs I don't agree with. Does it do any good? Am I just giving them a false relevance? I try to visit and link to sites that are professional, responsible and/or run by people I find truly knowledgeable on a topic.

We all share in what happens on the Internet. We give the Internet its character or lack thereof. Minerva was thought by many to be a government insider or someone well seasoned in the markets, perhaps a retired professor. This impression may have been misleading, but revealing his identity, history and motives should be enough to put the proper perspective on his posts. (if you don't know who I am, you don't care) To prosecute someone for sharing a passion, for seeking to help his fellow man, on the Internet is a danger to us all. An assault on all our freedoms. A door that shouldn't be opened.

Friday, January 23, 2009

De'ja' Vue

Here is a description of the 'Reconstruction Finance Corporation.' Or there is always Wikpedia if you prefer.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank You President Bush

Many thanks to our former President for his selfless devotion and love of nation. For eight years of integrity and goodwill.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Lazy Saturday

One recent lazy Saturday (U.S. time), as I putzed around the house, I overheard much of a documentary on Harry S. Truman and found the similarities with Barack Obama, our President Elect, striking. … Huh? Truman and Obama? But everyone is comparing President Bush with Truman and President Elect Obama with Abraham Lincoln. And I had to hear this ineptitude not only on our own public radio, but the BBC.

If you want to compare anyone with Abraham Lincoln it should be President Bush. They say President Bush will rise in stature as time passes just as Truman did. Well the comparisons end there. In fact, the same most likely would have been said of Abraham Lincoln if he had not been assassinated. While President Bush is criticized for his supposed violations of civil liberties and handling of the war in Iraq, he is a saint and genius compared to Abraham Lincoln. The suspension of habeas corpus was just one of Abraham Lincoln’s acts of suppression on the citizenry. Failed military campaign, after failed military campaign, jeopardizing our union, was only turned around when Abraham Lincoln appointed a commander, General Grant, who was willing to bring a blood lust scenario to the entire breadth of the war. Doing whatever it took to bring victory.

Truman was originally a Senator, and though Roosevelt’s Vice President kept completely out of the loop. With little knowledge or experience, he was thrust into making one of the most momentous decisions in history. The use of the atomic bomb, judged as ultimately saving untold numbers of casualties, certain if the war had continued.

President Elect Present Obama also enters office with little experience and in the midst of a war. His resolution seems clear for Afghanistan, but what happens afterwards? The strategy in Afghanistan is already being implemented under President Bush. And much like the use of the atomic bomb, nearly a forgone conclusion.

Truman also entered under economic turmoil. Now some try to claim it was the mass government investment, during the great depression and war that rescued the economy. They ignore the post war labor unrest. The demand for much higher wages after the deep sacrifices that made the war effort possible. The lack of housing for our returning soldiers, sailors and Marines. If the manufacturing capacity of the rest of the developed world had not been destroyed, could America have experienced the prosperity some try to attribute to the government?

The Truman Doctrine and Marshal Plan opened the era of the cold war and stifled communist expansion. Obama’s position with the terrorist Islamo-fascist threat and our supposed (world) economic crisis looming parallels Truman. As President, Obama's policy decisions in these regards will be the main determinant of the lasting legacy of his Presidency.

That, and how he deals with the unexpected. What will be President Elect Obama’s Korean War? That crisis that brings him under severe criticism (if that will even be allowed in Obama’s case) and political influences running contrary to the right course of action. As the million Chinese volunteers were depleted and Ridgeway could advance nearly at will on the Korean peninsula if allowed, Truman whimped out to political expediency. Condemning millions of North Koreans to death and leaving us with one of the greatest threats to peace and more recently nuclear proliferation. I truly hope our soon to be President Obama realizes the magnitude of the consequences of his decisions.

Now… how is President Elect Obama like President Lincoln? I guess I am just not as smart as those fancy journalists.

Monday, January 12, 2009

'The Shell Game' or 'The Price of Liberty?'

A local Talk show host, Mark Belling, in his weekly column of January 7th wrote a piece on the rise of local taxes. So much for the Obama tax relief for the middle class since most of these taxes hit people of lower income harder than anyone else. They include:
-raising the cigarette tax (again)
-a hospital tax
-a gas tax
-a junk food tax
-an increase in the local sales tax (1% increase proposed)
-an increase in state income tax
-an increase in fees across the board (not to mention new fees)

The state gasoline tax until recently went up automatically without a vote every April 1st. Yes April Fools day. The Governor took credit for stopping the atrocity, but now claims it was a great wrong that he will right by reintroducing increases in the state gasoline tax. This is the same Governor, Jim Doyle, that went before Congress pleading for funds to cover a deficit, lamenting the loss of several thousand state jobs. Well he promised to cut three times as many jobs during his last campaign. He also promised he would not run again but the media, about nine months after the election, started writing about his run in the next election without any prompting, at least that the public could see. And it has been taken for granted ever since that he would run.

