Monday, June 20, 2011

Shame, Shame, Shame

Shame, Shame, Shame. A statement heard over and over here in this great state of Wisconsin. The accusations of the long haired hippie freak types, all that remain of those union driven protests designed to protect the jobs of union bosses with their exorbitant salaries, directed at the responsible grown ups solving Wisconsin's budget crisis. Those legislators who have saved all state workers jobs, given school districts savings more than enough to cover cuts, and cutting taxes and regulations to stimulate job growth for the vast numbers of unemployed. Republican legislatures who have reformed government and spending so that Wisconsin will soon run a surplus being the objects of their scorn. These hippie freak types are slaves to their passions, acting without thought or control.

And I say Shame, Shame, Shame to all others unable to, with knowledge and understanding, keep themselves from being enslaved by the influences of their own surroundings. Yes, I say Shame, Shame, Shame to you John Boehner, you crying fool.

Golfing with President Obama? President Bush gave up golf as he found it distasteful as he commanded men in war, sending them to their deaths, bringing grief to the families of this nation. Yet President Obama plays as if he's retired. His outings and lavish vacations not going unnoticed among the peoples of this nation. Many of your fellow citizens, John Boehner, being unable even to afford to go golfing during this economic crisis. A crisis that appears more and more to have been the result of government policies.

So in this environment John Boehner you go out and validated President Obama's vice and sloth? While our men and women are still dieing in foreign wars, while many in our own nation are suffering economic hardship in this Obama depression, while men and women are being slaughtered in their streets by their own government in Syria, you stroke away with the leader of the free world. I bet you felt really important too.

So put on the spot John Boehner are you going to cry? Perhaps cry yourself to sleep? Those in Syria standing for freedom, who lost their homes and loved ones, wondering if their government will be coming for them next, perhaps clutching a firearm as they attempt to catch a bit of sleep might shed a tear. But mostly they will be gritting their teeth willing to look death in the eye to be free.

And they are free. Not free as too many Americans believe freedom to be, the ability to follow the slightest whim that any particular moment may present (heads up to Anthony Wiener), but free in that they are unshackled from the restraints of that which would restrict their pursuit of God's desire for their lives; to live blessed and prosperous lives.

Here in the United States we can see our blessing and prosperity drifting away. Our freedom being subverted and taken away by those unable to free themselves from their own vices or self imposed restraints. Restraints such as bowing to power and position rather than standing against the current for what is right. Whether it be social, moral or fiscal issues the beltway culture is one of surrendering to the powers to be, an illusion of power and goodness devoid of ties to reality; a self consuming self indulgent culture. Just as the serpent in the garden first distorted reality in order to control Adam and Eve, bringing about the fall, the origin of evil in this world, the beltway culture with their media cohorts pound the public with ideas in conflict with the truth. The idea that raising taxes will increase revenue being one of those falsehoods that refuses to die despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And to place Mitt Romney in the hall of Shame we can include man made global warming and government run health care.

Freedom comes from truth and understanding guiding our desires in the direction of God's will. Why? Because God is real. The wise come to see that is how one's innate innermost hopes and dreams will be fulfilled. Something our founding fathers knew. It is far removed from the knee jerk, vice driven actions of many we see protesting the good works of our legislature in Wisconsin. It is far removed from the beltway culture that feeds off its own delusion of self worth at the cost of the people they claim to serve. It is far removed from what the democrat party has become. The majority of citizens have come to understand this. They are called the Tea Party. No one cares about reaching across the aisle John Baehner.