The property taxes on my home have more than doubled in twelve years. And my property values continue to increase, yearly, as far as the city assessor is concerned, despite the market crisis. My water bill has risen over 50% over the last 7 years and fees for snow removal, formerly covered by traditional taxes, added to it. Vehicle registration fees have risen and they introduced a tire tax.

My Alderman, Micheal Murphy, sent me the revenue figures for 1999 and 2008. Based on information that came with my property tax bill 'fees', 22% of revenue in 1999 ($900.8mil) produced $198.2 mil of revenue. In 2008, 32% of revenue ($1.285bil.), they produced $411.2 mil. When running the numbers on residential property taxes the numbers are nearly as bad. No revenue increases from commercial property taxes though. That is because tax policy has been driving business out of the state far before any supposed financial crisis.

Of course we have the Federal Government to bail us out from our deficit and to lift the burden from the middle and lower classes. To produce new jobs. Which is the whole essence of a shell game. The promise of profit without having to produce anything. What does government produce?

Nothing! The more resources the government collects the less we all have. It really is that simple. President Elect Obama has called for a stimulus package to improve our roadways and upgrade our education infrastructure. At the same time he has called for an end to ear marks. Several have already pointed out that that is what his package is, a collection of projects formerly funded as earmarks.

Our roadways in Wisconsin while suffering in some areas are overbuilt in others. There was a time where they didn't need federal funds for our roads outside of the interstate system. Light rail advocates keep a proposal alive that will increase the tax burden on the area and is just not needed. Most people travel less than 25 minutes to get to their jobs. Our education system has continually failed to bring results despite ever increasing levels of investment. Now the system in Milwaukee is bankrupt after building projects that were not needed. Much as many of the projects President Elect Obama wants to fund will not really be needed. Yet the demand for more tax dollars ever increases, the promised results never appear and there is no room for cuts... well ... except for school vouchers. But that is the goal of any tyranny, to control the education system. But now I'm getting ahead of myself.

My wife and I run our own businesses. Tax freedom Day for us is well past April since we have to pay the full burden of the self employment tax (social security) about 15%. We have to wonder if social security will even be available when we retire, which may be at 80 by that time. Yet those in the public sector are able to retire at 55 with full pension if they get in 25 years. And for those in the education system here in Wisconsin, they can then move to another school district and work there while still collecting their pension. And it looks like the government may very well pick up the UAW pensions that keep the big three from being competitive.

We pay all our bills, usually with some crisis wiping out all the headway we make against our debt every so often. And we have plenty of debt. Yes, we benefited from the lax lending practices of the past. Of course the bid on our house was only $30,500. As those who mismanaged their funds in the big financial institutions get bailed out the relief is extended to those who fail to pay their bills. I guess I'm just a schmuck for not letting myself shirk my responsibilities. And we don't take food stamps or other aid. I believe I have a responsibility to the greater community and that it would be a misuse of funds. But we can always declare bankruptcy just as any other company or individual could.

I do take medical relief, though we put quite a few dollars into the system every year, one of the reason for our debt. I try to find out how much I will be billed for doctor ordered tests (I am uninsurable) and can never get an answer even if, when where and what will be done are clear. I hear that some tests cost anywhere from $600 to $3,000 depending on where you are. Of course one of the reasons for the high costs are rules and regulations dictated by the government and the mass of paper that needs to be processed to conform. And that cost will sky rocket if the government takes over health care. .... Producing?

If government takes over health care how many of us will 'not' be on the government dole? The thought brings to mind movies such as "Logan's Run" or "Soylent Green." Already in England and other national health care systems patients are being designated as not worth the resources to be treated. A culture of death that began with the legalization and 'promotion' of mass abortion.

And it brings us to the ultimate shell game. The idea that we have a two party system. We have a one party system with rogues spread though out, mainly in the republican party (they're called conservatives). When the majority of all voters are depending on the government (which produces nothing) for their livelihood is it any wonder that the republicans have become as big of spenders as the democrats? Not just government jobs but the majority of construction, research, arts and now our financial institutions and automakers are dependent on government funds in someway. And the sucking sound just gets louder.

Every communist/socialist system exists as a single party system to hold control over its population. The education system used to indoctrinate and monitor the society. As our political class holds more and more control over the lives of the population tyranny is not far behind. As everyone grabs for their own piece of the pie they are blind to the reality that the pie is destined to get smaller and smaller. And the availability of resources (there will be no real prosperity) will be confined to a smaller and smaller ruling class that already realizes it cannot tolerate dissent.

Happy Birthday to Rush Limbaugh.
Happy anniversary to my wife.
Happy Birthday to my brother.